Visa & Hilton Honors Promotion: 1,000 Free HHonors Points

If you have a Hilton HHonors number, a cell phone that accepts text messages, and a Visa card, you can register at to receive promotion text messages and get 1,000 HHonor bonus points. You can earn another 4,000 points if you spend $100 on your linked Visa card at any Hilton-affiliated hotel by June 30, 2012. You can opt out from messages later on with a reply text of “STOP”.

By the way, if you have a smartphone you can also score additional free points from Hilton and other points programs by “checking in” using the Foursquare app (or Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) when you register with TopGuest. You can get 50 Hilton points every day you check in at a Hilton hotel, for example. You only need to be within 10 miles of the hotel to check in the first time, and in future times I don’t think you need to be nearby at all.

To receive the Hilton HHonors™ mobile messaging enrollment bonus offer, you must register for the program between January 20, 2012 and June 30, 2012. HHonors members who enroll in this program will receive an enrollment bonus of 1,000 HHonors Bonus Points. In addition, HHonors members have the opportunity to earn up to an additional 4,000 HHonors Bonus Points by spending a minimum US $100 using your Hilton HHonors mobile messaging enrolled Visa card at any participating U.S. hotel or resort in the Hilton Worldwide portfolio after enrolling in the program. Please allow up to six weeks from enrolling for the enrollment bonus of 1,000 Bonus Points to appear in your account. Please allow up to six weeks after completing the minimum spend for additional HHonors Bonus Points to appear in your account.


  1. Confirmation code never gets sent to my phone.

  2. My attempts to participate in TopGuest promotions have had limited success. More often than not my account is not credited with points from a check-in when done at the same location repeatedly, ie my home airport.

  3. worked for me. thanks for posting!

  4. Worked great…thanks!

  5. THANKS !!! 1000 HH points – CHA CHING

  6. Also When i registered for the Best Western they gave deposited bonus of 500 points after a day and from topguest foursquare I am able to so far get 50 points everyday.

  7. Got the 1000 HH points from the textmessage sign-up. Still waiting for the extra 4000 points to register.

  8. It doesn’t have to be hilton visa card right?

  9. Nope doesn’t have to be a Hilton Visa

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