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Frugal Gadget: Save Money With a Kill-a-Watt Energy Meter

How much is your TV costing you even when it's off? How much money would you save if you powered down your computer every night? You can answer these questions with the Kill-a-Watt Electric Usage Monitor The term frugal gadget is no longer an … [Read the rest]

Paycheck Tax Withholding Calculator

It's open enrollment season again, which means it's time to decide on your benefits and spending account contributions. PayCheckCity has a variety of tools for simulating what your take-home pay would be if you added disability insurance, increased … [Read the rest]

Predicting the New I-Bond Rates For November

It's time again to predict the upcoming I-Bond rate announcement for November, as the September CPI-U numbers were just announced. We did this successfully for both last October and April, using the information in my How To Predict I-Bond Savings … [Read the rest]

Manage Your Side Jobs Online For Free

Got some projects that you do for extra cash? SideJobTrack is an online program that's designed specifically to help you manage such things. With it, you can send out estimates, track your costs, and invoice clients. I'm currently doing this stuff … [Read the rest]

Fill Out My Survey and Make My Money Blog Better!

I want to know more about you and what you think of my humble site. Please take 60 seconds of your time and fill out my Feedback Survey, because it will help me make this blog better for you. It's only 6 multiple choice and 3 short-answer … [Read the rest]

How To Get Out Of A Cellphone Contract Early

WikiHow has a good article on How to Get out of a Cellular Service Contract. While most of the methods involve smooth-talking your way out of the contract, they do point out my favorite way to get out of a cellphone contract: Wait for them to change … [Read the rest]

Another Free Nano Offer For BofA Credit Card

Why oh why did the Cardinals run the last two plays? Arrggh! Anyhow, if you missed the last one, Bank of America is again offering an iPod Nano and $50 if you apply for their WorldPoints Platinum Plus card. You need to spend or make cash … [Read the rest]

Setting Up Buffer / Firewall Bank Accounts

Unless you've been under a rock for the last few years, you've gotten 124 PayPal phishing e-mails telling you that your account has been suspended, yada yada, gimme your login and password. New variations come out every day. I bet that more people … [Read the rest]

WaMu Free Checking and 4.00% APY Savings Account Review

Speaking of good local bank account combos, if you have Washington Mutual banks in your area, combining their Free Checking and their new 4.00% APY Savings account (updated rate 8/08, only available online) also makes a great option. You get the … [Read the rest]

Citibank Checking and E-Savings Account $100 Bonus

Citibank is offering a $100 bonus for opening both a Regular Checking and a 4.75% APY e-Savings account online with at least $5,000. Note that you will get a hard credit inquiry. This bonus is bit time-intensive (you have to wait for an entire … [Read the rest]

Trade Execution: Why It Matters, and Broker Comparison

The SEC has a nicely-written article about how your stock trades are actually executed, and how it may affect the price you buy or sell at. This stems from the fact that usually your broker has to send your order to a market maker to actually do the … [Read the rest]

Book Review: The Big Money – Seven Steps to Picking Great Stocks and Finding Financial Security

The Big Money by Frederick R. Kobrick, was also sent to me for review. It was good timing because I was looking for books on stockpicking to expand my reading horizons. One can only read so many books on the wonders of index funds before monotony … [Read the rest]