Updated “About Me” and “My Money” Pages

beachy200We’re in the midst of an extended Spring Break vacation, so posting will be light for the next two weeks. I have some pre-written content scheduled, but the comment moderation may be delayed.

I also updated the “About Me” and “My Money” pages, as part of a greater overall plan to clean up the site and make it easier to navigate past content. I think the last time I did this was 2013. Thanks to those that cared enough to ask about it, and thank you even more for your patience. I have grand plans, but recently other priorities have won out.


  1. Spending money on experiences is proved to be better than on stuff.

    Have a great vacation!

  2. Hey Jonathan,
    You mention that you and your wife both work half-time. Are you able to get health insurance through your employer as a half-time employee? If not, what do you do? I work for the state and we have to work a minimum of 30hrs/week to qualify for benefits.

    • We do get health insurance through one of our jobs, but it is taken out of of total compensation, so it’s not like it’s “free” on top of 50% of previous salary.

    • To clarify, we basically negotiated a unique deal, which is often what happens when you want to do something unconventional. One benefit is that employer-provided health insurance is not taxable income. We also get the group-plan negotiated rate. Before ACA, the other benefit would be that we didn’t have to worry about pre-existing conditions.

  3. how did you manage to find part-time work? every time I ask my manager they say no.

    • Some industries just offer more opportunities to find part-time arrangements. For example, in healthcare many people work different amounts of hours and shift times. Sometimes you have to make it gradual – first remote work and then ask for a custom arrangement. Once you move to a per-work unit (did you get X done?) instead of an hourly-unit (how long did you stay in the office?), then it’s easier to make the shift. Finally, if you work for yourself, then it’s all results-based and not time-based.

  4. Have a great time! I didn’t realize it was already Spring Break week 🙂

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