PFS Buyers Club: US Mint Coin Purchase Opportunity ($100 + $200 Guaranteed Profit)

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(Update: The 3/11 opportunity is no longer available. You can still sign up for an account and be alerted of the next opportunity roughly 48 hours prior. They seem to pop up every 3-6 months.)

The US Mint regularly releases limited-edition coins to collectors. The coin sets are often limited to one per customer. PFS Buyers Club is a website broker that recruits regular folks to buy their allotted coin set with a set markup amount, with the agreement that they will sell only to PFS Buyers Club. For example, you might pay $300 for a coin and they’ll agree to pay you $350 for it – a fixed profit of $50.

Note that the eventual value of the set may exceed that elsewhere – you may be able to get $400 for that coin on eBay, for example – but if you want to make that bet, don’t promise to sell to PFS Buyers Club. Just buy it on your own and try to sell it yourself. Keep in mind that eBay fees can be quite high, and you’ll be responsible for other costs like the proper shipping with adequate insurance. PFS Buyers Club will send you a prepaid mailing label (including insurance) and pay you via eCheck, paper check, or PayPal.

On Thursday March 11th (short notice, I know), there is a new guaranteed profit opportunity. The commission is larger than usual (up to $300 + credit card rewards), but so is the upfront cost (up to $6,500). I will be trying this out myself for the first time, especially as the high spending amount will also help me trigger some big credit card bonuses. PFS Buyers Club has a very solid reputation, but this way I can also write more honestly and in detail about the process.

The cost of the Four-Coin Set should be either $4,317.50 or $4,410.00 and the cost of the One Ounce Gold Eagle should be either $2,325.00 or $2,375.00. (The Mint will only be releasing the exact price for these products on Wednesday the 10th, and it will depend on the spot price of Gold over the next couple of days.)

Each item would need to be purchased as a separate Mint order, as such, each purchase will also have a $4.95 shipping charge. You will have each order shipped to your own house or office and then ship it to PFS Buyers Club with a prepaid shipping label that we will provide for you.

PFS will be offering a commission of $200.05 for each Four-Coin Set.

PFS will be offering a commission of $100.05 for each One Ounce Gold Eagle coin.

This is also a great opportunity to earn valuable points/miles on your credit cards, as well as meet any spending thresholds.

Spending $6,500 on your credit card would earn another $130 profit at 2% cash back. That’s a total of $430. You could do even better if satisfying a credit card sign-up bonus hurdle. Here is the 4-coin set and the 1-ounce coin.

If you want to jump on this, you can sign up to join PFS Buyers Club here. I’ll write a more detailed review afterward. If you use that link, I will receive a referral fee if you successfully sell your coin for a profit.

My Money Blog has partnered with CardRatings and may receive a commission from card issuers. Some or all of the card offers that appear on this site are from advertisers and may impact how and where card products appear on the site. does not include all card companies or all available card offers. All opinions expressed are the author’s alone, and has not been provided nor approved by any of the companies mentioned. is also a member of the Amazon Associate Program, and if you click through to Amazon and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission. Thank you for your support.

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  1. Jason Boxman says

    I’ve never heard of this before; So do they buy the item from you for its price, plus the stated commission, and at the conclusion you have your original outlay, plus the commission, guaranteed?

    I’m trying to assess the risk here.

    I wouldn’t want to be stuck holding an expensive item that I then need to resell myself somehow.


    • Yes, no matter what, they will purchase the coin from you at the stated price. I just signed the online contract with them. You get the guaranteed profit, the they take on any price risk, both upside/downside (they have buyers lined up already).

      I’ve known about them for years, they have reliable reviews around the internet and forums, and have actually been on their mailing list but this is the first time the combination of upfront commission + my credit card spending needs have made it worth the effort in my personal situation.

      • Jason Boxman says

        Cool; It looks like I need to ensure I have an active/working US Mint account so I’m ready to hit buy at 12 pm eastern tomorrow?

        • Yes, they have really detailed instructions after you sign up with screenshots, etc, so that you are ready to go as it will sell out fast. Address ready, payment method ready, keep your 3 digit CVV number handy, etc. If you don’t manage to buy it, you just ask to be on the waitlist and if you still don’t get it, that’s fine as well.

          • C F Frost says

            I wish y’all the best…but with these limited edition releases from the US Mint, sneakers from Nike, etc…there is no way you’ll beat the bots.

            I’ll guess that very few will know of anyone that actually get’s a confirmed order tomorrow.

            Even PFS Buyers Club – they’ll sign up thousands but only probably get 20 users or so that actually get through and get a coin(s).

            BTW, I’ve used PFS Buyers Club in the past on some coin deals…they are totally legit and will pay you exactly what they say they will!

          • Jason Boxman says

            Per the agreement, if somehow the coin isn’t delivered, they have no liability. So what if it gets lost in the mail to them, or on the way to me? I hope their FedEx label comes with insurance?

          • Jason Boxman says

            Never mind; I didn’t go on to read the Sale Agreement. It’s all covered there.

