ShareBuilder Promotion Codes: Free Stock Trades (Updated 2014)

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Added another new code. Here are some promotion codes for ShareBuilder, a discount brokerage now owned by Capital One. Real-time trades are now $6.95 and automated trades are $4. They give out codes for various promotions, and like coupon codes they often work in your account even if you weren’t given the code directly. Sometimes they don’t though, so have reasonable expectations.

Don’t have an account yet? Get a up to a $600 opening bonus depending on your initial deposit size, and then add the promo codes below afterward. You can often double-dip on codes if you have both a individual account and joint account. Custodial accounts for kids are also available.

How To Use
To enter the codes into your account, log in and go to the Accounts tab > Overview > Profile & Settings > Enter Promotion tab shown below.

In the marked box, enter a code. If it works, you should see a confirmation that says something like:

Thank you for referring ShareBuilder to your friends! Your 2 real-time trades have been credited to your account and are available to use immediately.

Most recently updated codes

  • SWEEP2014 (1 free real-time trade, hat tip to reader Hog)
  • PLACETRADE14 (1 free real-time trade)

Codes added within the last year or so (possible success)

BDAY14Y (hat tip reader Sean)
SWEEP600 (1 free real-time trade)
BDAY14AU (1 free automatic investment)

Old codes (very unlikely success)


How To Verify
To see how many free automatic trades you have, click on the top Trade > Automatic Investing and look for “You have XX Automatic Investment credits”. If you click on it, you’ll note that these may have different expiration dates. You can verify free real-time trades by going to Trade > Trade Now and selecting your account in the order box.

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  1. Wow! I just had to comment. This worked like a charm. Enter every code. I got 33 free trades in total.

  2. Confirmed, these worked for me, except 3AIP*GEJZOH

  3. Worked for me! Except it was a total of 38 trades – 10 real-time and 28 automatic investment. I don’t have the 10 that expire at the end of this month (though I probably wouldn’t have used them anyways).

  4. The last code said thanks for linking your ING and Sharebuilder accounts. That sounded sketch.

    I checked with sharebuilder and they said nothing was linked, but I’m still not very happy with that message.

  5. hmmmm. I haven’t used my sharebuilder account for some time. This is good to know.

  6. FYI, if you have two account types (individual and Roth, for example) you can put all of the codes in for both accounts.

  7. @tyler – I got that message too, although I really doubt they can link any two accounts with just a promo code. It’s more of a “thank you” for doing it, and I wasn’t sure if free trades were credited as a result since I didn’t keep track of each code separately.

    @Alan – Yes, good reminder, you can use these codes for each account, even if you have multiple individual or joint accounts.

  8. Update – I just checked my e-mail linked with my Sharebuilder account. You’ll also get a confirmation e-mail after several hours for each promo code that was accepted (11 emails for all of them).

    The last one that talks about linking ING Direct accounts does appear to give you 3 free Automatic Investment credits.

  9. Worked but I got 25 automatic trades!

  10. Seth @ Boy Meets Food says

    25 auto and 10 real time.

    Thank you so much! I was just about to pay for several investments.

  11. Much appreciation!

  12. While we are on the topic of Sharebuilder, does anyone know if they prohibit people from having multiple accounts of the same type (for example, two individual accounts)? Couldn’t find an answer on their site but I thought someone here might know. Thanks!

  13. All the codes worked. I opened new accounts and entered the codes. Hope they will not revoke them when they review the account and I will be able to use them.
    Thank you.

  14. Great tip, worked like a charm. Thanks

  15. It worked for me but I am also skeptical and may ING will come back and take it out saying its a mistake or some type of hack in the system. If not, its always boils down to a saving of $4 for auto trade and $9.99 for real trade. Thats almost $20 for 2 real trade and 100-140 on auto trade. Good chunk of money.

    Thanks whoever referred!

  16. I just got 10 real time trades!!! Thanks for the info.

  17. AWESOME!!!! Many thanks!

  18. thanks! worked great

  19. I’ve never opened a Sharebuilder account, because you HAVE TO submit a Soc Seq. number online in order to do so (I even tried to call them w/ my number over the phone and they wouldn’t accept it).

    I don’t like to type my Soc # onto any site. Nope, I don’t trust the security. ANd I don’t want it on the computer I’m on either (I had a bad experience with this a few years ago when the computer was given away without being erased).

    Can anyone comment on the safety of Soc Seq #’s online?

  20. Thank you so much!
    But, I can’t seem to verify automatic trade credits. Can you tell me how? Should I already have automatic investing set up?

