Free Text Messages with Sprint SERO Plan

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I previously mentioned a cheap plan called Sprint SERO, and I know some of y’all have gotten on it. Here are some quick updates:

Bad News – It appears that you can’t order new lines online anymore, but must do it via telephone. I’m not sure what that means just yet, perhaps someone else can report, but it probably isn’t good.

Good News – If you did get in on the deal already, you can get free unlimited text messages. Basically the new SERO plan offers unlimited minutes until 6/30/07. So just call in or ask online and tell them you just joined, but saw that they offer free texts now, and would like to see if you could also get that feature. They should add it without any problems. I just did it, although the hold time was atrocious (I love speakerphones!).

You can confirm by logging into your account under Current Usage:

My Money Blog has partnered with CardRatings and may receive a commission from card issuers. Some or all of the card offers that appear on this site are from advertisers and may impact how and where card products appear on the site. does not include all card companies or all available card offers. All opinions expressed are the author’s alone, and has not been provided nor approved by any of the companies mentioned. is also a member of the Amazon Associate Program, and if you click through to Amazon and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission. Thank you for your support.

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  1. I think you are mistaken about not accepting new SERO orders online:

    You can use as the referral e-mail.

  2. I can get past the first page, but it says to call in. You can actually get to an order form?

  3. So does this mean that if I sign up, after Jun 30th there is no more unlimited texting? Or does it mean that if you ask for it by Jun 30 that you’ll always have unlimited texting?

  4. The latter, Babs.

  5. Odd. Before I posted that it accepted the e-mail address and asked me to choose one of the listed phones. At that point I stopped. That was earlier today.

    Now it is rejecting any e-mail address I put in.

  6. So what’s the phone # to call them? And will they ask for a referal email to continue for the deal ?

  7. i just tried calling to see if they would add unlimited texting for me, and they said it would be an extra $15. maybe i’ll try again tomorrow.

  8. Joseph – It’ll show you the available phones, but there is no option to order. Instead, there’s a big things saying to call an 800 number to order.

    Try 866-250-2221 if *2 doesn’t work.

  9. one more question, what’s the key difference of Moto Q vs. Treo (say Treo 700wx)? Can I use Moto Q as a modem for my laptop when I travel ? Can Treo do that? Also, does Moto Q have a USB port ? Thanks in advance!

  10. rather not says

    i did it! it is something you can add on to an already exsisting sprint sero plan.

  11. Jonathan – Gotcha. I doubt SERO was discontinued. Probably making it stricter to sign-up, requiring the phone call.

    Alex – Both the Q and the Treo support “Phone as Modem.” Both have USB. The key differences (as I see it) is that the Q is (significantly) lighter and thinner, while the Treo has a touch-screen with a “pen”, while the Q does not. They both run Windows Mobile, although the Q uses the “SmartPhone” edition (no pen support), while the Treo uses the “PocketPC” edition (supports touch-screen.)

  12. Thanks Joseph!

    Very interesting, so except for touch-screen, Q and Tero are almost the same in terms of features and functions. But why Tero is much expensive than Q (Sprint’s SERO price for Q is $99, while Tero 700wx is $199) ? I guess their default memory sizes are almost the same as well.

    Also when you talked about touch-screen, can you directly use finger? or must use a pen?

    Also, in terms of speed, which is faster ?

    Thanks in advance.

  13. Ouch! Just when I was getting out of my contract and was planning to switch at the end of this month. Did anyone manage to call the # and get the plan? Do they ask for a Sprint email id?

  14. Alex – Now that you mention it, I think the Treo has some more memory. Don’t recall the exact difference. But personally I love the Q because it is so much easier to carry, and it much better suited for one-handed operation (as the keyboard is more spaced out.)

