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Voyager Crypto Trading App: $25 Free Bitcoin Each For New Users and Referrals

Voyager is a new trading app that intends to offer commission-free trading of least fifteen different cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). It hopes to differentiate its service by offering more access to different exchanges … [Read the rest]

Download Audible App on Fire TV, Get Free $5 Amazon Credit

If you have a Fire TV, start up the device and download the Audible app for free before 11/13/18. Amazon will give you a free $5 Amazon credit for doing so (expires in 30 days, only good for products "Sold by Amazon"). There is no activation … [Read the rest]

Savings I Bonds November 2018 Interest Rate: 2.32% Inflation Rate, 0.50% Fixed Rate

Update 11/1/18. The fixed rate will be 0.50% for I bonds issued from November 1, 2018 through April 30, 2019. The variable inflation-indexed rate for this 6-month period will be 2.32% (as was predicted). The total rate on any specific bond is the sum … [Read the rest]

Send $50 Amazon Gift Card Via Text, Get $5 Amazon Credit (Targeted)

Amazon keeps thinking up new ways for folks to send/receive/reload/ingest Amazon gift credits. Which is fine with me, because they'll usually pay you a few bucks to try it out. Click here to check eligibility for their latest targeted offer: Get … [Read the rest]

Starbucks App and Chase Pay: Up to 475 Bonus Stars (Targeted)

Here is a targeted offer for Starbucks app users. Look on the Starbucks app homepage or inbox for a Chase Pay promotion that says "Reload 3x, Earn 475 Stars." If you load up your Starbucks account with at least $20 using Chase Pay, you can get … [Read the rest]

Frugal Trends: Keep Your iPhone For 3-4 Years + Switch to Cheaper Plan

If you've been holding onto that iPhone for longer than you thought you would, you are not alone. According to this WSJ article, the average consumer now waits 2.9 years to upgrade their iPhone (2.8 years for all smartphones). Horace … [Read the rest]

Libby App: Improved Access to Public Library eBook and Audiobooks

Public libraries have offered eBooks for a while, but I stopped using the service because it was too much work. There weren't that many popular titles available, and finding them was tedious with a waitlist of unknown length. When you did finally … [Read the rest]

Will We Ever Talk Openly About Income and Money?

I started sharing my net worth anonymously because it was so hard talk about it publicly. Even today, my site logo is a voice bubble with money inside. Fast forward nearly 15 years later, and it is still unlikely that you know your coworkers' … [Read the rest]

Consumer Report Car Brand Reliability Rankings 2018

Consumer Reports shared some results from their 2018 Car Reliability Survey in the public articles Who Makes the Most Reliable Cars?, 10 Most Reliable Cars and, 12 Models Lose CR Recommendation Over Car Reliability Issues. Here's a partial … [Read the rest]

Chase Bank Bonus: $600 Total Checking + Savings, 60,000 Point Upgrade to Sapphire Banking

Chase Bank has updated banking promotions for new customers without a Chase Bank account (closed more than 90 days ago and haven't gotten a bonus in the last 2 years). The first bonus is for their Total Checking and Savings accounts, and if you … [Read the rest]

Household Equity Ownership Percentage vs. Future Stock Market Returns

Below is a chart that tracks two simple numbers over the years, each with their own vertical scale (click to enlarge): The average household's equity ownership share, as a percentage of total equity and credit (bond) assets. (Left-axis) The … [Read the rest]

Bond Market Risks: Keeping It Short, Simple, and Safe

A recurring theme in my asset allocation philosophy is to stick with simple and safe bonds in your portfolio. The problem is, there will be other bonds that outperform safe, shorter-term US Treasury bonds and you might start to question your … [Read the rest]