  21. Thanks! These codes worked for me yesterday.

  22. Thank You so much! Most of the codes worked just fine.!

  23. Thank you. These worked for almost all my accounts.

  24. Looks like those have already expired 🙁
    That’s so sad, I’m hoping not to miss it when they come with something new again.
    Keep us posted, Great blog!

  25. Thanks so much. Do you have anymore? Please post.. I really need it .

  26. All expired for me ?other than the last one for “linking accounts”.

  27. 3AIP*GEJZOH is still valid! Does anyone have any new codes?

  28. I just got this promo code (BDAY11)! It expires 3/31/2011. Happy New Year to all!

  29. How do I find a Sharebuilder Code for free “real time” trades? Sharebuilder won’t let me see with the Automatic Investment credits and so it costs $10 per sale,which is ridiculous.

  30. Sharebuilder codes for both automatic investment credits and real time credits have gotten really scarce. I use Google every so often and can go come up with credits for opening new accounts. If anyone has come across new codes for existing customers, please share!

  31. Last code is the only one that still works. Would love to get more free trades…anyone find new working codes?

  32. To enter promotions on the new Sharebuilder site:

    1) Go the Accounts tab
    2) Select the Overview drop down window
    3)Select Profile and Settings
    4)Select Enter Promotion

  33. Any new codes?

  34. @Parker

    Promotional codes have gotten harder to come by. If I get any, I will definitely post it here.

  35. Looking forward to any new codes!

  36. Sharebuilder is pissing me off. They used to give free real time trades a few times a year and free automatic investing trades almost weekly. THAT is why it was the #2 growing website up through 2010. I haven’t seen anything in 10 months. They also used to let you buy THEIR ETFS and Funds for free, without a charge, but I can’t find them. When you are investing $50 to $150 a month like most of Sharebuilder’s clients, these free trades are huge. Wealthier traders use other brokers so I hope they start rewarding us little guys again soon. If anyone knows of ANY real time trade codes please let me know. I’ve been sitting on several duds for many months and I’d love to sell them without wasting $10.

  37. As promised. A new code for 5 AIPs!


  38. The above code TAF5ANL*073t0C expires on 11/30/2012.

  39. Thank you, M.L. 🙂

  40. The code TAF5ANL*073t0C did not work for me. It says “this or related promotion” already entered. I have not entered any promotion code since 2010.

    Did this work for anyone?

  41. It worked for me.

  42. i used all promo codes on this page, none worked; the 3AIP*GEJZOH code was the only one that did not say it was expired.

  43. To bad i only use real time.

  44. The new one worked for me. It gave me 5 auto trades on my joint acct as well as 5 auto trades n my indi acct. The code is verified so I know it is legit.

  45. TAF5ANL*073t0C didn’t work for me. said it was expired.

  46. That is impossible. It doesn’t expire for over a year. Make sure you are copying/pasting it correctly.

  47. yea i’m trying it over and over, still says expired. Maybe I dont qualify. I’ve tried typing it in myself and carefully copying and pasting the whole thing. Oh well.

  48. I tried the three codes listed in the article as active, and I didn’t get any free trades. It accepted 3AIP, but didn’t seem to credit me anything for it. Then when entering 3AIP*GEJZOH it said a related promotion had already been entered for the account. And when entering TAF5ANL*073t0C it said it was expired.

  49. ParatrooperJJ says

    Don’t work.

  50. It works fine. I was given five free ($4 value each) Automatic Investment credits. Thanks!!!

  51. FYI, I got the same result for code TAF5ANL*073t0C (“The Promotion Code you entered has expired”). I cut and pasted the code so it isn’t my typing.

  52. Same issues here. “The Promotion Code you entered has expired.” Oh Well…

  53. 3AIP was the only one that worked for me today. What a great site! Thanks!

  54. BDAY11NV – 1 Free Trade. Just tried it. It works.

  55. I got the following message: The Promotion Code you provided cannot be entered for this account, because this promotion or a related promotion has already been entered for another account belonging to this account holder.

  56. Same here, M.L. Oh, well.
    Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

  57. Sweet. But I only got two free auto trades. Ah well, free is better than none.

  58. Just tried them and got the same result. All denied. I use Sharebuilder to buy penny stocks and this would have been a big help on the number of trades I do daily.

    Happy Thanksgiving All

  59. I think this post & Sharebuilder should be updated to reflect that ‘Automatic Trades’ are done on Tuesdays only. For some reason, I get confused thinking that Automatic Trades are same as trading right away or NOW.

