Time Warner Everyday Low Price Internet Review: $14.99 a Month

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In late 2013, Time Warner Cable announced a new tier called Everyday Low Price Internet (ELP) for $14.99 a month + taxes. Speed is 2 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload. The $14.99 a month is not a sale or promotional rate, that is the retail price available to anyone. If you are located in a Time Warner service area and are looking to save some money on your monthly bill, this is an option to consider. You won’t be able to stream HD Netflix on it, but it should work fine for e-mail and web browsing.


Things that are not included in the plan:

  • Cable modem rental (additional $5.99 a month) – Get around this by purchasing your own modem from their qualifying model list. Example is this for Motorola Surfboard SB6121 for $68.99. More details on buying your own cable modem here.
  • Home WiFi (additional $4.95 a month) – This feature is nothing more than a WiFi router that may be integrated into your cable modem. Either buy a cable modem with WiFi, or better yet just buy a separate router for under $20. Example is this well-reviewed TP-Link Wireless Router with lots of customization features for $19.99.
  • Installation. I was quoted $29.99 for installation, but it may vary by location. You can also try to “self-install” for free if you have had the service at that address before. Existing customers can downgrade to this plan by calling in, there should be no need for a service visit.

Note that the above are not included on their standard high-speed internet plans either.

My Money Blog has partnered with CardRatings and may receive a commission from card issuers. Some or all of the card offers that appear on this site are from advertisers and may impact how and where card products appear on the site. MyMoneyBlog.com does not include all card companies or all available card offers. All opinions expressed are the author’s alone, and has not been provided nor approved by any of the companies mentioned.

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  1. Unfortunately, it is not available in Lansing, MI. Just last week I signed up for Comcast for $19.99 per month for 12 months. I know it will more than double after 12 months, so I need to find an alternative.

  2. This is something that I may have to look into. Currently I pay around $80 for what Time Warner refers to as “ultimate” Internet or something along those lines. I can tell you first hand that, in my area anyways, it is not worth nearly that much. It’s my own fault that I pay so much because I haven’t tried calling them and working down my bill, but I figured this would be a good place to contribute some input. Any tips for negotiating a better deal on service that can handle streaming on multiple devices as well as other intensive usage?

  3. Time Warner is # 2 behind Scumcast in terms of deceit…I would never have their service even if they give it for free….And I stay in a Time Warner dominated area 🙂

  4. With the way Comcast treats people, this should be available to everyone. Plus, what if you don’t have kids? You don’t quality? Doesn’t seem fair toward childfree couples.

  5. Thanks for this post. I was wondering if I should change to the $14.99 option but since I want to watch Netflix/Hulu etc this will not likely be a great option. I used to have AT&T where I lived and had my cell phone AND internet for $60-some a month. Loved that!

  6. Corinne Lanphear says

    TWC are a bunch of thieves….. I’ve been paying $40.50/mo – a $3.00 increase from March 2014. All this time the were offering the same service for $14.99 month since 2013. So not only were they ripping me off, the increased the rate of rip off in April 2014. What a bunch of DIRTY THIEVES!!!!

    • You probably have a different plan than the one this article is referring to. Not only does time warner not have tax on Internet, but this is the long term price. If your price changed, you’re obviously on a different plan or you’re renting a modem and the fees went up. Stop being dramatic and assuming everyone is robbing you, be smart, and look at your bill.

  7. I recently switched to this offering from TWC. Just got my first bill and it was actually $14.99. I was expecting them to sneak in some type of up charge. It does say that you’d likely not be able to steam video but I figured I’d try it for a month. I’ve been able to stream Netflix and other streaming sites with no issue at all. Give it a shot – I’m saving $40/month with this switch!

    • Elle,
      Are you still paying $14.99/month? I was speaking to a rep today and he implied that that’s just a promotional rate. I’m curious what you switched from and how the 2mbs is working for you.

      • I switched my service to this several months ago and have not any problems streaming videos or downloading. there have been only a few times that I missed the speed. for most consumers you really don’t need 20~100mbps internet unless you have teenagers lol. I did it to save some $$ and have no regrets. if I need to download large files, it really depends on the host most of the time for the data rate, their upload speed could be much slower than your download speed so your limited without knowing it. You have to be forceful and direct to get twc to switch you to this plan. I told the rep that if she didn’t switch me to this plan I would then cancel service. when they try to up sell or talk you out of switching, stop them immediately and tell them to cancel your service now, with the reminder that you already told them you would not accept anything other than a switch to this service. it’s available everywhere twc has service, if they try to tell you they don’t offer in your area, tell them to cancel your service now. they will put you on the plan they just claimed not to offer just to keep the wheel turning. I used to pay over 60/mo for twc and now have the same usage for 1/4 the price. If it’s not fast enough, you can always go up to basic @ 6mbps. i tried it and have have not needed to call back and up the speed. don’t pay for more than you use just in case you need it, I dropped my internet expense over $540/yr just by trying and realizing i didn’t need the “up-sell”

  8. I have the $14.99 internet from TWC. I cannot use my computer for internet AND MagicJack (plugged into a router) at the same time. I can use the Magic Jack if it is plugged into the computer and the computer is on the internet.

