Viggle App Review: Surprise, You Can’t Make Good Money While Watching TV

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vigglescreenPapa John’s sent me a code for a free song download the other day. It was really a way to introduce me to the Viggle, a smartphone app which allows users to “check in” when listening to songs or watching TV shows. Similar to Shazam, the app listens for a few seconds and figures out what is on. When you match a show or song, you get Viggle points that can be redeemed for rewards. For example, you get 25 points for a song match and 60 points for watching a standard hour-long TV show. Certain promoted TV shows will offer bonus points.

The standard rewards structure breaks down to getting a penny for matching a song, and 2 cents for watching an hour of TV. A song download is 3,500 points and a Redbox 1-day DVD rental is 4,000 points. This means 25 points is worth a little less than a 1 cent. Even if you watch tons of TV you still have to keep checking in on your phone (exposing yourself to even more ads) so they know you didn’t just leave your phone by the TV all day. The rewards won’t even be cash as the only gift cards offered are to Redbox, Windows Store, and

Here’s my lightning review: Don’t bother. I try to keep an open mind about some of these programs, but this one just sounds awful. From reading various reviews, even the loyal users say the rewards have gotten steadily worse over time. Make money while sitting on the couch and watching TV? Honestly, how did you think it would turn out?!

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  1. Kathryn Martin says

    Thanks for the info! I never use red box, but for those who do, you can find free rental codes on RetailMeNot. Or you could just search Google for them.

  2. Former Viggler says

    The new management has destroyed Viggle!!! I have been using Viggle and have actually been happy to do so and happy with the product in general. So much so that I got my wife and kids hooked on it. BUT the new management has DESTOYED Viggle. Bonus points for watching shows have been cut in half, ads have been cut, trivia points have been cut in half and countless weeks go by with no rewards other than Twizzler Tshirts. I will be cashing out and not looking back as soon as possible. To any Viggle management listening, fire those in charge or start looking for another job becuase Viggle will not survive as it is.

    • I agree, 2 million points now only twizzlers tshirt, lol. They scammed me. Learn from my mistake, don’t waste your time. Viggle was great, now SUCKS!…

      • Yeah now they don’t even have twizzler T-shirts anymore. Now all they have is digital media. TV, movies, music,and books. None of which I need because I get that all for free already. Let’s start a protest.

  3. Don’t waste your time, they took away all the products and gift cards, over 700,000 points gone to waste!!!

  4. Awful. About a month ago a $10 coupon for Buffalo Wild Wings was 30,000 points, but now it’s 60,000 points! Those investors in Viggle will be very disappointed because my friends, and me too, are deleting the Viggle app.
    Waste of time!!

  5. Used to love viggle now it is not worth the time . I like the movies but it takes so long to get points anymore ?? what happened !??

  6. Tim taylor says

    Viggle can only buy TV or movies down loads.You can get the same thing from show box for free.

  7. Viggle used to be good.. Guess going out of business. There is nothing to redeem anymore.
    I guess all thinks come to an end…. Stopped playing ..

  8. Viggle, please let us know something. I don’t even get the option for movies any more, no gift cards, products, anything, only books, & to enter points in hope to win money. That’s my options.

  9. Lisa Henry says

    In 2015 I was in an auto accident, I was not able to “viggle” for at least a year when I went back to my routine “work”, I signed back on Viggle I was devastated to find out all of my 950000 points were gone. I lost them, Due to inactivity. I wrote to Viggle, emailed Viggle even tried to call Viggle. To no evail. What’s the use of having big prizes if you can’t save your points to obtain them.

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