Barclaycard Travel Community: Share Stories for Bonus Miles

AFB_ARF_card_rRGB_ArrivalPlus_Fee_WE (1)Barclaycard recently started a “Barclaycard Travel Community” at Although it’s obviously another “social media” attempt to promote their new Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard (actually a pretty good travel card with 2% rewards), you do earn “Participation Miles” for sharing your travel stories and tips:

  • Completing a profile will earn each Member 500 miles; a profile is considered complete when the following information is added: 1) the City and State in which the member lives 2) At least one travel interest is selected 3) at least one travel companion is selected 4) at least 1 travel style is selected 5) at least 5 cities are added to the “My travels” map
  • Members earn 200 miles for each travel story that is posted.
  • Every time the story that is authored by a member is kudoed by another member, the member will receive 10 miles.

The points earned directly transfer over the miles balance on your Arrival World card (500 = $5 travel credit, or non-cardmembers can get a $25 gift code each time they accumulate 2,500 miles).
Here is how to link up your Barclaycard Arrival card taken from member Emeritus:

1. Login via
2. On the right side, look for “Earn More Miles” banner and click.
3. At the bottom of the registration page there’s a link “Already a Travel Community member? Link your account today.” Click that and submit.

I got the initial 500 miles pretty easily (miles post a day later), and $2 worth of miles for each post isn’t too bad if you like sharing (and maybe have some old stuff on your personal blog or something). I gave out some kudos as well – some of the stories are good but some are pretty pointless.


  1. I signed up for the Barclay Travel site but had difficulty linking my accounts, so I call a customer service rep. He also was not able to link the accounts. I mentioned the 500 miles for linking the accounts. He told me he did not find any information about that. Neither could I find any information about this on their site, which makes me wonder if this is accurate.
    He kindly posted the 500 miles to my account as a courtesy.

  2. Not sure what you mean about accurate, but here’s a tweet from the official @BarclaycardUS account:

    The 500 miles is clearly posted on the travel community site. This is more on the marketing end so not too surprised a credit card CSR might not know about it yet.

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