Clover Pay New User Bonus via Referral

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Clover is a new person-to-person payment system for use between phone numbers. Simple fees (none for personal use), simple interface. If you sign-up via invite from a registered user, you’ll get up to $10 off your first purchase. The referrer gets $5 too. You don’t even need a credit card or bank account to start, just a phone number (landline numbers work, but it’s optimized for Android and iPhone/iPod Touch users).

Here’s my invite link which will get you that referral bonus. Thanks if you use it.

After you join, go ahead and leave your own referral link in the comments.

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  1. Thanks Jonathan.

    If anyone else needs a referral:

  2. Awesome! I signed up and immediately got my $5 Amazon gift card through your referral link.

    Here’s my referral link:

  3. I got the bonus with no trouble. Thanks!
    Here’s my link:
    I have 5 referrals to give.

  4. Thanks! I just signed up using your link. Here’s my link:

  5. Thank you so much, Jonathon.

    Here’s my link

  6. Excellent…thank you!!!

    Referral link:

  7. Referral link:

    I love all the free money these places are giving out

  8. This is very cool! Thanks!
    My link:

  9. Thanks Johnathan!

    Here’s my link:

  10. Thanks for the information!

    It’s a bit far down on the list, and it kinda spells scuzzy in the link, but here it is:

  11. Now it says you are in wait list. In order to skip the list we need to provide the credit card info. Is this safe to give credit card info?

  12. I went ahead added a prepaid card i had one with a very low balance. It accepted it and sent me the amazon code.

  13. Thank you sir & thank you anyone who signs up:

    Referral Link:

  14. I was also put in waiting list but upgraded with a gift card and able to get the amazon code. Here is the referral link.

  15. Thanks!
    Here’s a referral link to use:

  16. Alan Sekula says:

    I signed up, added a credit card, and got my $5 Amazon gift card plus $1 balance! Here are is my referral link!

  17. I love my money blog! Thanks for the great tips.

    Please use my referral link if you can:

  18. Again Vijai here, I don’t see a login/logout option in the app which sometimes bother me. If someone can get hold of your phone, they can easily get money from your credit card atleast upto certain amount. I checked their FAQ and they mentioned that if you lose your phone, please contact us immediately to close the account. I don’t think I will be really using this service but until I have this app, I should keep in mind to close the account if something happens to my phone. Just thought I will share it you all.

  19. I got the $5 bonus in about 5 seconds from Kathy’s link. Here’s my referral link!

  20. Also had to add a credit card for it to proceed. if the above invites are dead.

  21. Thanks guys.. got my $5 bonus. Here is my referral link (I have 17 left):

  22. This is a really cool service!

    Referral link:

  23. I’ve got 17 invites available:

  24. Thanks – I’m excited to try this out!

    Here’s my referral link…

  25. It’s safe to enter credit card info. You can always remove it later if you want, but this is a legitimate service.


  26. HERE IS THE refferal link 17 refferals

  27. Do you have to have an iOS or Android phone to sign up? Can you take advantage of it from a Windows or Linux PC somehow?

  28. This only took a few minutes thanks!

    My referral:

  29. Sophia Yang says:

    Awesome! Have to sign up from the Clover App (i.e., iOS and Android systems).

    Referral link:

  30. Happy to share this referral link:

  31. you need to have andriod or ios from what i saw. From what I see so far this app looks safe.

  32. Everytime I click on a link, the page is blank! Anyone else having this problem?

  33. Thank you very much!
    Here’s my private invite to get in:

  34. Thanks Jonathan! Here’s my referral link if anyone needs it:

  35. Angela Moayedpardazi says:

    Worked for me. I added a card though. Got the $5 Amazon and $1 Clover credit.

    Here’s my link:

  36. Thanks! Just signed up, here’s my link:

  37. Nice app experience. Here’s my referral link

  38. washerdreyer says:

    I followed the referral link and also got put on a waitlist.

  39. Thank you! Just signed up and added a card for $5, here’s my link:

  40. Plenty of referrals left here.

  41. I followed the referral link and also got put on a waitlist.

  42. You can withdraw to bank account directly, instead of amazon, by clicking on “Settings”.

  43. Invite for 20 people. 🙂


    I have 17 invites left. Thanks

  45. Fresh new invite link (plenty of invites!):

    Thanks =)

  46. In case you need a working link for the free $5:

  47. I just spent about 2 minutes signing up and got a free $5.

    Here is a sign up link good for the first 17 people to sign up.

  48. Hoang Nguyen says:

    Here is my link with 17 invites:

  49. Really great service. Here is my link

  50. I just signed up with John’s link. Thank you very much. Here is my link

  51. Thanks! 17 invites available with this link:

  52. Did anyone have an issue with a friend signing up via your referral link, but the $5 referral credit not showing up? FWIW, the friend signed up via my email link and the referral credit did not show up, while another friend signed up via my text message link and the referral credit did show up. Anyone else have similar issues or does it just take longer for email links?

  53. Does anyone have any invites left?

  54. I tried but it says “Due to high demand for Clover, we’ve added you to our waitlist” It says I can only get the $5 if I join “Gold” and deposit money.

  55. Here is my link for 17 invites:

  56. Here are 17 fresh invites for some free money:

  57. Thanks! Here are some more invites:

  58. I was prompted for waiting list also. Just entered my credit card info and got my $5phone gift card. I may even use this service, so keeping my account open for now.

  59. Thanks! Here are some more invites:

  60. I still have 15 invites! This free money is awesome, thanks for the post!

  61. I just got $5 that I can use to pay friends using the new Clover app (on iPhone and Android). You must verify your phone.

    Here’s a private invite to get in:

  62. Here’s my referral link:

  63. Johnathan, if it is not too late…here are invites from me

  64. Here is my link. I still have invites left.

    You will not get sent to a waitlist through my link. (Edit by Jonathan: This is not true, all invites are equal. Some people just have to wait for a bit unless they want to upgrade to Gold level by linking a credit card.)

  65. Great find! Thanks for putting me on it!

    Here’s my referral link… I still have the full 17 invites left:

    Please use it! Thanks!


  66. Works perfectly on my ipod touch. Thanks Jonathan.

    17 more invites:

  67. JP Photography says:
  68. Hey. I have 15 invites! Once I use those I will have 100. Here is my link


    Still have plenty of invites.

  70. Here’s my referral link:

    Thanks! 🙂

  71. Get this FREE payment app for Android or iPhone and automatically receive $5 to your Paypal or Amazon account(if you get wait-listed upgrade to gold for free using a prepaid card or real card but use the “add debit/credit card” option either way, NOT “add prepaid card”).

    Then you’ll get invite codes to invite people worth $5 to you and each of your friends.Green accounts get 2 invites,Gold gets 15 and Platinum gets 100(worth up to $500).

  72. Here’s my link! Still have 15!

  73. Here is my link, and I still have all of my invites!


  74. I still have invites as well:

  75. Christine says:
  76. I have so many invites left

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