    The touch-screen can be used with your fingers, but your accuracy may somewhat depend upon the size of your finger 🙂

    As they both run Windows, the functionality is pretty close (aside from the lack of a touch-screen.) I’d think the speed is roughly equivalent, but don’t quote me on that. As far is the price, I too wondered why the Treo cost so much more. Perhaps it is a brand-name issue.

  15. Jonathan – thanks a lot for this post, I did the exact same thing that you posted and got free unlimited text messaging for me and my hubby!


  17. new SERO user says

    I just got a SERO plan yesterday (haven’t gotten my q yet). How do I know if they added unlimited text? I signed in to my sprint account and under my plan features it didn’t say anything about text.


  18. I?m just curious as to know what number you guys have been calling for those of you who have been able to receive free text messaging. I’ve tried three times, at three different numbers I have been referred too, and have been unsuccessful. It?s a bummer, but any suggestions?

  19. The price for the Motorola Q is down to $79.99. Can’t wait for my current contract to expire at the end of June. I assume “new SERO user” above called the number and was successful in getting the plan. Any pitfalls to watch out for? Which Sprint employee email did you use? Did they ask for the name of the employee? Thank you very much for your help.

  20. I’ve tried about 10 x now to reach a rep who will port my number over to the sero plan. So far no luck. I really would like to sign up for this plan but its imperrative that I keep my existing sprint number…. any one had any luck with this? Any ideas?

  21. new SERO user:

    Just give it a few days and you should see it on your account under current minuets used when the phone becomes activated. You can also use your phone when you receive it to determine if you have unlimited text by going into the web feature (internet explorer). Go to the sprint home page, and go into my account. From my account, go to current usage or plan overview and if you have unlimited text, it will tell you. Hope this helps.

  22. Jimmy- try as the referral e-mail. That email should give you the number 1-888-882-4030, and press 1 for services. Talk to the representative and ask if you can get into the SERO plan with unlimited text messaging. If so, I would recommend you to get on it now, and just pay for the additional month of your existing plan. The SERO plan is such a cheap deal that I wouldn?t mind using this plan as long as I continue to receive the same benefits for $30. Just know that newer phones will be coming out in a couple of months like the new moto q (moto q 9h) but I do not know when it will become available on sprint. I’m sure blackberrys will be available as well. The other pitfalls are their terrible customer service. I’ve complained about canceling my contract when they dropped the price of the krzr more than $128 after tax. I’m still waiting on them to contact me trough email for my $100 rebate. I also had a problem with a friend referring me, which I ended up calling them 3 times, and spent a total of 15mins, 15mins, and 46mins to get them to correct something that was an error on their part. Cingular had the nicest CSR, unlike sprint, where I have now talked to a CSR 12 times, and 4 were rude, 3 of them didn?t know what the hell they were doing, 1 didn?t care, and 3 were ok, but weren?t able to help me. Only 1 was awesome, and the post below will show you how to add unlimited text.

  23. Alright, 7th time is a charm!!! So I figured out how to go about getting free text message for those who have already signed up. You call 1-888-882-4030, and from the options page you press 1. Now your going to talk to a representative and you ask them nicely if you can add unlimited text. They will tell you that they don’t have the ability to do it, and will transfer you to someone else in another department, but they actually CAN do it if they look into it. I don’t think they are supposed to do it without getting in trouble because the person I talked to said their not supposed to do it and that the person didn’t do it for me. Just tell them that you recently signed up, but that on the same web page you signed up on now offers free unlimited text. They don’t have the ability to see what web page you?re talking about so you will have to describe it to them. It is all at their discretion, so get them to like, otherwise try several times. They will ask you for your password, which is the password to your sprint account on, to confirm, but I believe they go into your account and change some settings around. Hope this helps, otherwise, keep calling and be persistent. If you still can?t get text messaging, I found out from my many attempts that if you are currently a student, you could go to a sprint store, show them your id, and they will give you 300 text messages for 12 months. The promotion is called ?back-to-school? (BTS).

