Side Jobs To Make Extra Money: Pizza Delivery Driver?

Being frugal is popular again, as is making some money on the side. Yesterday, I saw what I thought was the perfect definition of “recession”. It was a current generation red Audi S4… with a Papa Johns sign on top. I wasn’t quick enough to snap a picture, but here is my artist’s rendering:

Is there any way that such a job could even cover the depreciation on this $50,000 car? I’ve worked as a restaurant cashier, host, and even drive-thru window person, but have never done pizza delivery. But my friends have, so I asked them for their experiences. I also found a few interesting discussions online about the job here and here. In fact, pizza delivery even has its own Wikipedia entry. Let’s take a peek into the lifestyle of a “food transportation engineer”…

The Pay
The compensation varies, but a ballpark number seems to be minimum hourly wage + ~$0.75 per delivery to cover car expenses + tips. You pay for your own gas. Some places can pay under minimum wage by treating you as a waitperson since you technically get tips. Other places will pay car expenses per mile. If your pizza parlor charges a delivery fee, you will probably get a cut but your tips will probably go down as well. A rough average for tips is about $2 per delivery (10-15%). However, tips can be hit and miss, and can also depend on things like the day of the week and neighborhood. Surprise! Many ex-drivers say that residents of upscale neighborhoods are the worst tippers.

Back of the envelope calculation: A busy 6 hour night shift at $7 an hour plus 6-10 deliveries/hour x $2 tip per delivery is about $115-$165 gross. (I’m leaving out the per delivery charge because it supposedly offsets car costs, though most drivers say it doesn’t cover all of it.)

(Aside: It’s funny how all my friends will probably remember their big tips until the end of time. I still remember my $20 tip from working as a parking attendant almost 10 years ago.)

Pie shops are always looking for delivery people, and the entry requirement is a car and a valid driver’s license. You can work flexible hours, including evenings and weekends in addition to your day job. You can also quit whenever you want.

Lots of short, stop ‘n go trips will kill your car and cut into your profit. Most people have beater cars, which is why the Audi was also surprising. Factor in the cost of more frequent oil changes, higher mileage bringing your car value down, replacing tires more often, and higher overall maintenance from wear and tear. Note that your personal car insurance might not cover accidents that occur while working. Also, gas prices aren’t getting any cheaper!

Drivers-sales workers, which includes taxi drivers and pizza delivery workers, are the 4th most dangerous job category in America, right up there with fishermen, timber workers, and construction laborers.

You are often expected to help out around the restaurant in between deliveries, including things like taking orders, food packaging, garbage disposal, and other tasks.

The Fringe Benefits
For some reason, pot and pizza seem to mix very well – from the managers to the workers to the people buying the pizza. I’ll leave it at that. And although illegal as well, taking in much of your income in unreported cash tips can be very tempting for tax evasion. Oh and of course… free pizza!


  1. Jon says:

    I’d say either the guy driving the pizza delivery Audi is an idiot or is delivering more than pizza…

  2. Jeff Davis says:

    It depends upon the area. Around here I have heard that people are crazy high tippers ($10-20 per delivery). If you have a cheap car (like you said, the Audi is a mistake), it’s a great starter job. Also, the free food is great for a high school or college student.

    However, if you have a good enough job to afford an Audi, I suggest working overtime and getting a raise. It’s probably a more effective method of making money.

  3. josefismael says:

    The insurance part is the killer here. If you get into any sort of claim-generating accident (even if it’s not your fault) your provider can and will explode your premiums, or worse, drop you altogether.

    I suppose you could come up with a risk/reward equasion for this, Jon – your frugality seems to know no bounds. Which is precisely why your site rocks πŸ˜›


  4. Good lord, what’s next, Maybachs delivering newspapers?!?

    Perhaps the kid’s car is in the shop, and he’s borrowing Mom and Dad’s.

  5. sorry, Jon. there is no way that you can make this work for me conceptually. i’m with you on most things, but not this one.

  6. This is stupid. I can’t believe you’re actually writing this in the context of ‘financial advice’ or whatever this blog is about. Based on your calculations, a driver would have to make a delivery every 6 minutes non-stop for 6 hours straight, every night, not including trip-time back and forth to the restaurant.

    • Actually coming from someone who ACTUALLY IS a driver, I’ll tell you this. We make good money. F what ya heard. Like seriously. The writer of this post is so dumb. 12 deliveries an HOUR!? Are you slow? You’ll get 12 deliveries a night…. lol. And where I work, it’s .26 cents a mile.. and gas is 2.00 a gallon. You can say I got in at a good time. I come out on top just in gas alone sometimes, not to mention tonight like 5 back to back $5 tips. Idk you rich people might appreciate this, but for young guns trying to survive and pay the bills just starting out, this is a NICE job. only thing you gotta factor in is how long you’re gonna do it for, cuz it’s tough on the car. Play your cards right, you can become a shift leader and still make deliveries sometimes (Read: easier on the car) just my 2 cents, cuz i dont like listening to people talk about a game they dont play….

      • Most shifts I walk away w/ $9/hr $2 per delivery and avg between $5-$10 per tip w/ a total daily sales on a Friday/Saturday night $600+. I normally deliver between 10-20 deliveries a night in a 6 hr shift. So lets do the math for the low end. $54 in wage, $70 in tips and del charge and for the high end, $54 in wage, $240 in tip and del charge. My best night was a $320 night not including wage. I drive a cobalt that gets 28 mpg so the cost of operation is minimal and my avg mileage is 75-10 mi per night. I would much rather do this then sitting in a drive-thru window all night.

  7. I delivered pizza during college. It was great money for a college kid. I remember quiting because my gross was hit so hard by rising gas prices, 1.30/gal to 1.60/gal, wow those were the days. I can’t imagine there is much money with gas @ 4.00+/gal. Good money back then, but I think it was responsible for the premature death of my car.

