Straight Talk SIM Card + Any iPhone 4 or 5 = $45 Unlimited Prepaid Plan

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October 2013 Update: “Unlimited” has been clarified to mean 3G/4G data speeds for 2.5 GB per month, throttled to 2G data speed after that. Both AT&T and T-Mobile SIM cards are now available, with the newer ones allowing 4G / LTE speeds if you bring your own 4G HSPA+ / LTE-compatible phone. Price dropped to $6.99 with free shipping. See screenshot below.

You can also now buy the iPhone 4 ($200 refurb) and iPhone 5 ($400 refurb) directly from StraightTalk now at reasonable prices. iPhones sold by Straight Talk are CDMA and work on Verizon networks and their wider coverage. Note that the CDMA iPhone 5 comes factory GSM unlocked as well, so you can even switch to AT&T with the SIM cards above. Remember these come with no contract and also go with the $45 unlimited plan. Details below.

Here’s a way to get your iPhone on a cheaper prepaid plan with unlimited talk, text, and data. Part of my cell phone plan optimization chart.

Straight Talk, a prepaid MVNO that is a joint venture between Tracfone and Wal-mart, is now offering the ability to buy Straight Talk SIM cards that you can pop into any AT&T-compatible, T-Mobile-compatible, or unlocked GSM phone. For the iPhone 3G and 3GS, buy the regular SIM card. For the iPhone 4 and 4S, but the micro SIM card (shown below). For the iPhone 5 and 5C and 5S, buy the micro SIM card and this nano SIM cutter which will cut it to the correct size. Right now, all SIM cards are $14.99 price drop! $6.99 with free overnight shipping (must choose free overnight shipping option explicitly).

For $45 a month you get unlimited minutes, unlimited text, and unlimited* data with no contracts and no credit checks. So you can bring over any AT&T iPhone that is no longer in a contract (it does NOT need to be unlocked or jailbroken!), and you’ll still be using the AT&T or T-Mobile network with 3G and even 4G (HSPA+ only) data speeds. You’ll need the $45 a month plan card to activate the SIM, as that is the only plan that works with the SIM card. Unlimited means 3G/4G data speeds for 2.5 GB per month, throttled to 2G data speed after that. (If you want to stream Netflix videos all the time, this is not the plan for you.)

To recap (thanks to reader Ivan):

  1. Go to
  2. Buy a SIM card (micro for iPhone 4/4S/5, regular for 3G and 3GS) for $14.99. iPhone 5 will need to be trimmed down to nano-SIM size. You will also need a $45 unlimited plan card to activate your SIM, which will include your first month of service.
  3. Activate new sim card by calling in and getting a new number or porting old number (have your old phone company info ready)
  4. Install SIM on iPhone and wait for activation process to complete by giving it maybe an hour to a couple hours.

You can find cheap off-contract iPhones at, such as the iPhone 4 AT&T or iPhone 4S AT&T that is compatible with this plan.

The Verizon iPhone 5 actually comes GSM unlocked from the factory, so you can also use those with Straight Talk.

After activating and making sure you like the $45 a month plan, you can buy a 3-months-at-once Unlimited card for $126 at Walmart, shaving another $3 off per month from the regular price.

Frequently Asked Questions

After reading the 250+ comments below, here are some common questions and answers:

Can I use an iPhone 3G or 3GS on Straight Talk?
Yes. These were only on AT&T and work without being unlocked or jailbroken. Follow the directions above and buy the regular sized SIM card.

Can I use my Verizon or Sprint iPhone on Straight Talk?
Yes to the Verizon iPhone 5, which comes GSM unlocked from the factory. No to the Sprint iPhone 5, which is only GSM unlocked for international use. No to both Sprint and Verizon iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

I bought and activated the SIM. How do I get the internet and text messaging to work on Straight Talk?
If you are having issues, you will need to change your phone’s APN settings to Straight Talk settings. On an iPhone, visit the website “” on your phone’s web browser (not computer!) when connected to WiFi. This will allow you to change your APN settings easily. Click “Create APN” and choose the “Straight Talk” option. You don’t need to jailbreak your phone if you are happy with having data and text messaging.

How do I activate MMS on Straight Talk?
If you want to enable MMS (multimedia messaging services) which just adds video and picture messaging, it’s a little more complicated but you have a few options. First, you can “jailbreak” your phone. This is not illegal but it will void your Apple warranty (possibly expired anyway). The details on this are constantly changing, so search on Google for the current options. An “untethered jailbreak” is preferable. Alternatively, you can manually edit your phone’s plist settings using directions provided here and here. Finally, if you are running iOS 6, there is what is called the “sim swap trick” where you reveal some hidden settings by temporarily putting in a T-Mobile SIM card (doesn’t need to be activated, you can buy one for $10 or less). Here is one set of directions.

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  1. haha! iphone’s for the masses finally…

  2. Are you sure you get 3G data on this plan with iPhone?

    I recently unlocked my iPhone 3GS, which was formerly with AT&T and started using it on SIMPLE Mobile. it is $40 unlimited talk, text (incl. International texts) and data plan. Prepaid, no contract, no credit checks, no SSN, no tax even.

    The only hiccup is that SIMPLE Mobile interfaces with T-Mobile network, which means I am actually using T-Mobile’s services really and T-Mobile supports 3G on a different frequency from AT&T. All-in-all, with iPhone on T-Mobile’s network, the hardware can only support 2G data (EDGE). Therefore, while I am very happy to be paying SIMPLE Mobile/T-Mobile only $40 (no tax) a month for unlimited of everything, I hate having been downgraded to 2G after having been on 3G for nearly 3 years.

    Here’s the reasons:
    1. Apple iPhone supports 3G data at 1900MHz. AT&T Service supports 3G data at 1900MHz. Perfect match!
    2. T-Mobile and most other service providers support 3G at 1700MHz. iPhone only supports 2G/EDGE at that frequency.

    Therefore, with iPhone on T-Mobile, we get only 2G speeds that really suck.

  3. Chris Spencer says

    I think you really should modify your post, Andy is right. The website says:

    “Bring an AT&T or T-mobile compatible GSM phone, or an unlocked GSM phone
    make sure it operates on our compatible frequencies”

    In fact what is often overlooked by the tech-unsavy popular media, is the ‘3G’ differences. If you had a iphone 4S here’s the speeds on each of the networks:
    T-Mobile: 2G (.01 mbps)
    Sprint/Verizon: 3G (3 mbps)
    AT&T: “faux-G” (14.4 mbps)
    (all these mbps are peak speeds and depend on the cell towers you’re hooked up to)

  4. Here’s an 18 page thread on Slickdeals about the Straight Talk plan:

    One person posted:

    ” just did a speed test on my iphone 4 on straight talk 3g. 4.38mb down and 1.4mb up. I live in the DFW area.”

    I’m not sure about the mb/s to Mbps conversion and if that officially qualifies as “3G speed”, but I thought I’d mention it.

  5. Can’t say for sure whether you get 3G speeds or not, but if you select “buy a sim” from the linked site, you will find that it says “Unlocked Phone (Phone must operate in 850 and 1900 MHz bands)”. So it doesn’t look like they are using 1700MHz that Andy mentions.

  6. I called Straight Talk Technical Support just now. (1-877-430-CELL). After about 18 minutes of hold time, I got a customer service guy to answer my call.

    Asked the question: I have an unlocked iPhone 3GS from AT&T. If I were to transfer my service to Straight Talk, would I be able to use 3G or only 2G?

    Answer: Sir, we do not support iPhones and Blackberrys at this time. Sorry, you cannot use iPhone with our service.

    This clearly contradicts their website, which states all unlocked GSM phones, including smart phones are compatible.

    Has anyone used iPhone on Straight Talk? What speeds do you get for data?

  7. Their customer support might not be aware of their new offering. It looks like you can choose between AT&T and T-Mobile. Microsim is only available through AT&T.

  8. Why wouldn’t an off-contract AT&T-locked iPhone just get signal from the AT&T towers available on StraightTalk an thus get 3G speeds?

  9. I spoke with many Straight Talk reps about using an iPhone 4S with their new BYOP plan, and they insisted it would work they just said in order to stream video etc. you would have to use WiFi.

  10. It even uses iPhone 4 as an example as to what uses the micro sim when you go to purchase the card.

  11. For those who are interested in saving a bundle:

    I’ve been using StraightTalk for quite some time with my iPhones (both AT&T locked and factory unlocked). I’m using a SIM that came out of a StraightTalk Nokia phone, but – just like this article says – starting this week you can the SIM card a la carte for $15.

    They don’t “support” iPhones, but their site and others including YouTube have good instructions that demonstrate how simple the process is to use their SIM card in an iPhone. You don’t have to jailbreak your phone unless you want MMS. Everything else (web, calls, text) works and works quite well.

    As for speed, here’s what I got using SpeedTest earlier today: 6.3Mbps down, 675kbps up.

    Straight Talk uses AT&T’s towers. That’s why you can use their SIM card in an iPhone that is locked on AT&T. Straight Talk’s parent company purchases bandwidth from AT&T at wholesale and resells it. They also do the same kind of thing with t-Mobile and Verizon.

    It’s prepaid ($45/mo or less if you purchase more at one time). You can have them automatically renew your subscription by billing your CC if you prefer. No contract, so you can leave any time. You can port your existing number over. What else…
    Even thought the data is “unlimited”, don’t push it or you will get warned and possibly lose your service. There are no hard limits. I’ve never encountered a problem.

    • JT- ???!!! What does that mean?”Even thought the data is “unlimited”, don’t push it or you will get warned and possibly lose your service. There are no hard limits.” That statement is so ambiguous and susceptible to abuse that it outweighs any possible savings and makes me consider anyone BUT Straight Talk.

  12. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. It works with iPad too.

  13. Would this work with an AT&T SII?

  14. I think the best deal around is Boost Mobile (aka Sprint). Every six months you make payments on time, they lower your monthly payment $5 until you reach $35 / month.

  15. My nephew unlocked att iphone and uses on straighttalk.

  16. This is a fantastic deal. My wife’s AT&T iPhone 3gs has been running with a Straighttalk sim card for 6 months no issues to report, yes at 3G speed too. Yes I did the jailbreak thing to get the MMS initially, but the latest jailbreak is untethered and works great. I even upgraded to the latest iPhone OS (5.01) and so now the phone is no longer jailbroken, but the MMS service still works great.

    This deal is even sweeter when you prepay the Straighttalk service 6 months in advance and pay online, less than $45 a month and unlimited talk, text and web. (This is what I do now)

    I have had both AT&T & Verizon service contract plans previously and was paying $60 a month for the same services through Verizon when I switched over (after factoring in all the FCC, Service Charges, Subscriber, Tax and hyped up junk fees that these service providers suposedly “pass along”). Straight talk is just what they say it is. Straight talk. No BS fee’s that add an additional $15 in miscellaneous charges to your bill. The plan is $45 a month and you can set-up auto deduct.

    When I first considered switching over to Straighttalk I gave AT&T and Verizon a fighting chance by speaking with their customer service agents about my intentions. I also tested the water with a cheapo Straighttalk phone for my daughter (her phone was offerred by Straighttalk for free and the service ran through Verizon towers.)
    Below is a caption of the responses I got from AT&T and verizon:
    1st Challenge – Their rebuttal was yeah Straight talk is cheaper by a couple hundred dollars a year but how good is their network? My response, it’s as good as yours cause they use your towers.
    2nd Challenge – Their rebuttal was what do you do when you are out of range and have no roaming ability with Straighttalk? My response, I don’t use the phone in roam today. So it’s no different for me personally.
    3rd Challenge… this is the best….Their rebuttal what about customer service if you go with Straight talk you end up talking to a customer service agent in a foreign country? My answer, yup they are located in the Phillippines. I grew up there as a kid and the people are ultra pleasurable and honest to deal with. While they may not be in the US, dealing with customer service agents in a foreign country is no different then dealing with you.

    The Verizon customer service response after me giving all the answers to his rebutalls above.”Good luck with your new service at Straight talk and thank you for having been a customer of ours for the last 5 years. We appreciated your business.”

  17. So, on the straightalk site is says an compatible phone from AT&T and so forth. I am not very phone techy so I have two questions:

    1. How would I know which phones are compatible?
    2. Since, I already have straightalk couldn’t I just use the SIM card in my phone now?