  24. Jimmy – I second John’s recommendation that you get it now. There are some June expirations dates in the fine print at the bottom of the SERO website.

    Pinche – Check the original post on the SERO plan for info on how current sprint customers can get the plan. For example, some say you can port your number to a prepaid phone, then port to sprint.

    Thanks Jonathan!!! This deal is awesome! I admit the CSR is way better at cingular, but I’ll survive.

  25. Just did it. Called 888-882-4030, promt #1; the lady transfered me and the guy I spoke with did the rest. Took about 15 min. total. I friken love this blog.

  26. i called twice to ask them for unlimited text messaging and they said no, but yesterday i sent an email. got this in my inbox this morning:

    Thank you for contacting Sprint. I will be happy to assist you with Text Messaging.

    Feature Added
    Effective 05/26/07, I have completed your request to add Unlimited Text Messaging to PCS Number 3575. Since you are on the SERO plan, there is no additional charge or contract extension for the addition of this feature.

    I would like to point out that provisioning times can take 2 to 4 hours, and therefore, this feature may not work immediately.

    Please note that any messages sent or received prior to 05/26/07 will be billed the regular rate of $0.15 per message.

    Thank you for contacting Sprint. We appreciate your business.

    Tanya M.
    “Where our customers come first!”

    happy happy!

    (now to try for that $50 code!)

  27. can i get sero, i dont got any plan now it easy, iven in store they want me to get 39.00 for 450 minute can i get sero got to be by internet or i can do in store

  28. I wanted to get clarification from you, Johnathon, about the differences with Moto Q and Treo 700. I see the Treo lists as being TV enabled and camera and camcorder as well. Does the Moto Q sport these extras?

  29. If I am a brand new customer (new number, new everything), will I have any trouble activating a SERO plan with unlimited texting?

    Also, do you know if this plan can be combined with the Sprint “POWERUP” offer, that gives a $50 service credit for certain phones?

  30. Yeah, it worked for me without any problems. I spoke with a rep. and asked if I could add this feature to my existing plan, and she gladly agreed to do so. Thanks for helping me save a couple of $$$ each month!!!

  31. quick question to anyone who knows. im already a current sprint customer, my plan doesnt expire for another year or so. i can easily get out of the contract though. do i have to wait a specific amount of time between dropping a contract and signing up for a SERO plan?

    someone told me it was a 90 day required inactive service gap. any help??

  32. nevermind. i didnt even have to cancel my service. i didnt have to do anything but get on the phone with em and ask for the SERO plan. it was insanely easy. now i just hope it doesnt overcharge me. wish me luck..

    and also, if anyone has had any problems with the SERO plan, lemme know so i know what to look out for. thanks in advance.

  33. Is it true that SERO offers unlimited minutes, texts and internet for $100 a month???

  34. chris, its not 100/ month.. more like 30ish.

    btw i just got the unlimited txt optio too. very happy with this

  35. Kevin- by “easily get out of the contract” did you mean the $200 cancellation fee? If there is an easier way than that, please let me know because I’m in the same middle-of-the-contract boat.

  36. yeah there is. screw that $200 termination fee.

    go to and look at the coverage map. find an area where there isnt even any service. not even roaming. go to some map website like mapquest or something and find a town within that no coverage area. then do a little research, find yourself a fake address and call up sprint.

    tell em “im moving to _____ in a couple weeks and theres absolutely no service within 70-80 miles of there. i really like sprint, is there any way i could keep sprint and still live out there?”

    they’ll most likely look at the town name you gave them, realize ‘yeah theres no service’ and then relay that info (that you already know) back to you. and before they tell you theres no service around there, always act like you dont know that already.

    then you say “well, i dont feel like i should have to pay you for a service that you guys cant even provide for me.”

    then talk about the cancellation. just ask to cancel your contract without the fee. also, make sure you DO have an address of somewhere in that town handy. be persistant but not rude. make sure they dont transfer you to retentions. theyll make you provide proof of living there. (utility bill, work pay stub, etc.)