  8. biturbomunkie says:

    i worked as a delivery person at a chinese restaurant in HS.
    coincidently, i was driving an audi as well (a used pelican blue B5 A4, few folks thought it was a S4 cos of the color). the biggest tip i had was $20, which was from a girl who was in my HS. gotta love teens with rich parents.

    it was a chill job; however, there are more practical side jobs out there given today’s gas prices and increasing auto maintenance costs. for example, i “donate” blood plasma sometimes ($40/~40 mins, up to 2x a week). a couple months ago, i earned $80 for attending a 60-min interview. and now i’m considering becoming a medical trial subject ($1.6k/not sure how long, though).

  9. I can personally, well not “personally” but through observations during college :-), attest to the pot/pizza connection. Pizza drivers, in my experience are some of the most relaxed and easy going people I’ve ever met. Almost nothing bothers them, except a bad tip or two. Wish I could go back to those days, but the mortgage payment negates such an idea, other than as a second job.

    Just more proof that if you set your sights low in life, you’ll never miss.

  10. Seems to me like it’s better to work for minimum wage at Wal-Mart than work pizza delivery. The variables can kill you or make you super …rich :-)

  11. Large Talons says:

    Pizza delivery can be a good job for a college student, or for someone looking to accelerate a debt payoff, but I can’t see it being a long term side gig. I worked for a red-roofed pizza joint in college, and made some decent spending money. Of course, I drove a 1987 Honda hatchback which got like 35mpg. As I remember it, you are pretty spot on with the pay scale. My roommate worked at the same place and drove an Audi. I think he spent all his money in the auto shop. If you buy a $500 beater and can do some maintenance yourself, it can be profitable. Insurance really isn’t an issue, although I don’t think your covered for collision while on the job (another reason to drive a beater). As for becoming a medical test subject, I think I’ll take my chances on the road :)

  12. I’ve always heard that naked girls answer the door for the pizza delivery guy :-). That’s what tempts me the most to try for this job as a side gig.

  13. As a former delivery driver:

    – Yes the pay scale is about right. As of four years ago, The Hut paid $0.50/delivery, and drivers knew they were getting screwed. Gas had just crossed $2/gallon and drivers were ready to mutiny.
    – The insurance does kill you
    – Wear and tear can be pretty bad, especially when it rains. Hot Pizza + wet floor + getting in and out constantly == wet dog smell. Also getting in and out of your car can wear the edge of the seat rather quickly.
    – Keep in mind pizza delivery is all stop and go, which is the worst for maintenance and gas mileage. I had a 93 honda civic, but I still got ~24mpg delivering pizza. On the highway with the same car I got 38mpg.
    – $2 tip/delivery depends on the location. I delivered south of downtown LA (read: poor) and to USC. The college kids would give you $2 easy, but the people in the surrounding neighborhood wouldn’t give you much of anything.

    On the plus side, it’s pretty chill while you’re at work and you get to listen to a lot of NPR (I started off listening to KROQ, but NPR has no commercials and less repitition. Very when you’re in your car for hours at a time).

  14. I used to order Pita Pit when I lived in a college town, there was a very attractive girl who did deliveries for them and she drove a new Audi A6. I think that she did it for one of the fringe benefits you mentioned. The guys who worked there were always as high as a kite.

  15. that’s not a bad way to make extra money. Sometimes I wish (not now, but before I had my daughter) that I could work at a furniture place on the weekends doing commission sales. I love looking at all the sofas/bedroom/dining room sets anyway, so even if I didn’t make any money I could just sit around and hang out there. I would be the low-pressure salesperson. If I made $50, it would be enough since it’s more like a hobby anyway.

  16. chrisMR says:

    i suppose if you sell pot with the pizza, or to your co-workers, or if you are the TFS girl and get ridiculous tips from guys, then this is a good scheme to consider…

  17. I can’t believe no one’s focused on gas prices! How can you afford to be a pizza delivery guy and still pay for gas? All that low gas mileage “city” driving, stop-and-go, idling in driveways, put-put-putting around neighborhoods trying to find the right house, dude, it adds up! Gas prices!


  18. I’m not a proponent or opponent of the idea, I tried to be very objective here. I just thought it’d be interesting to know what the job is like behind all of the urban myths and preconceptions. I hate driving around in traffic myself. :)

  19. Ana of DebtFree-Revolution has an old beater she uses to deliver pizza as a side-job to pay down debt or save up for vacation. From what she says it’s definitely not all flowers and bunnies (especially since people are tipping less right now), but it works for her.

  20. Unfortunately, the price of the insurance rider to cover it will probably eat up a lot of the profit. My brother found that out when he was younger.

  21. Audi. Lexus. BMW. I’ve seen it all.

    It is not your regular driver though. It is the store’s manager or owner using his personal car because they don’t have enough drivers or one of the drivers didn’t show up for work.

  22. Phoenix says:

    Rick – I think those were the delusional fantasies re-told by those pot-smoking delivery guys — who probably got the idea after one of those porno-watching sessions like in the movie “Knocked Up”.

    If you ever become a pizza deliverer, PLEASE DO NOT cut out a hole in the center of any pizza boxes you deliver on any of your special deliveries!

  23. nathan from new mexico (now in israel) says:

    I delivered pizzas for 2 years as a evening/weekend part-time job shortly after graduating college and working full-time elsewhere. It was an immensely profitable gig.

    I would usually average $17-22 per hour ($6/hr wage+ CASH tips), with weekends shifts accounting for the higher end of that range. Gas prices were in the $3/gallon range at the time, though I had a pretty fuel-efficient vehicle. All in all, it was definitely worth it financially, especially given the CASH tip nature of the work.

    There were, in fact, several people who worked the job full time and few who did quite well at it too. Specifically, there was a guy who lived below his means, saved and invested diligently and actually had a six-figure portfolio.

    Bottom-line, delivering pizzas can be quite profitable. It definitely helped me amass the beginnings of a nice nest egg.

  24. I have to agree with Erik C. Thauvin. I have a decent job making 6 figures in the software field. My Mom owns a Chinese food restaurant that does deliveries. I helped her out on the weekends. When there are more than 5 concurrent deliveries, I drive my BMW out to do some of them. I have learnt through the years that it is a good idea to park the car about half of a block away and walk it. Another thing is to learn where to park in a shady neighborhood.

