Rue La La Shopping: Free $25 Credit

Shopping site Rue La La is offering an increased free $25 credit for new members that are referred by existing members until August 6th they changed it to 8/1. Keep in mind the $25 credit will take anywhere from several hours to a day to show up. You’ll know you have it when the credit appears in the top right corner of your screen.

The good news is that the credit also applies towards shipping ($9.95) so that if wanted, you could get anything under $15 for free. Also, once you pay that $9.95, future orders will ship free for the next 30 days. The referrer gets $10 credit as well if you buy something, so thanks ahead of time if you use my referral link.

Now that I have girls that like both pink things and rolling in mud, here’s a dress for $17 that ended up under $2 including shipping. They also have non-clothing items, everything seems rather fashionable. Some examples:

  • Men’s Steals (sort price low to high, ex. $12.99 flask)
  • Household Steals under $25 (sort price low to high, then scroll down)
  • Glam Gifts (sort price low to high)

(Update: A lot of things are getting sold out as this promo gets popular. Their inventory changes daily, I recommend to keep checking later and sort by price.)



  1. I love to save money but it’s hard to do with online women’s fashion! 🙂 Definitely will check this out. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Whew, a lot of things are getting sold out! I’m thinking they might end this promotion early.

  3. washerdreyer says:

    Thanks Jonathan, was hoping to get you a referral credit but don’t need anything on their site right now and can’t find anything cheap enough to buy it just because of the credit.

    • Ha, no problem at all, I can’t find anything else to buy now either. I think they changed the offer so you have to sign up by 8/1 to get the $25 now. Hopefully they will restock over the weekend.

  4. boomalog says:

    Just now catching up on emails… promo ended, but enjoy the $10 credit on me. Get something nice for the girls!

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