    Sharebuilder obviously gears itself to real-time trading but sublty gives you promotional credits for Tuesday trades. I think it’s intentional to confuse the user into the higher cost transaction.

    Marketing misleading information… not cool in my opinion.

  60. Does ANYONE know how I can get a free REAL TIME trade credit? I got 6 last Christmas but can’t find any codes out there now. I don’t have a lot of money and losing $10 per stock sale SUCKS.

  61. BDAY12JY

    It is valid for 1 AIP trade. It expires on 3/31/12.

  62. The code worked for me. Thanks M.L.!

  63. BDAY12JY

  64. 12AIP will give you 12 automatic investment credits good until end of 3/12.

  65. Thanks George! That code worked for me. Happy New Year everybody!

  66. The following codes have all worked for me in my individual account(s) and all of my custodial accounts:

    BDAY11NV (in November 2011)
    3AIP (in December 2011)
    BDAY12JY (in January 2012)
    12AIP (in January 2012)

    Are you a Costco member?
    If you are, you can get up to $90 bonus from ING ShareBuilder if you open an account through Costco. In addition to the bonus, Executive Members can also receive 25% quarterly commission rebates, while Good Star and Business Members get 10%. Link:
    The promotion code for $90 bonus for Executive Members is SBINVEXEC90
    and the promotion code for $70 bonus for Good Star and Business Members is SBINVGOLD70.

    I just opened another account using the above info with my exec membership and deposited money, made an automatic investment, and got the $90 in less than 7 days. Then I transferred the asset to my indiv. account account previously opened and deposited my cash to my savings. Walla – Made money easy!

  67. i used these on my EXTRA75 account and they both worked

    “There is a bonus for Start50 to earn you $50 for depositing money into your account. There’s also Invest122111 bonus of $25.

    Enter Start50 FIRST OR ELSE you may not get both.

    Bonus $50 and $25 credits to Sharebuilder account holders
    To those that have sharebuilder accounts, this is in conjunction to the $75 bonus thread:

    I got two emails with promo codes that says make a deposit of $25 or more and get $50 and $25 bonus credit to the account.

    One is ‘START50’

    The other is ‘INVEST122111′”

  68. also SK483GXM2BU9 worked for five free automatic investment credits

  69. I entered both of those START50 and INVEST122111. At the time, it accepted both the codes. I have transferred $25 to my Sharebuilder Account thereafter. The bonus hasn’t shown up yet. It’s been several days. Does anyone know how much time it takes for the bonus $$ to show up after completing the transfer?

  70. Free money!!!!! Thanks Jonathan!!!!

  71. Thanks! All the codes worked for me 🙂

  72. With regards to START50 and INVEST122111, does deposits from ING checking or savings account to Sharebuilder account satisfy/qualify the deposit requirements? Or does the deposit have to come from a non-ING checking/savings account?

  73. Andy, I used promo START50 and I think it said the bonus can take up to 4-6 weeks.

  74. @steve
    Hi Steve! Thanks. Did you get a promotion fulfillment email from them after you used the START50 code and transferred $25 to the account?
    I used both the codes together and then transferred $25 once. Did I screw up? I didn’t get any promotion fulfillment email.

  75. Can someone answer david’s question? they never said anything about transferring money from non-ing account but i want to be sure.

  76. I didn’t see any wording of ING vs. non-ING, it just says deposit. I would make a $25 deposit twice in case you need one for each code. Says it may take 4-6 weeks, but with interest rates these days that’s hardly much of a commitment even if it doesn’t come through.

  77. Money maker says

    Thanks Jonathan

  78. Right on. I’m up to 23 free trade credits now, plus $75 in free cash from all these codes. Sweet! Thanks.

  79. I need REAL TIME TRADES. Automatic trades suck. Only post on Tuesdays and you can’t use them to sell. Only buy. Such a ripoff.

  80. If you need real-time trades, you should try something other than Sharebuilder which is designed for dollar-cost averaging. The reason auto trades are cheaper is that they can bundle trades on their once-a-week Tuesday trade.

  81. Dumb question: Do we input the codes first, then transfer the money in or make the transfer first then enter codes? And…where do we input the codes? Which tab? Are the codes SHARE50 and INVEST122111 both current customers as well or only new customers?


  82. Sharebuilder used to give out free real time trades monthly. All the time.

  83. Thanks Jonathan. I can’t remember the last time I paid a commission for an automatic investment on sharebuilder 🙂

  84. @ Victoria Input the codes first! That’s the only way their system will know how to handle the next step in the redemption process.