  25. I have an idea. He might not be delivering any pizza. He just might sold advertising space on his car.

    But it is a dangerous job, indeed. I know someone who was beaten and left for dead as a delivery pizza man. The young man survived but totally disabled and needs around the clock care.

  26. i am a pizza delivery guy. I average close to $200 per hour, which means I make around $400K per year. What can i do to average more per hour? I am buried in bills.

  27. As someone who waited tables thru college, alongside a couple of drivers at the same restaurant, I always wondered why they didn’t try to wait tables instead. I didn’t even have to do the math in a detailed way to figure it out. averaging in-season and out-of-season (S Fla), I got about netted about 15/hr. That’s based on earning a sad $9-11/hr in the summer and $18-22/hr in the winter. The 2.15/hr was just right for taxes etc, and I kept everything else at the end of the day. The delivery guys, even our best one who all the customers knew & liked (read: tipped him good!) definitely never averaged this much. There were weeknights in the summer when they would be luck to get 1-2 deliveries all night. (That would be $10 MAX if they were lucky enough to get $5 tips) Even on my worst night, I don’t think I ever walked out with less than $30. (That might be 5 early bird tables and 2-3 regular priced diners.) Granted, waiting tables means all the wear and tear is on your body and psyche (I worked in Boca Raton..enough said!), rather than your vehicle, but it seemed totally worth it to me! Especially on those few occasions when I walked out with 150-200 in one Fri or Sat shift. (A double of course)

    BTW…how does xmasy make 200/hr?? Please elaborate.

  28. 200 per hour, 400K a year? Wow! I have never heard that either for a pizza delivery. I do make 200 per hour form time to time, as an event entertainer. But I don’t work for tips. And I don’t work 8 or 12 or 16 hour shifts and I don’t work every day, so I don’t make 400K a year, not even close. I guess, if I wanted to, I could earn 6 figure income as an event entertainer. Some of the event entertainers I work with do.

    I guess I just don’t have that drive to earn all the money that I could earn. I spend my time with my husband who suffers Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy and we don’t know how much time he has left, so I don’t work as much as I could. I used to be more driven in accumulating money, but I don’t really focus on it any more.

    As for my husband, a Johns Hopkins University graduate, he never cared to save or earn maximum to his potential. As a psychologist by education, he made sure he enjoyed every day of his life. And sure enjoying means different for different people. For a lot of people earning and saving is what they enjoy and it is all good. But for him it meant learning and experiencing things.

    I have a friend who is an 80 year old millionaire and there is nothing he enjoys more than shopping at dollar stores and picking discounts. He doesn’t have kids. He himself will never be able to spend the money he has in his lifetime. But it is besides the point. He enjoys what he enjoys, earning and saving and I totally understand it. I often roll my eyes at his ways of not wanting to spend even for his own comforts, like medical care, but I understand where he is coming from.

    Enter my husband, who is completely opposit of my friend. My husband would never count pennies, it just not worth his time. And I totally understand him too. I guess, myself, I fall somewhere in between. I don’t try to accumulate as much money as I can but I do enjoy clever ways of money management.

    I am now confident that as long as I have my my hands and legs and my mind, I will not be starving and I will find a way to earn money in a way that is not too boring for me.

    One thing I can’t stand is being bored.

    I have worked plenty jobs in my life where I was bored out of my mind. I didn’t know better at that time. I didn’t know that you can earn and enjoy yourself at the same time. It just never it didn’t occur to me. Once I discovered that there are enjoyable and pleasant ways to make money, I knew I will be alright and set for the rest of my life. LOL

  29. Frugal Dieter says:

    My guess? That car is probably the property of the franchisee – the guy who likely has several such enterprises going at the same time, and who pitched in when one found himself one delivery guy short on a busy night.

    Otherwise…? Beats me.

  30. With the price of gas these days and people having less income for things like “tips”; I don’t see how delivering pizza for extra income could be economically feasible.

  31. My friend averages $5 per tip. Just last wednesday a man gave him a $76 tip because he only had a $100, and my friend didn’t have enough change on him. (But yes, I live in a wealthy portion of the country).

  32. That was the owner of the franchise trying to help.

  33. Why would you stick that hideous light on your if you were the owner?

  34. you want to advertise for more business don’t you? come on, now, you know that jonathan!

    and btw, I think papa john’s just got a big boost from the blog… hope that audi guy reads!

  35. Simple answer to why they would put the light on the top… I bet the cops are less likely to ticket you for parking violation if they know that car is going to move in a minute. Business liability insurance reasons might be another. Of course, rookies would ticket everything.

    I think the recession has a lot of middle income folks looking at things just like this. The flexibility to do it late nights and weekends fits in with a full time job. Maybe your mortgage payment is throught he roof now and you need that extra $200 a month that a weekend work provides. With prices going up, all utilities going up, and my wages staying the same, I also have been entertaining the thought of another job. If you have a salaried possition, overtime is just not a possibility (depends on state laws of course, here no overtime for exempt workers) so you have to be thinking of a side job. Do you go out to work for someone, start your own business, or just find a better job? I haven’t found a place that will even want to pay what I make now, so staying and finding a side gig seems the best. Of course, there is always eliminating luxuries.

  36. Wow, just yesterday I saw them same thing. In Rosemead, CA on Las Tunas there is a 2007 Subaru Impreza WRX Sti, that is delivering Pizza Hut. Of course there parents bought them the car.

  37. Ted Valentine says:

    Tips aren’t that good. I delivered pizzas in college. I was paid cash by the owner and cash for tips. I never made more than $8 an hour, and that’s when gas was ~$1 a gallon.

