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Interest Rate Watch: Regular Treasury vs. TIPS vs. Breakeven Inflation Rates

There continues to be a lot of interest rate movement in savings accounts, CDs, and other cash equivalents. I find the most interesting corner right now to be the rise of real yields on TIPS (Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities) and their … [Read the rest]

Your Workplace Is Not Your Family. You Will Be Replaced Immediately. (Why F- You Money is Awesome)

A big takeaway from my time on the Early Retirement Forums is that while many posters struggle with the decision to leave their jobs, those that have done so rarely look back. If you are a hard-working, competent employee, it's very likely your … [Read the rest]

CIT Bank Promo: Free 1 Year Amazon Prime Membership ($139 Value) w/ $15,000 Deposit

Update 9/22: CIT Bank has raised the rate on their free year of Amazon Prime promo to 1.55% APY, remaining competitive with the major online savings accounts plus a free year of Amazon Prime worth $139, resulting in now an estimated effective 5.26% … [Read the rest]

SoFi Offers: 2.50% APY + $325 Checking Bonus, $300 Personal Loan Bonus

If you don't have a SoFi checking account yet, check out the new referral offer of $25 new user bonus + $300 direct deposit bonus. Open a new SoFi Money account and add at least $10 to your account within 5 days, and get $25. Then get up to $300 … [Read the rest]

SoFi Invest ACAT Transfer Bonus Promotion: Up to $5,000, Both New and Existing Accounts

If you are thinking about switching brokers, always check if that broker is offering a transfer bonus for moving your assets over. Most brokers work within the Automated Customer Account Transfer Service (ACATS), which makes it easy to move your … [Read the rest]

M1 Finance Review: Free DIY Robo-Advisor, Up to $2,000 Account Transfer Bonus

Updated; ACAT Transfer bonus ends 9/30/22. M1 Finance has updated their promotions: M1 Finance Invest Referral: $10 bonus for depositing only $100. M1 Finance Invest Transfer: Up to $2,000 bonus when you transfer over assets from another … [Read the rest]

Fifth Third Bank $250 New Checking Account Bonus w/ Direct Deposit

Offer details updated, bonus lowered. Fifth Third Bank has a $250 new checking bonus when you open an eligible Fifth Third checking account and make direct deposits totaling $1,000 or more within 90 days of account opening. Note that Fifth Third … [Read the rest]

Discover Bank Deposit Bonus: $150/$200 ($15,000/$25,000 Required)

Updated; bonus still available in 2022. Discover Bank has an ongoing deposit bonus for new customers for their online savings account. If you open a new account through either this link by 12/15/22, you can receive one of the following … [Read the rest]

Stuck on a Hard 50/50 Decision? Pick the Change, Avoid the Status Quo

The recently-republished Quartz article An economist’s rule for making tough life decisions draws from research by Steven Levitt, perhaps best-known for being co-author of the book Freakonomics. The study asked people who were having a hard time … [Read the rest]

The Real Cost of Zero Commission Stock Brokers + Why Are Some Cheaper Than Others?

In a recent study, the authors opened accounts at six different brokerages with their own money and executed 85,000 market orders. They discovered some interesting details about the actual costs of making trades using "zero commission" stock … [Read the rest]

Top 10 Best Credit Card Bonus Offers – September 2022 (Updated)

Updated and checked September 2022. That space in your wallet or purse is valuable, and you should be the one to get that value. By being smart and picky, you can find offers worth $500+ for a single card, all to encourage you to apply and try it … [Read the rest]

Top 10 Best Small Business Credit Card Bonus Offers – September 2022

Updated September 2022. Do you have small business income or work as an independent contractor? Freelance, Uber/Lyft, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Airbnb? A small business credit card separates your personal and business expenses and can build up your … [Read the rest]