Free PDF of Unveiling the Retirement Myth by Jim Otar

I’m still recovering from holidays, but I did see today that retirement specialist Jim Otar has made his book Unveiling The Retirement Myth available in PDF format for free until January 9, 2011. Here is the direct download link (expired).

I haven’t read it, but from I can gather it seems targeted at those DIY investors who are carefully planning the withdrawal phase of retirement, and not for beginners. For example, the summary teaser talks about “non-Gaussian optimum asset allocations”. 🙂 Hey, sounds like great weekend reading to me. Learn more about the material at his site In any case, it’s free and the book retails for $50, so why not download it. I’m now wanting an iPad to read all these free eBooks out there…

Thanks to TheFinanceBuff for the tip.


  1. Thanks for sharing. Hope you recover from the holidays soon!

  2. I’m not into investing either. At least not yet. But like you, I downloaded it for a good read some time.

  3. thanks for the link since I am retired but not a millionaire.
    I am more worried about my SS cola which has been denied for 2 years.

  4. Excellent read – although i did skip the market timing stuff.

  5. This was really interesting. Not a whole lot of actionable information for those of us early in the “accumulation” stage; starting on page 196 there’s a good chapter about allocation In the first 5 years, compiling the “seed money,” the best case senario for an agressive portfolio grows your money only a bit faster than cutting your discretionary spending and making regular, larger investments. And the latter strategy has a lot less market risk.

  6. This is a very interesting book and I found it very readable. Definitely makes me rethink retirement planning.

  7. I read the pdf from “cover to cover” and disagree with Randy: there are very key actionable items if you are in the accumulation phase. Besides the one you mentioned (do NOT be aggressive with the first 5-8 yr seed money), the whole idea of Tactical asset allocation (and other options) serves the accumulators the best advantage since so many of the older investors have been fed the buy-n-hold mantra. The realization that you can match the market by being out of it for over 30% of the time is a key paradigm shift that takes some time and structuring to put into practice. I would reread chap 27 carefully. (You too Nuri, 🙂

    I was disappointed that he did not do a better job at discussing personal inflation rate or the role in really tracking your own personal rate of return. It is quite a tome to digest. I dont put it all at gospel, but it has some very important thinking shifts that would benefit anyone who can really read through it.

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