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Starbucks Masterpass Promo: Buy $10, Get Free $5 Gift Card

Here's another Starbucks promotion that can land you a free caffeine boost. Buy a $10+ Starbucks eGift Card with Masterpass, get a free $5 Starbuck eGift card. Masterpass is the online checkout system for Mastercard (like Visa and Visa Checkout). … [Read the rest]

Ally Bank Payback Time Promotion: 1% Additional Cash Bonus (~6% APY 3-month CD)

Ally Bank has a new promotion called Ally Payback Time that is offering a 1% cash bonus (up to $1,000) on new deposits on top of their existing interest rates. Valid for both new and existing customers. Given the holding period, this roughly … [Read the rest]

Citi Simplicity Card Review: 0% for 21 Months (1.75 Years), No Late Fees, No Penalty Rates

Interest rates are rising, and that applies to credit cards as well. Our partner Citi has updated the Citi Simplicity® Card with an extended 0% intro period for balance transfers while also offering some "accident forgiveness insurance". Do you … [Read the rest]

EBSB Direct High Yield Savings Account 2.50% APY ($5,000 minimum)

Update: Looks like this one got pulled early as well. As of 11/4/18, I only see the Money Market 3 at 1.80% APY. EBSB Direct has a new High Yield Statement Savings Account that pays 2.50% APY on balances between $5,000 and $1 million. No … [Read the rest]

Total Bond ETF Review: iShares Aggregate Bond ETF (AGG) or Vanguard Total Bond ETF (BND)

One of the major building blocks of your portfolio is probably a bond mutual fund or ETF. The most popular bond benchmark is the Bloomberg Barclays Aggregate Bond Index (AGG), which basically tracks all U.S. taxable investment-grade bonds. … [Read the rest]

American Express Pink Gold Card: New 50,000 Point Offer + $100 Dining Credit

American Express is trying to shake off its stodgy image - with a new Pink card! They prefer Rose Gold. The new American Express Pink Gold Card has a 50,000 bonus point offer if you apply via a referral link (that's mine). Here are the … [Read the rest]

Free National Emerald Club Executive ELITE Upgrade Sign-Up Link

Improved offer. Here's an even better link for Emerald Executive Elite, which is the higher tier - one above Emerald Executive and two tiers above plain Emerald Club. I was able to click on the link, sign in to my existing Emerald club account, and … [Read the rest]

CIT Bank Savings Builder Account: 2.15% APY w/ Monthly $100 Deposit

CIT Bank has a new high-yield savings account called the Savings Builder Account. This is a unique savings account with two ways to qualify for their highest interest rate tier of 2.15% APY (as of 10/8/18). You need ONE of the following in each … [Read the rest]

Citibank $500 Checking Account Bonus 2018

Citibank has $500 bonus offer when you open a new eligible Citi checking account 10/1/18 through 12/31/18 and complete qualifying activities. This offer is restricted to those who have not had a Citibank checking account within the last 180 … [Read the rest]

Owning Businesses Around the World: Global Market Cap Breakdown 1990-2018

When you're deciding where to invest your money, a good starting point is to consider every single business that you can invest in around the world. I still find it amazing that with a few clicks, you can own a share of Alibaba in China, Nestle … [Read the rest]

Best Interest Rates on Cash – October 2018

Here's my monthly roundup of the best interest rates on cash, roughly sorted from shortest to longest maturities. Check out my Ultimate Rate-Chaser Calculator to get an idea of how much extra interest you'd earn if you are moving money between … [Read the rest]

The Quest of the Simple Life: Escaping The Work Grind in 1907 vs. 2018

The Quest of the Simple Life by William J. Dawson was published over 100 years ago; it's so old that the copyright has expired, making the book public domain (and thus available as a free Kindle download). Yet, other than the old-fashioned writing … [Read the rest]