Free eBook on Small Business Tax Deductions (Expired)

(Update: Free promo is expired, it’s back at $9.99.) Just a quick note that there is a Kindle eBook about tax deductions for small businesses, including self-employed people, that is currently free called Small Business Tax Deduction Secrets by Stephen Nelson, CPA. The author participates in the Bogleheads investment forum under the username SeattleCPA.

I downloaded and skimmed the book briefly, and it does have helpful information for those looking to maximize qualified business expenses and deductions (as you should!). Free for a limited time, so as usual my advice is download now and read later! You can download software to read Kindle books on PC, Mac, smartphones, and tablets.


  1. Jonathan, love your blog! I have got a lot of financial management tips from here since I have been reading this blog (6 years) which I can certainly say has helped me in managing my resources much more efficiently.

  2. Thanks, I read it this morning. As someone with very little business tax experience this was a good primer and got me thinking about some things I might do down the road if I grow my ebay business.

  3. I recently found your blog and immediately subscribed it through email. I also just downloaded this ebook, and will definitely read through it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. pedoteeth says:

    think the offer is over. can only download a sample of the book.

  5. Thanks, I’ve updated the post to indicate that the offer is expired.

  6. Jonathan, Can you send me a downloaded copy of this book? I see it late and it expired.

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