  9. I have used this service for many years now. I must say that I am very satisfied with the results considering the price I pay. As pointed out by others, this limits my ability to stream videos on more than 1 devices simultaneously, so my wife and I need to work out some scheduling so that I am not playing Battlefield 4 online while she is trying to stream Grey’s Anatomy. But considering the price, I think its well worth it. One can easily play online games without experiencing any lag.

  10. Ambien Way says

    I’ve been using this service for a year. Netflix is fine. Not Def though. Amazon hiccups more often. I stream Cable TV from my Girlfriends(dvr setup and Plex). Quality for TV feeds from girlfriends is poor. Lots of buffering for live TV but this is probably her low uplink and poor transcoding of MPEG2 to H.264. Phone Service is poor with obihai(ATA) and Google Voice anything else going on.

  11. I switched to this service the other day. Rep told me that I could switch to the everyday low price if I only accessed my email or FB once or twice a month. She said I will be getting charged for extra data usage over the 2mbps so that the switch would not benefit me. Also said she had been doing this job for a very long time, meaning she knew what she was talking about. She would not tell me what the rates were for using extra data – said it depending on how much I used. Has anyone ever heard of this? Guess I will just have to wait for new bill to see what’s up.

    • They r lieing to u. Netflix will work fine. I have called a few times over the years to switch rates and they give me the same kind of run around. In the end I tell them I don’t care if my internet is super slow I’m not compromising and I still want to switch so they stop heckling me. If u switch and it doesn’t work out, just switch back. No big deal right? I’ve had great luck with lower speed&prices and I use internet, web surf, email and netflix and they’ve been fine. Wouldn’t surprise me if time warner reps get extra bonuses to keep customers paying high, Because they are ridiculously persistent in talking us out of switching. My thoughts on that, good luck 🙂

  12. I can’t believe that rep told you you’d only be able to access fb or email a couple times a month with that deal! completely false! I’ve used that tier since it was offered, & there are no ‘caps’.. that 2mb is the speed, not a mobile data cap. not sure what her problem is.

    I can stream netflix just fine, & I never play games online, so no issues there.

    I’ve seen on the commercials now they’re saying something about ‘as low as 14.99/mo for 1 year instead of unending – so this worries me somewhat. I don’t know what’s going on with their desire to merge with charter, but i absolutely know that was gonna hurt those who want a low priced service since charter only has 2 tiers & they are very high. I sure don’t want to have to spend a bunch more for internet when I don’t need a high speed.

    people should write to the FCC to try to put a stop to the charter merger (this is not the comcast one they tried previously), since it’ll be good for nobody but the corporations!

    • I’m replying to both VB and cin – I have now received several bills since my switch to ELP and you are both correct – that rep was lying to me. I do not have any extra charges for any additional use. I access internet, email and FB several times a day with no problem. Granddaughter plays some games and watches videos with no difference from before when I had a higher MB plan.

  13. I have gone ahead and switched from being way overcharged ($45/month for 6mb/sec rr) to the $14.99 deal and I’m SOOO glad I did. I should have done it a looooong time ago. It was definitely a challenge on the phone though. I had to go through two people. Both lied to me telling me that wifi reduced the speed by half. The are full of @#$!!. I only notice the slightest difference at my 2mb/s connection now. i can watch youtube,play music, whatever, pretty much just like ive done for years. No problem. do it! It’s time they stop screwing us just becase we let them.

  14. Does anyone use a speed test website to see what the actual speed is?

    What is the guaranteed speed for WTC $14.99 a month ? Is it a lot less then 2mb/s?

    • because of your question I checked mine using testmy.net. it says 2.4 Mbps download average and 663 Kbps upload saying I’m about 93% less than others. That tells me that many others are paying for way more than they need. I don’t play interactive games. No problems with youtube, watching videos etc.

      • Is that the “everyday low price” plan or the “basic” plan?
        The download speed is over the “everyday low price” plan of 2 Mbps.

    • Have had the $14.99 plan for less than 2 months; using speedtest.net, I get a very stable 3.51Mbps. Important note: I ordered online without any interaction with TWC customer service by phone. According to their website, the $14.99 plan provides “up to 3mbps”- http://www.timewarnercable.com/en/plans-packages/internet/internet-service-plans.html
      It is my understanding that if you order by phone, the deal is only 2Mbps.

      • It might have changed. I see 2 download and 1 upload from your link. But anything is better then Verizon, .5 download and .39 upload. That is from their own speed test site website. If you call support, you can’t even get them to agree that your speed has degraded from what it should be.
        I am going to change to TWC soon.