  2. Why do the terms say that they won’t purchase coins ordered after 1:00?

    • ObjectiveAce says

      I’m guessing because that means there was very little demand since they arent sold out already. If there ends up being much less demand then projected they’d not want them afterall

  3. Which credit cards ahve you used that triggered points for these transactions?

    Several data points at DoC that issuers are not isusing points for purchases from the US Mint, or worse, considering it a cash advance.

  4. You need to pay taxes on the profit?

  5. Brent Pearson says

    Got the 4 coin set, missed out on the single coin. I got to the “finalize order” button several times, but each time it took me to a “page not found” page. Oh well, I’ll take $290 profit for about 30 minutes of work.

  6. joshua katt says

    Thank you JP! Reminiscent of the “final” Grateful Dead” show Ticketmaster cluster in March 2015 bit was able to get it done and confirmed. Both website bogged down and took several attempts to checkout for each but was done by 12;15. Appreciate the idea, last minute or not, long live the 2% card!

  7. I didn’t get the coins. They were sold out within the first 5-10 minutes. Make sure the address you save has less than 30 characters for the street address. Even though it lets you save more than 30 characters in your account profile, when it comes to the order page, it will error out and you will miss the opportunity. Also, selecting the default credit card takes more time than typing it due to the website being incredibly slow. And the expiration date doesn’t populate properly, so you have to manually correct it as well as type CVV.

  8. Anyone know how PFS Buyers Club pays you? Do they send a check?

    • The contract specifically says: “PFS shall tender payment of the Purchase Price to Member via e-check, check or Paypal payment within seven (7) business days of PFS’s receipt of the Coin.”

  9. Both products sold out within 10 minutes.

    The site was slow. I had to submit each order twice before they went through.

    I was able to place an order for each product (and received two order acknowledgement emails), but only one transaction has hit my credit card at this point in time. I wonder if the other order will be canceled.

    • I finally received an order confirmation (not just an order acknowledgement email) and pending credit card transaction for both orders. I had both orders submitted by 12:06 EST and both order confirmation emails by 3:51 EST.

      I’m a bit nervous about receiving and sending these coins through the mail. If something goes missing, it will make for a bad day.

      • Update: Everything went smoothly. Payment was impressively fast. I used the eCheck payment option (don’t want PayPal involved) which is a bit strange, but the check seems to have cleared.

  10. A quick update: I was able to purchase both items after multiple tries. The auto-populate worked for me eventually, but next time will probably just type it in. Took about 15-20 minutes of time from start to finish, mostly because I read everything twice to be prepared. Checked again at 12:28 and both are sold out. Will update again later.

    My second purchase kept getting the “page not found” after final checkout so I tried a different credit card (I wanted to anyway but kept the first one initially for speed), not sure if that helped or hurt.

  11. Thanks for the updates, very interesting! Sorry to those that didn’t get it. I’m usually not that lucky on these types of thing either.

  12. Once you Opted in on PFS, do you have to buy it? If they are sold out, do you get any penalty for not fulfilling the agreement?

    • There is no penalty if you aren’t able to get the coins. If you do get the coins and sell elsewhere, technically you are breaking the contract that you signed with them.

  13. Matthew Gitkin says

    Interesting, I see one American Eagle 2021 Gold Proof Four-Coin Set 4 coin 2021 W 21EF *CONFIRMED on ebay right now for over $5k

    • Let’s see. There is a Buy It Now showing a “confirmed” screenshot for $5,500 with free shipping. After 10% eBay fee and 3% PayPal fee and $50 shipping (assuming you are paying for adequate insurance), the final amount is $4,740. Minus the $4,415 cost is roughly a profit of $325.

      I personally don’t like eBay for such items because if someone says they received a box of pennies, eBay tends to side with the buyer by default.

      • Wow… Ebay is making out!!

        I’d love to know what PFS is selling to their buyers & how much profit they’re making.

        Where can one sell & eliminate all the middle man fees!! I’m

  14. joshua katt says

    Thanks again, JP. EVERYTHING went according to plan and after some 20 minutes signing up & click buying, 30+ status email updates, 2 trips to FedEx and 10 days, I’m totally done and paid for a total gain of about $435 as of yesterday, Probably quicker with my proximity to Brooklyn, NY. Pretty cool that they email you a check that you can print & deposit & scan to your bank, both first time tricks for me. Thanks for the opportunity.

    • Glad to hear! Thanks for the follow-up. I also have to make my 2nd trip to Fedex next week, but my first box is on the way back to PFS. (LOL at the number of email updates. The constant contact was actually reassuring.) I’ll probably take the eCheck option as well, as I don’t want to have to deal with PayPal 1099-Ks.

  15. I thought I posted my final update, but I guess my own comment didn’t go through! It is the same as others. Everything went as promised, lots of emails keeping me up to date, I followed the directions about mailing, deposited my eCheck and it cleared with no issues. All in time to pay off my credit card bill from buying the coins. Netted several hundred dollars due to satisfying a credit card bonus with the spending in addition to cashback and PFS profit.

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