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Vanguard Digital Advisor Services (VDAS) Initial Review: 0.15% Fee Robo-Advisor

The big news in financial advice world last week was that many details of Vanguard's new portfolio management service were revealed when InvestmentNews reported this Vanguard SEC filing. Here are a few key differences between the new Vanguard … [Read the rest]

5% Cash Back Cards: PayPal, Amazon, Target, and Automotive – October thru December 2019

Activation time for 4th Quarter! The credit cards below offer up to 5% cash back on specific categories that rotate each quarter. It takes a little extra attention, but it can add up to hundreds of dollars in additional rewards per year without … [Read the rest]

Groupon: Costco New Membership Deal

Here's a Groupon deal for a new Costco Gold Star Membership where for the regular price of $60 you can get the following (up to $148.98 value): 1-year Gold Star membership ($60 normally), which includes a membership card for the primary … [Read the rest]

My Money Blog Portfolio Income and Withdrawal Rate – September 2019 (Q3)

One of the biggest problems in retirement planning is making sure a pile of money lasts throughout your retirement. I have read hundreds of articles about this topic, and there is no single solution. My imperfect (!) solution is to first build a … [Read the rest]

My Money Blog Portfolio Asset Allocation Update, September 2019 (Q3)

Here's my portfolio update for the third quarter of 2019. Most of my dividends arrive on a quarterly basis, and this helps me determine where to reinvest them. These are my real-world holdings, including 401k/403b/IRAs, taxable brokerage accounts, … [Read the rest]

The Hidden Economics of College Admissions

NY Times Magazine has an interesting longread What College Admissions Offices Really Want by Paul Tough, adapted from his new book The Years That Matter Most: How College Makes or Breaks Us. Angel Pérez and Trinity College allowed an inside look at … [Read the rest]

Firefox Private Network: Free Browser-Based VPN Encryption During Beta

If you're like me, you take advantage of all the free WiFi you can get to avoid having to pay too much for a big cellular data plan. Coffee shops, airports, libraries, hotels, conference centers, etc. The problem is that (as Mozilla puts it) if a … [Read the rest]

Reminder: Nobody Can Predict Future Interest Rates (Especially the Experts)

The financial prediction industry is simply mind-boggling to me. There is zero long-term memory or accountability. You can make all the predictions you want about the stock market, gold prices, and interest rates, and nobody remembers your bad … [Read the rest]

Landed: Shared Equity Down Payment Program For Educators

Home ownership continues to be a goal for many people, but downpayment requirements also keep rising with housing prices. I previously posted about Unison, which offers downpayment assistance in exchange for a percentage of any future upside (or … [Read the rest]

Southwest Credit Card Bonuses Toward 2019/2020 Companion Pass

New companion pass rules. Southwest Airlines offers a unique feature called the Companion Pass, which lets you pick one person to fly with free when you book either paid or award flights (including to Hawaii!). If you either fly 100 qualifying … [Read the rest]

NetNewsWire 5.0: Free RSS Reader for Mac

If you like things old-school and still follow blogs and news sites using RSS feeds, you may be interested to know that the NetNewsWire RSS reader name has gone back to its original creator and there is a new version now available as a free, open … [Read the rest]

British Airways Visa Signature Credit Card Review: 100,000 Point Bonus

Updated with new Reward Flight Statement Credit. The British Airways Visa Signature Card is a co-branded travel card (issued by Chase) has brought back their bonus offer of up to 100,000 total Avios points with a split spending hurdle. Here are the … [Read the rest]