    Thanks for any help anyone can give.

  18. @Jaime

    1. Any phone that has At&t branding like a logo on the backcover of the phone. The phone must also have a sim card slot. Any At&t smart phone should work on straightalk, also most feature phones or “go phones” will work.

    2. No, you can not just hot swap sim cards, especially if you are using a feature phone: ( IE one with only a keyboard or a small screen. If you are using the phone you will have to activate a different SIM card to use with whatever phone you are using even with straighttalk

  19. I read where the sim card that you have to use has to have a “P” on it. If i buy one from the walmart ST website how do i know that it will have a “P” on it? Or can i purchase one in store?

  20. i have an iphone 4s that is jailbroken, after talking to stright talk they told me it can not be used with there service but im reading different . does anyone know the answer regarding the 4s

  21. To tim: the iphone 4s i have been told and tried several ways to get to work with a straight talk sim card…supposibly the phone will have to be unlocked and the unlock process is not even out yet said it would be around March 7…that is the response I have gotten from Only other option they said would to be to purchase gevey $54.99(not worth it) So I have given up on the iphone 4s I have tried every way possible for it to work but it will not respond to the straight talk sim card…if anyone else has any idea as how to make it work let me know too!

  22. I’ve been using my iPhone 4s on Straight talk for 3 months with out issues. If you want MMS you have to jailbreak your iPhone, which in now available for all model iPhone(for free just google iphone dev team ). Other then that it works like a champ, all features are there including Siri. Straight talk customer service is a bit difficult to work with, but it’s worth the pain considering you can save $600 a year on your iPhone.

    Best of luck

  23. Jorge exactly what sim card are u using

  24. The AT&T compatible card (t-64) will be written on the card. If you have iPhone 4 or 4s get the smaller sim card (micro) if you have a 3GS then get the bigger sim

    Hope this helps

  25. I already have straight talk. My husband has an iphone 4 with att contract. Can i use the new sim card and put in his phone and transfer my phone number to it?

    HIs contract still has almost a year, and we are willing to pay early cancellation fees, but wasn’t sure if we needed to cancel it first or keep the service on like we did when we ported my number to straight talk phone initially.

    Any ideas?

  26. If I use the $45 unlimited plan on the iphone 4. Will I able to switch over to the $30 plan as well?

  27. @susan Unless your SIM card came out of a Nokia E71 or unless you ordered it directly from straight talk, you will not be able to use in your iPhone. Straight talk also uses T-mobile as a matter of fact most of their SIM card based phones are t-mobile on way to verify is to look at the back of your sim you should see t64Psimc4 if you do then you are good to go, if you don’t it’s most likely t-mobile. Also take into consideration that you may have to cut your sim to make it fit in the iPhone 4. My recommendation would be to order a new sim from the website it cost $15 and order the right sim and size and not hassle with all the variables.


  28. @terry Sorry Terry, if you migrate to the $30 plan you will lose data

  29. Thanks for your help. I don’t mind losing data. Have anyone one done that be4? I got an email from straight talk saying that the $45 plan work bring your own device. SSo a 30 plan will not work on the iphone. I wonder if anyone got it to work with the 30 dollars plan on the iphone

  30. Do people experience slower speeds with Andie phones on the BYOD? I’d like to use the T-mobile Exhibit II with the AT&T sim. anyone have experience?

  31. I am not very up to date on all the technology so I’m wanting to get the $45 sim card that can be used on any of the phones i already own. Do I just go to Wal-Mart and buy the Straight talk sim card bring it home & use it in any AT&T phone I have?

  32. @jorge I have an factory unlocked (not jail broken) iPhone 4s with a Straight Talk SIM card. Phone says I have 4G speed yet I cannot connect to the Internet. The Cellular Data Settings tab is missing.
    Since it sounds like you’ve got your phone working, can ou share the secret?

    • Makayla weaver says

      Hello. You should try reset your IPhone. Unless you do not wont to. I have done this phone before. It happens all the time. If that don’t work then just take it to the shop.

  33. @Mariah I’ve detailed some instructions below to help you achieve your goal.

    1.) Connect your 4S to a wifi singal (your home, coffee shop, etc.
    2.) Open Safari form your iPhone and go to
    3.) Click on Countinue
    4.) Click on Custon APN
    5.) Under carrier select Straighttalk and then press done
    6.) Click on Create Profile (this will open a up a page that says install
    7.) install it and you should be good to go (this will create a icon on your phone that says APN (DO NOT DELETE IT)


  34. @Margo You can not use a T-mobile device with an AT&T sim, they two phones work on different MHZ ( however Straight talk does offer a t-mobile sim as well)

  35. @wbh You will have to order the sim online at

  36. Bmerricknguyen says

    im totally phone illiterate, and although I have read all of these, sometimes the answers go right over my head.
    i want to get a second hand, unlocked iphone on line (so not the latest model, 3G?) and get a straighttalk sim card…will all of this work? And when buying on ebay, what do I need to look for to make it all work- atandt?!
    Thanks for all your help, I cant find anywhere else to ask!

  37. @Jorge I download and installed it but the cannot sent mms pic message long distance??

  38. I have a nokia e71 from straight talk . Can I just buy a Iphone , switch my sims and be ready to go? Or does the Iphone have to be active with another cell provider first?

  39. @shane You have to jailbreak your phone to send MMS. With straight talk you can only send MMS within the country, no international MMS allowed

  40. @Pam Yes you can just pop your sim card into an iphone please follow the instructions above to get the internet working. Also take into consideration that the iPhone 4 and 4S require smaller sim cards, so you have to get a sim card cutter they sell for around 10 on amazon

  41. Jorge I can send mms to any number in the 913 area code which is the same as mine even if its long distance just cannot send it to any other area code and I dont see where I change my APN settings to match what straight talk says when i install the it doesnt allow me to change the settings

  42. @shane

    To modify the MMS settings you need to jailbreak your device, the site will only provide internet and sms (text message) to enable full MMS you need to jailbreak

  43. ok jorge it is jailbroken how do i modify the settings

  44. @Jorge
    Thanks for your reply. I had already installed the profile from and even tried to uninstall and reinstall. I tried a few different profiles just for kicks…

    I can still only get access to my email and maps but cannot get on the internet.

    Do you know if there are any other things I should try?

  45. @Jorge ok Jorge I have the APN settings changed and it appears that I can recieve MMS from everyone finally but not send any to anyone? data is also working fine.

  46. @ mariah after you setup the Straight talk APN reboot your device

  47. @shane

    This video below is very informative and should awsser all questions

  48. @Jorge I followed all instructions on video and my MMS on my 4s still isn’t working. Any advice?

  49. @cam did you jailbreak your device?

  50. @Jorge. Jail broken and did everything just like the video. Also I got the newest APN and my phones data will stop working sometimes.

  51. Just a udpate to all… I called Straight Talk to see if maybe they can help me configure the MMS settings. They said to look on the Internet but the most interesting part is that they told me that MMS and Internet may not work outside of your coverage zip code. That is the language on the terms and conditions of the service. WTF?!?!? So basically I can’t do anything outside of my city that I live in. I have to be home to send MMS??? Totally blows.

  52. URGHH

    Ok, I’ve been trying to post a really long response with detailed instructions but it doesn’t sem to post so please contact me directly if you need help.

    thefunnyguy619 at gmail dot com

    I’ll be more then happy to walk you through this

  53. @Jorge… Totally phone illiterate. My daughter wants a phone with a front camera so she can skype. Is this even possible with the new thing with straighttalk? What would be the best or comparable phone to get.

  54. @Jorge thanks bro. Your detail email worked perfectly on my 4s. Thanks a lot. MMS working and everything.

  55. @cam you’re welcome

  56. Can I buy an iphone4 with a bad esn and use it on straight talk??? Or does it have to be a new device

  57. Has anyone else experienced or know about area restrictions? Like losing to ability to send MMS or whatnot if you leave your normal zip code/ city. I need an iPhone for work and was thinking of straight talk, but I need to be able to travel and still have all my functionality…

  58. @Jorge… Totally phone illiterate. My daughter wants a phone with a front camera so she can skype. Is this even possible with the new thing with straighttalk? What would be the best or comparable phone to get.

  59. @mom Skype over any cellphone is crappy at best. I’m no expect on straight talk products I do know the iPhone has a Skype app but it’s lousy even with get coverage. I’d keep Skype on your computer you can thank me later

  60. @ Larry you can’t use an iPhone with any esn on straight talk you need a true AT&T iPhone (sim) not a CDMA version like Verizon or sprint, even thought Verizon and sprint 4s have sim slots they are locked down and are not compatible with straight talk

  61. @ Blake email me my address is above

  62. Hey everyone, I just bought an att&t unlocked Iphone 3gs off the apple website. They now sell the unlocked Iphone 3gs and 4 on there website. $375 for 3gs and $549 for the 4. So far looks like the 4s is not offered unlocked. It states right on there to buy your own sim to go with the company of your choice. Also bought the sim card off the straight talk website. So apparently no need to jail brake anymore. My new phone and sim are suppose to arrive Friday. Hopefully I have no problems setting it up and getting it working properly. They also have instructions on the straight talk sim card site for changing the apn . Will post back to jorge if needing any help if doesnt go well. Will also post back and let everyone know if it works good with all functionality. Thanks everyone for the the info though, this forum has really helped me in making the decision in going with the Iphone on straight talk.

  63. Ali Sezgin says

    Hi all,

    I’ve read all comments, but I couldn’t get an information about using straighttalk on unlocked iphone 4s. To be able to use 3G, should I order micro-sim for unlocked phones or micro-sim for att phones for my unlocked iphone. Because, I want to have 3G on my phone. My question can also be, if I order micro-sim for unlocked phones, can I use both t-mobile and att networks, which ever I choose manually?

    I’ll appreciate if you guys can answer this. Thank you very much.


  64. Ali Sezgin says

    Hi again,
    I’d like to add something to my past post. When we use straight talk, can we use skype or viber on the network, or do these apps work only on wi-fi?

    Thank you.

  65. @ Ali

    If you want to use 3g, THEN YOU MUST USE YOUR IPHONE on AT&T’s network, T-mobile’s 3G in NOT COMPATIBLE with any iphone (none at all). So just get an AT&T sim and you’re good to go. As far as Skype….Well That’s really just a skype and iphone question. All Apps that work on a At&T iPhone will work on straight talk, nothing changes except for visual voicemail (not available on straight talk)

    • Gretchen says

      What is visual voicemail? Is that face time?Can one sI have a 4s iPhone (currently only a week to go on my at and t contract)…thinking about smart talk. Can people still do face time with smart talk (assuming phone is compatible)?? Thank you…

  66. I have an iPhone 4 with sprint can I unlock/jailbreak it to make it able to use on straight talk?

  67. OKAY I live in the country, and work in the city, two dif zip codes. I currently have a straight talk unlimited and a lame phone. If I get an android att phone and that straitght talk sim what would be the best phone AND I registered it with my home zip code will it work @ both places.. I work at a retail store and have access to buy a wide selection of at&t phones so pleassssssse help asap I have a week to return my walmart straight talk phone so I need to figure out my options immediately bc obviously customer service would take ten years to assist me.

  68. Ali Sezgin says


    So I should get ATT sim card then, but what happens if I get the unlocked sim. Then can’t I choose between the networks?

    Doesn’t skype work on ATT 3G network?

    Thank you.

  69. Idiots will End it says

    This is nice considering I no longer have to use my iPhone w/ GoPhone. The only catch is how long do you think it is going to take before ST ends this with all these idiots that post “I use 3GB a month”. It is one thing to download apps, browse the web and stuff but you have tards out there that think it is a competition to see who can use the most data. I’ve worked in IT for over 15 years and know it is coming. Bandwidth is not unlimited. We can’t even keep hotels happy with bandwidth w/ netflix, skype and all the porno junkies.

    Then you will have the people who tether and use it solely as their connection probably while sitting at home with a perfectly good wireless connection. It would be nice if it lasted but I can’t see the companies who provide ST service allowing their customers (who pay twice as much as ST users) to be upset because their data speeds suck balls b/c ST users are using up the bandwidth.

