GrandCentral Phone Service: No Invitation Code Needed

The virtual phone service GrandCentral has been invite-only beta for several months. But now the blog service Blogger (also owned by Google) is offering users free memberships. But hey, the special sign-up link works for everyone! 🙂 Not really a loophole, since Blogger accounts are also free, but it does mean that it is now effectively open to everyone to wants to try it out.

To quickly summarize, GrandCentral offers you a free local US phone number from 47 states which can forward to any other US number. You also get free voicemail along with several other nifty features. I tried to explore the many possible uses of GrandCentral in this post. Here are a few of them:

  1. Have one permanent, central number for everything.
  2. Create an extra number for your side business, for any other reason you might think of.
  3. Avoid long distance charges, by getting a new number in a new area code.
  4. Combine with T-Mobile MyFaves or AllTel Circle for more free calling.
  5. Use it to allow people to call you via your website, without revealing your phone number.

Again, details are here. I’ve still been using GrandCentral as a separate business line. Although it doesn’t get used heavily, it does give me the ability to pre-screen calls to my business, or simply forward to a professional voicemail recording.


  1. Hmm, I hope you’re not using it for commercial endeavors….
    From the terms of service:
    “The GrandCentral Services are for personal, non-commercial usage. GrandCentral reserves the right to immediately disconnect or modify a Subscriber’s Service if GrandCentral determines, in its sole discretion, that Subscriber’s use of the Service is, or at any time was, inconsistent with normal personal, non-commercial usage patterns.”

  2. Thanks for the information. I just signed up one and it looks quite useful.

  3. Thanks… after NetZero’s PrivatePhone died a month or so back I was looking for another service. This works great.

  4. I’ve been using GrandCentral for about six months. It is ok but nothing fantastic by any means.

    If you are in the need of a serious voicemail system (commercial), I highly recommend


  5. Jimmy M says:

    A comment on using it for T-mobile / alltel.

    From what I’ve read over @ howardforums, tmo is well aware of the GC numbers, and has specific verbiage in the contract for myfaves about not allowing you to use a myfaves number that can be called by something like 500 or more people.

    You could try it, but they may end up charging you in the end for it.

  6. Tom Miller says:

    I have switched over to using GC as my primary line. Magic Jack did not have a number in my area, so this was a perfect match. Plus I love the feature of ringing all my phones at once, so I never have to worry about missing a call again. Great service!

  7. I have been using Grand Central for six months or so, and I can say that I am pleased with my use, as well as the “hacks” I have used.

  8. I’ve been using Gizmo Project’s Area 775 free phone number ( It works well, and gives me a free US phone number, including voicemail delivered to my email, etc. You get a Nevada area-code number (775), but that’s not a problem for me, and other than that, works great!

  9. Frugalchick says:

    Thanks for the info. I signed up and now have an extra phone number without the extra fees.

  10. There are fees coming… I wouldn’t give out your GC number to too many people.

  11. Interesting. So you still have to have a phone plan and whatnot. Well, we don’t have a landline right now, but I’ll remember that. It could be helpful.

  12. I’ve been using it as well and it’s a fantastic service. Plus, its hard to beat free right : )

  13. Thanks for the info. I got a number from my old hometown, so family can call. Does anyone know how reliable these numbers are? I don’t want to give it out if the circuits get overcrowded, etc.

  14. I am so desperate for am invite. I tried through the site and I’ve been waiting and waiting. I’m moving in a week and I’m trying to get this set up so the folks in my original hometown can call me toll free. Wish me luck!

  15. HI! Someone please send me an invite to GC?
    My email is nick2u (a) I need a number for business.

  16. Could anyone send me an invitation? Thanks a lot.

  17. Can someone send me also the invitation? Thanks

  18. If anyone can send me an invites I would be very grateful, I need a US number for my business. Thank you.

    My email is ckutopia at

  19. I need an invite as well, please email me at vascularaccess2 (a)


  20. I would love an invite too!

    Thanks in advance

  21. I would be so appreciative of anyone who would send me an invite. I have heard great things about this, and I’d love to try it. Thank you in advance!

  22. I would be so appreciative of anyone who would send me an invite. I have heard great things about this, and I’d love to try it. Thank you in advance!

  23. I would love an invite as well please. Thank you in advance.

  24. i would appreciate an invite as well.

  25. I’ve been trying for some time to get into this service with no luck so I would be very grateful for an invite. mlyenser at yahoo dot com. Thanks!

