American Airlines Free Bonus Miles – Facebook Required

aapassAmerican Airlines has a new AAdvantage Passport Challenge where you can earn free bonus miles for various small activities:

  • Play trivia and other games to earn up to 700 miles
  • Share and complete social actions to earn up to 350 miles
  • Take flights to earn over 9,000 miles

You’ll need a Facebook account, but it does present a good way to reset your miles expiration date at no cost. AA miles currently expire after 18 months of inactivity.
You should get 50 miles just for the Like, but I also did the first quiz “New American Trivia” to make sure I get some miles. You get less points if you missed questions, so here are answer hints:

  • More 330 locations, more than 50 countries.
  • Last 4 airports are Chicago O’Hare, Charlotte Douglas, Philadelphia and Phoenix.
  • American Eagle
  • All of the above.

Update: I did the 2nd tail fin quiz too. They were the same for both of our accounts, so here you go: 323 121 322 132.

That was the low-hanging fruit, I skipped the rest for now. Per the terms and conditions, “Bonus miles will be awarded within 3-4 weeks after the promotion period has ended”.


  1. The rest are just games/ads that require no skill/ just random clicks or answers to questions

  2. Thank you! Easy miles indeed. The “Spin to Win” game (top right) and “Connect 3 Partners” items (middle 2nd row) were also easy points. They make them seem random (they’re probably not), but I got an additional 100 miles between those two, for even less effort than the first two items required.

  3. I hate allowing corporations spam my Facebook friends. But if I do, I certainly need more than $7 or so worth of points awarded only after spending like 30 minutes playing silly, ad-ladden games (I find the whole process degrading to adults)

  4. I hear you, Serge. Unfortunately, you got to do what it takes to keep your account active. For what it’s worth, I believe you don’t need to “invite” your friends to earn the 50 miles to keep American Airlines happy.

    Question for Jonathan/Scott/et al:

    You don’t need to play ALL the games to get your miles? I have 100 miles from doing a couple activities but I see at the top of the screen it reads “Complete all games and activities for
    American Airlines AAdvantage® miles”. Are we sure you can complete SOME of the games and still get your miles?

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