    Gerlach, Nevada seems to be a good town to use. its in the middle of a huge coverage gap. a town a little north of Reno. id suggest trying to find a hotel address in or around that town. just dont let them tell you no. be persistant and always act like you love sprint and love the service.

    good luck

    ps. the worst they could do IS tell you that you need to provide proof of living there. if that happens, then you may be outta luck. (also, im promising in no way that this will work. if it does, great. if it doesnt, im sorry but i cant take the blame)

  37. willdolla says

    I just tried told the rep i just joined she checked then added it. BOOYAH!!! NO PROBLEMS!!!

  38. I had to call the special CEO support line, and I got the best CSR ever. We’ll see if he delivers on this promise to make everything better – they didn’t set up the SERO plan initially, and I’m asking to be put on the $30 plan and have my phone switched to the Motorola Q.

    Not trying to soak them for freebies – I’ll pay for the phone upgrade – so this is really just a runaround required to get them to supply what they originally agreed to.

  39. Da*n no luck adding the unlimited text to my current SERO plan. Any ideas to get it added? Lol.

    This is so frustrating sometimes, haha.

  40. my advice on getting the unlimited texting is this.

    tell them its on the website. cuz it is. it says this:

    “**Service Offers: Unlimited text messaging promotion expires 6/30/07.”

    they cant argue with that.

  41. What do I tell them after telling them this and then they say “well thats only for new subscribers”?

    Because that’s the bs they were giving me when I tried to set this up this past Friday.

    Maybe something along the lines of…” well then please connect me to your supervisor”?

    Or maybe that it simply does not note that this add-on is only for new subscribers so I would request that they add it or else I’ll talk to a higher power?

    THANK YOU so much for any suggestions!

  42. I saw this on the website as well so I’ll read this off to them too if they give me anymore bs.

    I love Sprint and I’ve been a customer with them for years but I hate when they give me the run around. I think I know the in’s and out’s of the company better than many of the employee’s do, and boy is that sad.

    “Existing customers on an Employee-liable account may be eligible for the offer.”

  43. youre exactly right. nowhere on there does it say that its only available to new subscribers. demand it. plain n simple. if they refuse, then i guess seeking a higher power would be in order. those canadians at that call center are so annoying. lol. cant understand a word they say. its hard to stay mad at them when all i wanna do is laugh.

  44. Kevin,
    I just signed up for th SERO and got an additional line of service because I’m an existing Nextel customer. I’m needing to keep my same number for business purposes. I’ve called several times and they will not allow me to keep my same number. I have about 2 months left on my Nextel contract. What do you suggest my best option would be in trying to keep my same number?

  45. hmm..thats a tough one. other than maybe porting it to a pay as you go phone, i dunno. ive asked a lotta people n none of em can figure out a good solution. porting it to a phone would involve contract cancellation and thats not good. ill keep thinking. but maybe just ask after your contract is up, if you can keep the number, but get the sero plan. im kinda at a loss for ya. but like i said, ill try to figure out something.

    try to be more specific for me though. how many total lines do you have? is it 3, one on nextel and two on SERO? or one on nextel and one on SERO? and is your SERO plan through sprint or nextel? and when exactly is your contract up?

  46. My contract was up sooner than I thought and I was able to port my existing number over to the Sero plan. It took several calls to customer care to get it done but I did it! Not only did I get the SERO but I got my corporate discount as well. I pay next to nothing for my phone service now!

  47. Randy –

    What is your secret? What did you tell the CS rep? I have tried at least 15x and each rep always says the same thing…. “sorry but you have to go to the sero webpage and sign up there… and no you can’t transfer your number’ I’m on month to month contract so that shouldn’t be an issue…. Please advise…

  48. There are plenty of people that have done it. It’s not possible to signup on the webpage. The webpage directs you to call the toll free number 1-888-882-4030.