  26. Anyone kind enough to give me an invite? dsaj.dao at gmail dot com

  27. i been trying to sign up for grand central for 2 months now. i reseve i couple times but no luck. i am very thankful for someone send me an invitation. my email is

  28. i been trying to sign up for grand central but no luck. Can anyone please send me an invitation. my email is

  29. chrissy says:

    HI everyone…I would love an invite if someone has extras! 🙂 email me at

  30. Hello i will like someo ne to pls send me and invite 🙂

  31. Can someone send me an invite. – thanks!

  32. Nitsud says:

    Anyone with invites for GC? dustin at bodrero dot com

  33. hnkelley says:

    I clicked through on the links in the story here. Once at the Blogger page, there is a link to get an account with GC. The URL shows as being special, so there was hope. Alas, no joy. The link redirects to the main GC page. Am I missing something? Is it because I wasn’t logged in to Blogger. I don’t have an account yet; maybe that’s it?

    On the way-outside-chance somebody is willing, I’d love an invite to GC. Send it to no1home ~at~ mail {dawt} com.


  34. I would greatly appreciate if someone could send me an invite. This is something that I could use a great deal. Karma will repay you, I promise. chriscucci@gmail dot com

    Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Chris Terry says:

    Guys, once I’m in I PROMISE will put my 10 invites back in the system here… pls send GrandCentral invite to

    THANK YOU!!!

  36. Lee Brown says:

    Hi all — desperately need an invite for Grand Central on a temporary basis (buying a car and the sales people will drive me nuts if I give them my mobile) Can anyone help? I will definitely pay it forward. Thanks much!
    RangerHooper (at) gmail (dot) com

  37. Are they still sending out new invites? I’ve been waiting now for over a month with no luck.

    I could really, really use an invite if anyone could be so kind.
    I will definitely forward all of the invites I get.

    teal123 (at) gmail (dot) com

  38. Shawn Lewis says:


    If anyone can send me an invite for Grand Central it would be greatly appreciated.

  39. jfherring says:

    If anyone is still giving out invites, this is a service that would be very useful for me. I’ve been trying to get an invite since February with no luck so far. Thanks in advance, have a great day!


    jfherring (at) gmail (dot) com

  40. Steven Ferguson says:

    Could someone kindly send me an invite please?

  41. A month? I’ve been waiting since Grandcentral first started the invitation thing!!! Guess I fell through the cracks. 🙁

  42. Planning to be out of the country for up to a year and desperately need a GC number for people to stay in touch with me… if you can spare an invite, I’ll put all 10 of mine back into the system!

    wackosae (at) yahoo (dot) com

  43. sdgsgsdg says:

    Thank you

  44. Don Laur says:

    I would like to have an invite to do interviews… please send one to thanx.

  45. I would love to have an invite also…please send to thanks so much

  46. Ivory Bill says:

    As a newly-unemployed (job went to Bangalore), I am desperately (ok, not desperately; it would just make my life much easier) in need of an invite to grandcentral. If anyone has such an invite to spare (I will invite you back, if you wish) it would be very much appreciated.

    Shalom, Salaam, Peace, etc….

    texanon AT gmail DOT com

  47. SKBrown says:

    REALLY! would appreciate an invite to GrandCentral. Will monitor list and forward all additional invites received and/or return invite, if requested.

    Thanks to all for your kind consideration of my request.

    skbrown33 (at) hot mail dot com

  48. Hello! I clicked on the link and it just redirects to the main site ( Anyone with additional invites they can spare? Thanks! indierockqueen at

  49. Paramoun says:

    I would love an invite to GC. Thank you in advance.



  50. Can anyone send me an invitation I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

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    Hey I am starting anew business and could really use the extra line to screen customers. Please send me an invite at

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  59. I would love one too! Please let me out, my cell phone bills going through the ceiling and with this (in combination with T Mobile’s Myfaves) I can save myself.

    Please help this poor college student :(!!






  61. That link doesn’t work anymore…

    Can someone who has an account PLEASE send me an invite, I’ve been dieing to try this out.

  62. Clayton says:

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  63. Clayton says:

    I would like an invite to grand central. Does any one have one to spare if so please email me

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  70. Jose Mendoza says:

    I would appreciate an invite. Im trying to start my business.

    Thank you in advance

  71. Looking for a GC Invite… I will distribute my alloted invite and not be a slacker like people who have been mentioned in the forums.

    On question though, I was in the gmail beta and they gave us 100 Invites. Why not that many for GC too?

    dwb380 (at)

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    I had reserved a number directly from GC months ago to no avail.
    Thanks in advance.

  79. If what you’d like is a virtual phone number that you can point to a regular number – try

  80. i would also love to have a invite code if possible. I have had one reserved for quite some time.

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  82. Anyone have a invite they could spare? Much Appreciated


  83. CAMERON says:

    I could use a spare invite if you have one…..