        • >It might have changed. I see 2 download and 1 upload from your link.

          Interesting. I still see 3/1 from the same link. You might try clearing your history and/or cookies before ordering. Or, perhaps there is some other way your location is detected and given targeted rates. I’m in SoCal.

          • SoCal is a MAXX market the ELP is 1*3 in MAXX areas. Tom is in a non MAXX area the IP he is coming from reflects that.

  15. I have had the $14.99 internet for over 3 years with very little problems. I stream standard quality movies, Netflix, Hulu, and use it for my home phone (Google Voice). Only time I ever really have an issue is when my wife and I both have our phones on WIFI and stream a movie. That is when things start to slow down.

    I am not a gamer and I am not picky about HD quality videos so $14.99 internet is great!

    ****Also to save on the additional $6-8 Time Warner router fee, buy one off Amazon or somewhere. Time Warner has a list of approved ones on their website. I use a ARRIS / Motorola SB6121 SURFboard DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem and no longer have to pay a router fee. Just call them after buying and in 10 minutes they had me set up over the phone. My bill, exactly $14.99.

  16. Looks like that 14.99 was just for a year, I just got a notice of an increase to 39.99 for the bare minimum internet.

    • I did too but that is for the “Lite Internet” which I believe (and I hope) is a different category of internet.

  17. I just called up the Time Warner sales dept. The rep said that you cannot buy the modem from them to wave the $10.00 equipment charge. If you buy your own modem, they cannot service your internet unless they charge you for a service charge. Is there truth in this?

    • I don’t know the details but I have Time Warner and my own modem; they fixed some connectivity issues at my house last year with no problems. No service charge. I’m sure if you offer to just cancel, they will be happy to help you maintain the proper connectivity, it would be in their interest certainly.

  18. Time Warner scumbags trying to get over $5.00 in taxes from me. Calling them on Monday morning!

    • My first bill was exactly $14.99 and when I signed up I questioned them and they said there was no tax and cost each month was to be $14.99.

      • Called them today. It was an error. When they removed the installation fee they forgot to remove the taxes. My total is $14.99. This is why I do not use auto-pay.

  19. I have used this since it started almost 2 years ago. 3.5mb download speeds works great for the average consumer. I don’t see it available anymore but I’m still paying 14.99

  20. Been under this ELP $14.99 plan for 2 years now. Download speed around 3 mbps here in NYC. Started at 2 mbps then increased with no addl charge to 3 mbps around last year. Using it mainly for streaming (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Crackle, Tubi, etc) and social networks. Cellphone wifi, Viber and Google voice calls sound clear and loud. Youtube 4K videos have some lag sometimes but can stream. I bought a refurbished modem at Ebay for $20 and it still works, that’s $20 instead of modem rental of around $60 per year ($12 for 2 years and going). As noted by previous people, not available anymore but still at the same price. Will never get out of this plan, unless TWC/Charter requires…Good deal

  21. The Time Warner Website says it is still available. Just call and ask for Extra Low Price (ELP) Internet. This is a great plan!! It works fine for us with 6 laptops, 4 phones and an Ooma home line… and yes we do youtube videos and netflix. It is $14.99 total per month. And I don’t have to call up each year when the price ends – it is 14.99 forever (as much as that can be in this world – not a yearly special). We own our own modem and wireless router. We bought our modem years ago used on Amazon.

  22. i am wondering if Spectrum is obligated to grandfather in all the TWC ELP plans
    i am in Metro Los Angeles and for my 80ish Parents (who are not on SSI) it in more then enough

  23. they just changed my plan from 14.99 to 19.99 after one year and said that it was promotional plan so now it available at 19.99 for you, Does this happened with anyone else??

    • I was told it was the new price – $19.99, but not a promotional price. That it should remain at $19.99 for awhile. I was pretty sure that after Spectrum took over Time Warner it would go up…. but I have been on ELP for over 4 years I think…. a long time. So as long as the price stays for awhile I am still happy with that price for Internet.

  24. yes due to the take over of time Warner the price went up $5 , it is now $19.99> Also to note the email they give you per the 19.99 account is worthless at 100mb total size. (All messages in all emails accounts are counted toward the Total storage limit ). (you can create up to 5 emails). The email is slow as slow can be at times delayed for 10 min or more !! just to look at! I am still shocked to see at today’s time and age to offer only 100mb & for it to me as slow as dial up just to open a email. (The speed of the email has nothing to do with your speed they just bottle neck it a high degree or their junk outdated servers). The McAfee security suite is another false advertisement for them because you can only get their cheaper antivirus. despite it saying you will get the free security suite. …………….one more thing: Despite them saying it is not a promotion does not mean much since they can simple raise the price each month , so it may be worse than a promotion since atleast a promotion is promised for a time period.

  25. Mine has stayed at $14.99 in NY.

  26. DirtyLilRat says

    Can we take this plan with us if we move?

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