    Input the codes here:
    Accounts – Overview – Profile & Settings

    I believe these codes are for current customers, but we won’t know for sure until the 4-6 week fulfillment period is completed.

  85. re: START50 and INVEST122111 i’m pretty sure they’ll go through. it stated they were accepted. I had the same thing happen for the black friday code, where i got no email, like they usually send; however, in exactly 4 weeks i got the $100 bonus. i did call customer service to double check when i didn’t get the email and the bonus was taking longer than usual (most seem to come in a couple of days). this is probably the same…maybe the processing time is different for “new customer” bonuses and “current customer” bonuses??

  86. OMG! Thank you VERY much!

  87. @Randy- Thanks!

  88. You’re welcome, Victoria. 🙂

  89. This peeked my interest, so I checked out Sharebuilder’s web site. But I also agree with FSD (in the comment section) who expressed uneasiness with typing in his Soc Sequrity number online to open an account.

    Since no one replied to FSD, could someone tell me the answer to this?
    Is putting your Soc Seq # onto a web site OK? (I assume that all of you have done this to open an account?) No qualms? No identity theft?


  90. I’d much rather type in my SS# online rather than calling someone. This is commonly done with any account that reports to the IRS nowadays.

    On a separate note, I didn’t get confirmation emails for the START50 or the INVEST122111 codes either, but I did get one for the others. I do recall not getting one for the Black Friday one either, but eventually got what was promised. I’m pretty sure it’ll be ok. I believe SB is utilizing some blogs and smaller sites to get these codes out there as some part of a grass roots / social media campaign.

  91. DC: Sorry, but if you’re worried about your SS# being entered on a website, you should check out Jonathan’s 1/8/11 FACT post. SS#s are likely only required online for insurance, banking, or investing purposes (all with different federal requirements).

    In over 10 years of online trading, banking and investing with multiple financial institutions online, I’ve never had any issues whatsoever (in addition, always look for the ‘lock’ encryption symbol when you’re registering a SS# or CC#).

    I’ve never been a customer to an institution that had a security breach. But my former employer did once accidentally lose a laptop with the entire company’s employees’ names and SS#s (no ID theft, but I did get 2 free years of credit monitoring!).

    Identity theft is more common with someone yanking your bank statements out of the trash than anything else.

  92. In addition to 12AIP, I just realized 2012aip will also get you twelve automatic investment credits until 3/31/12. You can use the latter even if you already entered the former.

    I’ve contributed what I’ve found. If any of you have other codes (especially ones that don’t expire in 3 months), please post them.

  93. @George

    Thanks, 2012AIP works!

  94. For what it’s worth, I transferred some money from my ING savings to Sharebuilder in order to buy some stock and the confirmation email referred to it as an “external” transfer.

    Has anybody received the transfer bonus yet? Either the $25 bonus, the $50 bonus or both?

  95. Be careful if you are opening multiple accounts. I got the below message.

    “It has been noted that you have opened multiple accounts, with identical registration information. We have restricted from activity all but the first of such identical accounts. Future identical accounts will be likewise restricted. “

  96. I have a question about recommending people..i recommended my friend and she did everything they ask..such going using their link from email….Still haven’t received any free trades?? been like 3 weeks now..

  97. KC,
    I’ve used the “recommend a friend”. Everytime they follow the instructions on the email and open up an account, I get the email confirmation that I have recieved free trades. You can then choose 2 real trades or 5 automatic trades. The code can be used on all of your accounts, so don’t just use it on one if you have custodial or multiple accounts.
    However, one person didn’t use the link, and I didnt get the promotion.
    If they have opened an account, you might try sending an email to the customer service department. Everytime I have had to contact them, the customer service department has handled it exceptionally. They might be able to send you a code. Just tell them that you used their recommend a friend link, the individual signed up, but you still have not gotten an email about your trade credits.
    The last friend that signed up for me, it only took about 2 days to get the email confirmation on the trades. Good luck.

    Keep the codes coming! Thanks all…

  98. The $25 bonus and the $50 bonus are total bullsh!t. I am so mad right now. I entered both promotions. I was told both promotions were accepted. I made 2 $25 deposits and then I never got paid on either. I emailed customer service why I have not been paid, even after the promotions were accepted, and they said:

    The two promotions that you entered were not valid for your account. The $50 promotion was only valid for New ShareBuilder accounts, and the $25 promotions were only valid for New or Unfunded ShareBuilder accounts. This is why you have not seen the bonus funds to date, even though they were accpted. Just keep in mind that most of our promotions are for New, or Unfunded ShareBuilder customers.

