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US Treasury Yields Lowest In The History of the Republic

Like many folks, I recently enjoyed the excellent musical Hamilton for the first time on Disney+. I'm a bit embarrassed to say it was also very educational (yes, I know its not 100% historically accurate). I never really thought about how … [Read the rest]

Rational Expectations: Advanced, Specific, Practical Portfolio Advice

The fourth and final book in the "Investing for Adults" series by William Bernstein is Rational Expectations: Asset Allocation for Investing Adults. In Book 1: The Ages of the Investor, I learned to take advantage of a lucky streak in stocks and … [Read the rest]

Money in Excel Review – Good For Budget Tracking, Bad For Investments

Thanks to generous assistance from a reader, I was able to spend some time poking around the new Money in Excel template for Microsoft 365 Personal or Family subscribers. Does it fulfill its promise of helping you "see all your financial accounts … [Read the rest]

Merrill Edge + Preferred Rewards = Up to $1,000 Bonus For Moving Assets, Improved Credit Card Rewards

(Updated again July 2020: Let's try this again with a non-expired link! BofA has new promotion for up to $1,000, even higher than the previous offer and worth considering if you have adequate brokerage assets to move over to Merrill Edge. Thanks … [Read the rest]

NBC’s Peacock TV Streaming Service Has a 100% Free Tier

Just a quick note that there is a new streaming service, Peacock by NBC Universal. What makes it different than Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and other services is that it has a 100% free tier (with ads) that includes a lot of decent content including … [Read the rest]

Country Time Bailout: Kid’s Lemonade Stand $100 Stimulus Check

The summer lemonade stand remains the iconic entrepreneurial opportunity for kids. Well, maybe not this summer. Country Time Lemonade is starting the Littlest Bailout Relief Fund, which is a $100,000 fund to send $100 stimulus checks to 1,000 … [Read the rest]

iPhone 6/7/SE Performance Slowdown Class Action Settlement

Apple settled a class action lawsuit claiming that they secretly throttled the performance of iPhones using software in order to offset battery problems. Some users claimed that if Apple did this openly, they could have simply replaced the … [Read the rest]

Pizza Hut Camp Book It! Kids Summer Reading Program

Some of you may remember the Pizza Hut "Book It!" program during your elementary school years that encouraged reading using free pizza as a reward. Well, it still exists in the form of Camp Book It!: Parents, join us for our first ever Camp BOOK … [Read the rest]

Target REDcard 5% Off, $40 off $40+ Purchase For New Approvals

Updated. In my area, Target currently has the best setup for ordering via app and picking up at the store. No markups, well-organized, dedicated parking area, and minimal waiting. Walmart was a mess, and so was the grocery store. We were always … [Read the rest]

Protecting Your Portfolio From Hyperinflation, Deflation, Confiscation, and Devastation

The third book in the "Investing for Adults" series by William Bernstein is Deep Risk: How History Informs Portfolio Design. As before, I'm just trying to pull out a few practical takeaways rather than summarize the entire book. In Book 1: The … [Read the rest]

Free Social Security Tool for Optimal Benefit Claiming Strategy

Update: The free Open Social Security tool has been updated to include a new "heat map" visualization that illustrates the relative values of claiming Social Security at different ages. Details here. Here is a sample graph for a couple with … [Read the rest]

3 Months of SiriusXM Streaming + Echo Dot For $1

Here is a SiriusXM promotion link where you can sign up for a free 3-month trial of either their Essential or Premium streaming tiers (includes Howard Stern) and also get an Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) smart speaker for only $1. After signing up, … [Read the rest]