All-Clad VIP Factory Sales: Limited-Time Discounts on Lifetime Cookware

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All-Clad cookware is known to be very high quality, but also quite expensive. If you cook often, then the prices aren’t so bad when you consider that the stainless steel pans will essentially last forever (skip the non-stick stuff). Frugal home cooks know that All-Clad has (semi-annual?) Factory Sales that offer the same pans with slight cosmetic blemishes for significant discounts. These still come with the same lifetime warranty as if you’d bought them at Williams-Sonoma. (Really, who cares about dents and scratches when it comes to cookware!)

The products which are for sale on this site are FACTORY SECONDS. They have minor cosmetic scratches and/or dents. There are no defects which will affect the cookware’s performance. For this event, all sales are final, no returns will be accepted.

Usually, first there is a huge in-person sale near their headquarters – last one was in Washington, Pennsylvania. After that, they have a semi-secret online sale, which is going on right now from June 15 to June 17th. Visit this link and use the pass code ACVIP15, thanks to mrdjman of FW. I was also given the access code via All-Clad e-mail so it should be open to all.

(The physical sale already happened last week, sorry! For future reminders, anyone can like their All-Clad Facebook page or send an e-mail to to get on their mailing list.)

I’ve been tracking these for a couple years after I was gifted a set of All-Clad fry pans. America’s Test Kitchen often finds All-Clad pans to be the “best” when price is no object, but in terms of quality/price ratio, that is debatable. However, I do love the hefty feel and balance of my All-Clad pans and have come to appreciate quality in cookware after using my Le Creuset and Staub dutch ovens. As a lazy shopper, I just like the idea of buying something once and never worrying about it again.

The current sale has a much better selection than the other recent ones I’ve seen, so if you’re ready to buy then now is a good time. Or just browse now and think about it while signing up to be notified of the next one. Even on sale, this stuff is spendy. 😉

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  1. redbeardedmike says also sells All Clad irregulars year round. Twice a year they offer a coupon code for 20% off their usual pricing. This brings them down close to the All-Clad direct pricing, though it seems the All-Clad VIP sale is a bit lower for most of the items I checked. I think they are usually well stocked in the most popular items.

    I was not aware of the VIP sale, so thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  2. Hi Jonathan,

    First off, I love your blog and I’ve made some great financial choices thanks to your advice.

    I read your latest post on the all clad cookware and it sounded great (my family is big on health and using quality cookware that won’t leach into our food). Just as I’m about to purchase a few pans, I figure I should check Amazon just to see how really super this sale is – and low and behold, they have the same prices. So either this sale isn’t so exclusive and secret, or its not really a sale at all.
    If you want to verify, look up the All-Clad 5-Quart Stainless Steamer, $80 on the all-clad site, $80 on amazon with no special code needed.

    While I really appreciate you posting things like this, it disappoints me that these companies pretend to have sales, or make them seem exclusive just to drive quick purchases when in reality the products are priced this low on Amazon every day (note the amazon Steamer wasn’t even from a discounted warehouse, it was being sold directly from All-Clad). In fact, now that I think of it, its $80 without any note about it being a factory dented item, so its an even better deal. Very odd.

    • Thanks for your comment. I did a few quick comparisons and the VIP sale was actually cheaper than Amazon, but you’re right that you should still compare prices even if the sale says “VIP” or “Exclusive”. However, I would counter that Amazon dynamically changes its price all the time and the *knew* there was a good competing price right now. If you look at the price history, the price dropped to $80 on June 4th, right when the physical All Clad factory sale started. For the vast majority of the time, the price was $100 at Amazon as well, or retail.

      So these sales are still a good thing, but you can perhaps leverage them to purchase elsewhere for example maybe some places won’t charge you sales tax while others do.

      • Good point, and very interesting, I wasn’t aware of that price comparison site. Awesome stuff.

        Totally unrelated comment, I enjoy your posts on wireless deals and I’ve noticed a few with the big guys like Verizon. However, (and perhaps you’re already aware of these) I would highly recommend Ting, RingPlus and RepublicWireless. Same phone service (if you’re ok with Sprint) for $5 – $25 /month

        My Wife uses RW $25/m with unlimited data/phone/text as well as data/voice roaming and loves it. I use my Spring iPhone 5 with RingPlus. Since the majority of my data is on work/home wifi I have the $15/m package and find it works quite well. I only gave up on Ting for the lack of data roaming.

        Thanks again

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