  38. Sentient Meat says:

    I’ll tell you that when I was 12 or whatever and ordering pizza without parents around I didn’t know these drivers expected tips. Actually I think my parents didn’t necessarily know either. They’re upper middle class so maybe we fit that stereotype well. Sorry! I do tip now though, actually, I pick up my pizza to avoid having to tip. But, I would. :)

  39. Eric James says:

    Has anyone tried Traverus to make money? My brother just started and he was trying to get me to sign up for it.

  40. I deliver pizzas for a small business pizza store in Australia. AUS $17 an hour + $2 per delivery. Tips can be hit and miss, but they’re rarely large.

  41. as a pizza delivery guy for almost a year, i can say that this job is fair enough. well, if you’re after really large tips this job is a bog no for you.

    I’m quite satisfied with my job.

  42. girlwithglasses says:

    I wash dishes at a restaurant a few nights a week. Has nothing to do with my day job as a graphic designer in advertising, however, my boyfriend is a sous chef at the restaurant, and it works out that he and I can work the same nights a week, so my working there means that I get to see him more. Not to mention the fact that I am friends with the other staff, and I get to eat free gourmet food.

    I get paid hourly, as well as a cut of the tips. It’s not the most fun work, but its going to help me buy a new $3,000+ Mac computer, plus the design software. So to me, it’s worth it.

  43. My grandson’s 16-year-old friend has a nice car… a gift from his parents… and is now delivering pizza after school and on weekends.

    We’ve had a very wet and cold spring so he hired Grandson to take the pizzas to the doors and Grandson keeps the tips. It’s worked out well for both of them.

    Now the weather is getting better, the sun actually shines some days, and yesterday school let out for the summer. Grandson might soon be out of a job, but he will probably try pizza delivery when he gets his own car. In the meantime, it’s been a good experience for a kid who doesn’t mind rain.

  44. ok, all you ppl knockin pizza delivery are making me happy, i work full time as an engineer and deliver pizza just 2 nights a week and i make on average $450/MONTH! thats half my mortgage payment. its a no-brainer. you have to be calm headed 4 the job, but it is easy money-free food-hang with hot waitresses, and pass out biz cards to ur customers 4 other side jobs(snow shoveling,buying coins etc) all the drivers know-its the best kept secret around so THANK YOU PIZZA SHOP OWNERS.

  45. I am in college and deliver pizzas at Pizza Hut. Here we make minimum wage + 1.35$ per delivery + tips. I think its a good part-time job. If you have a calm, cool attitude then this job will be rewarding, it’s the people that deliver pies full time that have problems with this job. Plus, you get alot of free food :)

  46. iv been doing pizza delivery lately, we can chose to use own car and get $2.50 extra per delivery (dose NOT work out…. petrol+strain on the car, smelly pizza etc etc) , or void the $2.50 and use the company car which is way more fun anyway!
    just hop in pump up ur fave radio channel and roll out. tips are pretty shit due to dodgy neighborhood(s) and the recession, and you will face cool ppl, happy ppl, stoners, sad ppl, and full on arseholes.

    im enjoying it alot so far πŸ˜›

  47. Drewcifer says:

    6-10 deliveries an hour? Are you smoking crack? I usually average 4 dollars per run and NEVER made more than 6 runs in an hour. At 10 runs thats 6 minutes per run. At least 2 is spent walking up, knocking on the door and giving the customer their food. That leaves 4 minutes to get from one deliver to another. Then factor in red lights and the slim chances of getting 10 deliveries that are 4 minutes within each other and I have come to the conclusion that you sir are wrong. The end.

  48. Drewcifer says:

    Oh and about the job – You’re getting paid above minimum wage (after tips) to sit. Can it get any better than that for a college/highschool student? I make 14-16 dollars an hour (12-14 after gas expenses) doing almost nothing. Not only that with the driving experiance you can move up and become a UPS driver (fedex fucks you over) make 22+ an hour with benefits.

    Whoever says delivery drivers dont make good money is full of shit.

  49. Just starting a pizza delivery job because I can’t find work in a preferred field. However, I am pretty well versd in the nature of people in general and I know that courtesy goes a long, long way towards improving relationships with others, even complete strangers in a brief time span.
    Those few minutes at the door can often be critical in determining not only whether you get tipped or not, but also how much. Courtesy isn’t fool proof, but it does have a long track record for positive results.
    Dress neatly, make eye contact and smile. They will be less inclined to tip if you appear as though the tip might go towards your next bottle of booze or bag of weed.
    Aside from getting the pizza there hot and in a timely manner, never forget good manners yourself. Sir, ma’am, thank you, and please are magick words which compel others to be courteous as well, which equals more tips.
    As for fuel, mileage, wear and tear on your vehicle – drive sensibly, accelerate and brake gently. Remember, it costs as much fuel to start a car as it does to let it idle for 10 seconds. Sure, maintenance costs are higher, but not nearly so much if you stay on top of it and not let problems worsen. Every job has its pros and cons.

  50. i dont know where yall live but i wrk for pizza hut and i make 7.50 hour plus .96 per delivery and a average of $4-6 tip per house,i average 15-20 houses in a 4 hour night, after gas and ciggs and whatnot i average about $17 a hour take home. for those of you who do this for a take home of $10 a hour or less yall need to quit.

  51. ok you guy’s i am a delivery driver for round table i come outta there working three hours an average of 12 to 30 dollers it sux right now so we dont get crap really unless you get lucky and have only two drivers instead of 5 to 6 on weekends So any way oh and that papa jhons car is probley there store cars they do have those lol that way u just gotta pay for gas but unfortanelty i dont get that privilage!

  52. Zazadance says:

    6-10 deliveries an hour? Wow you must think 3 hours is 1 hour. Or they all live next door to each other. If your gonna spend time writing a blog at least be a little more honest.

    Some Papa Johns own there own vehicles. Duh

  53. 6-10 deliveries an HOUR!?!?!?!??!

    what kind of fantasy is that. My so called “high volume” store i get 1 delivery every 30 mins average.

  54. after adding up fuel, frustration, getting low balled in tips, car depreciation, repair and maintenance costs, i wonder if the delivery man/woman is better of staying home? lol. assuming no pot or any other extracurriculars are involved.

    i see delivering pizza make a lot of sense for the student on campus with a beater, or better yet a bicycle.

