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What Percentage of Income Do People Really Donate to Charity?

Giving to charity has the double taboo of being both about money and your generosity to others. Double the chance for judgment, at least! "And once again, tithing is 10 percent off the top, that's gross income, not net. Please people, don't force … [Read the rest]

Vanguard – How The Boring, Long-Term Focused Part of America Invests

Vanguard recently released a report on “How America Invests”, based on the 5 million households with Vanguard retail accounts (taxable and IRAs, not 401ks). It looked at investor behavior from 2015 through 2019, along with the first quarter of … [Read the rest]

Blue Cash Preferred from American Express Review: 6% Cash Back at US Supermarkets ($6,000/Year), $300 Welcome Bonus, No Annual Fee First Year

Update: This offer has been improved to include a $300 statement credit and the annual fee is waived during the first year. The previous offer was a $250 statement credit without an annual fee waiver. The Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American … [Read the rest]

Mint Mobile Review: Now $15 a Month for 4 GB, $20 a Month for 10 GB 5G/LTE Data

Update 2021: I just renewed with Mint Mobile again. I'm still happy with the service, including the new faster 5G speeds and increased data limits (added automatically without raising the price). I now pay $20/month for 10 GB 5G/LTE data (up from 8 … [Read the rest]

Peerstreet Case Study #4: The Perpetually-Late $10M Beverly Hills Estate

I've invested over $50,000 of my "alternative" money into PeerStreet real estate notes because of the ability to diversify into 50+ different high-interest loans backed by physical real estate. Here is a case study of a $10 million mansion that … [Read the rest]

Asset Class Correlations Infographic: Large Cap vs. Small Cap Stocks, Stocks vs. Bonds

When talking about constructing an investment portfolio, you'll often hear about diversification and buying low-correlation or non-correlated assets. A positive correlation means that the assets tended to move in the same direction. A value of 1 … [Read the rest]

Debit Card Arbitrage: $4.7M Tax Payment Results in $47,000 Cash Back

An under-the-radar loophole is now out in the open, thanks to fintech app Jiko* publishing a PR release bragging about their $4.7 million debit card charge, which led to Axios writing about it as quite likely the "largest consumer debit transaction … [Read the rest]

Buy $100 Apple Gift Card, Get $10 Target Gift Card Free

Here's a simple deal if you already buy Apple products/services and shop at Target. From now until 2/27, get a $10 Target GiftCard free with $100 Apple gift card purchase. While supplies last. Offer available online (e-mail delivery only) and … [Read the rest]

American Express Business Gold Card Review: Up to 70,000 Points + $300 in Statement Credits

New limited-time offer. The American Express Business Gold Card is a premium charge card for small businesses where you must pay off the balance each month, but you get excellent perks like purchase price protection, travel accident insurance, car … [Read the rest]

My Money Blog Portfolio Income Update – February 2021

While my February 2021 portfolio is designed for total return, I also track the income produced. Stock dividends are the portion of profits that businesses have decided they don't need to reinvest into their business. The dividends may suffer some … [Read the rest]

Chase Southwest Credit Cards: New Companion Pass Through February 2022 With Lower Spending Requirement

New Companion Pass offer. Southwest Airlines offers the unique Companion Pass, which lets you pick one person to fly with free when you book either paid or award flights (including to Hawaii!) on Southwest. Points earned from credit cards are … [Read the rest]

MMB Portfolio Asset Allocation Update, February 2021

A central idea here is skin in the game, showing what someone really does with their own money. Too often, what the "experts" tell you to do is quite different than what they own themselves. Here's my current portfolio as of February 2021, … [Read the rest]