Hyatt Credit Card: Two Free Nights! List of Best Expensive Hotels To Use Free Stays At

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Hyatt Regency Maui

Hyatt Credit CardThe Hyatt Credit Card by Chase offers you two Free Nights after spending $1,000 in the first 3 months from account opening. The upfront two Free Nights are valid at any Hyatt hotel or resort in the world! The free nights have no resort fees, no internet fees, no redemption fees. No foreign transaction fees for international purchases as well.

You will also receive an additional Hyatt Free Night Award each year on the anniversary of your account opening. The anniversary free nights are eligible for redemption at any category 1-4 Hyatt hotel or resort. There is a $75 annual fee.

You also get 3 Hyatt Gold Passport points for every $1 spent with your Hyatt Card at all Hyatt properties, 2 Hyatt Gold Passport points for every $1 spent at restaurants, on airline tickets purchased directly with the airline and at car rental agencies, and 1 Hyatt Gold Passport point for every $1 spent on purchases elsewhere.

If you have a free night at any Hyatt hotel, what should you do with it? I went over to Condé Nast Traveler’s Top Hotels and Travel+Leisure’s Top 500 Hotels, which helped me find these spots with sample rates from $300 to $900 a night:

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  1. no foreign transaction fees!

  2. I believe this offer for only the first year and not for every year though you pay the annual fee every year.

  3. @Lone – Yes, the two free nights are only for the first year. So if you don’t want the card after that, then you’ll have to cancel and make room for other cards.

  4. @J – Yes, definitely a handy perk that is only available on a small percentage of cards. You’ll have to be happy earning Hyatt points on your spending though, so I’ll stick with my Capital One for foreign travel.

  5. I wonder what kind of room this entitles you to. Im thinking a standard room but what a deal if you get a upgraded room. Apparently you need to only use the card once to get the free room…So when do they charge you the annual fee and when are you allowed to get rid of the card…

  6. Unless you are already a Hyatt frequent traveler, it’s probably a standard room. My favorite things about “nice” hotels are the usually prime location and a really comfortable bed & sheets to sleep on.

    According to a user bmw303 on flyertalk:

    If you’re a Hyatt Gold (basic) – A Hyatt Card comes with 2 free nights in a regular room + an upgrade to Hyatt Platinum status.

    If you’re a Hyatt Platinum – A Hyatt Card comes with 2 free nights in a basic room + 2 suite upgrade certs valid on eligible paid stays only (not valid on award nights or free stays or paid stays not booked through

    If you’re a Hyatt Diamond – A Hyatt Card comes with 2 free nights in a suite, but no suite upgrade certificate.

  7. How do redeem the rooms? Do you just need to use the card or do you need to fill out a bunch of paper work? I’m traveling for the next year so I won’t be near my USA address.

  8. The main problem with this one is you have to use your two free stays within the first year. Most other hotel reward cards give you “bonus points” that you can save up and use several years down the road. If you know for sure you will be staying two nights in a Hyatt this year, then it’s a decent deal.

  9. Thanks, just got the instant approval!

  10. @Tom – You get a 2 free night awards in your Hyatt Passport account, which need to be used within 14 months. (As opposed to a bunch of points.) You can just use these to book a room online (or by room). The free night awards cover everything – taxes, resort fees, etc. so there is nothing out of pocket.

    If you get denied due “too much credit” (ha!) or too many Chase-affiliated cards, just offer to close one of your old cards, they should be happy to do that for you.

  11. How fast can you get the two nights stay? I am going to Paris in March and was curious if this would work?

  12. @Bryce – You get the stays after any single purchase on the card. So I would apply and use it right away. Reportedly, this only takes a few days after your actual purchase and it shows up online in your Hyatt Passport account.

  13. @jay-thanks, i feel like its a no brainer to get the card and extend my trip two days in a nice hotel in Paris.

  14. Thanks!
    This looks like a score. They make you setup a Hyatt Gold membership before applying. Waiting to hear about my application.