  55. What type drugs are you on 6-8 deliveries per hour? I’ve been delivering pizzas off and on for 22 yrs and the best drivers can’t do that. I don’t believe you avg $ 200 per hour. I deliver pizza in a middle class northern suburb of minneapolis and for good tips it depends on where you work at. I made more money at a ma and pa place than working at dominos pizza. Right now I’m delivering pizzas at a ma/pa place in a very wealth suburb of mpls and they aren’t afraid of tipping. My avg tip is $4-$5. its the best pizza place I have ever worked at. Dominos,pizzahut and papa johns are screwing the drivers and the customers because of the deliver charges. Where I’m working at its free deliver. Id rather work at a ma/pa place than at big the big places too much crap and their pizza suck too

  56. formerpizzaguy says:

    If you wanna make money at this you need access to the following:

    1. An old, small, quick reliable car, with great gas mileage, that is ALREADY DEPRECIATED.
    2. You need to be able to do some repairs yourself
    3. You need to deliver in a DENSE delivery area. ie college campuses, lots of apartment buildings, etc. If it takes 2 minutes as opposed to 8 minutes to get to the customer that adds up. In fact, I was able to even walk quite a few deliveries which obviously was wonderful for the car. And I still got paid mileage on those deliveries.
    4. You need to be efficient in the store–especially when it’s busy. Get in and out of the store ideally in 30 seconds. Have your car organized so you can get in and out of it and get it loaded as quickly as possible.
    5. There is a learning curve to the delivery area–you will get lost; use your cellphone and call the customer directly yourself and be professional. Once you learn the area, route efficiently; learn how the stoplights are patterned and which ones to avoid.
    6. Let them feed you on their dime–that’s another $5-$10 in tax free income.

  57. How much a week to pa pa johns pay its people in Fort Bragg North Carolina

  58. As a working professional who moonlights as a delivery driver i can say that YES, financially speaking it is a very good idea.

    -On the point of working overtime as opposed to PD – Yes, this would make you more money per-hour, but keep in mind that many people dont get overtime at their day-to-day job. I, for instance, am on Salary. Wether i work 40 or 90 hours a week i get paid the exact same.

    -You should also take into consideration the stress level of your job, and if working overitme (assuming its available) is worth the extra stress. I can tell you, delivering pizza is the LEAST STRESSFUL job i have ever had. It was true when i was in college, it is true now.

    -They pay is not as good as waiting tables at a restaurant, but the duties are very different (waiting tables is a pretty miserable job, whereas in PD, you spend most of your time in your car listening to music) even then, the average PD driver can expect to average about $12 an hour after gas expenses, whcih is really not bad.

    The reason i deicded to moonlight as a PD driver was that i wanted an extra income that paid out daily or weekly (my full time job gets me a paycheck MONTHLY, which sucks). More importantly than that, i did not want it to add to my STRESS levels. I wanted the job to be easy, laid back, and i needed it to pay decently. Pizza delivery answered all those requirements.

    Now, my daily petty cash comes from tips (good nights you can make over $50 pretty easily, bad nights around $20). My weekly paycheck from delivering goes right to paying old students loans off, and my full-time monthly paycheck stretches a LOT further.

    My QUALITY of life has improved because I got a low stress side job.

  59. I’d also like to add that, in my particular situation, having 3 serperate “incomes” (monthly regular job paycheck, weekly PD paycheck, Daily PD tips) makes budgeting WAAAAAY easier.

  60. SandwichGirl says:

    Maybe I should switch to pizza and just let that shit stink up my car. I’m delivering sandwiches and making $7.25 hourly and tips (which are usually shit). I work 6 hours running back and forth to my car and in the summer in Texas, and the highest tip amount I’ve made in 6 hours has been $32 in tips. and from what I’ve heard from my friends that deliver pizzas its not much better. what you saw with that audi was rare. he’s gotta be delivering more than pizzas.

  61. spiderman says:

    POT?? What a bizarre benefit to list

  62. Tha Driver says:

    As a Pizza Delivery driver in a larger area, I have to say most of you are wrong. I make $4.00 an hour while in the car, and $7.25 an hour while in the store. I have to check in and out when making runs, and take an average of 2 deliveries an hour. The store i work for charges $2.50 delivery charge, and i get paid $1.80 per delivery. If i am routed on two or more deliveries I make the $1.80 for the first on the list then $0.80 for the additional orders. And by the way no one likes to tip in an area where the delivery charge is so high. so most nights i make hardly anything in tips. I mean come on people when I only get paid 4 buck an hour and have to drive my car and use my gas to bring you your food. Tip at least a dollar or two. tonight I took 22 deliveries in 9 hours, made $30 in mileage used a half a tank of gas and was only tipped $14. I know the economy is bad for us all. but i bet you make more than $4 bucks an hour, if you cant afford to tip then come pick your pizza up. use your gas. and stop complaining about the delivery charge.

  63. Right…I work for Pizza Hut so not worth it sooo not worth it. Actually it is a good escape from the house but it destroys your car and Pizza Hut is robbing it’s drivers that is why they keep getting sued and they will keep getting sued until they close their doors. If you are now or ever have been a Pizza Hut Driver sue them ASAP google law suits and join which ever class action you can get in they need to be stopped right now. They pay us 4.00 a hour when on the road but the area I deliver in is bad at tipping it is a single parent household area ***nuff said** It is time for drivers to go on strike and make a difference because they are raping us

  64. i personally think that for someone who is cutting it close when it comes to paying bills, IF you are capable of repairing and maintaining your own vehicle it is a great job.
    For example i work at a dealership changing oil and they pay just enough to pay the bills with 100 or so left over at the end of the month. that means cheaper/ sometimes even free oil, discounts on parts, shop access and i know how to fix anything that may break on my vehicle which helps alot.
    Most places here pay $2.50 to $3.50 a delivery plus tips and nothing else. your looking at 20 mins a delivery here, but often take more then one out at once if there close to each other or on the way to another place. average $2 tip. so in one hour i use right around $7 in gas and make an average of $15. so if your ok with $8 an hour then go for it. Also a perk for me, my gf or friends can come with to deliver so it doesnt always take out of time for my personal life and i love to drive.
    However, downtime for repairs can break you since you have 2 jobs now, you dont exactly have time to order and wait for parts and do a major repair. So even with what i consider near-perfect circumstances it can be a risk.
    Without the mechanical knowledge or discount parts i would never imagine delivering pizza as a side job, unless mommy and daddy can buy you a new reliable economy car and maybe maintain it too lol (which sadly i see FAR more often then you may think)
    Just my 2 cents.

