Brainstorming More Things to Sell on eBay.

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The more I gather the things I want to sell on eBay, the more things pop up. I made this list to help me brainstorm items, and have been adding to it continuously. I’d be open to more! =)

Old Clothes, Handbags, Shoes
VHS Tapes, DVDs
Music CDs, Tapes
Electronics including cameras, printers, printer ink cartridges, cell phones, laptops, disk drives, zip disks, cables, (I’ve got a ton of these)
Antiques? (I’ve got none of these)

Musical instruments
Miscellaneous collectibles
Bikes, Car Accessories
Sporting Goods – Skis, snowboards, camping gear…
Tools, Home Improvement stuff
Toys, Video Game Boxes & Games
Books & Magazines

I’ve got over 50 items already, including lots of little stuff like music CDs and old VHS tapes, etc. I imagine the dollar per hour rate of work I’m putting into this is decreasing as I go on, but I’ve got the time and it’ll feel great to get rid of all this stuff.

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  1. It feels even better when you have shipped it off, and a bigger bummer when it doesn’t sell, then you have to decide if it is worth it to relist or give away.

  2. maribeth says:

    Clothes don’t sell well on eBay unless (a) you have designer labels or (b) you can sell a whole bag of same-size stuff, which will go for about $10. It is easier to drop ’em at the Goodwill and forget about them. Shoes and handbags might do better.

    For CDs, tapes, VHS, and books I suggest selling through Amazon — I’ve had good luck with this. I have not tried selling anything else through them, but apparently you can.

  3. Also, if you find that some/all of that isn’t doing what you want on eBay, consider an old-fashioned garage sale. I highly recommend Cathy Pedigo’s Pocket Idiot’s Guide to Garage Sales. She really teaches you how to squeeze every last saleable drop out of your household goods.

    And VHS (either new or used) is very hard to sell for any money at all these days (Walmart will remove all VHS from its stores in the near future, for example), just a heads up so you can think about time vs. reward ratios.

  4. Whatever you sell, try to get it really super-cheap. I see personal DVD collections go for abour $3 per DVD plus shipping. Wal-Mart sells some decent titles or $5.88 or even $4.88 brand new. A good bet for used stuff is yard sales, flea markets or auctions (possibly storage space auctions). Also, you can re-sell said items at yard sales and flea markets in addition to eBay.

    Also thrift stores — I can make good deals for CDs if I buy them out (like less than $1 per CD).

  5. ive been selling cds in, im buying cds(brand new) in warehouse for 250pesos in our currency. the market sell it at 450 pesos? u think i will gain profit on it?
    my customers wants a imported cds. but i dont have relatives in states that will help me for imported cds. hope someone outhere will help me?

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