$2,500 Holiday Cash Giveaway (Winner Announcement)

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Winner Announcement! The contest is now closed. The winning entry was picked using with the Timestamp: 2012-12-25 03:28:18 UTC. Congratulations to Anthony T (, the lucky winner of $2,500. You should have received an e-mail notification to your registered e-mail address. Thanks to all who entered, and I wish everyone a very happy holidays.

One of the great things about being a blogger online is that you’re part of a community.  Years and years of blogging have created a lot of good friendships, and today, five friends and I are able to put together a cash giveaway, totaling $15,000.  If you recall, we had a $10,000 giveaway last year that was a roaring success, so I’m hoping this year is even better.

To enter the giveaway this year, the following rules must be agreed to:

  • In order to participate, you must sign up for the RSS Feed and complete a short five question survey.  The link to the survey can be found HERE.
  • Only one entry per person (duplicate entries on the same website will disqualify you from winning the $2,500 prize on that site)
  • Winner must be a US resident
  • The giveaway begins Wednesday, December 12th and concludes Sunday, December 23rd at 11:59 pm ET.  The morning of December 24th, a winner will be chosen at random, (using, announced on the site and will have 72 hours to provide their name, address and social security number for tax purposes (yes, this $2,500 will count as miscellaneous income toward your 2013 taxes)
  • The email address you enter in the survey must match the email address you use to subscribe to the MyMoneyBlog RSS Feed.
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  1. Just entered, thanks for holding this contest!

  2. If we already subscribed to your RSS feed last year, can we still enter?

  3. I’ve been meaning to sign up for the RSS feed anyway since your blog is the main blog that i read each day. I hope i win! Definitely will go towards my pile of debt.

  4. I read your RSS feed in a RSS feed reader. Do I have to read it in email too?

  5. On the survey, this question requires selecting one of the credit cards, even if you really wouldn’t take another credit card at this point. Shouldn’t there be a “None of the above” option?

    Please select all of the balance transfer credit cards you own (or would consider owning)

  6. This is a great idea to bring more readers to your site! I’m not just going to sign up, I’m going to share this blog entry with all of my friends. I’ve been a follower of your blog for quite a while now, it’s nice that it comes with extra perks!

  7. Jacob Blumberg says

    Very Cool, everyone likes money giveaways! One thing, some of the questions ask which credit cards you own or which you would consider owning.

    It doenst let you select none, which was the case for me. Not a big deal I just randomly selected one, but might give you slightly off results.

  8. I took the survey. One thing that I’m not sure is intentional is that you can’t submit the survey without providing a balance transfer card that you own (or would own). I wasn’t familiar with any of the cards and don’t own any.

  9. What will you do with our name and email address that we provide on the survey?

  10. @Eric – Thanks for reading!

    @Dan – Yes, existing RSS subscribers are eligible, just make sure the email address you enter in the survey matches the email address you use to subscribe to the MyMoneyBlog RSS Feed.

    @OC Budget Living – Good luck and thanks for reading!

    @David – First, thanks for reading. For the purposes of this contest, you have to be subscribed to the RSS e-mail newsletter version. You are free to cancel the subscription later at any time.

    @Garron – If you don’t know, I’d just enter that. Thanks!

  11. A “none of the above” option is now available on the survey. Thanks everyone for the feedback.

    @Rich – The survey e-mails are just to match up entrants, and also to send you the RSS e-mail newsletter. I won’t be sending you Ninja blender infomercials or anything. However, the survey results may be shared on a very broad basis (anonymous on aggregate, nothing individual) with advertisers and/or credit card companies.

  12. Entered the contest. Thanks!

  13. 1/20000 chance of ($2500-tax); not bad.

  14. @whytax – Based on last year, I can tell you the odds were actually significantly better than that! Lots of people won’t bother. If you entered all 6 contests, that’s $15,000 in prizes!

  15. Chennaivaasi says

    If I get lucky that would be awesome

  16. Jonathan,
    Thanks for doing this again! Can you share with us how many people entered last year — I’m curious now.

  17. Looks like an awesome contest, thank you! Couple of questions from the paranoid side of my brain:

    1. How will you guys collect social security number? Please, please tell me that this won’t be done via email 😉 How is it going to be stored/handled? Just want to make sure we’re not being inavertently exposed to higher risk for ID theft.

    2. How well do you know these other bloggers? I read (and love!) this blog from time to time and have seen it mentioned by others (ie Fatwallet) but have never heard of these other guys, and some of them have no “about me” or personal info at all… Again, if I were fortunate enough to win, it makes me a little nervous handing over my SSN to random people on the internet.

    Thanks, appreciate any info you don’t mind sharing!

  18. Just entered. I wanted to know even though I know it’s highly unlikely, can we win more than one website?

  19. @Keenan – I don’t recall exactly, but only a small fraction of total visitors actually enter these things, even with cash incentive. But I can assure that I wrote two big checks last year, and will write another one this year!

    NB – You can submit the required W-9 form however you want…. encrypted PDF file, fax, download. It will be submitted to my accountant to generate your 1099-MISC form and kept in my business records in case of future audit, right next to my own social security number. If you don’t feel comfortable with this, please don’t enter. $2,500 can pay for a lot of credit score monitoring, though! Thanks for reading.

    I can vouch for the other bloggers in that they are professional and folks who would not have any need or desire to abuse your SSN as their reputation and business is worth much more than that.

    @Sarah – Yes!

  20. Once again – thank you – very cool!!

    Honestly, I think I earn more than $2500/year reading this blog. (Heads up on credit card rewards and such). So THANK YOU!!! Winning would just be GRAVY!

  21. Thanks Jonathon, that helps! Happy holidays!

  22. Angela Talbott says

    Thanks and I look forward to receiving you RSS feed…I am inspired.
    Happy Holidays!

  23. I agree to the rules you laid out, and completed the entry requirements.

    Thank you…and happy holidays.

  24. Thanks for this awesome giveaway, you rock!

    Happy Holidays!

  25. i’m waiting on my email stating that i won jonathan 🙂

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