  15. My hubby and I are planning to get cards. I already had a Hyatt Gold membership, but he did not. It was a pain to sign up him. We attempted to do it online several times, and it would not process the application. We kept getting a message that there was an error with the phone number. We tried doing it via phone using the automated process…only it skipped over the part where it was supposed to tell us the number. Finally, we called and talked to a representative. She couldn’t find hubby in the system, but completed the application and gave us his membership number in less than 5 minutes. The problems we experienced may have been of our own doing, but Hyatt the wait to speak to a rep was short (<1 minute) and she resolved the problem quickly.

  16. I just wanted to share that I signed up for this card, got my free nights, and used one night last Saturday to stay at the Park Hyatt in Beaver Creek, CO. Great offer, great room (was going for $500 a night). All I paid for was $35 for mandatory valet parking. Thx MyMoneyBlog!

  17. James Carlos says:

    Thanks! Just wanted to share my experience.
    – I applied online and it told me that my application will be reviewed within 10 days (not instant approval)
    – After about 2 days I called to check that my application went through fine. It told me I was approved.
    – In about 6 days I received my new card in the mail, activated it and purchased some gas.
    – 3 days after my purchase, I saw the 2 nights free in my Hyatt Awards by checking my Hyatt profile online.

    I finally tried to book a hotel in Paris using the awards online, but it wouldn’t let me choose the hotel and proceed. I ended up calling reservations and they were able to book it for me with no issues.

    Hope this helps! Thanks again!

  18. I wanted to use the 2 free nights at the Hyatt Beach House Resort in Key West, does anyone know if the 2 free nights includes Hyatt Vacation Club Resorts?


  19. thanks jonathan! signed up, made a purchase and booked 2 nights at park hyatt milan, italy! rooms are going for 1010 eur, what’s that like $1600/night. going at the end of june, can”t wait. wife signed up too, using hers for a trip to nyc during christmas

  20. It’s a great deal. After your first purchase, your Hyatt account is credited with 2 free nites anywhere in the World. The easiest way to book the room is call Hyatt reservations and let them book it for you. They put me up in a King Suite Ocean View in Carmel.

  21. I got rejected for “too many recent requests for credit or opened accounts with us”. I called up and offered to close an old card, and it turned out that it was sufficient to reduce the credit line on the Southwest card I had applied for two days earlier from 18k to 5k (I told the guy I didn’t care what the credit line was on any of the cards). The Hyatt card was approved while I was still on the phone.

  22. It looks like this offer has worked for most of you but I did find one “hidden catch” to this “no black out offer.”
    I consider myself to be a very savvy traveler so I am quite surprised that I allowed them to “get” me.
    We had planned a trip from 12/30/10-1/6/12 at the Andaz Wall Street and realized that this card would be a great way to save some money.
    I signed up, was approved, used the card and received the two award nights last week. I checked for standard availability (Andaz double) and confirmed availability. The AAA rate for the first three nights is 445.50 each night. The rate for the rest of the nights 292.50. I then call the Gold reservation number.

    I was told that because the Andaz (and all NYC Hyatt Properties) have a two night minimum for 12/31, I can’t use my awards for those nights and I would have to pay for the higher nights and use my awards for the cheaper nights.

    He said all the NYC Hyatt properties are blacked out for awards on that weekend. I told the guy that I read the literature carefully when I signed up and it said no blackouts. He said “I know it says that but ultimately the properties can block out awards at their discretion. If there is a minimum stay for a night then it is no longer considered a standard room.”

    He said I could try calling the reservation manager at the hotel directly during business hours and try to get him/her to make an exception.

    As a new Hyatt customer, this leaves a really bad taste in my mouth for the Hyatt brand. I just think requiring me to beg to use my awards is extremely low on their part.

  23. I tried to book 4 night in Vancouver BC (hubby had 2 award nights and so did I). I was told that awards nights were not available for the last 2 nights of our trip. I could however, pay full price for the last 2 nights. I was upset, because this is essentially a black out. We ended up spending 2 free nights at Hyatt and then we spent the last 2 nights at the Sheraton (free using our SPG points). I wasn’t happy about the booking situation, but it worked out for us in the end and the customer service reps were professional and helpful.

