PFS Buyers Club: New US Mint Coin Arbitrage Opportunity ($300+ Net Profit, July 2021)

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New deal July 29th, 2021. The US Mint regularly releases limited-edition coins to collectors. The coin sets are often limited to one per household, but end up worth more than the initial cost. PFS Buyers Club is a website broker that recruits regular folks to buy their allotted coin set with a set markup amount, with the agreement that they will sell only to PFS Buyers Club. For example, you might pay $300 for a coin and they’ll agree to pay you $350 for it – a fixed profit of $50.

On Thursday, July 29th at 12:00 pm Noon Eastern Time, there is a new guaranteed profit opportunity. A limited edition American Eagle Four-Coin Set will be released then, with a purchase limit of one per household. The cost of the Four-Coin Set should be either $4,962.50 or $5,055.00 (depends on the spot price of Gold on 7/28). Shipping will cost $4.95.

PFS will pay you a fixed commission of $200.05 for each Four-Coin Set, on top of your cost for the set.

You’ll also earn credit card rewards on your ~$5,000 purchase (worth another ~$100 here at 2% cash back), or also possibly satisfying the requirements for some $500+ value credit card bonuses. This makes the total net profit safely over $300.

Note that the eventual value of the set may exceed that elsewhere – you may be able to get more than $200 extra for each coin on eBay, for example – but if you want to make that bet, don’t promise to sell to PFS Buyers Club. Just buy it on your own and try to sell it yourself. Keep in mind that eBay seller fees can be quite high, and you’ll be responsible for other costs like the proper shipping with adequate insurance. PFS Buyers Club will send you a free prepaid mailing label (including insurance) and pay you via eCheck, paper check, or PayPal.

My past experience. I used PFS back in March for the first time, and everything went smoothly and I was paid my money in full without issue. The amount of communication was great and better than expected; I was kept up-to-date every step of the way. The total time commitment was about 30 minutes for $400+ profit, including the stop at the Fedex store to drop off the box with prepaid label. The eCheck option worked great – I printed the check out at home and deposited immediately via mobile app. PFS has a very solid reputation online, and I referred several blog readers last time and did not receive a single complaint. (Some folks were unable to buy the coins from the US Mint before it went out of stock.)

Here is the product page: American Eagle 2021 Gold Proof Four-Coin Set. Here is a direct quote of the deal text:

On July 29th – at 12:00PM ET, the US Mint will be releasing a limited edition American Eagle Four-Coin Set. The set has a purchase limit of one per household, so you’re able to buy one set.

The cost of the Four-Coin Set should be either $4,962.50 or $5,055.00. (The Mint will only be releasing the exact price for these products on Wednesday the 28th, and it will depend on the spot price of Gold over the day.)

Each purchase will also have a $4.95 shipping charge.

You will have each order shipped to your own house or office and then ship it to PFS Buyers Club with a prepaid shipping label that we will provide for you.

PFS will be offering a commission of $200.05 for each Four-Coin Set.

This is also a great opportunity to earn valuable points/miles on your credit cards, as well as meet any spending thresholds.

If you want to jump on this, you can sign up to join PFS Buyers Club here. Sometimes these deals fill up, so I would sign-up and opt-in sooner rather than later. You can still opt out of the deal until an hour prior to the coins going on sale. They will provide very detailed instructions. Follow them carefully, and it was pretty easy for me as a first-time buyer. If you use that link, I will receive a referral fee the first time you successfully sell your coin for a profit. Thanks for those that use it, and for those that already used it last time! I will be opting in myself as well.

My Money Blog has partnered with CardRatings and may receive a commission from card issuers. Some or all of the card offers that appear on this site are from advertisers and may impact how and where card products appear on the site. does not include all card companies or all available card offers. All opinions expressed are the author’s alone, and has not been provided nor approved by any of the companies mentioned. is also a member of the Amazon Associate Program, and if you click through to Amazon and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission. Thank you for your support.

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  1. Jonathan what is the company’s incentive for selling you these coins and turning around and buying them back from you for more money? How long after returning the coins did it take for you to receive your commission check.

    • Think of them like hot concert tickets. Everyone has an equal chance of buying these tickets, but the dealers have people ready to buy them at a markup as they want to wait line and/or take the risk of not getting them.

      You slap on the FedEx prepaid label, drop off at Fedex, wait a few days (you have the tracking number), and then I received an eCheck into my bank account. It’s basically a legal check (from Deluxe checks, well known paper check supplier) that they send to you and print out, and then do mobile check deposit with my phone.