  65. I work pizza delivery full time while going to school. I’m not sure if I live in a good area for pizza delivery or something(western KY) but we get 2.40 per delivery plus minimum wage and the tips average just below 3 bucks. Typically I make around 500 a week(after gas) and I might spend a thousand bucks a year on car repair. Overall, I would recommend the job to anyone(depending on the area). The only real problem is no benefits or room for advancement. so it is still just a job to pay the bills when all else fails.

  66. thatoneguy says:

    I work for one of the top 3 pizza chains. $7.25 while im in the store and $6.75 while on a run. $1.10 per run. Our delivery area is fairly large because of some of the rural areas around but we are paid .50 cents extra for one area and .75 extra for the area that is a little further out. Frustrating at times when people in the store fuck up orders and you have to wait for remakes but if you are efficient and know how to talk to people you can make money. I worked and open to close shift today (12 hrs) the store I work in isn’t very busy so I only had 12 deliveries total (1 per hour)…also its a Monday. I made $55 in tips+run money on those 12 runs (4.58 per run avg. and I really only had a few good tips to up my average…for the most part around $3 is avg. money you make per run+mileage.) For shits and gigs we’ll say that I spent exactly half of my shift in the store and half on runs (not true but this way I will be lowballing) for an avg of $7 per hour based on my instore wage vs. road wage. That puts me at $11.58 per hour on an horrendously SLOW night. I also drive a beater that gets decent gas mileage. (24mpg city) and I am a student so it helps that I don’t have a mortgage or a car payment but I do have rent. I’ve had nights where I’ve made 150+ in tips so If you can manage your money and don’t drive all over the fucking place outside of work you can do pretty well for yourself…But if you booze all weekend or spend all of your tips because you have no self control..well thats your fault. 14-16/hr is what I make typically. If all you work are short shifts 4/5-8 shit like that then yea you won’t make money. It helps tremendously if you are just nice to people on runs…I hate most of the fucking people I deliver too…..especially if they tip bad but you bet your ass I pretend like I fucking love them while I’m at their house. They remember that shit and will at least tip YOU good while tipping other drivers shitty…I’ve seen too many awkward ass people drive where I work and have no clue why they don’t make any money. Its a game…play it correctly and you will win….most of the time. Between this sat/sun/mon I worked 21 hours and made 165 in tips and 147 in hourly wage for an avg of 14.85/hr and our store is “slow” I still have 100 bucks in my pocket a fresh pack of cigs and a half a tank of gas…and I get my paycheck on Friday.

  67. Workinfortheweekend says:

    First night at Dominos tonight. Worked for them in 97 when gas was 1.50, they paid 4.25 an hour which what min was. Got between .50 and a buck per delivery, with some runs that were 25 min round-trip. Tips averaged 2 bucks a run. Did Papa Johns a few years ago,
    gas was rising everyday almost, averaged 3 bucks a run.

    This time around I am in a nicer, smaller delivery area that is known to have a younger population of professionals. Hopefully the people aren’t rich because they are the worst tippers equivalent to delivering in the ghetto. The companies have figured out how to stick it to the drivers-5.15 on the road which means that they report you to the IRS as a tipped employee which in turn means you have to report your tips and get taxed on your tips. With credit card tips your hands are tied. I will be interested in finding out how much of cash tips other workers are reporting…


  68. Not your situation says:

    Dominos pays min wage+ tips and gas. Daily take home pay can average to 150 if it’s a shitty week. If you have a newer car, the job can be much more stable for you since being a delivery guy will take a dump on your savings for car expenses. In the end, who knows why this guy has a 50,000 dollar vehicle. Maybe mommy and daddy expect some contribution and he’s living up to the plate.


  69. michael brown says:

    do you think $3 per run under the table is fair (no salary) for a few runs per day, getting a phone call when needed?

  70. I drive a cobra gt and I do deliver! Paid full in cash. Hint: deliver expense food from upscale place.your customers are rich and tip is very generous. And you make friends with them. Like the pizza guy met Charlie sheen.

  71. hilda taylor says:

    I am a pizzadriver in Ft. Bragg, NC and had some lousy lousy weeks in July and August. I had several days where I made zero Money, and the rest of it it was 75 cents, a nickel, 1 dollar 75, 4 dollar, 5 dollar and 6.85 dollar. I work 3 to 4 hours per evening with a hourly wage of around 10 Dollars but can not make ends meet. People expect everything to be free in these days. If this is not tipping the bartenders, or me. I deliver in a friendly manner, timely, often uses to jogg to my destination and have a waitingtime from 30 to 40 min. I work only 3 days of the week and ;people coming back from the wars want now enveryting FREEEEE.Help!!! I have to say I come from Germany and the wages here sucks.

  72. Current Driver says:

    For those of you who are interested in being a delivery person but want to know more. I work at Papa Johns in Los angeles county.. It is hard to make ends meet if you don’t keep your expenses such as rent down. Working 5-6.5hrs a day for 5 days week mostly night shifts 6-Closing . I noticed i make $400-500 a week take home pay after taxes and gas expense. I get paid $1 per delivery for gas plus min wage $8. On rare occasions deliveries are walking distance. you could make $1600-2000 per month if you work 32 hours a week so its a great night job for students who like to drive under pressure of time and have a good insurance policy. Also a running car with AC and Heat is a big plus for your own comfort. Expect to do the dishes or sweep and mop at night.