    When someone states the following “I can’t tell mb/s from Mbps” you know that person is a freaking cluck-tard. Even if they could understand the difference ‘splaining to them that a simple division of mbps by (2^10) eq MB/s. This is the type of people that will kill the iPhone/Droid on ST.

  70. @bdizzle Nope Sprint or Verizon phones will not work

  71. @ jessiep

    You can use android phone but do your research on how to change your APN and MMS settings for the device you want, I think there’s a few apps for that

  72. So I should get ATT sim card then, YES
    but what happens if I get the unlocked sim. Then can’t I choose between the networks? NO T-MOBILE WILL NOT WORK

    Doesn’t skype work on ATT 3G network? I don’t use skype, sorry I can’t help you here

  73. Ali Sezgin says


    Thank you for your responses. I ordered the ATT Sim Card according to your responses and will hopefully receive it on wednesday and will transfer my number to straight talk. I’ll let everyone know about the situation. I hope it’s going to work.


  74. I have an Iphone 3gs unlocked and jail broken from AT&T I also have an Iphone 4 from Verizon. Will I be able to use both phones on this network for 90$ a month? (I currently pay ~70$ a month for one) Also are there any down falls to this network? I am coming back from deployment and will be living in Virginia and in a large city. What are the main differences from this opposed to Boost? Also if this is such a good deal how come everyone does not use it!!?? Also how can i tell what Freq my phone operates in?

  75. Thanks-jorge, I’m still having problems and questions tho and I’m on a verrrrrry short time line to get a refund from walmart for this crappy phone I have. I’m ordering a sim tmrw but what is a good att android? I just started working for a store that sells a decent variety of att and most other phones…. I also would really like to know about the service from one zipcode to another I spend a lot of time in both locations id hate to waste money if its an impossible task….

  76. Another question, I know I need a ST sim for att but which one

  77. 1.) I really don’t know whicj android phones are good, I’m not much of a android user.

    2.) Zip codes you CAN use you it nationwide, I’ve used my in California, Colorado, Texas and NY

    3.) You’re going to want to order the At&T compatible SIM the bigger one

  78. Hedgehog says

    Current ST customer. I bought a brand new unlocked at&t iphone 4. Purchased micro sim from ST. Called customer service to transfer my number to new sim. Customer service rep stated that it was activated on their end but I have a ” N o service” indicator on top and a message in the middle of he screen stating ” not A Valid Sim. Contacted ST, they tried a few things, didn’t work and said they would deactivate the current sim and send me a replacement. Did anyone have a similar experience? If so, how did it go after the sim switch? Any other advise would be helpful. New sim should arrive in a couple of days. TIA.

  79. Ali Sezgin says



    I’ve got my simcard, transferred it to ST, but now I can’t change the apn settings. Do I have to do this or is there another manual way I can change these setting, because I don’t want to download anything to my phone?
    Thank you.

  80. Hi everyone,

    To summarize:

    We had an factory unlocked iphone 4s. We ordered micro sim for ATT from the website with $45 plan. We transferred our number from another operator and there was a little problem. So we called our own operator and let them authorize/approve the transfer and after like 20 minutes our number was transferred to ST. After we had signal from ST, we used the methods mentioned to enable 3G and now our phone is working fine. I specially thank Jorge for his help.


  81. I am thinking about using my ATT phone with a ST sim card for the unlimited plan. I know I will have unlimited service but will other ATT users be charged for what is now ATT mobile to mobile if they stay on ATT.

  82. I just switched both AT&T phones 3gs and 4s to straight talk. I didn’t need to unlock it and the speeds are the same as AT&T and everything works, data, mms, text, voice etc. It even still works with my 3g microcell. I suggest switch it saves me over 700 a year. You will have to change your apn settings which is simple. On Safari go to create profile and choose straight talk from the drop down menu. Done all works.

  83. Hello all. I just got a phone call from a (800) saying that If I don’t chill on my data usage they are going to disconnect my phone completely. It was a recorded message telling me to ref: section 6 of the terms and conditions. The thing is i am using it but I use wifi all day at work an only use my data weekends and nights at home. No tethering. Is there a way to check how much data you used. Like when I had AT&T I would dial *3283# and it would send me how much data I would use. Can anyone help or has anyone ever been cut off?????

  84. Alright i currently have straight talk but i have the 35$ unlimited talk text and a limited amount of data. I went with the cheepest phone too and cant stand it.I have no problem going to the 45$ unlimited. can i still switch to a iphone? just want to find older version of phone on ebay. It is an at&t phone. please help! im kinda slow so step by step would be very appriciated.

  85. will t mobile nokia lumia 710 work as straight talk?

  86. Robert Bryant says
  87. I have to Iphone 4s that just got cut off by at&t and i would like to turn them into straight talk service , what all do I need to do in order to transfer service.

  88. Thanks to some info from here and LOTS of reading and studying and searching on the web I have done the following:

    Purchased a used iPhone 3gs from ebay.
    Purchased a straight talk sim card from their website.
    Installed the sim, activated it via the st website and ported my number. I’ve heard some horror stories about how long activation takes, but mine was done in less than an hour. It helped that I called my previous provider ahead of time and obtained the account number and PIN that the ST website asked for. (Note-it was NOT the account number on my bill!)
    Following instructions that Jorge talked about, I went to the unlockit site and downloaded the APN profile. Did a soft reboot on the phone, and everything works except MMS. I am a total non-geek (had to have my teenager move all my contacts to the new phone!) so if I can read and learn enough to do all this, so can everyone else.

    It appears that I will have to jailbreak the phone in order to get MMS working; at this point I’m just wondering if there is a downside to jailbreaking. I’ve read where it means you can’t allow iTunes to update beyond a certain point, or possibly having to re-jailbreak after a reboot, so I’m wondering if anyone has any experience with this? It’s not like my phone is under warranty from apple or anything, but I’d hate to jailbreak it and cause more problems than it solves.

  89. Reply to Cat

    2 types of jailbreaking

    -Unlocking – unlocks your phone to work with any career that the phones technology in your case since you have an iphone 3gs it would work with any GSM network that offers prepaid. That is why straight talk works for you. (3g is another story that has to do with the spectrum the GSM network uses)
    -Jailbraking – allows you to run unapproved apps on your iphone not allowed or offered in the app store. you can customize your iphone a little more.

    2 kinds of jailbraking,
    -a teathered jailbreak means you can’t ever shut your phone off or the jailbreak will be gone!
    -a unteathered jailbreak means you can turn the phone off and turn it back on and the jailbreak will always stay with the phone.

    However the exception is that everytime you upgrade your IOS software to 5.2 as an example. You loose your jailbreak when the new software is installed. Simply do not update your phone or at least wait until another jailbreak is offered for the software 5.2 as an example. It takes people sometimes months to make a jailbreak solution for new IOS software so it is wise to upgrade as little as needed.

    check out for more information and tutorials to jailbreak your device!

    also remember jailbreaking an iphone voids your apple warranty if you have one!

  90. I have an iphone 3g at & t, is locked, I can use it straight talks. I bought it from cragslist and has no sim card.

  91. Sugar Shane says

    I recently purchase the ST sim for my older iPhone 3G. My iPhone is jailbroken and I had already played with APN settings so the setup was very simple. MMS works to with a few simple steps (tetherme install).

    The only issue that I have and it is not that huge of a deal considering I had been using ST for a while with one of their old phones with the crappy link based browser, is the download speed. I can never seem to get more than 1.2mbps despite the number of bars. When I first got online w/ ST my iPhone would get close to 2.5-3mbps down. Now I usually hit around 1mpbs down with the occasional test that reaches 1.5 and very rarely 2mpbs down.

    I thought maybe it was my phone because if I went in and killed running apps and processes it seemed to get better results on speedtest sites. That being said, I can switch over to wifi and get 5-8mbps down so that rules out the phone’s lack of ample memory/RAM.

    I have also tested in the middle of downtown and around known towers with the same results. It does seem that I tethered it to my laptop and got over 3mpbs down at one point but that was when I was getting good speeds anyway. I am thinking AT&T may limit download speeds of ST users? Not sure why they would unless like the previous poster said every ST user is hammering AT&T’s network. I work as a computer networker and have worked in telecommunications and it is very easy to limit the bandwidth of a user or group of users. I hope this isn’t the case. I maybe download 5 megabytes of data per day on average so I know I don’t use much data.

    I can’t complain though because the Internet is much better on an iPhone/Droid than it is on a crappy regular ST phone.

  92. Ive been reading some of the comments and i am confuesed now will the iphone 4s work on straight talk or not? because i am looking to buy my friends iphone 4s off her but i have in mine to use on straight talk so dose it work on straight talk or not? thanks

  93. I am in the process of purchasing an unlocked 4s iphone from Apple. I was assured by Apple that I could use with a GSM network. I was also assured by Straight Talk that their micro sim card/$45 monthly plan would work in the iphone.

    I will let you know the outcome folks.


  94. Hi, I have a att iphone 4s still under contract with ATT. I want to switch over to straight talk and have ordered the micro att sim card from straight talk.
    Will the service , talk text data be same as ATT service? Will it work as good on the att cell towers on phone calls? I travel some and am out of state sometime, will it work out of state?. Does it always use the att towers like when you are with att phone service.
    I just want to know if it will be then same and save me a lot of money as the service I now have with att. Thanks for your answers.

  95. im using a iphone 4 on 4.11.08 5.0.1
    i bought their att compatible sim card and it works fine
    3G and all and my iphone is JB so yeah i got the data working
    u can use the unlock site posted above and if anything
    email me @ ill mail you a screenshot
    so yeah their micro sim works on iphone because they provide you with their own
    serial to activate not the iphone one… all you do is reboot phone
    after sim card is inside phone !

  96. btw my iphone is locked to at&t

  97. MICHELLE says

    hi, my daughter just upgraded to iphone 4. would her old iphone be considered unlocked and could i use it ? i have no idea what you guys are talking about when you say “jailbreak”

  98. michelle no her old phone is not
    if its a 3g or 3gs you need to get it unlocked using cydia then a program on cydia called ultrasnow
    cydia is whats installed when you jailbreak your iphone
    jailbreak is like taking security off the phone to install stuff like cydia and other stuff … if ur not tech savvyy check craigslist many people jailbreak iphones

  99. MICHELLE says

    i am not tech savy at all. i cant even find where the sims card goes in at. im worried i will mess her phone up. but the idea that i could have an iphone with straight talk is awesome.. thanks for responding

  100. MICHELLE says

    i have a nokia E5. it has two cards in it. do you think one of these would fit in the Iphone ? if i can ever figure where exactly that location is..

  101. Yes you can use your iPhone if it’s a gsm iPhone…meaning it has a sim card slot unlike the Verizon iPhones which run CDMA they don’t have a sim card slot…yes my iPhone works fine with 3G from straight talk…but slow speeds…can’t recall right off the bat. My phone is jailbroken meaning I can use tetherme to change the apn settings to be able to receive pictures. If your phone is not jailbroken or unlocked from AT&T who now offers to unlock your phone for free as long as youre done with your contract you will not be able to change the pan settings from whatever network your phone is on to that of straight talk. Yes you can still watch videos on 3G network. I use it all the time but even though it is an unlimited data plan they still use a data cap. For the first time ever since I’ve had it for about a year I got warned I was using to much data. It’s true but only because my wifi went down. Usually I never would go over since I was always on wifi. So if you have wifi at home I wouldn’t even be concerned. I been using my iPhone on their plan for over a year. Ever since I figured out you could take the sim card out of their old e71 phone which ran 3G and use it on the iPhone. Luckily now they offer the sim cards for about 15 bucks. The plan is 45. And the taxes are about 3.50 or so so I pay about 48.50 a month. I been all up and down the east coast and back over to the west coast in la on car and have had service everywhere even used my iPhone for pandora radio. Best service till today’s problem with data cap…absolutely recommend it to everyone though. Youll hate your phone companies once you realize how rich you are makin them.

