Groupon: $8 For Domino’s Pizza, $20 For General Mills Combo

Update 4/21: There is a new national deal for a General Mills sampler pack that include a whole bunch of random goodies like cereal and sn.acks, along with a coupon book. Over 1,000 bought already, partially I guess since cereal is so darn expensive these days

Groupon has a national deal (still valid 4/21) at Domino’s Pizza that gets you any large pizza with up to 10 toppings (online order, carryout only) for $8. Valid at all locations in lower 48. I haven’t tried their new revamped pizza yet… is it really better?

If you don’t have a Groupon account already, please use my sign-up link, and I’ll get some Groupon credit for referring you. (It feeds my dining-out addiction… literally.) Then visit the Domino’s pizza deal link.

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  1. It is 10x better. It actually is quite tasty.

  2. The new pizza is better. However, this is only a good deal for people who like a lot of topping on their pizza. You can already get two medium two topping pizzas for $12, which is probably a comparable deal and it’s available every day.

  3. I’m not a fan of the new pizza. Seems like they went overboard piling too many spices onto it, and I’m a person that likes garlic a lot.

  4. I love the new one. Their tomato sauce is out of the world now!.
    Yeah!, I can see some one who does not like any spice at all not to like it. In general, it is not too spicy.

  5. if you go through ebay and click on your ebay bucks, you get an additional 40 cents ebay bucks if you click on the groupon pizza deal

  6. I actually took advantage of this groupon deal through mypoints program.

    I had a hankering for pizza, what can i say?!

  7. I tried the new pizza and it is still horrible. I eat a lot(too much) pizza from many sources and I used to say the old Domino’s pizza is the only stuff so bad that I actually threw it out instead of eating it. Now, I have added the new Domino’s to the list.

    I usually get pizza from local shops I know I like. Of the big national chains, I would go for Papa John’s, then Pizza Hut(Seriously love their boneless wings though) and always avoid Domino’s. I have not had Little Caesar’s yet but have not heard anything good via word of month.

  8. Jenna, Adaptu Community Manager says:

    Do you ever get free deals by linking Groupon to your blog? I’m just curious.

  9. I think it’s a good idea to at least glance over the amount of calories and sodium you’ll be consuming:

    Sorry to be a downer, but gotta stay health conscious! =)

  10. I don’t think 1,000 people bought the General Mills groupon – it says it sold out at 500 people. Maybe 1,000+ tried, but they didn’t all get it.

  11. Actually, 4,500 were sold from Minneapolis yesterday, and then they extended it a bit in San Francisco for today, which also sold out at 500. I didn’t think it would be that popular, either, but I bet some of the coupons were pretty good.

  12. They have to make money on something. It is like currency exchange with no commission. You will get ripped one way or another.

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