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List of 529 Day (5/29) College Savings Plan Promotions 2023

Updated for 2023. 5/29 is "National 529 College Savings Plan Day" and every year a few state plan offer promotions and/or giveaways. Most offers end by May 31st. Some offers require in-state residency, but some don't. 529 plans can now also … [Read the rest]

American Express® Green Card Review: 60,000 Point Bonus + Up to $200 Statement Credit via 20% Back on Eligible Travel

The card_name is one of AmEx's classic cards, and they have improved the welcome offer to an all-time best, revamped the rewards structure, and added new travel perks. The current welcome offer includes 60,000 Membership Rewards points plus 20% back … [Read the rest]

How to Choose Your Career: Venn Diagram

Despite my great affinity for Venn diagrams, I don't recall seeing this one about how to choose a career by engineer/comedian Don McMillan. I found the routine through a random YouTube video … [Read the rest]

Keep Airline Miles and Hotel Points Active With Short Paid Surveys

Worried about keeping all your airline miles and hotel points active? Another trick to keep in your toolbox is that many loyalty programs have a partner survey company that can be a relatively easy way to earn a few miles and extend any impending … [Read the rest]

Reader Questions: Worried About Debt Limit? Worried About Smaller Banks?

I'm probably dating myself using the image above. How old do you have to be to remember when MAD magazine was popular? In retrospect, the magazine served a very important purpose, which was basically to show kids the many tricks out there and how … [Read the rest]

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card Review: All-Around Travel Card w/ 60,000 Bonus Points ($750 Value)

The Chase Sapphire Preferred Card is a premium travel rewards credit card that has gotten very popular due to its rewards structure and flexible Ultimate Rewards points that can be redeemed for cash, travel credits, or transferred to airline miles … [Read the rest]

Do US Stock Dividends Grow Faster Than Inflation? (1927-2021)

The hard problem of retirement planning continues to be how to turn a pile of assets (like in a 401k plan) into the maximum reliable income stream for decades without running out of money. Historically, companies that pay a high-yet-reliable … [Read the rest]

Hilton Honors American Express Cards: Up to 150,000 Bonus Points + Free Night Award (Limited-Time Offers)

New limited-time offers that include a free reward night. Hilton Hotels and American Express have co-branded credit cards with special perks for Hilton customers. Each person can only get one welcome offer, per card in your entire lifetime, so it's … [Read the rest]

2023 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholder Meeting Video, Transcript, and Notes

The 2023 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholder Meeting occurred on May, 6 2023, and while there are articles offering highlights (including this one), it's never the same feeling as watching/listening to the actual thing. I always find a few things … [Read the rest]

CIT Bank Review: 11-Month No Penalty CD 4.90% APY, Platinum Savings up to 4.85% APY, 6-Month 5.00% APY

No-Penalty CD up to 4.90% APY if you want to ratchet up. Platinum Savings now up to 4.85% APY. CIT Bank (not to be confused with Citi Bank) is an online-only bank that I keep open and going back to due to their multi-year history of competitive … [Read the rest]

CIT Bank Platinum Savings Review: 4.85% APY ($5,000 Minimum Balance)

CIT Bank is another bank where I maintain an ongoing relationship because they tend to offer competitive rates. They are one of those banks that likes to run unique promotions and/or start new types of accounts, and their newest savings account is … [Read the rest]

Wings Financial Credit Union: $300 Checking Bonus + $50 Refer-a-Friend + 0% APR Credit Card

Wings Financial Credit Union has an improved $300 checking bonus along with other promos and products that may add up to make joining worthwhile. Please note that each has its own separate set of requirements. Here are their official membership … [Read the rest]