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Dunkin Donuts Gift Card Promotion: Buy $50, Get $30 Promo Credit

Update: This promo has also been sold out. Here's another caffeine promo from Dunkin Donuts: Buy $50 worth of Dunkin gift cards, get $30 in promo gift cards. There is a banner at the top and you must use buy via this specific page, but you can … [Read the rest]

Long Cycles and Hot Asset Classes: Large Cap Growth vs. Value Stocks

As this decade comes to an end, I find it noteworthy that Large-Cap Growth stocks have outperformed Large-Cap Value stocks during most of the the 2010s. When I first started learning about investing in the previous decade of the 2000s, much was … [Read the rest]

Starbucks Mastercard Promo: Buy $10 Gift Card, Get $10 Free

(Update: This promotion appears to have ended as they have stopped issuing the promo gift cards. Check out these discounted gift cards at Amazon, which right now includes $5 credit back on a $30 Starbucks gift card.) Original post: Here's … [Read the rest]

Stocks, Bonds, and Gold: Historical Charts Since 1800

StarCapital Research has shared a series of interesting long-term charts comparing the long-term returns, drawdowns, and volatility of stocks, bonds, and gold over the last 220 years. There are also some stats on relative market valuations and … [Read the rest]

Health Care Flexible Spending Accounts: Don’t Lose Your FSA Money

Here's my annual reminder (to myself, really) to get back all the money sent into Healthcare Flexible Spending Accounts (HC FSA) before it disappears forever. The maximum salary deduction limit is $2,700 for 2019. You can pick this during Open … [Read the rest]

Navy Federal IRA Certificate Special: 37-Month at 3.00% APY + $50 Bonus

Udpated. Navy Federal Credit Union is the nation's largest credit union, but is primary limited to those with a military relationship. However, their membership now includes veterans and family members of veterans. They just released a few new … [Read the rest]

Keep or Close Old Bank Accounts? How To Manage Multiple Bank Accounts

In 2019, I opened new accounts at the following banks and credit unions in order to earn higher interest on my cash reserves. Some of the offers are now expired, but the idea is to show you that I do accumulate new accounts every year: SoFi … [Read the rest]

Solo 401k vs. SEP IRA Contribution Limit Example For $50,000 Income

I use a Solo 401k plan because it lets you contribute the most tax-deferred money for a modest amount of self-employed income. At the end of each year, I can more clearly estimate my total income for 2019 and thus my maximum contribution limits. … [Read the rest]

Best Interest Rates on Cash – December 2019

Here's my monthly roundup of the best interest rates on cash for December 2019, roughly sorted from shortest to longest maturities. I track these rates because I keep a full 12 months of expenses as a cash cushion and also invest in longer-term CDs … [Read the rest]

Fidelity Charitable Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) Opening Process Review

It took me an extra year to get around to it, but it only took me about 15 minutes to actually open and fund my new Fidelity Charitable Donor-Advised Fund (DAF). I even donated stocks instead of just cash, but the donating appreciated securities … [Read the rest]

Target 10% Off Gift Cards Promo: Sunday, December 8th, 2019

(I apologize to e-mail subscribers who may end up seeing this one-day offer a day late. My RSS to e-mail service only publishes at a set time once per day. You may wish to subscribe to Twitter @mymoneyblog as it offers an option of immediate text … [Read the rest]

IKEA Coupon December 2019: $25 off $125 (12/13-12/15)

IKEA has a new $20 off $125 coupon that is valid for three days only: December 13-15, 2019. Valid on in-store purchases only. You must have an IKEA FAMILY number, which is their loyalty program and free to join. You can view the coupon when … [Read the rest]