Dilbert Teaches You About Investing

The Dilbert comic often dispenses good investing advice, but sometimes it’s either so spot on or so subtle that I think it’s worth repeating to makes sure everyone gets the lesson behind the joke.

Perils of market timing explained:

Alternate title: Momentum investing explained, via Abnormal Returns

Survivorship bias explained:

This actually happens!

Financial advisors with high costs and bad incentive structures explained:

Buyer beware…

Subprime mortgage crisis explained:


On a more serious and practical note, don’t forget about Dilbert’s One-Page Guide to Everything Financial.


  1. Baughman says:

    I love Scott Adams. His blog is great. The above comics tell it like it is and it’s about time that the public knew about it.

  2. Ha! Love Dilbert

  3. Jenna, Adaptu Community Manager says:

    “Suddenly I feel all savvy.”

  4. Haha, I love Dilbert. I feel all savvy now- that’s great!

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