  2. What’s the turn around time on this from me putting up my $5k to them getting me a check?

    • I was looking at their terms and it said this:

      “Payment will be sent via e-Check, PayPal, or check within 7 business days of the set being delivered to a PFS Buyers Club”

    • For me, less than the grace period on my credit card. I was able to charge the purchase, do the whole deal, deposit the eCheck, and pay off the credit card with time to spare.

  3. Liquidated Damages for Non-Delivery of Coin to PFS. To the extent that Member does not deliver the Coin to PFS, Member acknowledges and agrees that Member shall be in breach of this Agreement and that as a result, PFS shall sustain lost profits as a result of same. Accordingly, if Member fails to deliver the Coin to PFS, then Member agrees that Member shall be liable for liquidated damages as a penalty equal to the lost profits sustained by PFS from non-delivery of the Coin. PFS shall advise Member of the amount of the lost profits sustained by PFS from non-delivery of the Coin and Member shall remit payment of such amount of lost profits within five (5) days thereafter.

    Does that mean if you are unable to buy the coin (it sells out), you pay them for the lost profits?

    • No, I was not able to buy the coin from the last deal in May despite my best efforts (sold out), and it was fine. I simply reported that it was sold out as soon as I found out, using their website. I did my first successful deal in March, tried my best but missed in May, and they are still letting me try again tomorrow in July.

      They are trying to avoid people that DO buy the coin but don’t sell to PFS. This is a hard problem as they can’t tell if you bought the coin or not. They also know that some people will try their best but still not get the coins. The best they can do is to be upfront about their expectations and have you give them your word that if you DO buy the coins successfully, you will sell it to PFS.

      • Jonathan in your last post you said the last deal in May you was unable to buy the coins (sold out) Do they sellout that fast? Should I have my finger on the trigger tomorrow at 12:00 to have a chance?

        • Yeah I was able to do the May deal, and the website crawls after noon. They give you tips on how to be prepared to get through the slowdown and I got through after like 5-10 minutes of patience. Definitely be ready before noon.

  4. Samantha says

    I’m going to give this a try, Jonathan, so you should get at least one credit. BTW, I noticed on the Drs. Of Credit Website that it’s not a good idea to use AMex when buying from the Mint as they treat it as a cash advance:

    • I just made a purchase last week through the US Mint, using my AMEX card and there was no cash advance fee…
      I don’t know when this cash advance fee is going to go in effect but American Express would be stupid for doing so… As they lose out on the transaction fee.

      • joshua katt says

        Remember the 1.5X MR bonus for single transactions over $5,000 (this qualifies today) on some AMEX cards like the PLT…

  5. A general physical gold buying question. I have never done it so this looks strange to me.

    So, these 4 American Eagle coins add up to 2.0182 troy oz. and are priced for $5,055. So, $2,504.707/oz.
    The spot price of gold today is around $1,815.40/oz.
    That is a 30+% premium. I understand some of it is the nature of these coins being a collectible and some of it the sense of quality assurance that it from US Mint. But 30% still seems to high for me.

    What am I missing?

    • It’s a collectible, so based on demand and scarcity, not linked directly to commodity value. Just like stamps, vintage cars, matchbox cars, baseball cards, sneakers. 🙂

  6. Google PFS before you purchase and sell to them.

  7. CF Frost says

    PFS buyers club is completely legit and I have done deals with them in the past… The key of that statement is that I have done deals with them in the past but will not in the future due to their low, low, low payout rate. As long as you follow their directions, PFS makes it very simple for anybody to get in on this deal.
    The only issue that I have with PFS is that they are paying out $200 for you to do this deal… If you do your research, you will find that there are others on the Internet, legitimate buyers with legitimate history, who will pay upwards of $500 for this same deal.

    PFS buyers club has been making a killing off of the credit card blogging audiences and financial blogs like this for the past couple of years that have made purchases for them from the US Mint to get around the household limits.

    The only people getting screwed on these deals, are the legitimate collectors of coins who have been doing this for years and years and years and now all of a sudden over the past few years, people have been taking away limited edition coins from legitimate collectors who are than forced to overpay for what the rest of us are doing. If you read the forums of coin collectors, you will find that many lifelong collectors are fed up with the game and have stopped collecting.

    • joshua katt says

      JP nailed it. Exactly what has happened to live music industry. More middlemen that have to be compensated to make a buck driving up the cost for the ultimate user. Same thing happens in healthcare too…

    • Great, so what company/site can I sell this 4-coin set for MORE than PFS today?

  8. My perspective is different, but I see it more in terms of any other profit opportunity like credit card deals. In the past, “points hobbyists” used to be able to apply to 20 Bank of America cards per year, 10 Chase cards, and so on. They could make elite airline status with a few mileage runs easily. You could buy savings bonds with a credit card! It was easy profit. However, as with any arbitrage opportunity, it started to go away. Information spread. The “old school” hobbyists complained, as their easy money was going away. But that’s just how it goes.