    I usually take 13-18 deliveries each day.

    Note: Morning shifts are 1. No-light cleaning just cutting vegies 2. Morning shifts are very slow. Advantages of working a morning shift: Less damage to your car and you will likely have no competition from the other drivers because you will be the only driver on non school days.

    Things you will need: Reliable Car W/ Auto Insurance & Updated tags! 2 GPS’s (incase 1 fails which happened to me today)! AAA membership! Pen! Khaki pants/Belt and tennis shoes. They will give you a shirt, badge and a hat and if you request they will give you a jacket. Last thing expect to get home 12-1AM.

    Best of Wishes.

  73. Can none of you really see that is Way Obviously photo shopped onto that car, I don’t think the box/light on top is the size of the entire roof ?!?

  74. Pete's a man says:

    I like the pot benefits….. I worked for Dominoes and Papa Johns. I made really damn good money working Oahu near Pearl Harbor. I was averaging 20 to 30 hr, gay Sailors loved my skinny legs, so I would flex for them and I kept getting $ 10 tips….oh I miss Hawaii!!! Worked in SF Bay area and averaged $ 15 to $ 20 an hour. Yes I drove a brand new Mazda 3, gave me great mileage, great comfort, safe car, and I looked professional when delivery. The key to tips is:
    Say your name, ” Hi Im Pete the pizzaman from xxxxx, tonight I am your delivery person…smile…..any extra cheese or pepper????? This is the key people, EXCEED YOUR CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS. Always carry a kit that includes, napkins, plates, cheese and pepper. You will thank me later!

  75. Papples says:

    6-10 deliveries per hour? I doubt you’ll get that many at any of the chains (they often have policies limiting the number of deliveries you can take at once). You might be able to get that many if you live in a really, really densely populated area (think Manhattan). Anywhere else in the US, you’ll be lucky to average 4 per hour, and you’re more likely looking at an average of ~3 deliveries per hour (if you’re a decent driver, fewer if you’re slow).

    Regarding GPS, don’t use it. It might be faster when you’re just starting, but it’ll slow you down in the long run. You’re better off learning the roads old school. Your brain is more efficient than any GPS once you’ve learned the area.

  76. I’d love to know what States you are working in. I deliver for Domino’s here in Manchester NH. I get $5.15 per hour plus 32 cents per mile driven. The average tip over my 2 years of doing this is about $2.97 with some tips as much as $10.00 – $15.00 and some that do not tip at all (about 13% or 13 out of every 100 deliveries) The most deliveries I’ve ever made was 24 on a day I worked about 11.5 hours. Normally I get 10 to 15 deliveries during a typical 7 to 8 hour shift. So with the average tip plus the wage & hourly pay on a good day I’ll make about $70.00 to $80.00 or between $10.00 and $12.00 per hour. Night drivers do make more than me, probably about $15.00 to $18.00 per hour.

  77. People can say what ever they want. I live in the “hood”. I deliver pizzas being white. And all I’m saying is I make more money delivering pizzas 20-30 hours a week then most of you do slaving over your 40+ hour work weeks. I pay mortgage, bought a brand new 2013 ford focus cash, it’s a good job mostly overlooked or thought of as a joke, but when you take it serious there is almost no job out there that can pay as much… I have my degree in graphical design and I do this over it why? In one night I average 20-30 runs, I get 5% of total sales, 7 a hour and make anywhere from 60(bad night) to as much as 240(my max on a 10 hour shift). Where else can you do that cash right there legally? And as for insurance your store normally covers you while on the clock(in my case). I started doing it in college with my 97 civic 90000 miles 5 years later same civic 280000 and has made me over 300000 bucks easy. The car only cost me 2000. Also I do save money not smoking weed, just so that’s noted………

  78. I work in an area just outside of Redmond, WA, current pay is $9.18/hr + tips, the area is big, and at best you average two maybe three deliveries per hour. average tip is about $3.50, and that includes going to some million-dollar homes of executives and pro sports stars, a few actually tip good, most… it’s ho-hum. gas is between $3.50 to $4.00 /gallon and the average delivery is 7 miles round trip. if you don’t have a car getting 25 MPG and they pay about $1/ delivery, you are losing money on fuel mileage alone. some days are better than others, I’ve seen up to a $65 tip, but that’s extremely rare… I’ve also been stiffed on $200-300 orders. as a closing and opening driver, I burn more time in the store cleaning and doing prep, bringing the average way down… my net is realistically about $15/hour after expenses. living in one of the more expensive areas of the country, that ain’t jack squat around here.

  79. no one who cares says:

    Well I can tell you I own an audi and i do not have the most amazing job. I recently started to deliver pizzas. I am not saying its the best audi it is a 98′ however it still looks almost new. I still get complements about it all the time and yes I purchased the car myself. It was $2500 and my old car paid for it I got into an accident which yielded me $1250, then sold it for $1000 took a $1000 loan and called it a day but this is non the less it was rare that people get this lucky.

  80. Pizza guy with a degree says:

    My mom and dad own a small pizza shop that actually does quite well. I deliver pizzas for them and have for a while now. I make $10.50 an hour, plus $2 delivery fee, plus tips. I can tell you, the money is BETTER then most entry level jobs out of college. I have a business degree and I just accepted a job in the financial industry and will actually be making LESS money in my entry level career then delivering pies. The biggest issue for me is there is obviously no upward mobility or chances to advance your career. That is why I am taking a pay cut for the other job. But you bet your ass I will still be delivering pizzas about 2-3 nights a week until I advance in my career. The money is good and it is EASY! Plus I get to work with my family. Thanks for posting, this really hits he for me.