  84. Hey! Did anyone receive an invite and successfuly created an account? The Google expert above said there are no invites… you just get into a queue….
    If different, PLEASE please PLEAseeee.. fwd an invite to

  85. Jesse Roza says:

    Hey there, Could I please get a GC Invite. This would help me out huge. Please… Please… send me an invite to

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  99. I just got paid $25 for an invite. If you guys really want it you’re going to have to pay, because the invites are down and will be back “shortly”


  101. It’s kind of pathetic if you read this thread. @chris clearly says that there are NO INVITES! I am a Grand Central user (very lucky to be a user, and a very, very nice service I might add) So, I will echo, and say again:


    Best of luck to all – I hope they open things up soon, but Google has been known to keep software in “beta” for a long, long time. Gmail is still in beta! I remember their usenet reader was in beta for years, and years. I hope Grand Central does not follow those footsteps.

  102. If users dig around their inbox, they will find an invite a friend invite, and that what i gave out. So your right, and your wrong

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  137. For the love of god, please if anyone can find it in their heart to give me a invite!!!! Be trying for months, no go….PLEASE!


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  145. Super late, but figured I’d try anyway if anyone wants to spare an invite.

  146. Could you please invite me ? TIA

  147. Steve from New York City says:

    Clearly there seems to be something wrong with the people reading this page: IF THERE AREN’T ANY INVITES CURRENTLY AVAILABLE, WHY ARE PEOPLE ASKING FOR INVITES?

    This page is showing a big list of incompetent readers asking for something that Grand Central does not have available this year.

    WHY SO?

  148. Hey Steve…Before you comment on something you might want to get educated on the topic first. Grand Central is a CONTROLLED BETA, meaning that someone that is a beta tester can invite you to participate. Google used this same type of methodology when gmail first came out.

  149. Mary Alexander says:

    PRETTY PLEASE send me and invite I would Soooooo appreciate it.

    Thank you 😉

    Mary Alexander

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    Just take the ( AT ) out and replace with an @ 🙂

    thank you and god bless

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  156. Christmas spirit!!

    Please invite,

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  157. Ok – here’s the skinny on ‘invites’ – because I just went through the whole deal – and I AM a beta user.

    One – asking for invites is almost fruitless – because they can’t be created anymore. Beta users used to be able to create invites, but the Grand Central beta is now closed – and even those ‘already in’ can’t invite.

    Someone COULD simply give up their spot – by giving out username/password – but the phone number will already be assigned – I tried to go ‘change’ my phone number and could not.

    Now – I did say ‘almost’ fruitless – at one time long ago – there were invites. I got two, and used one to create my account. I needed a different number yesterday and – learned what I just posted.

    Then, I dug through my inbox, found those year old invites, and amazingly – the second one STILL WORKED. So – sorry – it’s now used as well (they only work ONCE) – but the only way I think you can get in is to find someone who got an invite LONG AGO – and never used it – AND they are willing to give away the link. As I said – almost fruitless.

    Hope this info helps.

  158. I’m seeing these old, but active invites selling for $150 – $200 on ebay…

    And old accounts with numbers already assigned are selling for all different amounts (I guess based on the number’s popularity)

    So, I guess don’t expect them to be given away anymore until Google reopens the invitations – and for all we know they might just shut it all down next week.

  159. Hi,

    I was wondering if anyone has a grand central invite that they could spare to me. I would really love to join and I have been attempting for many months. If someone invites me, I’ll even give them my invites to give to whom ever as well. My email is

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  160. Hello everyone, I am looking for a kind soul who could spare an invite. Please send to Thank you so much! Merry X-Mas

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  162. Plz email me the Invitation plz …

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  163. Yep, I guess no one listens. I did my best to explain the situation, on Dec 10, but still – ah well.

    Hey – if you want an invite or a number – go buy one on ebay – that’s about the best you’ll get right now.

    I have THREE numbers – and no – I CANNOT INVITE ANYONE!!!!

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  168. I’ve had an account for a long time. I’ve never had invitations I could send out.

  169. Fez Bluwerke says:

    This sounds pretty good. I visited their website, but it says I need to be invited to join it. Will anyone know how to secure an invitation to join it? I would be much obliged for anyone to share this information with me. Thanks a lot.
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  186. There are no more invites to Grand Central. In fact, Google is about to release Google Voice. I would wait until then.

  187. Needs an invite Thank you much.

  188. does anyone want to give me their grandcentral account? i’ll pay you… darcymyers –at– gmail

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  207. Anyone have any invites?

  208. ImpatientlyWaiting says:

    Why couldn’t google have just left GrandCentral alone…
    I’m beginning to think Obama is running Google, too.
    Open the dang thing back up already!

  209. I would love an invite also:

    mdpettit at mac dot com

  210. wow. lol. that was intense.

  211. Keg of Wisdom says:

    Invite please!! I need it super super bad!!!

  212. Omg. Are all of you people begging for invites idiots? Learn to read

    There are no invites anymore. Ever since google took over they dismissed the entire invitation thing. And yes I am a gv user/beta tester.

    Invites were able to be given out over a year ago. It’s no the case anymore. It’s NOT the same as when gmail first came out.


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