    PFS has obviously put a lot of time and effort into building this system. Yes, it was much less crowded before, and you easily walk up to the US mint and order something that was worth $200 more than you paid for it. But every household has the same chance. PFS has made it easy and built years of trust, so they can get away with paying less. Anyone can go and try and negotiate with a coin dealer directly, but that’s hassle and reducing hassle is worth money (see Amazon Prime). I welcome a competitor, which would also be part of the usual arbitrage cycle.

  9. Samantha says

    Well dang, it sold out by 12:05

  10. sold out in 5 min! couldn’t get one =(

  11. i was about to enter my CC and it sold out.. i didn’t know it was that hot

  12. well, i made it to the CONFIRM ORDER, but after clicking on it, it says “We’re sorry, but the page you were looking for has moved or is no longer available.”
    And the order history says “Order History is currently offline. ”
    No what?

    • I got that too, but order showed in my cart and tried checkout process at least twice with same error, finally went through on 4th attempt.

  13. I just tried. But my credit card was not passed because Chase thought it was a fraud. After I told Chase it was me, it was sold out. 🙁 I wonder what I can do to avoid this problem?

    • Yeah, I was concerned about this as well. One thing you can do is to let your credit card know ahead of time when making large purchase.

      With my Citi CC it was pretty simple. I could do it from my account online, you just enter date and amount of transaction.

  14. RookieInvestor says

    I managed to buy one. Awaiting to encash the profits !!! Thx JP.

  15. @Jonathan Ping Did you make it?

  16. Sorry to hear that! I had to checkout twice as it gave me an error the first time, but luckily I got through today. I had the CC stored and the auto-population actually worked this time, thankfully. I snagged it in March, but I tried from a different computer in May and it sold out on me. So I’m batting 2 for 3. Hopefully others were also successful.

    • First time doing this, I got one. I hope all goes well.

    • Wouldn’t that be “batting .667”?

      Anyway, I saw the post at about 11:30 Eastern on the day of, decided to give it a try after having read your previous posts and not acting. Signed up for both PFS Buyers Club and US Mint accounts, and was lucky enough to both opt-in the deal (still open) and complete the order (took patience, a fast connection, and luck). So enjoy another referral credit. I enjoy your website.

  17. I managed to order, but I did get a weird error after checkout due to my blocking third party cookies in Chrome. The order didn’t seem to go though all the way but Chase emailed they were holding funds, so I ended up calling and talking to a representative. The Order History updated about 50 minutes after the purchase, but still no email from the Mint an hour after buying (their system seems to be slow). I do have an order # to provide to PFS at least.

  18. I got all normal order confirmations at every stage, but just received a note from PFS that my US Mint order is in back order status, but not to cancel or do anything else at this time. Anyone else? Not sure what that means. I figured they made an exact number of sets and had them ready to sell up until the requisite number was reached. We shall see what happens.

    • I checked with the Mint via chat and they said the coins are not due to ship until November 2, so all orders for this item currently show backorder status. My credit card was authorized, but the Mint website indicates they don’t actually charge your card until eventual shipment.

  19. joshua katt says

    I’m batting 3 for 3 for a 1.000 average since JP wrote about this earlier this year The first and second opportunities were doubleheaders! Thanks JP!

    I surmise that they oversell the run by a small percentage from experience that some orders are never filled, cancelled, returned for bad addresses, etc. Good luck.

  20. RookieInvestor says

    BoFA classified the transaction under 1% cash back category instead of 3% online shopping category. As per them the merchant classified themselves as ‘GOVERNMENT SERVICES-NOT ELSEWHERE CLASSIFIED’, which as per BoFA falls under 1% cash back category. BoFA says that the merchant billed them this way and they have no control over it. Has anyone else experienced this?

    • It is also classified as “Government Services” under my Citi card. Its been mentioned on various sites that US mint is processed this way. Unfortunately this ends up not triggering any category bonuses.

      • RookieInvestor says

        I guess its 1% or 1.5% cash back max. I am not sure how does it work out to 300+ profit. The airlines or hotels preferred cards may be additional perks but they also need a annual fee to be paid.

        • There are multiple rewards cards that offer a flat 2% cash back on everything with no annual fee, and those are usually the ones I would recommend for this deal as it is a government website and doesn’t seem to fit neatly to any category like dining, gas, or even online shopping.

  21. Becareful with them. I have had issues with them in the past not honoring deals and then you are stuck with coins and no buyer. Even with a signed contract, Jacob at PFS was dismissive saying I couldn’t enforce it since I didn’t live in the same state.

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