  24. Our family is going to Maui in December. All hotels in Maui are expensive during that time. I researched the Hyatt Visa info. I emailed and called goldpassport and asked them if my scenario would work if we applied for the Hyatt Visa. The answer back was “yes it certainly would work as long as there was an available room”. W applied for the credit card and so did my son’s family. We each paid the $75 fee for the card. I get my two award nights and try to book a reservation. I get a message that there are no available rooms. What! I go to the Hyattt website and try to book rooms and guess what – there are rooms available. The least expensive being partial-ocean view. I call Goldpassport and they tell me the free award nights can only be used for “Standard Rooms” Nowhere in the Hyatt Maui room descriptions is there a “Standard” Room listed. What a big big big ripoff. I offered to pay the difference for those two nights between the “Standard” room and what is available. They say “NO Way” Don’t go for their gimmick of NO BLACKOUT DATES _ not true.

  25. Just reserved two nights at grand hyatt in kauai and one night at hyatt regency on waikiki. Awesome!

  26. It is true there are restrictions, when I first called about the promotion I was told no black out dates and as long as they had rooms available. (Nothing was said about standard rooms). I tried to use them on Maui in Sept. and was told there was nothing available until Nov! My mother whom I talked into getting a card wanted to use hers in Manhattan for a room with 2 doubles she was told she could only have a king size bed but could upgrade for 100.00 a night. Needless to say there are restrictions and start calling early if you want to use your nights.

  27. Just thought I would follow up on my post from July 24th. There are a few things that I found.
    1. Sometimes when trying to book online using the awards you must only do one night at a time.
    2. Call the consumer affairs desk at Hyatt 1-800-323-7249 if you think the no blackout rule is not being honored. They worked wonders for me. I ended up getting what I wanted (deserved) by going through them.

  28. Also note that you get the ‘anniversary’ bonus when you pay the annual fee for the card (usually first billing cycle). So, you’re sort of getting 3 free nights upfront.

  29. The “anniversary bonus” mentioned above is only good for a category 1-4 level hotel…so no extra free night at the Park Hyatt Paris. Still a nice little perk extra that itelf more than pays for the $75 annual fee.

  30. 2 free nights (anywhere) at signup, mine where good for 14 months or so. The anniversary only Cat 1-4 so a bit limited. Got the card 11/10 and used all 3 just as they expired before New Years in SF so it all worked out for $150 in annual fees.

    They do try to sell you add-ons (a bigger room, better view, etc) but a 3 day stay in a most expensive city for New Years with 2 weeks notice costing $0.0, I was pleasantly surprised when it all worked out. Free Internet too due to the status the card gives you.

  31. 2 free nights (anywhere) at signup, mine where good for 14 months or so. The anniversary only Cat 1-4 so a bit limited. Got the card 11/10 and used all 3 just as they expired before 2011 New Years in SF so it all worked out for $150 in annual fees.

    They do try to sell you add-ons (a bigger room, better view, etc) but a 3 day stay in a most expensive city for New Years with 2 weeks notice costing $0.0, I was pleasantly surprised when it all worked out. Free Internet too due to the status the card gives you.

  32. I tried to book two nights online at the Grand Hyatt in Kauai and was unsuccessful, but when I called the number on the website and spoke to someone on the phone, they booked me right away with no problem.

  33. It says “for use at a category 1-4 Hyatt”. Are these FIVE STAR hotels really a place you can redeem your two free nights and one free night/ year after that? What is a category 1-4 hotel? Where do you find out what category these hotels fall under?

    It seems well worth it to pay $75/year and in return get one night in a hotel plus no foreign transaction fees and whatever other benefits there are; all the better if you can stay in a hotel that would normally cost $300-$900/night!

  34. Gretchen says:

    Is the instant approval when applying online really an approval? It literally took just 2 seconds – seems too good to be true! Also, does anyone know if my two best friends and I each get a card with two free nights each, can we use them together for one room for six nights in London?

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