    * You got to love a company that throws $ at new customers and screws their existing customer base. I am thinking of switching.

    1) If you open an account at Options House right now, and make 15 trades (only $3.95 each) they will give you a free Amazon Kindle Fire. Link –

    2) Options house will also give you 100 free trades, $150 for transfer fee reimbursement, etc. And you only have to have a minimum of $1,000. Even if i keep Sharebuilder I will probably open an Options House account.

  99. After opening new SB account, entering the START50 and INVEST121111 codes, making 3 deposits of 50, 25, 25 and not receiving the extra bonuses I wrote SB customer support and got this back:

    “Good afternoon! I’m glad to check into these promotions for you (free money is awesome!). After reviewing your Individual investment account ending in xxxxxxx000, I can confirm that you’ve qualified for a $50 bonus after making your initial deposit of $50 or more. This money is expected to arrive within 4-6 weeks after 01/18/2012 (on or before 02/24/2012).

    When it comes to those additional promotion codes (START50 & INVEST122111), I don’t expect a cash bonus to arrive for these since we generally pay one cash bonus per account and your $50 bonus is already qualified for.”

  100. This is crap. My account accepted the promotions and clearly said the codes were approved. And I made two different deposits just to be extra careful. It has been over a month, they won’t respond to email, and I have received NEITHER of the bonuses. What a scam.

  101. Kindle Fire deal not as good as stated above:

    . To be eligible for the Kindle Fire, you must satisfy both of the following requirements: (1) Fund a new OptionsHouse account with a minimum of $10,000 for a cash or margin account using promo code FIRE; (2) Make 15 commissionable trades within 90 days after funding your new OptionsHouse account. Note: Commission-free trades do not qualify toward the 15 trades.

  102. SB is such Bull crap. Just called to have them give me my 2 free trades for recommending a person. I recommended a person who opened an account and you’re system did not do what your ad says. The guy goes ” our system is setup where you should receive your free trades and starts to say that it was because the email link was not used.” I told him…email was used and the argument went back and forth and the guy tells me that this is the last time he will do this for me. I was like huh..Then I ask him about my $50 for depositing $25 with the coupon code..and he tells me that it’s account specific only and that I have to receive an email to get the promo. I asked him then why did the website accept the code…his reply was…because it doesn’t know…. I was like huh…doesn’t know..what the hell are you talking about? this guy was either a bonehead..or didn’t want to help me…so after an half hour waiting and another hour arguing with this guy.. I Have to say.. I do not recommend SB other then for a few free bucks..and move on.. my 2cents… 🙂 .

  103. SB says the code 12AIP has expired.

  104. BDAY12FY will give one auto invest credit if you have not used a related promotion previously (if you used BDAY12JY I don’t think you’ll get it–it only worked on one of my accounts).

  105. Tried to enter 12AIP and 2012AIP. Both are expired.

  106. How do we see the trade credits we’ve accumulated?

  107. Karen, click Trade, then Automatic Investing. It should be there next to your account number.

  108. Has anybody gotten the $50 and $25 bonus yet?

  109. START50 has expired 🙁

  110. nzkirsten says

    BDAY12MR — I tried this (easy to guess what promos might be) and it gave me something – but I don’t remember what it was! lol.

  111. BDAY12AL will give you one AIP IF YOU HAVE NOT USED ANOTHER BDAY promo this year.

  112. TAF2RPL*6O52v9

  113. Thanks Michelle! I got 2 free real time trades!!!

  114. That code is duplicate of another one that’s on here somewhere…

    I tried entering it and got “The Promotion Code you provided cannot be entered for this account, because this promotion or a related promotion has already been entered for another account belonging to this account holder.”

    If this works for you, there’s clearly other promo codes on here that might still be active for your account

  115. Michelle, thank you very much! 2 free trades each on 5 accounts for my family members (-;

  116. Just tried SK483GXM2BU9 and got 6 Automatic Investments in my regular account. Note: It does not work for an IRA or Roth IRA.

  117. FSD: Not sure you’ll find this buried in all the comments on this thread, but whenever I have to enter sensitive information like my social security number on a web site, I first boot off a linux live CD, completely disconnected from my hard drive. It’s a clean version of the OS each time, so as long as you do no browsing other than your sensitive transaction, there’s little chance of picking up a keylogger or other malware.

  118. SK483GXM2BU9, did not work for me. I got the following message: “The Promotion Code you provided cannot be entered for this account, because this promotion or a related promotion has already been entered for another account belonging to this account holder.”

