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Top 10 Best Small Business Credit Card Bonus Offers – October 2021

Updated for October 2021. Do you have small business income or work as an independent contractor? Freelance, Uber/Lyft, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Airbnb? A small business credit card separates your personal and business expenses and can build up your … [Read the rest]

Hawaiian Airlines World Elite MasterCard Review: 80,000 Bonus Miles + First Checked Bag Free

(Update: The sign-up bonus for this consumer card is now up again slightly to 80k total Hawaiian miles, and the business card version is now up to 90k total Hawaiian miles.) The Hawaiian Airlines World Elite MasterCard is the official co-branded … [Read the rest]

World of Hyatt Business Card Review: 75,000 Bonus Points + $100 Annual Hyatt Statement Credits

Chase has launched the new World of Hyatt Business Credit Card issued by Chase that offers several perks for small businesses that use Hyatt hotels. This is the small business version of the consumer World of Hyatt credit card. At launch, there … [Read the rest]

FIRE Starters: Profiles of 12 Individuals and Families Pursuing Early Financial Freedom

I enjoyed watching all 14 YouTube videos in the FIRE Starters interview series by Marketwatch. The videos were well-edited, in that they averaged only about 5-7 minutes each but still explained the individual and/or family's unique path to … [Read the rest]

Best Interest Rates on Cash – October 2021 Update

via GIPHY Here's my monthly roundup of the best interest rates on cash as of October 2021, roughly sorted from shortest to longest maturities. I look for lesser-known opportunities earning at least double what most savings accounts and money … [Read the rest]

Practical Time Management: The Won’t Do List vs. Must Do List

80 years times 50 weeks a year is 4,000 weeks. If we're lucky, that means we'll have about 4,000 Mondays, 4,000 Saturdays, and that's it. I've started reading Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals by Oliver Burkeman, which suggests that … [Read the rest]

Vanguard Target Retirement Funds Update: Big Expense Ratio Drop in Early 2022

I always keep track of the Vanguard Target Retirement 20XX Funds (TRFs) because: They are a low-cost, broadly-diversified, "all-in-one" fund that I believe are a good starting point for both beginning investors and all investors that desire … [Read the rest]

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card: 60,000 Bonus Points = $750 Value + New Benefits Added

Updated. The Chase Sapphire Preferred Card is a premium travel rewards credit card that has gotten very popular due to its rewards structure and flexible Ultimate Rewards points that can be redeemed for cash, travel credits, or transferred to airline … [Read the rest]

Buy $100 Apple Gift Card, Get $10 Amazon Promo Credit

Here's a simple deal if you already buy Apple products/services. Get a $10 Amazon Promo Credit free with $100 Apple gift card purchase. Must use promo code APPLEOCT at checkout. While supplies last, and it will probably sell out. Apple gift … [Read the rest]

Lili Banking App For Freelancers: $70 Drop Bonus + $100 Referral Bonus

Update October 2021: The Lili referral bonus is now up to $100, although the Drop bonus is back to 70,000 points. Still, the total value is still $30 higher and this account doesn't require any business docs. I charged $250 onto the debit card and … [Read the rest]

Kabbage Business Checking Review: 1.10% APY + Public $300 Bonus

(Update October 2021: Post has been updated to reflect a new public $300 bonus. I posted about a $300 bonus in the past, but it ended up being targeted select AmEx business cardholders. This one is open to the public. You must scroll down a bit to … [Read the rest]

Porte Banking App Review: 3% APY on up to $15,000

Update October 2021: On 10/1/2021, Porte announced that starting on 1/1/2022 they will be adding some significant new requirements to obtain the 3% APY on balances up to $15,000. You must have each of the following during each calendar … [Read the rest]