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Vanguard Federal Money Market Fund: How to Claim Your State Income Tax Exemption

As the brokerage 1099 forms for 2022 are coming out, here is a quick reminder for those in states with local income taxes. If you earned interest from a money market fund, a significant portion of this interest may have come from US Treasury bills … [Read the rest]

CreditUnion1 High Yield Savings Plus $1,000 Deposit Bonus

CreditUnion1 is offering a $1,000 bonus on its High Yield Savings Plus account. This promo requires a $100,000 minimum deposit held for 12 months, so it has a limited audience, but it does provide an opportunity to understand why some of these … [Read the rest]

Tiicker: Link Your Brokerage Account, Get Shareholder Perks

TiiCKER is a new app that helps promote certain brands and companies by encouraging people to become shareholders and investors. Tiicker? 😝 Obviously, "Tickr" was already taken. (They say "ii" stands for individual investor.) In the past, … [Read the rest]

Home Ownership Affordability: Historical Factors and Charts

The recent double-whammy of rising home prices and quickly rising interest rates has created a drop in home sales. The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta created the Home Ownership Affordability Monitor (HOAM) Index, which tracks the ability of a … [Read the rest]

Marcus Bank: $100 Bonus on $10,000 Deposit (New and Existing Customers)

Marcus by Goldman Sachs is offering a $100 bonus if you deposit $10,000+ in new funds into their online savings account within 10 days of enrollment at this special offer page. Valid for both new and existing customers. You must enroll by 2/15/2023 … [Read the rest]

Chase Bank $900 Bonus w/ Coupon Code: Total Checking + Savings

Chase Bank has a Total Checking + Savings account promotion offering up to $900 total for new customers that open both a checking and savings account with them along with additional specific requirements. This is a limited-time offer and … [Read the rest]

Callan Periodic Table of Investment Returns 2022 Year-End Update

It's the same at the end of every year. People will explain 2022 to you like it was obvious that cash would be king, and the proceed to make confident predictions about 2023. Humility may not get you a lot of social media followers, but it's a … [Read the rest]

Better Future: Free Background Check Powered by Checkr

(Update 2023: Better Future suspended their free background checks during the pandemic, but I just noticed that they are back up and running, An inaccurate background check can prevent you from getting a job, so it is better to check now and … [Read the rest]

Big List of Free Consumer Data Reports 2023: Check Your Credit, Banking, Rental History, Insurance, and Employment Data

Updated for 2023. Since these are available every 12 months, it is a good idea to check these near or around the same time each year. A lot of companies make their money by collecting and selling data - your personal data. It can be critical to … [Read the rest]

Public App Treasury Account Review: 6-Month T-Bill Interest With The Ease of a Savings Account?

Investing app Public just announced a Treasury Account which basically lets you buy and hold 6-month US Treasury Bills in a more convenient wrapper (press release). You can invest as little as $100 and they will buy the T-Bills for you (and sell … [Read the rest]

5% Cash Back Cards: Groceries, Target, Drugstores, Streaming – January through March 2023

Activation reminder for 2023 1st Quarter. The credit cards below offer 5% cash back and up on specific categories that rotate each quarter. It takes a little extra attention, but it can add up to hundreds of dollars in additional rewards per year … [Read the rest]

Paper Savings Bonds: Pay w/ Credit Card by 1/17, Use Tax Refund To Increase Purchase Limit by $5,000

As inflation spiked, so did interest in purchasing inflation-linked Series I Savings bonds. Some folks have been going to extra lengths to increase their ability to purchase them, buying savings bonds for kids, trusts, LLCs, corporations, and so on. … [Read the rest]