  119. Got two free real-time trades. Thanks!

  120. I have always been a fan of TradeKing, although I started with Sharebuilder. I found TradeKing more reliable for market trades whereas Sharebuilder’s timing was always off. Yet, if you plan to hold for a while, Sharebuilder is a great alternative and is awesome for giving out free cash.

  121. Punctilious says

    Thanks a lot, they all worked!

  122. Building a BRK.B says

    3AIP – Gave me 3 free auto trades
    SK483GXM2BU9 – Gave me 5 free auto trades
    TAF2RPL*6O52v9 – Gave me 2 free manual trades
    BDAY12AL – Gave me 1 free auto trade

    This gave me a grand total of 9 free auto trades to start my account off, and I qualified and received the $50 bonus that they are currently offering.

    By my calc that is a “savings” of $50+($4*9)+($8*2) = $102!

  123. TAF2RPL*cE104Wm

  124. TAF2RPL*cE104Wm did not work for me. I got the following message: “The Promotion Code you provided cannot be entered for this account, because this promotion or a related promotion has already been entered for another account belonging to this account holder.”

  125. I saw the comment by FSD about having to type your social security number into their web site in order to open a Sharebuilder account.

    I too am leary about doing this – does this bother anyone else? Is it safe? Does everyone do this with no hesitation?

    Thanks for any advice on this!

  126. @CS: Sharebuilder is owned by Capital One (up until very recently it was ING). Their administration of it is tied in with the online Orange checking/savings accounts.

    They need to have your SSN for tax purposes. All other brokers require it as well.

  127. I have used most of these but the code for 2 free REAL TIME trades which I didn’t know existed just worked on 4-27-12.. TAF2RPL*6O52v9

  128. I can confirm that any brokerage account and/or bank account that you apply for will require a Social Security number for ID verification and tax purposes.

  129. TAF2RPL*6O52v9 worked just fine two free real time trades thanks michelle

  130. Gregory says

    Any new Automatic Investing codes out there?

  131. TAF5APK*1x691G

    5 free trades. just worked for me.

  132. Gregory says

    Where do codes like this come from?

  133. @Will. Thanks, the code worked for 5AIP investments!

  134. That one was from me Will and George.

  135. You folks pissing and moaning because some code didn’t work or some bonus wasn’t credited should stop and remember that SB is a business, of course these “promos” are good for new or non-active customers, that’s pretty common sense. They don’t make $ giving only existing customers all the free crap they can handle. Aside from that, thx to whoever is running this site, appreciated…..

  136. No – You are a moron. If you have $5,000+ in Sharebuilder and they can’t give you some free real time trades ($9) a few times a year, then they deserve bad feedback. If you open a new account and they give a ton of credits – it makes it look like they don’t care about existing customers. They make $ on EVERY SINGLE trade that is placed on their website, automatic or real time – even if there is no charge to the customer because of credits. You don’t know anything about how a brokerage works obviously.

  137. A) That isn’t what I said, learn to read
    B) Clearly you aren’t the wealthy super-trader you try to sound like if you are whining about $9 huh?
    Piss off.

  138. WIll, thank you!!! I thought I used all that were out there but the one you just posted for 5 free auto investments just worked for me.

  139. FYI, TAF2RPL*6O52v9 has expired as of 5/24/12.

  140. If anyone refers someone else and get the two trade referral bonus code, those codes can be entered for other accounts as well. Hint.

  141. FYI – For those of you who have Facebook, try to “Like” them on FB and look at their May 18th posts. I emailed them the other day (long after the 5/18 promotion expiration) to see if they could honor the promotion for 1 AIP on May 18th and they did.

  142. Will,thanks…worked for me also after I contacted them with an email form there site.Got 1 free AIP

  143. 5 AIP Credits


  144. Thanks WiLL! Just in time as I exhaust my last AIP credit yesterday.

  145. Thank you, Will. 🙂

  146. Thanks Will, working for about 1/2 my accounts.

  147. Try TAF5AAP*0H10pAE

    It seems to work for some accounts for five AIP free

  148. Awesome, thanks guys!

  149. worked for my dads account,but not mine or my wife’s

  150. Last two codes worked for me, thanks! Updated the post, and also there is new $200 bonus for new accounts only.

  151. For me, these codes were expired:

    TAF5AAP*0H10pAE was the only one that worked for me, the rest were either invalid or had already been used on my account

  152. $200 for new accounts is cool. Thanks for share-ing.