  102. Yes hec your e5 is compatible and you can take out your sim card and put it into an iPhone and watch it work…just figure out which one your sim card is lol. If not try both. Oh and I forgot. There are two types of sim cards. Micro for newer iPhone 4 and up and the regular sim card for iPhone 3GS and below. You can cut the older sim cards to be micro as long as you cut it properly and don’t cut the electronic parts inside you’ve saved yourself 15 bucks cause that’s how much it costs to buy one from straight talk. All you need to open the sim card slot which is on the top of a 3GS iPhone and on the bottom right side of an iPhone 4 and 4s is a safety pin. Put it in the whiplike and push and the card slot will pop open

  103. Sil yea …if your iPhone 4s is unlocked you can change those apn settings. I think apn stands for advanced protocol network maybe. I’m making it up who knows? But by changing that you’ll be able to receive pictures and data otherwise your phone will still work with straight talk but you won’t be able to receive pictures. An iPhone 4s can not currently be jailbroken because their is no jailbreak available since the hacker team has not been able to come up with one since it is fairly new and it runs on a brand new a5 chip. But if it’s unlocked your fine.

  104. If you guys are not sure whether or not your iPhone is unlocked. Just call AT&T its the only company currently offering to do it for free. If you no longer have a contract with them and you bought your phone through them and have no dues left they will unlock it for you.

  105. There is only upside to jailbreak ing no downside really….lol well if your in an untethered jailbreak. If your tether I’m sorry for you. 5.1 software is currently only tethered 5.0.1 is untethered which is where I’m at. Never upgrade your software till they have released the untether jailbreak for it.

  106. Ivan is grossly incorrect i’m afraid. You get slow speeds be cause you have jailbroken.

    Let me tell you the real deal, the iPhone 4 i have i’ve clocked at 4g speeds using straight talk, My MMS is unlocked and my 3g operates at 4g speeds. It’s simple you use a plist editor and open a back up of your iPhone you then program “att.mvno” in wherever you see a differing URL in the plist of the MMS plist, theres a forum you can google for a step by step. I am running a 32gb iPhone 4 with a Red color conversion. It is not jailbroken, it has simply had mms unlocked thru the plist, and i went to unlock when in a wifi area in order to change your APN, DO NOT UNLOCK YOUR PHONE AND BELIEVE THE CRAP YOU READ HERE! It can void your Apple Care when applicable, ruin your battery, and slow your phone down.

  107. I bought the $45 unlimited package plus a sim card to use in an
    iPhone 3G. Great customer support, in that each of the 8 people I talked to over a 3 day period were polite and patient. Unfortunately this company doesn’t publish a coverage map by zip and street addy, and after talking to several techs I finally got to one who told me my phone wasn’t getting service where I live because there was marginal service showing on his map. He said if I went a mile I could use it with no issues. I said that didn’t work for me. I asked if I could give my unused 27 days of remaining monthly service to a friend who uses their program. Nope.

    Today I went to AT&T and paid the going rate, but gosh, everything works just fine now. It took the AT&T tech over an hour to get the StraightTalk programming off so I could port my phone number.

    You get what you pay for in this world.

  108. I am a little over a month into this. I’ve had no problems. I just wanted to post a few things…first- you can sign up for longer periods of time at a discount. I just renewed at 3 months of unlimited for 125.99(would have been 135 at $45*3)

    and you do NOT have to jailbreak to get MMS. if you download “ibackupbot” there is a way you can do this without jailbreaking. Did it tonight and tested it.

    the program costs money, but you get a 7 day free trial. – here are the steps from the howard forums link:

    You can also edit the following plist files after you use using ibackupbot software without jailbreak to get MMS working.
    1. systemconfiguaration/preference.plist replace cingular.wap to att.mvno 2. mmc_override.plst add:

    MMS GroupModeEnabled MMSC MaxMessageSize 1048576 MaxRecipients 10 MaxVideoBitrate 131072 Proxy UAProf UserAgent SonyEricssonW800i/R1L
    Then click those two file and restore to the iphone using ibackupbot It should restart and MMS should start working.

    This was good for someone like me with ios 5.1(person i bought phone from had updated to newest version) that is only a tethered jailbreak

    just thought i’d share for anyone that doesn’t want to jailbreak to get MMS

  109. Woooo woe there mr dr.mac … trippin….do not believe that…anyone would straight know that its not true that you get 4g speeds…lol…not even AT&T offers that…lol and iPhones are not 4g capable…lol makes me laugh…the new software 5.1 will show a 4g sign on the phone. Yes this is true. Lol but you’re not really getting that at all …look it up and research people…it’s a marketing ploit to compete with other 4g services….lol…just cause the software upgraded it doesn’t mean the hardware of the phone did…you will not see true 4g speeds until probably the new iPhone 5… Which is more likely being developed like that. Now as far as voiding your warranty yes i believe that he is completely correct on that. Lol if you have a warranty. Lol . Most companies don’t offer warranties for iPhones from what I hear except if you go through third party insurance guys can let me know that. As far as killing your battery he is also completely almost right…lol. Yes there is so many different tweaks that you can do to your phone…the more and bigger they are the more actual programs and functions you are using to keep your phone looking that way but you don’t have to tweak your phones look at all if you don’t want it to. Lol. That’s completely up to the person. If you are a person that is totally confident in your skills with computers and it comes easy to you you’ll be fine. If you brick your phone trying to do it your phone can always be restored to its original software. Lol so yes even though my phone is jailbroken I can make it go back to original in two minutes. Now If it cracks and you have the software jailbroken and your company doesn’t wanna fix it because it’s jailbroken you should just go back to original nothing hard about that….I don’t need a warranty personally. Lol. And yes dr Mac is a genius of course you can change the colors of your iPhone front and back cases if you are a person that likes to open things apart it’s super simple and thousands of videos out there that show you how to do them. Red and blue and yellow or any color you want. Super easy. They run 50 to 80 bucks. And no the speeds are slow even if your phone is not jailbroken. I’ve had it both ways people. Lol. Doesn’t change a thing. Some good things of having a jailbroken phone would be the ability to use FaceTime over 3G the ability to download almost any app for free …almost any. Yes even the ones that say 49.99 lol. One dollar at a time will save you lots of money in the long run. But yes he might be correct maybe you could receive mms without jailbreak ing and just changing that plist he said. But thats totally up to you guys. Good job dr.mac.

  110. My daughter wants an iPhone 4s. If I purchase a brand new one (that has never been activated on AT&T and isn’t unlocked or jailbroken) will it work with straighttalk? I was on AT&T with a iPhone 3gs that was out of contract and switched to Straighttalk with no problems. Just want to make sure a brand new iPhone will work before I spend the money. Thanks!

  111. Hello. I have an iPhone 4S (jailbroken) and an iPhone 3G. Just got out of contract and looking to go pre paid. What would be the easiest solution to getting these phones set up ST. (I’ve read all the posts and know what I need to do but if I could get it in short steps it would make my life much easier)


  112. A brand new iPhone makes absolutely no difference …the activated sim card is what counts. Every time you restore the software to an iPhone it’s just like making the phone brand new. Just imagine going from windows xp to windows 7. The new restoration of an iPhone makes it like brand new and that always works perfectly fine. If ya guys wanna save money on iPhones lots of people sell their iPhones for 2 to 300 bucks and then you can put them on straight talk for like your kids they can talk to their friends all day without you having to worry about how many minutes and texts they have used.

  113. To Brandon: short steps.

    1. Go to
    2. Buy simcard(micro for new, regular for 3G)
    3. Activate new sim card by calling and getting a new number or porting old number(have your phone company info ready)
    4. Install sim on iPhone and wait for activation process to complete by giving it maybe an hour to a couple hours.
    5. Fix your mms settings by the apn or plist mode like dr.mac said on the post.

  114. To Brandon:

    iPhone 4s jailbroken? Are you sure about that? Can anyone else confirm that the iPhone 4s with a5 chip can now be jailbroken? Or is he blowing smoke up …….?

  115. Unlocked maybe, jail broken? No.

  116. Brandon says

    I mean it doesn’t matter of u believe me or not but do research and you will see iOS 5.0.1 on iPhone 4S is jailbreak(able)

  117. Brandon is right, absinthe through apple computers is a possible jailbreak on iPhone 4s devices with 5.0.1 software but if you guys are already upgraded to bad for you.

  118. Just to clarify for everyone , yes iPhone 4s will automatically start working on straight talk for the calling features but not the mms. Doesn’t mean you can’t get mms working but you will have to mess with some of the phone settings via computer through plist. Ask dr.mac for more links to get it working that way. Something about some backup program where you can change the settings. I don’t know if that program is free but I bet there are others that people are just not aware of that do the same exact thing.

  119. So I currently own an Iphone4s with sprint. If I was to unlock it would I be able to then use it with Straighttalk? Please someone help!!

  120. SO I keep hearing that verizon 4g phones are using sims cards.. will the straight atlk sims work n verizon 4g phones or even 3g? and if so will the phone still be using verizon towers or the straigh talk towers (idk what they are either at&t or tmobile?) help please!!!

  121. You can not use Verizon or sprint iPhones with straight talk!

  122. What if you get it unlocked?

  123. Absolutely not, the internal physical structure isn’t even exactly the same on those phones it has to be an unlocked GSM or Euro dual band, CDMA phones will not work.

  124. If you guys have phones from sprint or Verizon you guys can look to trading them out for the same phone but for at&t one on craigslist. People are constantly looking to switch companies and you’ll find great phones.

  125. michelle says

    woohoo.. i took the sims card out of my nokia E5 and put it into my daughters old I phone 3 and called my number and the I phone rang…. so can someone please tell me the next steps i should take. do i need to do anythng else.. im super excited.

  126. Good job Michelle. Yes that was actually the easy part. Lol as long as your sim is activated it works right away with the iPhone. So now the only thing you are missing is your multi media messaging. Mms. To get this you need to configure your apn settings. Either by plist mode or jailbreak ing. Your choice. Thousands of forums on jailbreak plist is a new thing kinda. But you can find info. That’s the hard part. Which is actually easy once you get the jist of it

  127. My old phone (T4o4g) Already had a straighttalk sim card in it when I bought it from the store (I didn’t have to activate it or anything). But whenever I put it into at&t phone the internet or mms wont work. Do you know why?

  128. So I just did my first plist work. I read a lot and it sounded way harder than it is.

    Here’s the simple steps I wrote.

    1. Make fresh backup of phone in itunes.

    2. Open the newest backup of your phone with iBackupBot.

    3. Find:

    4. Replace the with the one downloaded from this link. .Save and Exit the Plist.

    5. Check the box beside Library/Preferences/

    6. Find SystemConfiguration/preferences.plist. Search with binoculars apn and replace with ATT.MVNO for all of them.

    9. Check the Box to the left of System Configuration/Preferences.Plist

    10. Click File, Restore.

    I take no credit for any of this i copied it from somewhere else…I just made this directions a little easier.

  129. I’m tech savy, but phone tech savy, not so much.

    My wife and i just bought 2 new iphone 4s’s, they came shipped 5.1. I bought ST micro sims and one month unlimited service from ST for both phones.

    Where it gets tricky. I am moving over from verizon to ATT so I could get the iphone 4s and then cancel my plan (actually both of us are canceling) and go to ST. My phone is temporarily ported to ATT so I can activate it through my new iphone via their service, but I don’t want their service. So one question is… how do I get my phone number onto this phone from ATT once I’m on ST?

    Also, we have everything here, but haven’t connected to ST yet, nor ATT, only our wifi. I definitely want to use MMS and Facetime. Am I F’ed?

    This is what I’ve come to understand, please correct me:

    – I can’t use facetime unless it’s on wifi OR unless I jailbreak it
    – I can use MMS by adjusting my apn setting wihtout having to jailbrake it
    – the only jailbreak currently available is tethered, which means the phone has to stay on, which I don’t want

    If all of the above is true, then I think I’ll stay on att until the untethered jailbreak gets released. Then once it is, cancel ATT and go to ST.

    Please tell me if my thinking is incorrect in anyway. Thanks for your help.

  130. 1. Make fresh backup of phone in itunes.

    2. Open the newest backup of your phone with iBackupBot.

    3. Find:

    4. Replace the with the one downloaded from this link. .Save and Exit the Plist.

    5. Check the box beside Library/Preferences/

    6. Find SystemConfiguration/preferences.plist. Search with binoculars apn and replace with ATT.MVNO for all of them.

    9. Check the Box to the left of System Configuration/Preferences.Plist

    10. Click File, Restore.

    I take no credit for any of this i copied it from somewhere else…I just made this directions a little easier.

