I Bought Shiny New Used Toys

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Used Ski Pics Used Ski Pics
Used Ski Pics Used Ski Pics

Click for bigger pics. Skiers: How much do you think they cost?

After some thought, I decided to spring for our own ski equipment this year. I’ve snowboarded on and off for about 6 years. My wife hated snowboarding, but last year she tried skiing and loved it. So this year we’re both going to start skiing together as beginners. We were going to go for a $300 new package, but instead found this at a used sporting goods store:

$110 – Rossignol Freeride X skis and Axium bindings, used
$50 – Alpina Challenger C4.0 boots, used
$20 – Boeri helmet, floor demo
$8 – Poles, used
Total for skis, bindings, poles, helmet – $188

I don’t know a ton about ski equipment, so maybe someone can tell me if I got a good deal or not. I could have probably pieced together a slightly better deal off of eBay, but I think it’s pretty solid. The skis were ex-rentals, so I think the quality is good. The bottoms were almost perfect, no gouges. The boots were in good condition, they were selling the exact same ones for $140 new. The helmet was a floor demo that had some scratches, but was still new and was marked down from $80. My wife got a similar package for $20 less (same model skis).

So if you’re looking for snow gear, now’s a great time. It’s not quite ski season, and many of the used sporting good stores still have a decent stock of used stuff that they bought over the last six months. Also, look for clearance or floor demo models of last year’s new stuff.

I was going to trade in my old snowboard gear (bought for $450 in 2000, now worth squat) to help pay for this, but since they offered so little and the skis were so cheap, I decided to keep my board for another year to switch back and forth. I expect they’ll offer the same price next year.

We’ll probably go in with a bunch of friends for a group pass thing too. Skiing is an expensive hobby, but it’s just too addicting. The crisp air, the scenery, the speed 😉 Can’t wait for snow!!

I’m sure the more-experienced can offer more snow toys buying tips.

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  1. That’s an incredible deal if the boots actually fit. Your total spent is less than the cost of my boots alone, and I have fairly inexpensive ones! If there are any gouges in the wax on the skis, it’s not a big deal, as that can be fixed during a tune-up (which you’ll need anyway). The boots and helmet are what would concern me. If you’re skiing a lot, it’s worth it to spring for well-fitted boots that are comfortable. Otherwise, you’re going to end up with a lot of pain. Also, check the helmet. If it’s ever hit anything, you’ll want a new one.

  2. It’s not a bad deal if you are a casual user. Boots and skis can deteriorate over time and get flexible – but if you don’t notice it or it doesn’t bother you, you should be fine.

    The skis are good, all mountain skis and you’ll be happy with them.

    Don’t forget to buy poles, ski jacket, battery powered foot warmer inserts, ski pants, thermal undies, base layer top, ski gloves, and goggles. It IS an expensive sport! 🙂

  3. Last year I took my wife and our chicklets mountain skiing for the first time.
    Rental was expensive.
    Asked them at the rental counter how to adjust the bindings, what skis would fit better etc.
    After that, feeling empowered hit the 2nd hand donation stores off-season and the result is:

    5 adult skis $8 each
    5 adult boots $8 each
    Everything in nearly new condition.

    No real need for helmets or poles (can be dangerous, for beginners it’s usually advised not to use them at all)

    total: $40

    Now, if only I could buy used pass for the lift 🙂

  4. grandcanuck says

    You lucky bum… I can’t wait to get back on my planks and when I do, I’ll probably need new ones. My wife and I LOVE skiing but we have not had a real chance to get out there since the kids. I guess we have to wait for the kids to be big enough to try it.

  5. samerwriter says

    This brings back memories.

    When we started skiing (oh so long ago), my dad bought our gear from the local ski swap. My skis and boots cost $5 each. The boots were a couple sizes too big, so he stuffed socks into the toes of the boots so my feet wouldn’t slide around too much. That $10 worth of gear lasted me a couple years.

    Since then I’ve upgraded my skis (… substantially, and many times over). In my experience:

    * The boots are the most important piece of gear. If your feet are uncomfortable, you’ll have a terrible day.

    * You can get spectacular deals on ski gear in May or June when the dealers are trying to make room for their summer equipment, and get rid of old stock.

    The package you got sounds like a nice deal. Just don’t be surprised to see your ski budget balloon as you become an avid skier!

  6. Good points – Yeah the boots fit, I know that’s important from boarding – also why buying online can be tricky. Also why I wanted a new brain bucket and not used 🙂

    $8 skis and boots? Very nice. I saw some really good deals off Craigslist too but most were for some old-school straight skis. I’ve only skied about 4 times over the last 6 six years, so I’m definitely still a beginner.

    canuck – Oh my goodness, I see what looks like 4-year olds zooming down the mountain every year. Your’s could be one of them!

  7. Chris Bracken says

    Absolutely fantastic deal. I bought a pair end-of-season when they were introduced as well as new boots, and paid over $600 CAD for the set. Not only that but they ski beautifully… I can’t wait to get back out on the hills, but ski season starts a bit later here in Japan than back home.

  8. I think you got a great deal…. I bought a similar setup about 3 years ago, it was around $450. I bought high quality stuff though–the last pair of ski’s I had lasted me 13 Years.

    I got all metal bindings and real comfortable boots…

  9. Nick Qwirkle says

    I love ‘play it again sports’ and other second hand sports equipment stores. Typically any sport costs several hundred dollars to get into but these stores always offer a cheaper alternative. Sure, the products may not be the best but you’re really just trying to get a hang of it. When I was younger I use to always trade/upgrade rollerblades as my feet kept growing. Instead of dishing out $100+ for each pair I upgraded it was a fraction of the price.

    Great post!

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