  153. Here’s a new code:


    *It might not work if you have used one of the previous ‘birthday’ codes that Sharebuilder sends out via e-mail on members’ birthday.

  154. Nice job guys!
    – I ended up getting 18 free automatic trades for each of my accounts (5 custodial, 1 investment, and 2 roth) – total of 144 automatic investment credits!
    Just wish I could get a few real-time to work….

  155. Entered codes and came back as every one expired!

  156. NOBODY wants automatic investment credits. They are stupid. They would ONLY be valuable if they allowed you to SELL stock as well as BUY it. For now SB just goads you into buy more so it will cost more later to sell or switch. Before I get flamed – why do you think they are giving free credits for $4 Tuesday buys and not $10 credits for real time any day buys and sells? Real time trade credits are great and I am always thankful to get them but SB has not given them out in OVER a year. I’ve got 60 auto credits I’ll never use. So lame.

  157. Respectfully disagree: Many people use SB as saving-investing tool that don’t do active and frequent trading. Those users usually invest smaller amount (perhaps partial shares) over time, rather than a big lump sum. And they sell to fulfill long term goals rather than chasing daily ups and downs. For these users, buying credit is a lot more important (4 dollar off hundreds or less, once a month) then selling credit (9 dollor off thousands or more, once maybe in years). You may be using a wrong tool if the above doesn’t describe you.

    I appreciate everyone who have contributed in the thread.

  158. Kevin – why does SB give us Tuesday BUY credits credits instead of anytime buy/sell credits? Because it is cheaper for them and they guarantee an eventual SALE commission. That is a fact. If they cared about YOU or ME they would AT LEAST give us a choice.

  159. @jj – Do you complain about what gifts you get for Christmas as well? You act like Sharebuilder owes you something.

  160. @Jonathan – Yes, if the gift sucks. SB has highest fees, worst research, and unfriendly customer service. They used to be fresh and new and helpful. Now they aren’t. My experience. My $.02.

  161. lol

    Why don’t you go join occupy wall street and demand all the stock brokers to give you free trade 🙂

  162. Stockbrokers earn their $. I do all the research and work and order placement with online brokers. SB earns enough off me with partial shares purchases. But I am just pointing out that they used to give a lot of real time credits and now they don’t. AND most other online brokerage houses DO offer real time trades, sometimes several hundred per year, if you maintain a decent balance 9like I do with SB). I’m done with this topic but most of you got suckered in with all the free trades and now you can’t sell or can’t transfer because you would be basically wasting/losing $ and SB knows this. You’re stuck. I’m done.

  163. Good. Enough with the whining. It sounds like the only sucker here is you. Maybe if you managed what SB was giving you a bit better you wouldn’t be so bitter right now.

  164. Why are we stuck? Don’t you have to pay for most trades at most places? Sometimes you buy a stock that loses money (if you don’t then I want to do what you do) and sometimes you buy a stock that gains you money- either way you have to pay to sell (or buy) stock no matter what broker you use. A free trade here and there helps but if you are worried about the commission that is charged you shouldn’t trade stock at any broker. I like Sharebuilder, it works for me.

  165. One more thing… would I like more free trades etc? Of course… but regardless, I like Sharebuilder and if you don’t… don’t use it.

  166. Hi,
    Does any one have any new promotion codes ? thanks!

  167. Eric – the simple answer is ‘no’ – you do NOT have to pay for trades at most places. Most online brokers don’t make you pay ANYTHING to trade in real time, buy or sell, if you have say $5,000 to $25,000 invested in the account. It is usually $10,000–$20,000 on average. If you have that minimum balance you get 30, 50 or even 100 free real time trades per month. If you don’t have that balance is is $4.95–$7.95 per trade. Sharebuilder offers no free trades, haven’t for almost 2 years, and charges $9.95. ALL the other online brokerages give you a handful of free real time trades for birthday, christmas, etc. several times a year because they know the return on a free trade credit is that you WILL use it and the more their firm has invested the better. SB had been bought/sold twice since I started investing and has been run poorer and poorer as far as a customer service model. If you don’t have $5,000+ invested you probably shouldn’t be investing at all. And if you don’t have $5,000 invested then ‘Yes’ those $9.95 buy/sell charges would KILL you yet it is the small cap and new investors SB tries to lure. Can you imagine some newbie paying $10 to buy $50 worth of stock and then paying $10 to sell it? 40% automatic loss JUST in fees. Argue all you want. SB is not your friend.