  131. To Shaun:
    Wow Shaun you sound confused as hell. Lol. So basically you have Verizon. But Verizon iPhones don’t work on gsm. So you are switching to AT&T do you could buy their phone for cheap. 200 brand new I believe right? I don’t know. So basically you are ginna opt out of AT&T and your gonna end up owing them money for getting out of the contract. Well that’s your choice. To keep the same number your number needs to be ported to AT&T. Once you have the number on AT&T you don’t cancel the plan until the number has finished porting over. You will need some info from AT&T like password or something I forget. Then once the number gets ported over using your AT&T information the at&t account should close.

    2nd thing is FaceTime. Yes FaceTime is locked on every network Verizon AT&T and sprint to only work when you are on wifi. But there are other apps like tango and fring that allow FaceTime over 3G. Yes you can unrestrict FaceTime if your phone is jailbroken. But yes there are no jailbreaks for a5 chip 5.1. So youll be alright using tango over 3G.

    The meaning of tether doesn’t literally mean the phone is continuously lit on. Or on. What it means is that if the if the phone reboots or powers of completely your phone will lock up on the apple logo and it will become useless until you are able to get home and do a jailbreak boot.

    Your best bets for you are to keep the iPhone 4s 5.1. Don’t upgrade them anymore and hope that a new untethered jailbreak comes out for it soon. Skip trying to keep the same number and just choose a new one from straight talk and the area code you are planning to use the most so that people with phone plans without nationwide don’t have to pay a ton when they call you from far.

  132. Oh and one more thing yes do ibackbot plist editing. That’s your best bets.

  133. To kanisha
    Yes. If im correct the t404g is a straight talk phone that uses only 2g. In orde for your Internet to work you will need 3f speeds. In order to do that you just need to buy the 15 dollars sim card or actually take a sum card from a straight talk phone that uses 3G like the e71 and e5 phones.

  134. Thanks Ivan,

    I’m staying with att for right now… i needed to finalize the number porting with them on their phone anyway, plus I want to wait for an untethered jailbreak… so I’ll await on ATT for that…

    I’ll check out tango. Thanks man.

  135. michelle says

    i have a huge problem.. my daughter took all her stuff off her phone.. then reset it before given it back to me.. now my sims card doesnt work in it. and actually the phone will not do anything. wont even let me see the basic app screen.. the emergency key pad will pop up.. it goes from english to three other languages.. what happened. can it be fixed ?

  136. Michelle,

    Just restore your phone again, that should solve your issue.

  137. michelle says

    how do you restore it ?? im sorry i have no idea

  138. download Itunes and plug your phone into your computer via the white USB cable you will see your iphone show up on the right hand side …..right click on the name and select restore

  139. michelle says

    there is nothing but a key pad available to me

  140. michelle says

    oh geez.. thank you.. i understand what the screen is saying now… cross your fingers jorge .. ill let you know

  141. michelle says

    do i want to put my sims card in the phone before i restore it or wait

  142. Michelle your phone is working properly. When she did the reset it basically did a complete restore. Because the sim card is not working the phone hasnt been activated you can say. To get passed that screen simply borrow a friends sim card with AT&T. Or jailbreak it.

  143. leave it out

  144. Putting your sim card in the phone or not doesn’t make a difference on you doing a full restore on the phone. The phone will come up to the welcome activation mode and you will not be able to get passed the activation welcome screen without a working sim card.

  145. michelle says

    all i did was sync it.. i havent restored it yet. its asking if id like to update

  146. michelle find my email in this thread it up quite a bit and email me

  147. michelle says

    thank so much with your help i have done it.. i know that i still need to do something. it says im not subscribed to a cellular data service. but the phone is ringing with my number thanks so much

  148. michelle says

    i just found you jorge lol

  149. michelle says

    check your email jorge

  150. I don’t know why Jorge said to leave it out. It doesn’t make a difference just for everyone else out there reading that. Just wasting your time inserting sim in and out. For future reference.

  151. I have a feeling the answer will be a resounding no, but is there anyway I could get my LG 800G Tacfone to work with these sim cards?

  152. That ibackbot sounds like a pain in the ass just to change your APN settings for data and MMS. There are easier ways of doing it.

    I’ve been thinking about trying out one of these ATT MVNO’s for a while. What’s the restrictions on data usage? They say unlimited but it’s an ATT network so you that can’t be true.

  153. To James. I don’t know what lg800g is sounds old ….who really cares I think this is more about smartphones specifically the iPhone.

    To tk. It actually isn’t. But you do need to put on your thinking cap. The process actually takes like a minute. I should make a video on it.

  154. can I use my verizon iphone 4 on straight talk? If so how?

  155. Jessica

    It’s pretty obvious you didn’t read any of the blogs. Lol for the 100th time. If your phone doesn’t have a gsm sim card slot on it more than likely it is not a gsm phone. Lol. Currently the only available mode to put phone on straight talk is by switching sim cards out. Short story.

  156. Hi. I have inherited an unlocked Blackberry Curve 8320 from my husband, and would like to use it on my TMobile network. Does anyone have experience with this? What should I expect if I go with Straight Talk?


  157. I need help!
    I have an iPhone 3gs running iOS 5.1. I’m using Straight Talk as my carrier. I downloaded and installed the APN settings profile from Everything worked fine except picture messaging.
    I did more research and followed the instructions from this part of the forum:

    When I tried step 5) Add to sources, a window popped up on my phone that said doing so was using third party software that may be damaging to my phone or contain malicious content. So I decided not to proceed, since I’m not techy at all and didn’t understand the risks.

    That was several days ago; then I noticed that a weather app I had downloaded would show just for a second when I opened it, and then close. I could not get it to work. Thinking the app was defunct, I deleted it.

    Now all of a sudden today safari and another app are doing the same thing. including email. I checked online, and folks said when that happens to go into general settings and choose restore, so I did.

    Now the phone is really messed up; several more apps won’t open, including the apn, though if I look in setting the downloaded profile is still in use. I can text and make calls, and get internet weather updates over my wifi.

    I tried to delete cydia from my phone and it won’t let me.

    When I tried to do a restore from itunes, it wants to update to version 5.1.1, but I thought I remembered reading that I shouldn’t do that. I’m scared to try anything else; this is my only phone and if I screw it up to unusability I’m in a world of hurt.

    What do I do now? Please, somebody help, learning how to get this iphone working on ST has been a nightmare. If I have to live without picture messaging; well I would really really miss it but if the alternative is no phone at all, I’ll live without.

  158. Kathy
    That’s a gsm phone. Just switch your sim card out your done.

    I could have swore the article read you can now use your iPhone 4 and 4s with straight talk but everyone wants to know how to use their old phones with straight talk. So here goes the answer. All phones same thing. You need the activated sim card from straight talk. Pop it in. That’s it your phone will work . Everything except for mms. To fix that you’ll have to figure out how to change your apn for that particular phone. Period. To easy to many phones find an article about your particular phone.

  159. So any other people out there that understand what I’m talking about help me out here.

  160. Ivan,
    I spent some time on the Straight Talk website–it says it won’t work with Blackberry. Thanks anyway.

  161. zackw29379 says

    Does it matter what baseband the iPhone is on? I’m planning on buying a 3GS from Gamestop.

  162. Kathy like I said you were on the wrong blog …and if its a gsm with sim card I can almost guarantee it would work.

  163. Zack:

    Honestly I don’t know bro! Lol I still don’t understand the band preservation concept. I would have to say who cares. Just do the full restore. Screw band preservation. Whatever that does and go to whatever the new iTunes hooks you up with when you do the 5.1.1 update restore. Then it will work by changing plist.

  164. Zack

    Oh but if you just mean which firmware it’s on I don’t think it matters. I’ve had my iPhone on straight talk since 4.2 was out. And that worked. So you’re good with all of them.

  165. Zack

    How much are you planning on spending on a 3GS? Why not just go out and get a 4. Craigslist. Don’t pay more than 250. Just have to look around

  166. Main reason to get an iPhone 4 or 4s is to have that front facing camera for video chatting

  167. Thanks Ivan
    I believe my iphone 4s 16 gig is not unlocked or jailbreak(idk if you can jailbreak it) and just a few day ago i updated.But i ordered my sim card today so ill be getting it in a few days.So i want to know if i need to unlock it or will it work just fine? and if i need to unlock it how can i unlock my iphone or do i have to go pay someone to do it?

  168. Kathy

    Follow that thread you will see that you can put the straight talk sim on a blackberry and you will get the phone working. As far as apn settings you won’t and in this case the Internet won’t either cause you have to change a bunch of things and it’s hard. Told ya.

  169. Sil… We posted it a bunch of times. No need to jailbreak. But you will have to do some changes. It sounds like your not tech savy so you might want to find one of your young computer wiz nephews or nieces that understand this things and have them do the plist editing with their computer.

  170. Sil your phone will work. The only thing that won’t be working without plist editing will be mms. Basically receiving pictures. Although you will receive pictures if they are sent through iMessage. So till you find a tech savvy person that will hook ya up for free you can go about using the phone normally

  171. Im sorry. And okay i understand better now thanks. and yes i am not really tech savy. thats why im having a hard time understand but i really appericate all the help! 🙂 and ill have them do the plist for me


    That’s a video of what it looks like when you are making plists editing via ibackupbot if you are lost don’t do it yourself. Take in mind that you can’t just delete the whole file and replace it with one already made and that will save you time Replace the override with this one and then change all the apn to read ATt .mvno

  173. Cat sorry just read your thread. Youre screwed anyways. If you are on 5.1 and you jailbroke your phone your phone is now tethered. Meaning if it shuts off it will be stuck on apple logo till you boot with computer again. So you might as well do an upgrade now to 5.1.1. So your ok. Those steps on that forum work fine. Cydia is a third party app. Meaning that the apps are not just approved by apple they are also made by regular people without any approval of apple. That’s all that means. Sometimes when you have glitches like that on jailbroken phones all you typically need to do is remove the app that caused your phone to glitch. But it seems like you haven’t even add it any thir party apps. Other than cydia itself. Xsellize is just where you receive the jailbroken apps from there are a ton of different ones. The warning is from apple itself letting you know that things can happen since they didn’t approve the apps. Lol they are ok for the most part. The software never damages you can always do a full restoration. But since you are already on an untether jailbreak I recommend you go to 5.1.1 and just figure out how to plist edit your mms. Done

  174. michelle says

    my IPHONE 3 is a a 4.3.3. i went to cydia to jailbreak and it says my version is to new.. i dont understand. should i go to something besides cydia

  175. Plist editing video. Basically it looks like this but I would just switch the editing part with one downloaded completely.


  176. Michelle. How are you trying to jailbreak it? What’s telling you that your version is to new? If you haven’t jailbroken your phone you shouldn’t be able to access it at all.

  177. michelle says

    i have internet on my phone. i have switched it to straighttalk. i am trying to jailbreak so i can send and receive pictures. when i go to cydia on my phone and i go to download it says that

  178. Well that’s your first problem right there. To jailbreak your phone you are going to need an outside computer and download reds ow sand download a copy of your firmware. 4.3.3. That’s if that firmware was untethered capable. I don’t really know which ones were and which ones weren’t anymore. So if it’s not you’re going to end up with a tether jailbreak. Now if it is and what you are trying to use is that did used to work but only through an old old firmware maybe that’s why it says your firmware it’s to new.

  179. The 3.0 version of JailbreakMe has been officially launched by @comex, who developed it in collaboration with @saurik and @chpwn. It works for all iOS devices running the latest 4.3.3 firmware, making it the first jailbreak solution that is compatible with the iPad and iPad 2.

    JailbreakMe 3.0 supports the following:

    iPad1: 4.3 to 4.3.3
    iPad2: 4.3.3
    iPhone3GS: 4.3 to 4.3.3
    iPhone4: 4.3 to 4.3.3
    iPhone4-CDMA: 4.2.6 to 4.2.8
    iPod touch 3g: 4.3, 4.3.2, 4.3.3
    iPod touch 4g: 4.3 to 4.3.3
    The hack allows users to “free” their devices by utilizing a PDF vulnerability. The hacking process is simple. After visiting through their iDevice’s browser, users start by tapping the FREE and INSTALL buttons to load an exploited PDF that injects the code. JailbreakMe will automatically install saurik’s popular Cydia, allowing access to unauthorized apps not found in Apple’s official app store.

