Free Equifax FICO Score Redux

Looks like Equifax and FICO are giving out another 10,000 free FICO scores (expired!). Again… no credit card or trial required. This is an official FICO score based on your Equifax credit file. Score only, no credit report. This time you don’t have to sign up for an extra forum account.

If you already got one of these free scores recently, you are out of luck. There is a limit of one every 12 months. The site URL is, which really sounds spammy, but it is verified by Verisign to be run by Fair Isaac Corporation.


  1. I tried it and it worked,I have no idea how they come up with these numbers? can you have a perfect score?

  2. Thanks again Jonathan.

  3. Sweet – haven’t checked it in a while, up to 800 now 🙂

  4. simplesimon says:

    Thanks Jonathan. I think checking your score dings you a few points but I’ve never seen my FICO score before and am very happy with my number (I’ve only had a credit card for a little over a year now) so it was worth it for peace of mind.

    There are a few factors involved in coming up with the score and when they give you the score here, it tells you what you could do to improve it.
    1) Credit history lengh – the longer the better
    2) Balances on available credit – better to have low percentages ($1k out of $20k credit than $500 on $2k credit)
    3) No late payments (obvious)

    There are other things they look at that I can’t think of off the top of my head right now.

  5. Thanks for the heads up. What ever happened with the class action lawsuit that was supposed to not only give us access to our scores, but to free credit monitoring for a number of months?

  6. Is really a trustworthy site?
    It is always scary to give out your SS#

  7. Thanks for the tip!

  8. Although I used it just last October to check my score, it worked for me this time too. Apparently, account I created back in October was no longer available, so I had to create new one anyway.

  9. Mrs. Accountability says:

    The offer has already expired, thanks for letting us know about it though!

  10. Dang these things go away fast…

  11. Glad some people got in. Also, a person’s credit score is never affected when they check it themselves.

  12. I used the previous one, so i could not access this one. I guess you can only use one promotion in a year. Well, trying to get to 800, perhaps the next one! Thanks Jonathan for links!

  13. Well at least I can’t be mad I missed this also because I signed up last time for this offer already.

  14. how can you get your score if you don’t have a credit card????


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