  81. I’ve worked as a delivery driver at Papa John’s in Nebraska for about a month…I’m a single mom with three kids, work a full time job but need something else to buy groceries. I work about 15 hours a week. We get $6.55 an hour plus $1.25 per delivery plus tips. I usually work 2.5 to 3 hour shifts and average $30 in tips and delivery fees; last Sunday I worked a four hour shift and made $53. I was nervous to start because I’m female, but I didn’t want to do retail for Christmas and don’t have any table waiting experience. Gas is hurting me, I have a minivan, but I do appreciate the daily cash. It helps to be an adult who takes the job seriously – my manager gives me compliments almost daily because I take my deliveries immediately without screwing around. No problems with ‘boys club’ or pot smoking, at least inside the store. Occasional free pizza is nice. I won’t be doing it for too much longer – my tires won’t make it delivering through the winter – but I don’t hate it.

  82. I have worked in the pizza delivery business for many years and 6-10 delivery a hour is a stretch. 6 is possible if you know the area like the back of your hand and drive like a bat outta hell. Otherwise expect about 4 deliveries per hour. At the end of the day call it about $15 per hour for sitting on your ass smoking cigarettes and listening to your own music. Best money you can make as a unskilled worker. Closing shifts make more than rush but don’t expect $165 every shift. My drivers average about $65-90 a night with closers making a bill plus. Roughly 20 deliveries equals a bill walk out at the end of the night. Tax free. Plus you get paychecks which I always just used for gas when I was driving. Full time driver (40hr/week) working only closing shifts will make about 30k per year

  83. I am finishing my last semester in college, and just began working as a delivery driver at a local Pizza shop/Bar. I make $7.50 hourly wage, +$1.00 per delivery, and keep 100% of my tips. The place that I work for is surrounded by a rather wealthy area, and I tend to AVERAGE $5 a tip, and typically run no less than 10 deliveries in a 5 hour shift (typically 15 – 20+ deliveries). On a slow night I’ll have below 15 deliveries and still average $18 – 22 an hour.

    So your math is generally correct, however, I’ll use last night as an example:
    I only had 17 deliveries, and made 72 in tips. $72 + $17 ($1 per delivery) = $89 + $7.50/hr x 5 = $37.50.
    Take the $89 (tips + delivery payments) + $37.50 (hourly wage) = $126.50.
    Now, $126.50 /5 (worked for 5 hours) = an average of $25.30 an hour.

    Every night I clock my miles and have noticed that I average between 50 – 60 miles per gallon. My subaru gets roughly 25mpg. So, granted that I only put premium gas in my car, I use about 2.5 gallons of gas a night. 1 gallon of premium gas is $3.79 locally, so thats $9.50 in gas for most nights. If I make more than 10 deliveries a night, than the delivery payments (again, drivers are paid $1 per delivery) alone compensate your gas and your tips are pure profit… oh and your hourly wage.

    I deliver in a 06 Subaru Impreza that I bought with my own money. The wear on the vehicle is not an immediate concern because the job is no worse than commuting to college. I start my car and get in (I don’t SLAM the door excessively hard) and I sit down, just as I would any other time… Then I pull up GPS and drive cautiously to a local residence/business and leave my car running (as though it were sitting at any other red light or stop sign) with my four way lights on… If you’re not overly concerned about ’30 minutes or less’ than there is no reason to drive like an asshole and risk your life, as well as those around you, just to get someone their oil-battered food. Sure sometimes you are rushing and you hit a pot-hole or almost veer off the road in just the second it took you to glance at the GPS, but that could have happened under any other circumstances.

    Bottom line is, It’s extremely easy money and is a rather lucrative source of income for someone in highscool, college or just out of college and trying to pursue a more ‘career oriented’ job… it’s fine for anyone comfortable with trading goods for money to strangers! πŸ˜‰ Sure, it might wear on your car more than your car would wear on its own if it were sitting in your driveway turned off- but putting on 50 to 60 miles a day for work (to me) is the same as a day driving to class, then home, then to the gym, then home, then to a non-delivery job, then home, then to a friends, then home… etc. I still don’t understand why people are SO hung up on the job killing your vehicle. Just dont drive like a dumbass; problem solved.

    • ***correction 50 – 60 miles driven PER night, NOT per gallon

    • You know that premium gas doesn’t yield better gas milage. What little difference it makes is negligible vrs cost. Its not worth getting. I think even MythBusters did a special on it or mentioned it in an episode.

  84. I am currently a delivery driver. ive worked at a few pizza shops the best one by far i made $5 bucks hourly and $2 per delivery. the highest tip ive recieved was 60. A coworker recieved 100 at one point. it fluctuates depending on the time of year but for a few weeks straight i was making 650-700 a week working 4 days with one 10 hour shift. the only downside was that it was under the table. i had 7gs saved up and was living a moderatly comfertable lifestyle. but i couldnt get a new home since most places like that require paystubs or a credit check.

  85. I agree with dylan that it is a good job. I averagr 4 tip per delivery And 7.5 an hour. I bought a 2000 impreza for $400 and drove that to the ground. I never spent more than a hundred or four hundred a year in repairs. Just oil, spark plugs, tires, brakes, routine stuff. With an older car you can do all the repairs yourself.

  86. This is not 100% accurate. I work at Poppa Johns in my area and i earned $16 an hour wage starting out not including tips. I work around anywhere between 4-6 hours a day with a few days off in between here and there. If your working well and not complaining and doing things right they may make you a full-time employee that they can rely on, but mostly 5 to 6 depending of the day or holiday. I can earn around 25 to 35 hours a week give or take and earn $16 an hour that’s better than most establishments. I know some people who does this as their main source of income. It’s easy money and it’s not rocket science. Pizza delivery drivers this day and age do not get $7 an hour. Go to any Poppa Johns establishment and ask. It may also depend on where you live, but here in Maryland they start anywhere between 12-16 an hour tips not included.

  87. Where did they get their information? Cause I can tell you, I’ve been delivering pizzas for years, in multiple states. Everywhere it was less than minimum, usually 4-6/hour. That idea of getting a cut of the delivery fee is a myth, I’ve never even heard of a place that does that. Most places either give a car compensation or a commission, though 5% of the average $15 delivery isn’t much. The price of gas is actually going down, by the way. I wish it was as profitable everywhere as this author thinks it is.


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