    After jailbreaking, users can enjoy the benefits of greater options, customization and control. With a DMCA exemption granting iPhone jailbreaking legality in the United States, also assures that it is completely reversible.

    comex released JailbreakMe 2.0 in August of last year, which first introduced browser-based jailbreaking via a PDF exploit.

  180. K Michelle I understand now. It’s a new way to use jailbreakme. Just search on their page on how to do it they had jailbreak me 2.0 and now jailbreak me 3.0 you want to be under the 3.0 to be able to do this

  181. michelle says

    what do i do after i download cydia

  182. I have an AT&T iPhone 4S (Locked & not Jailbroken) but it is unactivated because the person I bought it from reset the phone, I know it works and has no issues otherwise. I also do not have an original SIM from AT&T. Does anyone know if I get the Straight Talk SIM will that allow the phone to go through the activation and allow me to use the Straight Talk SIM with the phone after I update the APN settings? Thanks for any potential help.

  183. zackw29379 says

    Ivan, I’m buying a iPhone 3GS 32GB from Gamestop for 200 dollars.

  184. Gary Eubanks says

    I want to buy a 3G iphone cheap must be in good working cond. If it is not unlock and no contract. (cheap)

  185. Yeah straighttalk has sim card you can use specifically for at&t or t-mobile,it gets 3g signal unlike t-mobile edge,really like this $45 unlimited plan,and way better than edge which is really slow on t-mobile network.Simple mobile is not too good would not recommend but straighttalk I would really recommend.I tried simple mobile,trac-fone,metropcs,virgin mobile these all suck and get you frustrated,where as straighttalk is very good I like to go on facebook and twitter,espn and have no problems with internet.

  186. Michelle

    Add xsellize repository to cydia under manage. Find tetherme through xsellize and install and then change your apn to straight talk settings.

  187. Zach

    Invest 50 more and get an iPhone 4 through Craigslist my recommendation. Be aware than more than likely you will have the applegate antenna issues with it so you will have to have a iPhone case on it so you don’t have issues with phone reception. If that bothers you invest on an iPhone 4s.

  188. If I use my strait talk Emma’s card from the phone currently using in an unlocked phone do I keep my phone number

  189. zackw29379 says

    I would but I need the memory, so 200 for a 32GB iPhone 3GS is not too bad right now. Later I will invest in a iPhone 4S

  190. I have a few used 3gs……I’ll even set them all up all you have to do is insert the straight talk sim. I’ll sell them cheap

  191. Jorge – Tell me more. What kind of condition are they in? How old are they? How much are you asking? How much would shipping be to WI?

    Thanks you.

  192. First thanks to everyone for providing such detailed and helpful comments

    It seems like most everyone is solely interested in using an iPhone with this service. My husband and I absolutely love our android phones and have no interest in apple. I have not seen much discussion about alternative choices for smartphones with this service. Any ideas or feedback?

    For reference, my husband has the Motorola Droid 3 and I have the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I realize we cannot simply change over and use THESE phones but we are not interested in the iPhone or any standard phone. Looking for some input and suggestions on a comparable selection that will work with this service so we can save money without compromising too much on the phone.

    Thanks in advance!
    Heth 🙂

  193. ….I saw a few phone available but just wondered what opinions were

    Looks like LG Optimus Black may be best option for an android lover

  194. So I’ve been using st on my 3GS for a few months now. My speeds used to be good but now I can’t get even get 1 mb down.

    Restored my phone, redid the unlockit tool and still slow.
    Anyone know if they’re limiting the speeds now? Bought my sim from them not the Nokia one.

  195. I purchased a straight talk sim for my iphone and I am pleased with the service so far. The only thing I cant figure out is how to get the mms to work without unlocking or jailbreaking the phone. Any suggestions?

  196. Hi I plan to get the iphone 4s unlocked from apple and use it with straighttalk,anyone has a step by step directions how to make it work ? should I order sim card for at&t or unlocked device ? also what’s the best way to have mms working in this device ? thank you for any help !

  197. Hi everyone,

    I have a very different question. Will straight Talk work with the new Ipad? When I get an $45 plan, will i be able to use my 4g on my ipad? Thanks.


  198. You are all idiots there are like 5 step by step instructions posted in this forum already I’m not taking the time to type it all out again that’s why this forum is here, PS Yes the IPad will work with straight talk but you will have to edit all your own plists it isnt easy.

  199. Herriman Nate says

    I have an iPhone 4 and I have tried everything short of jailbreaking. I can make and receive calls, but that’s it. Texting doesn’t work. Internet doesn’t work. I have installed this:

    I’ve been on different forums and nothing works. I have called straight talk dozens of times. Their support people are totally clueless, and they say “call Apple”. When I contacted Apple they told me to drop dead because they don’t support this straight talk thing.

    The last time I talked to ST they said “the only way to get your iphone 4 to work with ST is to jailbreak it.”. I said “First, your own website says the opposite, and second, I found lots of people on forums that say they got iphone 4 working with ST without jailbreaking.”

    Please help.

  200. I have a new iphone 4s and have been able to use it with straight talk with no problems thanks to this forum. I am going out of town and would like to use my phone as a wifi hot spot. I know it has the capability, but don’t know how to make this happen. Anyone know?

  201. @Nate, plug your phone into ITunes try to update it if it’s up to date then restore it. After restore turn it off, turn it back on and attempt to text. Now make sure you are around wi fi, return to the site and update the apn to straight talk settings. Then after that turn the phone off, then hold the power button and menu button for 10 seconds it should be good then for texting as well as talk then use directions cited in this forum to configure MMS. If you need help email me at

  202. Herriman Nate says

    Dr. Mac:

    Thanks for your note. Do I really have to use iTunes? Every time I sync with iTunes, that horrible program deletes most my apps and all my ringtones, then I have to spend hours getting everything back.

    Is there any other way? I tried installing the profile from unlockit (tried many times before), the 10-second reset, and that didn’t work. When I open Safari I always get the error “Could not activate cellular data network. PDP authentication failure.” When I try to send or receive a Text, nothing happens. No errors, but texts simply don’t arrive, to or from.


  203. Im looking for help. I purchased an ATT Iphone 4S from a coworker. I already have an Iphone 4S through sprint that I use as my everyday phone. I would like to use the ATT 4S as an extra phone domestically and compare the two for awhile. I may end up switching over just not sure. Also the ATT 4S I want to use when I travel internationally. I have the Gevey sim already. Here is my situation. I purchased a GO phone took the sim out and tried to use it on the phone with and without the Gevey and it didnt work. I found on a blog where I needed a sim from ATT. I went in and convinced them to give me one of their sims loaded with my GO credits. Put the sim in and it worked for talk and text but no data. I have gone in and tried to change the APN and things like that and its not working. I dont want to jailbreak. I am considering ST im just impatient and dont want to wait to order the ST sim. If I do order what do I need to do to get that sim working in my phone with data, talk, text and MMS? Or to get data on working on my GO sim? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Also I emailed Jorge but he has not responded yet.

  204. heres a little fyi if your iphone3gs or lower is off contract with at&t it can be unlocked through itunes just call at&t costumer service rep and then backup and restore through itunes when it finishes restoring u get a nice screen the says your iphone is now unlocked

  205. I have a European (UK) factory unlocked iPhone 4. I am coming to the USA for 3 weeks and it looks like the ST system is just what I need. I have read through the comments here and still have some questions.

    I understand that the AT&T system gives faster (3G) data performance whilst the T-mobile is only 2G (EDGE). Should I select ‘unlocked GSM phone’ or ‘AT&T Compatible Phone’?

    They also say on the website that ‘At this time, the Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy Precedent? (M828C) and LG Optimus Q? (L55C) includes unlimited international text messaging to the available destinations at no additional charge with an Unlimited Plans’. Does this mean I will not be able to send text messages outside the USA from my iPhone?

  206. Another question:
    I currently have a very simple T-mobile pre-pay phone. Is there a way to transfer the number to the Straight Talk SIM?

  207. well i have been trying to reply to a lot of peoples answers but i think im being blocked or something so im not gonna answer everyones questions…but here is a little tip…jailbreak for most iphones for 5.1.1 came out like a week ago…its even easier than older jailbreaks if you ask me….if your iphone was already tether jailbreak you can now make it untethered by installing rocky racoon… even 4s phones can be jailbroken and you can change your apn settings for straight talk mms….without having to do plist editing. and stuff.

  208. I have an AT&T branded iPhone 4s,I just recently tried to purchase a micro sim card from and it said they don’t offer service in my zip code,but yet they sell the straight talk phones and stuff at my local Walmart…what do I do now??

  209. Brett that means they only offer CDMA phones in your area you are outta luck unless u can find a phone at wal mart with a SIM and buy it n swap it

  210. Could I just put in a different zip code when it askes me where the service will be used?? And just put the sim in my iPhone 4s??…would that work? Or would the service areas conflict with eachother?

  211. Could I just put in a different zip code when it askes me where the service will be used?? And just put the sim in my iPhone 4s??…would that work? Or would the different zip codes conflict with my service area conflict with eachother?

  212. It depends how far the zip code is away, like I said if there is any chance that CDMA is the only straight talk supported in your area this means thu use entirel different cell towers than a GSM (sim card) network so you could end up finding yourself paying for a sim card that gets 0 bars and doesn’t work anywhere near your home what I would reccomend is to find the phones they offer in your area and google them all see if one or two use a sim card of they do that means there is GSM coverage in your area and you should be fine in addition as long as the zip code you’d use alternatively is within 50 miles of you I think you’d be good for sure, wish I could be of more help.

  213. I’ve been reading about ST for about a month now. I’m just wondering if the “unlimited data” is really unlimited. My wife and I are on AT&T right now with the unlimited (throttled) data using iP4 and iP4S. I plan on switching to ST because of the unlimited data. AT&T starts throttling our data around 2.5GB, if ST throttles, does anyone know the cap? Thanks in advance!

  214. You can control the throttle in plist settings so yes it is truly unlimited

  215. How do you do that with the plist settings?

  216. @Dr.Mac , do you have a link for a tutorial on how to do that? thanks in advance!

  217. I have a iPhone 4s and 3GS am still under contract with AT&T..can I unlock the phones without at&t having to do it, or can I do it myself online.. And also somebody mentioned in another reply that you can now jailbreak a 4s..if I have iMessage without being jailbroken can I receive pictures thru iMessage..cuz I would like to cut my bill by more than half…

  218. And also if I am under contract with AT&T and switch will they keep my phone from working with straight talk

  219. I have a question for anyone. I have an iphone 3gs with no carrier. I usr T-Mobil pre pay minutes. Can I use this sim card with this and what would my speed be. I have wifi and don’t use the web much,but when I do want it I want it to be there. Can anyone help with this question? Thank You.


  220. please help!!!

    i bought an iphone 4 and a ST sim and everything was working great until today because after i restore the iphone to the factory settings and upgrade to 5.1 i tried to change the APN with the BUT I go into settings-general-network AND I can turn on or off my cellular data but I CAN’T change anything.
    calls, sms, wifi works perfect but not the data
    some help would be appreciate
    Thanks in advanced

  221. how do i break my at&t phone to use a t-mobile chip

  222. I have an Iphone 3 and I have a straight talk sim and the $45 unlimited plan and I absolutely love it! I have great speed not sure what it is though. It is saving me tons of money! I would definately suggest doing it if you are undecided! Its well worth it!

  223. I have a factory unlocked iPhone 4 (ATT). FYI, ATT is unlocking these if they are out of contract!!! I know that I can buy a micro sim from Straight Talk for $14.99 + shipping. But they currently have free phones with a purchase of a pre-paid plan. Can I just get the free phone, take out the sim, cut it (using my handy sim cutter) and pop it in my Factory Unlocked iPhone 4? I was told by customer service “no, they are locked to the exact phones”. But I dont know if this logical. Anyone had any experience with this?

  224. Tam weng says

    I just bought a st sim card directly from their web site which is AT&T one. And I have iPhone 4s factory unlocked. How do I transfer my old phone number from t-mobile to straight talk?

  225. I’m 17 years old, about to be 18. My parents said they are kicking me off the phone plan when I turn 18. I’ve looked at several phone plans and this, to me, looks like the best one yet! I just don’t know if you have to be 18 in order to get this plan because I want it right away!