    I just went to the site and used to log into the site. It seems to be allowing you to order via the internet. If it doesn’t allow you to then try calling the number.

    Once you’ve signed up. Email customer care and ask them to port your number. They may do it for you or direct you to call them directly before doing it. Call the number customer care gives you.

  49. FYI – Although the Sprint/sero website does not advertise the unlimited text offer anymore, once you call the 888-882-4030 number, they will tell you that the unlimited text IS STILL AVAILABLE!


  50. For those trying to port their phone # to a new SERO plan from an existing Sprint plan, this is the best way since Sprint has two different billing/account systems and they can’t port directly (yet).

    1. Port your # to a T-Mobile Pre-Paid phone (pay $40 for the disposable phone with no contract).

    2. Sign up for new SERO plan account with Sprint.

    3. Port your # from T-Mobile back to your new Sprint SERO plan.

    That will do it! I got it done within 4 days and this was the best way. Sprint said they should have this resolved in 3 months so you can port direct to a new SERO plan.

  51. Hi I am a current Sprint customer (going on 3 years) and am on a family plan, meaning that I am NOT the master account holder. I see most of you were able to get free unlimited texts. I’m wondering if I am eligible to get this too, either on all of my family’s phone or just on mine. Also if I am able to get the free text, will it extend my contract another 2 years (b/c its a change in the plan).

  52. I was able to get free unlimited text messaging yesterday, after whining a bunch. I signed up for SERO last December.

  53. After finding out about sero i called the # given in the forum above and the lady (CS) said i would have to get a new # and a new phone to get sero when i already have a service with sprint for 3 years now. So I figured as mentioned above to keep ur # you would have to switch to t-mobile pre -paid service spending 40$ ( not a big deal , would pay that much to keep my #)and then switch back again to sprint .. but could anyone tell me how to switch to t-mobile by keeping your # on a prepaid service.

    Thanks a lot

  54. I just signend up for the Sero plan yesterday.I got my phone in 1 day!! I have all the bells and whistles and Im soooo happy. Now Im going to tryr for a Better Phone…with a $50 phone code…..I ihad Sprint on a shared plan and Im so glad I have them still 🙂

  55. i was wondering if i could get unlimited texting for free with a prepaid contract

  56. First, I want to say THANK YOU to this blog! I received a $1,070.00 bill from Sprint and thought it was a computer glitch or something. I called them about the bill and they acted foolish about it, so I called them 9 times and finally told them I wanted to cancel my contract. They lowered the bill by $700.00, but I was still very upset at such a mistake, so they set my account up to terminate for a designated date and while waiting for the date to arrive, I found this site! I immediately took action, researched and figured now is as good a time as any to get in on this SERO deal! I contacted Sprint and asked for retentions. I said…”let’s make a deal”…”if you can switch me to this SERO plan with the following perks, i’ll stay with your company, but if you can’t…i’m out”. Not only did they give me the SERO plan($49.99 1250 mins), but I swear, they also gave me a 40% discount on that as well! I used to work for Wachovia, so they discounted 25% for that and 15% that came from Sprint for whatever reason(probably because they screwed me so many times). They even let me keep my existing contract without starting anew! The features I was able to get are as follows:

    Unlimited text
    Unlimited nights and weekends starting at 6pm
    Unlimited mobile to mobile
    Unlimited data(web, pictures etc…)

    I tried to get a discount on the mogul, but that’s where the bus stopped, but oh well…i’d rather save in the long run anyway! I hope this helps!

    Note: I tested the mogul by attaching it to my laptop(tethering) and with the unlimited data feature on the SERO plan, it simply can’t be beat! The motorola q will do the same thing at only a fraction of the cost. It’s better than buying a wireless card and having to pay a separate fee and signing yet another contract for 2 years. If you’re interested in having wireless internet wherever you go, the SERO plan and the right phone can save you tons of money and increase productivity while carrying one device that suits all your needs.

