AmEx Special Offers: Home Depot, Sam’s Club Membership


Updated. Two targeted offers that I have found on my account are:

  • $45 off new Sam’s Club membership. Get a 1X $45 statement credit by using your enrolled Card to spend $45+ in a single transaction in-Club on a new Sam’s Club Membership at any Sam’s Club location in the 50 U.S. states by 9/30/16. Valid on new memberships only.
  • 5% back on $100+ purchase at Home Depot. Get 5% back as a statement credit by using your enrolled Card to make eligible purchases of $100+ in a single transaction in-store at The Home Depot by August 31, 2016, on up to $2,000 in total purchases.

American Express cardholders can participate in “AmEx Offers” which offer discounts to various merchants. These promotions often offer the opportunity for easy savings without changing your spending habits. For places that I shop at regularly, I can often buy a gift card to lock in the savings.

Each separate card, including authorized users, may have different offers available to them. In addition, adding an offer to one card may remove the same offer from another card. Although as commenter Oleg notes “If you have multiple cards and you activated for an offer on one of them, this offer may disappear from others. You can open several [web browser] tabs, retrieve each card separately and apply for an offer.”

Here are the various ways to access these offers:

  • Log into your AmEx account online and scroll down until you see the “Amex Offers For You” tab.
  • Use the AmEx smartphone app.
  • Access via social media at – Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and TripAdvisor.
  • Not everyone can access every offer, but the ones on Twitter tend to be available to everyone. You can track these on their Favorites page.

There are many different American Express cards today, but these two are my current favorites:


  1. Thanks for the heads-up! My account also has $10 off $50 (3X) at grocery stores (says NJ NY CT only).

  2. Washerdreyer says:

    I had a bunch of these; curious if anyone else is seeing the one Steve mentions above, either via AmEx directly or twitter/FB.

  3. thanks for the tip. checked my account, saw lots of offers including the ones mentioned above…alas I rarely shop, but might be able to use the Ticketmaster offer (for US Open tennis tickets)

    • just wanted to update everyone. I used my Amex at Whole Foods wine store (where prices are actually reasonable, not Trader Joes like, but reasonable), and qualified for $10 off $50 supermarket purchase. Minutes after the transaction they sent an email confirmation, and credited the $10 within 2 business days to my account. Consider me impressed.

  4. Does anyone know, does the purchase have to be all at once to get the credit, or could I spend 40$ at Homedepot one week, and then another 40$ the next?

  5. Does anyone know what 3rd party gift cards (if any) that Home Depot sells?

  6. Today I went to the HD @ Charlotte, NC and when I tried to buy HD gift card, the manager says that they got a memo from Atlanta that for all gift cards, they would take only Check or Cash but no Credit Card.
    I was dumb founded and stepped out with no other choice.

    Did you have any such experience?

  7. Albrecht says:

    Nvtech, you can always buy their gift card online. Credit cards are accepted there, no need to argue with crazy store managers who come up with these self-invented policies.

  8. Just thought I’d post a little tip, something I learned from experience – if you have more than one user on your Amex card, be aware that each card has a different number, and has to be activated for an offer separately. I discovered this when my wife made a purchase but we didn’t get the credit for the offer, because SHE hadn’t activated it on HER card, even though they both are on the same account.

  9. If you have multiple cards and you activated for an offer on one of them, this offer may disappear from others. You can open several tabs, retrieve each card separately and apply for an offer.

    • Doh, I read your post too late. What if I activated an offer on one card and the offer has already disappeared from my other card? Any way to get it back? Would twitter and fb and the amex website have different offers or are they all the same (for the same person)?

      • Victoria, I believe once you click there is no way back. Although the offer still could be available on facebook and twitter.

  10. What cards are considered as corporate ones?

    • Corporate cards are usually issued by large companies of 50+ employees. All of the Corporate cards I have used have been clearly marked on the front. They are not the same as small business cards, which do indeed work with these special offers.

  11. Through the account page, under the “offer for you”, I also grabbed a $10 credit for a $10 or more purchase on That’s just a no brainer. Grab it if it’s available…

  12. Nice – grabbed the $20 statement credit from Amazon :-)
    Also, Smart&Final sell several store gift cards (including Amazon, Macys, etc), and the fine print does not seem to exclude it. If you have nothing else to buy, you can just get three $50 Amazon cards in different transactions :)

  13. Amazon one is awesome. Saw that yesterday on the site. Good idea on the gift cards.

  14. Thanks for the Amazon $20 on $20 info, I would have missed it for sure.

  15. Just did the Smart & Final offer. We were gonna be buying a bunch of flights through Southwest for the summer… well Amex just gave us $225 in free airfare as they have $50 gift cards at Smart & Final. 😀

  16. Did not received any of the above offers on Amex. Called and yes, they said that this is definitely targeted – so interesting since we use Amex for everything, if the place of business takes it. After 15 years will be saying “hasta la vista” when Costco doesn’t take it anymore.

  17. I use AT&T Uverse for TV. I signed up for both the TV and the phone offers, not knowing which one it would trigger. I received two e-mail notifications for using the card once. Wonder if I’ll get a double bonus…

  18. I was not targeted for the Verizon Wireless promo, which made me a bit on irritated side.
    Most of the promos seemed to be aimed at women….I guess marketing is complying w/ the 85% rule

  19. Thanks. Got the Amazon one. Nice. Did the GC as we’ll spend $60 at amazon for sure in the next mont… week.

  20. Does anyone know if its possible to get these offers on the Fidelity Amex Card? I login and don’t see the offers anywhere on their website.


  21. Sofaking Nuts says:

    Neither I nor my wife got the Amazon or Verizon offers. In fact, the majority of offers we received were with companies we’ve never heard of, which might be the purpose of the offers.

  22. hooray got the $15 off $6o amazon offer too! thanks for tip about it working on gift cards.

  23. I clicked through to read the details of the cell phone deal and was disappointed to find it won’t work for me: “Payments for prepaid cell phone purchases, plans or services do not qualify. “

  24. Thanks for the heads up once again, Jonathan! Unfortunately, the 5% cashback at Home Depot is poorly timed for me – Discover is already offering 5% cashback the next three months at home improvement stores.

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