  226. Tam, check the ST website. I believe its pretty straight forward.

  227. Let me know if you got
    it figured out. And how you did it? And how the service works?

  228. I and my 3 children have been on straight talk for couple years now. We all switched to iphones six months ago. 4-3gs- and 3g.. None was unlocked or jailbroken. Used the website to change apn settings. I ported my number over from att prepaid two years ago. Also the zip code for my number is 450 miles away.

  229. Staight talk customer service is not that great but service is cheap. And really how great is the customer service, that u could be Paying twice as much money for?

  230. ok guys please help me out so i have an iPhone 4s from sprint but i no longer have service with them so if i get straighttalk will it work on my phone even if its not jail-broken or unlocked………………please answer asap i need my phone back on i would greatly appreciate it

  231. Can you purchase the $30 plan during 1st time phone activation or do you have to purchase the unlimited AND then downgrade…thanks

  232. I believe I know the answer, but I want to make sure. I was going to activate an iPhone 4s on ST at my relatives house which is 120 miles away from my home because ST only has CDMA coverage here. I also know that ST runs off of AT&T towers and where I live, AT&T has towers here. My question is, will a GSM capable phone work where I live if I know there are GSM towers, but ST doesn’t offer GSM service?

  233. Coastline Gal says


    the phone number I have is from another area code (California area code_) and we live in Texas now (military) … will this make a difference when receiving texts, calling etc?
    Will my phone still work?

    (will be getting out of ATT contract with my iphone 4s)

    thank you!

  234. Straight Talk supports “GSM” compatible phones which means on 2G. 3G compatible phones are also known as CDMA and are not supported by Straight talk sim cards. Therefore, Iphones and the majority of other “smart” phones will not download content on 3G speed.

  235. I have a jail broken iphone 3GS but Im using a local cell phone company right now, will my iphone work with straighttalk? I didn’t buy my phone from my local phone company though I bought it from an iphone store!

  236. Leigh-Annae says

    Hi yall
    im buying my iphone 4 today and i know its works on straighttalk
    im reading the comments and it says i need to JAILBREAK my phone in order to receive and send MMS…
    question is…

    What EXCATLY do I need to do to recieve and send MMS or will it just work anyways….

    thanks yall ( :

  237. If you don’t have enough respect to read thru this forum then no one is going to respond to you, every question I’ve seen posted here in the last month has already been answered multiple times with step by step instructions. Read the prior discussions there is a wealth of knowledge there, if there question is not answered previously then ask. ASKING OVER AND OVER FOR ANSWERS THAT HAVE ALREADY BEEN GIVEN WILL NOT GET YOU ANY RESPONSE!

  238. Leigh-Annae says


    Kay…i did read the comments if your read my post, there are two answers on my question im seeing if there were any RECENT information i could get from somebody who is using the iphone4 on straighttalk and seeing if they needed to jailbreak their phone inorder to get MMS or if not.


  239. You’re proving yet again you didn’t read the forum.

  240. what about a ATT iphone with a bad ESN #, will that work on ST?

  241. @travon – No you can’t, as it force you to get the $45 unlimited plan. I have the Sony Play from and when I activated, it only gave me the $45 plan. So I took that to test it out. After the first month, I notice I don’t use any data. I bought the $30 card from walmart and try to activate my phone once it was expire. To my surprise the (doubt they qualify as service rep) told me my phone is not compatible with the $30 plan. I ask him why is it not as I do not use any data and I came from a data only plan before straight talk. He proceed to repeat the same thing over and over that my phone doesn’t work on $30 plan. After two hours of talk to differ manager, I gave up and they gave me 16 days worth of talk time for my $30 card. Good old bait and switch.

  242. Edit: I came from a talk only plan and not data only.

  243. I purchased the sim card online by itself, and put it in my phone without activating it. Should it be receiving network coverage? Or does it need to be activated to receive any kind of signal? My intent was to verify that it worked before giving my hard earned money, $45 to ST for nothing. 14 and change was an acceptable loss.
    On a side note I was given a Gophone sim from a guy at RadioShack and immediately received a signal, but wasn’t able to make any calls.

  244. @krysta.
    3G is also available on AT&T and tmobile straight talk AT&T sim is 3G
    CDMA is only Verizon and sprint.
    iPhone will definitely download at 3G speeds!
    Please make sure you know before u post

  245. @lam thanks for finally answering my question lol but I figure id jus get the 3month or 6month plan anyway it comes out to about $40 a month which is still unbeatable…Ive been on the plan for 3 weeks and so far NOOOOO problems…I have the atat go phone (Fusion) to be exact (its a droid) and this phone sells for $125 so both the phone and the plan are steals and best of all THE PHONE SAYS AT&T so know one knows its straight talk!!!

  246. I am getting ready to buy a att iphone 4 from someone and it says you can not use it if the phone is still on a plan but she will be using another phone withh att not this one anymore does that matter i have already checked the emei number thru att to make sure the phone is not stolen or had a bad plan

  247. Purchased 1 micro sim for 4s and 1 regular for 3GS and talk, text, data all work just fine…phone does need to be jail broken for mms…just google it and it will tell you on you tube how to change your apn settings if it is jail broken…very simple to follow…



    If you people would be smart enough to read this forum and the information that I have gone to a lot of trouble to provide you will see that you can edit pLists and get everything working, if you jailbreak on prepaid especially you will have a lot of problems. I am an Apple certified technician, I know what I’m talking about, I am offering you free advice here and have become very irritated at all the people on here that continue to give you misinformation, READ THIS FORUM FROM TOP TO BOTTOM, all the info you need is there and accurate, DO NOT JAILBREAK, DO NOT POST ANYMORE COMMENTS WITH MISINFORMATION, IF YOU NEED TO EMAIL ME DIRECTLY AND I WILL WALK YOU THRU IT, DONT TRUST IDIOTS LIKE ‘Jeremy” Above!

  249. Kiss my a$$ dr. Mac I’ve had mine jail broken since I’ve had it and no problems…and yes maybe their is a way to get mms working on straight talk without jail breaking it but it didn’t work for me and i tried everything maybe different versions of iPhone will without jail breaking but everything I have read says it must be jail broken

  250. Im planning on buying an iphone 4s that comes completely close that works for att but it has never been activated, i will be getting the iphone 4s completely closed from a friend that works for att.. can i use straight talk on that phone even though it has never been activated with anything before?

  251. Hi I have straight talk and iPhone 4s.. Used unlockit and working fine. Problem is there is no hotspot on my phone go into settings and is gone. Does anyone know how to get and get it to work as a hot spot for my iPad 3?? Thanks 🙂

  252. I just ordered my sim for my 4S, and I have to say, I really appreciate the help and tips in this thread. Ive bookmarked it for when my card gets here so I can make sure to get the best service that Im able to.

    I was worried about a few things, but I think Ive well understood 95% of it.

    (and Dr Mac, dont worry, I WONT JAILBREAK! 😀 that makes me nervous to even THINK about, much less try, LOL )

  253. I have an Nokia E71 with a Sim card can I use this same card in a AT&T galaxyS?

  254. Can I use a DROIDX by Verizon with straight talk plan?

  255. I just bought a used Iphone 4 from cowboom, it will work with the straight talk micro sim card?

  256. Do you have to use just the $45 unlimited plan on ATT phones. Or can you use the $30 plan?

  257. can you use a verizon phone with straight talk?

  258. @ Chris
    with straight talk you have to use the $45 plan on smart phones. according to the website you will need the smaller sim.

  259. So let’s say that I go purchase just a regular iPhone 4s from at&t and DON’T get it activated FROM at&t… Will that work on Straight Talk? Or does it have to be previously activated from at&t? If anybody knows and could respond that would be a huge help!!! Thankss!

  260. Hi there,

    I currently have an iphone through att. It is still under contract. If I purchase a micro sim and a straight talk plan, will this work? Thanks!

  261. You people need to get it thru your head all of the above questions have been answered 10, 20, 30 times already in this forum if you dont have the time to read what’s already here no one is gonna entertain answering your imbecile questions. This forum answer all if them and more with step by step instructions and explanations by myself and others that’s all the answer you are getting, stop wasting our time and spend some of yours reading what’s here.

  262. Stephanie says

    I only have one question and I don’t see where you have covered it.. The Appstore and all the features with the iPhone.. Do they work with no problems?

  263. Katherine says

    I just received my sim card which I intend to use with an iPhone 3gs but the sim has TF64PSIMC4B. Will it work? My phone is from AT&T. I read in a previous post that I would need the one that read T64PSIMC4. I’m confused please help!! One more thing, I tried putting the sim in but it says sim not prepared. Will I need to activate the phone with airtime and all before it can register?

  264. I wanted help to know answers for below questions

    I have unlocked iPhone 4,i wanted to put Straight Talk T Mobile SIM card in my I phone

    1. is it work ?
    2. is it work on T mobile tower or AT&T tower
    3. What is the net speed (3G or 2G)

  265. I just enrolled in ST Verizon service and purchased the Samsung Galaxy at WalMart. I would like to upgrade to an IPhone. Could I buy ANY used 4 or 4S IPhone or does it have to have Verizon service to be compatable?

  266. @jorge,
    How much are u sellin them for?

  267. @ Jorge,
    I need to unlock my iphone so i can use it. I have already jailbroke it….please please help! Thank you

  268. ps sorry, my phone is an iphone 4s..thanks again

  269. We have a Verizon IPhone 4. can we convert it? Also T-moble and ATT do NOT work where we live, only Verizon. Which towers does Straight talk use? We need a prepaid service that will work where Verizon does. Any suggestions?

  270. I have a Nokia E5 with straittalk. If I upgrade to an Iphone what advantages will I get. Wont they both have 3g. Can I get all the normal apps on the phone as I could get with AT&T? Will the speed be about the same as with my E5?

  271. Ivan looks like He Is The Man on here. I NEED HELP….. iPhone 4s, how do I get everything to work for straight talk? Please, please, please…… To many different searches pop up when you google it. 18 hours later and my eyeballs are still spinning…
    Thanks in advance…

  272. Curious if any one knows the answer to this for sure. I’m going to buy a microSIM for my iPhone 4 and a $45 unlimited card for service, but i noticed ST offers a refurb phone & $45 card bundle for $45, giving a free phone. I realize it’s almost a matter of nickels and dimes, but is there any reason i coulnd’t but the bundle and eBay the refurb phone? Then i could tell myself the microSIM was free….

  273. Ok, I had AT&T preparing to switch to ST, did the jailbreak, all is well with that, now I am awaiting the new sim card, so I want to make sure i understand, once I get the new micro sim card, all I have to do is change them out and activate the phone with a $45 airtime card and that’s it? Can I keep the same phone number I had with AT&T, it was turned off thru AT&T already? Also is there a website that gives you tips on how to maximize how to use the jailbroken (guess that terminology is correct) iphone? There is so much stuff there and most of it I am not even sure what it is, I have figured out some of the themes & winterboards…lol…but most of the other stuff I am completely lost…HELP ME!!! Thank you

  274. Don’t cancel your AT&T phone line before porting the number over to Straight Talk, otherwise you’ll lose your number permanently. See page:

    Do not terminate your service with your existing company before initiating service with the prospective new company.”

  275. We have a Verizon IPhone 4. can we convert it? Also T-moble and ATT or Sprint do NOT work where we live, only Verizon. Which towers does Straight talk use? We need a prepaid service that will work where Verizon does. Any suggestions?

  276. Can I just buy a att iphone 4s at wallmart and not get a plan for it then put the sim in it?? If so sounds like a sweet deal.

  277. Can u use a locked at&t captivate on straight talk??

  278. I haven’t been on this forum in a while but, for those of you who have your 4s working on Straight Talk and have ll the APN settings correct and everything is working as it should be… but for some reason I cannot send someone a pictures through iMessanger. The regular MMS works but when I send someone who has a iPhone a pictures message they don’t get it unless I turn iMessanger off and send it a s a MMS. I can recieved them with iMessenger but just cant send. Anyone else having the same problem? (Running 5.1.1)

  279. I have HTC inspire 4G from at&t. Had it unlocked to use w/ simple mobile SIM card. Except now y mms doesn’t work and only have 2g web speeds.. I see most these refer to IPhones but I wanna know if I can full speed and all mms working again on this with at&t SIM thru straight talk ?
    Only way I get everything to work right at fast data w/ simple is to put the SIM card in my T-Mobile mytouch 4G . Which is a nice phone even better screen and dual cameras but I just don’t like the button layout . I want my ATT inspire to work at full capacity and speed its capable of w/ a prepaid service. What’s my best option?
    I’d be willing to trade 1 or both phones for an HTC EVO or Samsung galaxy2 that works if its not possible w/ my current phone.
    Please email me please BRODYTURBO at G mail dot com. Thank you.

