Wanted: Loyal Reader With VirtualBank Account

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I am currently out of VirtualBank referrals to give out to people. (Both referrer and referrer get $20 if you open an account.) As such, I am looking for a loyal and participating reader of My Money Blog to give out their referrals and make some easy money. If you have (1) made at least 3 comments here before today with the same working e-mail address (I will run a search), (2) have a VirtualBank account with available referrals, and (3) can make a promise to deliver referrals promptly, please contact me or leave a comment using the e-mail. I think I have enough for a while, thanks! I do not want anything in return. First come, first served. Thanks!

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  1. I have a Virtual Bank account…in fact, I have 2 (1 for me and another for my wife). If you want to share referrals, I’d be glad to send out the emails for you. I just sent you a message privately so as to not post my email address here. Thanks, Cody.

  2. Long time reader, but don’t remember what email I’ve used previously (have been using this email for blog comments). I have only used 3 VB referrals and would be more than willing to make the rest available.

  3. Justjoeguy says:

    Well, I have made more than 3 comments, have a working email address and have a virtual emoney market account.

  4. I just stumbled upon your website and I really like it since I do something similar to manage my finances. I don’t have three post but I am sure I will have more post as I started checking your website regularly. Although I don’t qualify, it’s up to you.

  5. I’m not sure if I’ve commented adequately, but I have the referrals if there’s still a demand after the vocal contributors run out.

  6. I’ve never heard of VirtualBank. How is it?

  7. I have a bunch of ING referrals from my & my wife’s account available

  8. Loyal reader here for over a year…I was the one who asked about living in WA and shopping in OR to reduce taxes haha!

    I have some VirtualBank referrals to give.

  9. Hi Jonathan, just two days ago I found out your blog while searching about Virtual bank. You have a wonderful blog with very helpful information. Will be coming back to read/learn more.
    Thank you

  10. Pauline in SD says:

    Hi. I have a Virtual Bank account and loving it. Also I discovered your blog this morning while searching for 0% balance transfer credit card and have been reading every of your blog. I started at 7:30am and it’s 9:44am. The tips you provide here are amazingly simple yet no one knows about it. Coming from an accountant, I think you are amazing.

    Great work. Now only if half of America read your blog…..

    Also I have to give you props for posting your net worth. I have been doing that for my own personal use on a google excel sheet so I can feel good about paying down my student loans and mortgage. :o)

  11. DataIsGold says:

    I applied for this account on Jan-12th and finally have gotten to the last step. =)
    They informed me of the micro deposits on Thursday, but those didn’t appear until this morning. If you want you I can offer referrals as well. Love your blog!

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