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Interesting Housing Bubble Graph

I was reading the Wikipedia entry for US Housing Bubble, and came across this troubling graph from the book Irrational Exuberance. I'm trying to find some rebuttal articles to this graph. … [Read the rest]

Buying A House For The Long-Term

Being a real estate newbie, I've been reading a lot of housing market articles lately. It seems like everyone has an opinion. Buy now. Buy next year. Sell now. It's a bubble. It's not a bubble. You know what it reminds me of? The stock … [Read the rest]

December 2006 Financial Status / Net Worth Update

(image fixed, it was wrong initially) About My Credit Card Debt Newer readers may be alarmed by my high levels of credit card debt. In short, I'm borrowing money for free and keeping it in safe investments while earning me interest. Along with … [Read the rest]

Target Retirement Mutual Funds: T. Rowe Price vs. Vanguard

Target-dated retirement mutual funds are getting more and more popular, offering instant diversification into stocks and bonds, as well as automatically shift to a more conservative blend as you near your target retirement date. An all in one fund! … [Read the rest]

My Recommended Reading List For Investing

While there is a ton of great financial information on the internet, I still think the best way for a beginner to learn how to invest is to read a book. It's by far the most efficient way to understand all the history and research behind why people … [Read the rest]

Capital One 360 Checking Account: Feature Review

Capital One 360 is trying to stir things up again by rolling out a new high-yield 360 Checking account. Paradoxically, there will be no checks. Initially available only to "active" users of their 360 savings account ($25 signup promotion), it is not … [Read the rest]

Free Entrepreneurial Book By Seth Godin

If you haven't heard of Seth Godin, he is a popular speaker and author about marketing, entrepreneurship, and business on the internet. He also occasionally gives away some of his great and popular books to help promote them. Previously, I snagged … [Read the rest]

The Art Of Regifting

I've regifted. I've been regifted. Now there's, complete with a helpful Regifting 101 guide. Is the gift regiftable? Never regift handmade or one-of-a-kind items. Signed books and monogrammed items are off-limits. Do you have … [Read the rest]

Emigrant Direct Signup Bonus Update – October Payouts

Payouts for my Emigrant Direct Signup Bonus went out last week for verified Form #2 submissions in October. If you?re interested in opening an account with Emigrant Direct?s 5.05% APY with no minimums, why not get yourself an extra $20 out of it? … [Read the rest]

One Reason Not To Become A Landlord…

Besides asking family friends for real estate advice, my father-in-law also manages rental properties himself. He is an extremely handy guy, and I hope to get him to teach me some useful home repair and remodeling skills later on. But today, he was … [Read the rest]

Take The First Step Towards Your Goal Today.

No, I didn't forget! Over 100 people joined me in my Make A Goal Experiment and shared their goals. Since they are cached somewhere in a Google database by now, your goals are now a permanent piece of internet history. Now to make it happen... … [Read the rest]

Free Online Foreign Language Courses

Here's a great find - learn a new language for free (well, your taxes may have paid for it) at FSI Language Courses: These courses were developed by the United States government and are in the public domain. This site is dedicated to making these … [Read the rest]