  57. has anyone been able to transfer an existing line over to sero without having to change their phone number or porting to a pre-paid and then porting back? also, do you have to buy a new phone when you sign up for sero?

  58. I was successful in transferring my existing line over to SERO without having to change my number or porting to a prepaid etc. You do not have to buy a new phone when signing up for it, but I do think you will have a get someone in retentions nice enough to do it. The main thing I did was explain how disgusted I was with their services in a semi-polite manner and I simply stated that the only way I would stay with them would be for them to convert me to the SERO plan and allow me to keep my existing number. I just simply upgraded my phone, but the rep said it wasn’t necessary. I hope this helps…Good luck!

  59. poet, how do i talk to the people in retentions? i call customer service? or what do i do?

  60. so – here’s my experience with going from a sprint account to SERO… My exising sprint agreement expired and I’d heard about SERO so I went online to sign up for the new plan and buy a new phone. It asked if I was bringing a number with me. I input my sprint number and it came back saying it was elligible to be ported… so I continued, thinking, yahoo! Well- what I found out was that it actually created a new line. I called to get it all figured out – and now what I’ve got is two lines on my account. Still struggling to have the second line removed and not be charged for anything. Ugh. I guess it will all be worth it in the end – but they are threatening that I’ll have to pay for cancelling the new line. Anyone have any advice for me in dealing with cust. service?

  61. i tried to call them, and they said i would need to sign a new line for me to get the plan….is there any other way this can be done>?

  62. To speak to someone in retentions, just call customer service and ask to be transferred to RETENTIONS. If they say you have to get another line of service, then take it and cancel the other line, simply by applying for E-BILLING(invoices through email) and tell them you can’t get service in that area for that particular line. Once you sign up for E-billing instead of receiving your invoices in the mail box, they have no clue where you live because your email address can be anywhere(of course). They can’t charge you for what they cannot service. That is how I escaped the ETF(early termination fee). I told them i’m getting charged for something I cannot use and I requested that they waive the ETF, and they did.

    Also, remember that when you get a new line, it requires a new contract, so you have 30 days to play with and get everything set the way you like it, so don’t be afraid to try…it’s the “long term” that matters, even if it requires a small headache in the beginning, it’s worth it in the end; especially if you’re tied down for 2 years.

    I hope this helps some of you and forgive me for having to explain something like this, but I honestly feel like we all deserve a break from the confusion of rate plans as well as hidden costs, so it’s up to us to save where we can and how we can. Have a great holiday and get your SERO before it’s too late! haha

  63. oogabalooga says

    im really bored and i just want free texting, is that possible if
    i have a family plan?

  64. hey is there still a way to get free text messaging on the sero plan? it said it expired in february?

  65. Hello,

    I’m not sure if they are still offering free text with SERO, but like most of us have found out, you can email customer service within 30 days of activating your SERO plan and ask for these free features and most likely they will make all the adjustments for you. Remember, after 30 days they are NOT likely to throw any freebies your way, so stay on them for that 30 day period; this is the time when they are more willing to do whatever it takes to keep you as a customer. Good luck!

  66. I just checked today ,unlimited free text messages through 5/30/08,what does it mean? Does its means unlimited free text messages is available upto 5/30/08 and there after no free text messages?

  67. Hello,

    I was told via chat on Sprint’s site, that unlimited texts would be discontinued as of 5/31/08. They didn’t mail any notices to me and i’m not sure how they planned to alert us in such a short period of time, but nothing surprises me when it comes to Sprint. The rep I chatted with told me that SERO plans would NOT include text at all; you would have to add the feature on and pay for it, of course.

    This is a bit off topic, but have any of you noticed how high the taxes are on your cell phone bills, good grief! I can’t wait til’ Skype gets their mobile devices in the states, these other companies better watch out…Skype is on the way!

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