  168. 1 free automatic investment plan credit Cyber Monday only (11/26/2012). The code is 2012CYMON

  169. 2012CYMON

    Only valid today for Black Friday until 11:59 PT

    1 Automatic Trade which expires January 29, 2013

  170. Thanks!

  171. BDAY12EC for 1 AIP

  172. BDAY13UA for 1 AIP–you can only enter one birthday credit per calendar year, it looks like. So this should work for everyone, but if you use this one, the ones for February onward won’t work.

  173. I hope this gets updated again with more codes. This is good stuff!

  174. I have been looking for Brokers with free trading too. I only see two, and both are terrible reviews. Just wanted to point that out but if someone else has something to add please do.

  175. I’m sure everyone still following this thread already know. SB has lower the real-time trade to $6.95 a pop. make withdrawing cheaper.

  176. New free trade (not auto invest): sweep600


  177. Great, thanks so much! Very useful as I have gotten 12+ free trades from this thread.

  178. thanks for updating the post … it works!

  179. SWEEP600 expired 🙁

  180. 1 free aip credit bday14y expires 7/20/2014, I just got the email from the today

  181. SWEEP2014 just worked for me for 1 free real-time trade today 7/6/14. I think it expires soon though 10/1/14. Thanks to reader Hog for the tip.

  182. Thanks for sharing. Some worked, some didn’t. I’ll take free trades any time. Please keep posting when new codes are available.

  183. Thanks for the codes!

  184. Thanks a lot for taking the time to post the codes, it does great things for my portfolio.

  185. sweep2014 worked for me today -thanks! would be nice if they came out w/ some new codes!! hopeful thinking!

  186. Added another new code PLACETRADE14 good for 1 free real-time trade.

  187. Another code for people to try: BDAY14SP

    • Thanks, I tried but it said “The Promotion Code you provided cannot be entered for this account, because this promotion or a related promotion has already been entered for another account belonging to this account holder.”

      I suspect BDAY14SP is related to BDAY14Y.

  188. Only working ones as of now for existing accounts:


  189. There is a promo code for a portfolio-builder trade: BF2014PB

    You need to enter the code by 12/1/15. The trade credit is available 12/15/14 – 1/30/15 and it sounds like it only works for portfolio-builder.

  190. Thanks – only 3AIP worked for me.

  191. Not many codes anymore, seems like sharebuilder is having a slowdown with offering codes. Anyone able to find anything recently that works? thanks

  192. Reader Susie just submitted this code: BDAY15Q1

    Good for one free automatic investment.

  193. Here is the current free AIP credit birthday code: BDAY15SPR (Once added to your account you must use the credit by 07/31/2015.)

  194. Any real-time trade codes currently available?

  195. Here’s a new Sharebuilder Plan code. I have not come across any real-time trade codes.


    • Thanks for the code. I added it to my account, but I can’t see anywhere that it shows the free Sharebuilder Plan purchase. (Does it still show on the page where you setup the plan?)

      • The Sharebuilder Plan is the new name for the automatic trades. Click on Sharebuilder plan and you will see the number of trades that you have.

        • It doesn’t show that I have any, so maybe they are now enforcing that the code can only be used for people with the “correct” birthday. (But why wouldn’t they just reject the code instead of saying that it was applied.)

          • 1. Click on Invest

            2. Select ShareBuilder Plan

            3. The screen will show you the number of ShareBuilder trade credits that you have.

            P.S: If the code did not take, you would have gotten a message that it was not applied.

          • Yep, did that; doesn’t show any free ShareBuilder trade credits. (And I did get the message that the code was applied.)

            And I did it on both my investment and IRA account, both said they took it, but neither shows it actually applied. So either there is a bug not showing it, it doesn’t apply with the wrong birthday, or it isn’t compatible with accounts on the Costco plan.

          • It will be included in the number of trades that you have. If you click on the trades you have, it would be listed as promotional with an expiration date of 11/29/16. Worst comes to worst, you can e-mail customer service and they will confirm if it was added to your account.

        • OK, I got an email for each account saying that the promotion was applied, and when I check now it shows my free trades. It has just never taken a couple days for them to show up for me in the past.

          I did send an email to support on the 26th, but I haven’t heard back from them.

          So thanks again for the code!

  196. I don’t know if they did it for everyone/all accounts, but I noticed that all of my Capital One Investing, formerly ShareBuilder, accounts had a free real-time trade credit in them that expires at the end of the year. After digging I found a note that the credits where to make up for the site being down at one point. (I did try to go to the site during that time, but since you couldn’t login I don’t think they could know who did and who didn’t.)

    So you might just want to check and see if you have some trades available to use up. (Don’t let them expire!)

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