Got a Discover Card? Get $20 Gift Card For Each $200 Spent At Select Malls

Get a free $20 Discover Gift Card instantly by spending $200 on your Discover Card at select malls from November 1 through December 31, 2006. Just take your receipts totaling $200 to the customer service desk of any of the participating malls to receive your Discover Gift Card. You can get up to 5 gift cards per account. Link via SlickDeals.

All Discover cards should be eligible for the promotion, including some good cards I’ve mentioned before – the Discover Miles Card which offers 0% on purchases and balance transfers for 6 months and Discover More Card, offering 0% APR on balance transfers and purchases for 15 months, along with no balance transfer fees for initial balance transfer. More details here (opening bonus with the Miles card).

Now, I don’t have to tell you bright folks that spending $21 more than you would have otherwise to save $20 is not a smart thing to do, right?


  1. Unfortunately, nothing in NH and nothing nearby in MA. Oh well.

  2. Neat idea says:

    Can this be done: purchase alittle over $200 at the participating mall; get the $20gift card from the customer service desk; then, buy something that you really want with the gift card; next day or so or even same day, return the original $200? What does the customer service desk do to get the gift card? Do they keep the receipts, or write something on them that designates gift-card promo?

  3. I guess the thing to do here would be to purchase something big slightly over $200, get the $20 and then return the item. No pain – just gain. That’ll be the only reason for to shop at the mall ever.

  4. Different malls may handle this differently, but I’m guessing they stamp the receipt or something to prevent such things.

  5. This is kind of out of topic. I used my discover card at a local WalMart yesterday and spent about $86.00. During the check out I noticed that now you can get cash back at Wal-Mart. I called the customer service on way to car and I was routed to Discover Ohio Customer Service Center. TO cut the story short The Discover Rep told me that if I would take cash back, it’ll post to my account as purchase. I wouldn’t wanna pay Cash Adv interest rates. I have requested the fine print on this policy. In the mean while, I will send them an e-mail today and get the confirmation in writing. Rep also told me that Walgreens allows up to $200.00 cash back if you use Discover.
    I’m gonna check out local WalGreens and confirm this. Customer Service Rep also said that the ‘cash back amount at POS’ qualifies for Cash Back Bonus poins as well. I wonder if it’s really true. I’m working on to find out.

  6. SKM,

    My wife and I inadvertently tested this a couple of months ago – we were doing a little grocery shopping, talking together and not paying attention to the standard check out procedure. I managed to accept cash back and in trying to cancel it while still not paying attention, I selected $60 back.

    My Discover statement just showed a normal purchase for $60 more than we actually spent. Since we pay off the balance every month, we were never assessed a finance charge. I track our cash back amounts pretty closely to make sure that we are credited the bones 5% when necessary, and the $60 did make the bonus correct, so it appears everyone has been telling you the truth.

  7. Of course, if someone wants to try this offer and report back on what they do, I won’t mind :)

  8. I’m interested to know how the mall will handle returns as well. Let’s say they stamp reciepts. What happens when you have a legitimate reason to return an big ticket item?

  9. kurleykyew says:

    “…spending $21 more than you would have otherwise to save $20 is not a smart thing to do, right?”

    That is, unless you value owning that $21 item at more than $1.

  10. A reader sent me an e-mail stating that he was able to buy an item for $459, proceed to get 2 x $20 gift cards, and then return the items and still keep the $40 in gift cards.

    The receipt was stamped on the back (presumably to stop you from getting multiple cards with the same receipt). Scan. This may not be the case for everyone, but good information all the same. Thanks to Chris.

  11. SavingEverything says:

    Thank you Jonathan and Chris. Geepers. this seems like an easy way to get free gift cards, thanks to a credit card. Simply buy items totalling $1000; proceed to get 5 x $20 gift cards (the maximum # for the “turn receipts into rewards”); be happy; return the items; keep the returned receipts and credits; and use the free gift cards for things you would really buy. And, it’s freee. Is it that simple??? Am i missing something??? That stamp looks ink-ish and….. Why is discovercard and the participating malls doing this??? Unless, they hope i buy the items and keep it.

    Question for Chris: did the customer service desk enter any info about the purchase(s) into their computer, or any info from the receipt, or your discovercard? Reason: how would they know if you exceeded your maximum gift cards if you went to the mall again next week, and next month?? this is just too funny. Regarding getting cashback: dont you feel sorry for your retailer? When you get $60 cashback, the store gives you $60; but the store doesnt get the full $60 from the transaction…. they get $60 minus ~1-2.5% credit card processing fee. And, you, you get $60, plus discover cashback of either 0.25% or 1% or 5% depending if it’s from a get more cashback bonuses.

  12. Yes, I noticed the same thing with the cash back at Walmart. However, in fine print somewhere, most credit cards exclude the 1-5% cash back at Walmart because it’s a large discount store and walmart has special rates. I know this is the case with my MBNA (now Bank of America) Visa and Mastercard. I just assume its the same deal with my discover card.

    Here’s an idea, just spend $1000 on Discover Card and get your $200 in gift cards, then return it right away. Just go over to Sears to buy a big screen tv or something. Then, do it again every other day until somebody says something. Somebody should try this and let me know how it works.


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