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Hertz Used Rental Cars: Good or Bad Idea? Big List of Pros and Cons

In better times, Hertz took out a big loan and put up their vast inventory of cars as collateral. COVID-19 caused the lender to worry about getting their money back, so they called in the loan. Hertz doesn't exactly have much cashflow right now, … [Read the rest]

In Defense of Working One More Year (OMY)

In early retirement discussion forums, you'll often see the term OMY, which refers to people who have reached their calculated retirement savings target, but decide to keep working "One More Year". Sometimes that one more year becomes two more … [Read the rest]

Don’t Expect Too Much From Exotic Asset Classes

If you like having a complicated portfolio and owning exotic asset classes for diversification, you might want to prepare yourself before reading Skating Where the Puck Was: The Correlation Game in a Flat World by William Bernstein. Most of the … [Read the rest]

Coursera: Free Guided Project (All), Free Courses/Certificates (College Students), Selected Free Courses (All)

Update: Coursera has another promotion for a free guided project open to all. Retail value about $10. Topics include data science, business, computer science, and IT. One-time use only. Offer valid until 6/12/2020. Your discount will be applied … [Read the rest]

Amazon Prime: $8.98 Echo Dot (3rd Gen) + Music Unlimited Trial

Update: Offer is back again, but sold out quickly last time! Amazon has brought back a good deal for Prime members interested in a cheap Echo Dot (newest 3rd generation). Sign up for a 1-month Amazon Music Unlimited membership for $7.99, and … [Read the rest]

529 College Savings Plans: All 50 States Tax Benefit Comparison (Updated 2020)

Updated for 2020. When choosing a 529 college savings plan, you can open a 529 plan from any state. However, each state can vary widely in what they offer in terms of tax deductions and/or matching grants. 16 states offer no tax break on … [Read the rest]

The Rare Stock Market Do-Over

It used to be that you were supposed to use your experience from the 2008 stock market drop to help understand your true risk tolerance. Well, now we have a more recent reference point in the 2020 stock market drop. Allan Roth reminds us that … [Read the rest]

Live Cheaply and Invest In Yourself

The The Money Diaries series at Wealthsimple continues to offer periodic interviews with an interesting mix of people sharing about their financial lives. I'd never heard of Carson Mell, but I appreciated how he cared most about doing what he wanted … [Read the rest]

William Bernstein and Safe Withdrawal Rates

A recurring theme in investing is that you start out learning the simple basics, then you feel like you can optimize things and spend a lot of effort trying to do so, and eventually you realize that simple is probably just fine. No matter how … [Read the rest]

Best Interest Rates on Cash – June 2020

Another month of slight rate drops, although bank accounts can still beat out Treasury bonds and/or brokerage cash sweep options by a significant margin. Here's my monthly roundup of the best interest rates on cash for June 2020, roughly sorted … [Read the rest]

The Role of Luck in Long-Term Investing, and When To Stop Playing The Game

I am re-reading a series called "Investing for Adults" by William Bernstein. By "Investing for Adults", Bernstein means that he assumes that you already know the basics of investing and that he can skip to more advanced insights. There are four … [Read the rest]

Citibank $200/$400/$700 Checking Account Bonus 2020

Citibank has tiered $200, $400, and $700 bonus offers when you open a new eligible Citi checking account by 6/30/20 and deposit and maintain a certain balance for 60 to 150 days. There is also a $1,500 bonus if you have $200,000 to move over. … [Read the rest]