  280. Can someone answer my above question please. I know nothing about phones. Also did someone mention they sold Iphone’s set up and ready to go?

  281. hey, i have a GoPhone right now, and i want the iphone4s so im thinkin about switchng to straight talk, but im worried that i wont be able to keep my number. and use internet outside of wifi (like the middle of the desert where im not in a nice cozy coffee shop)?? and i also dont want to buy the phone and it not work just as if i had an att contract, is this a possibility?? please help.

  282. Read the Terms of Service: the unlimited plan forbids streaming audio/radio, streaming video, and tethering. So if they catch you listening to Pandora they can refuse to renew your account the next month.

  283. So, without doing a bunch of technical stuff, I can’t facetime, or send picture messages?

  284. I purchased a straight talk phone a couple of weeks ago and cancelled my expensive plan with AT&T. I read this article and put my straight talk sim card into my iphone 3gs and it works great. It doesn’t say this is has 3G but I didn’t have to buy an additional sim card!

  285. i have an 3g iphone so all i have to do is get the sims card from ST no unlocking or jailbreaking? what is MMS i want to be able to talk text get on the web should i need too – and send pics by text

    i have been reading all i can for 2 months now and i am getting nowhere just dont understand help please

  286. Can I use a Sony Xperia that is on cow boom and is AT&T on this prepaid plan?

  287. Donald Mans says

    My daughter has an iphone 4. I saw above were I can put her phone on a 30 dollar plan with straight talk and it will lose data. What would loseing data actually mean as far as the phones use? Thanks in advance.

  288. i think data is being able to get on web and text pictures
    but you can talk and do text

  289. So can i get all the apps and use the web with the Iphone 3 with straight talk.

  290. yes as long as you jailbreak and unlock it which is what i am trying to figure out how to do

  291. Renee please keep us posted on your phone. When you get it done i am wondering if you can send pics and get on the web. Thanks

  292. Do not jailbreak either it will fuck up the dev plists and root and it will stop working on straight talk. You have to edit your apn’s manually with iBackUpBot

  293. I have Nokia E71 straighttalk phone now…I just bought a AT&T Iphone 3G. Do I need to buy a sim card or just use the one I got and do I go to the upzip website and follow the directions and should it work after I do. Is there anything else that I need to do to it. And how do I know that the Iphone will work in my area. Thanks

  294. I am looking into buying an “unlocked” AT&T iPhone 4S, will this work with the StraightTalk Micro Sim card? Also, I have read where a user bought the phone and card and the zip code was not recognized, how do I find out if my zip code is compatible? Any help would be appreciated!!!

  295. I just got my IPhone3 and had it jailbroken and everything but I still can’t get on internet without using Wifi and still can’t receive MMS. Any advice on how to fix it. Thanks

  296. i think it has to be unlocked too

  297. Will the iphone 4 be faster than the 3 while using the internet?

  298. I meant to say will it be faster using Straight talk. I thought i heard that Straight talk was only capable of 3g.

  299. I have unlocked my phone and everything. It is jailbroken and has all the files downloaded off of Cydia and my internet now works and I also have changed APN settings like they are suppose to be but my MMS still doesn’t work. Please let me know if anybody has any advice PLEASE

  300. Someone please post user friendly instructions to get MMS w/out jailbreaking. I have read all prior posts. IVAN’S 1st step ‘Make fresh backup of phone in itunes.’ Ok, how in the world do I do that? User JOSH gives very vague instructions.

    Please someone post dummy-friendly instructions to get MMS without jailbreaking. (starting from the very beginning!)

  301. I’m almost positive you need to jailbreak to get MMS working still, don’t update to ios 6 yet because there is no jb for it, stay on 5.1.1 if possible. I have been using an iPhone 3GS with ST since February no problems. I also stream pandora and spotify when I’m driving almost everyday and never had a problem losing service with them. From the looks of their “bring your own phone” program now, they don’t mind streaming of online radio. There is a soft data cap though which I’m assuming is around 2gb. After that it will slow down to edge speeds, but a simple call to their support asking why your data has slowed can usually solve this, they just reset your network and voila! 3G speeds again.

  302. just so that everyone knows my name is ivan de la rocha… email is….thats my trash email so spam it all you want….ill read your comments if i get to them….but i just wana let everyone know that i just upgraded my iphone 4 to ios 6 this morning…took me all day to try to figure out how to set up my apn settings to change to straight talks apn without my phone being unlocked or without having to jailbreak it because there is only a tether jailbreak right now…otherwise i would have jailbroke it to put tether me on there but then i would have had to restore my phone via the computer everytime i let the phone shut off or restart….but i wanna make it clear that this is possible without a jailbreak…without….just by plist.
    overriding all the things that say apn and just switching them to att.mvno. please comment i wanna hear what you guys have to say…i looked everywhere and no one else had been able to do it and talk about it….so i wanna be the first…..thank you.

  303. I have jailbroken my phone and everything and done everything I was told to do to receive MMS but I still can’t recieve or send MMS. Does aybody know what else I can try to get it working. Thanks

  304. Just got an Iphone 4 and did the IOS 6 upgrade. I am waiting for the micro sim to arrive for ST. Did I make a mistake upgrading to 6 already? …

  305. Ihave an unlocked Iphone 3.. I have changed all the APN settings and stilll I can only do calling and text… any idea how to get the interneet working.. I can wait to jailbreak for MMS while I get used to all of this.

  306. Straight Talk Sims cards will work in any AT&T smart phone. I just finished a training session with them for some work I have coming up at Walmart, you can use any smart phone, only thing is if you want to use your data on a constant then you will have to tweak it a little, but it is very easy, you can find every thing you need on google, I figured it all out. I have Iphone 4 my MMS, pic messaging and internet all work great, I actually just added Siri to my phone and she works great too..She was a little tougher with the port settings but up & running! Then this stupid IOS 6 came along and screwed my phone to kingdom come! My teenage daughter had that function on Itunes on that updates/upgrades your phone via wifi! Now I have been trying all day to downgrade and itunes simply will not let me go back to 5.1, I guess I’m am just screwed til the break comes out! If anyone has found a way to get it to work please let me know. I keep getting Itunes Error 3194..

  307. Tina you say you did a training session- i have googled for 2 months so any help you can give would be appr. i am still at 5.1 os as i read not to upgrade and i found the unlockitnz… but i am not sure about the jailbreak – what is a jail break tethered??? i hate spending money on getting the sims card/$45 plan then not be able to really figure out what do to— can you post some of the links you found that helped you?? thanks

  308. It is really easy, just download a program and plug your phone in install it and your done! The program really does all the work for you! If you wnat to shoot me an email I will be happy to help you. Just DON”T UPGRADE IT TO IOS 6, it is awful and no jailbreak right now!

  309. tina are you talking about cydia i am about to just break down and buy a phone- i have 15 days to take it back to walmart if i hate it but this just appears to be to much trouble and then having to stay at 5.1 os and not being to upgrade

  310. Jonathan,

    are you considering upgrading to iphone 5 with sprint sero premium? I am still on old sero and trying to get your opinion on iphone 5 with sprint/LTE network. Is there anyway to get it less than $199 in sprint?

  311. I guess no one here can read.

    You DO NOT HAVE TO JAILBREAK in order to use straight talk.

    Use iBackupBot to edit the plists directly.

    It doesn’t matter if it’s iOS6 or not.

    Secondly, this is being written from an iPhone 5, on the straight talk network.

    Noosy nano sim cutters, and plist knowledge is all you need.


  312. Hey all,

    I’m on 4s, I read tried a bunch of ways to get my Group Messaging and Photo messaging to work, to no avail. I’m on 5.1.1 iOS.

    Anyone know how to address this issue?

  313. Dr. Mac
    many people are reporting issues when editing the plists using iBackupBot they say that the plist files gets overwritten to default ….. didn’t you have the same issue?

  314. Shaun- I have a 4s (unlocked) and jail broken and it is working perfectly!! You already have 5.1.1…so u just need Cydia now and you’ll be on ur way! Videos of the set up once you have Cydia are on u tube and the brief steps that u need to take to have data-mms-everything !! ST is the best!!

  315. Obviously I haven’t had any problems. iPhone 3-5 iOS 3-6 plists are exactly the same. Jailbreak is extremely uneccessary.

  316. I have a locked iPhone 4 Jailbroken and have been using Gevey as an unlock solution with GiffGaff in the UK (works beautifully). With Straight Talk, would I still need to use the Gevey? And would I order the unlocked GSM sim or the ATT compatible sim, or are they the same?

  317. so Dr Mac you saying since i have an iphone 3g with 5.1.1 all i need to do is get the sims card and adjust the APN settings to match the ST network and i am done- why do i keep hearing about people not being able to MMS (i think that is message pictures- not really sure)

  318. Thanks Steve. I have Cydia, I’ve had it actually, but I haven’t found the correct video you speak of to ensure that my group and photo messaging work. Do you have any suggested links? Thanks for your help.

  319. It’s this simple. If you have a jailbreak go to cydia and add the source “” and install EditApn from them, then change all the apn’s that say “wap.cingular” to “ATT.mvno” and the mms proxy to “”. Or open your back up in backup bot and do the same in the mms override plist and the system configuration/preferences.plist

  320. Will I need to transfer my straight talk number to the new sim card that will go into the iphone?

  321. Thanks Dr. Mac!

    I’ll be looking for an unlocked iPhone 5 on ebay very soon. I reviewed the entire thread and one individual asked whether to get the ST SIM for ATT&T or Generic GSM from the ST website. I guess that purely depends on the branding of the phone. I have a hard time trusting ebay sellers for this type of detail in their ads. Will a generic GSM SIM from ST work in ATT&T branded iPhones?

  322. If I purchase the microsim for straight talk can I use it in my BlackBerry Bold….I’ve already been on the straight talk plan for close to a year and i’m sick of the stupid little cheap phone.

  323. BB i thought that the sims cards did not work with blackberry
    “This program/offering does not work with Straight Talk, TracFone, NET10, SafeLink, BlackBerry and/or CDMA phones” i would double check it

  324. I have iphone 3GS with At&T. I am out of contract. Currently, At&T does not offer coverage where I live, but Verizon does. The Walmart rep advised,go to At&T and have them unlock everything, Then get the sim card etc. My question is will I be on the Verizon network? Thanks

  325. is there some way to up date to ios to 6.0 without losing mms ? I have an att iphone 4 with straight talk


  326. Hi I didn’t see an answer to my question, so I’ll clarify. Is there any advantage one way or the other to using the ST ATT Micro Sim or the ST Generic Micro Sim (with Gevey Ultra that currently has my ATT iPhone 4 unlocked to all carriers)?

    The community appreciates your input.

  327. Matt Andrews says

    I just got my friend hooked up with straight talk with his IPhone 4S and it is just perfect. NO Issues SO FOR.

  328. I am in chicago, suppose i travel out of state just for the holidays, will I still be able to use my straight talk phone for that period of time (just for the holidays)

  329. @Sam – Yes, all year round. Straight Talk lets you use the nationwide AT&T network.

  330. Does it need to be a specific model of the iPhone or can I get a 16gb iPhone 4 and it will work?

  331. I have a droid X II motorola verizon how do i change it over to use verizon prepaid

  332. I got a iphone 3 but I had a ST Nokia E71 so I took my sim card out of Nokia and put it in my Iphone and it worked fine. It was jailbroken and everything. But I tried to restore it through Itunes and messed it up so I had a guy work on it and got it fixed back to normal jailbroken and everything like before but now the problem is when I put my sim card back in to my phone it doesn’t show HOME at the top corner like it use to so I can’t make or recieve calls or anything the sim card isn’t recoginzing my phone number on the iphone but I can put it back in Nokia and it works fine….Can anybody give me some advice please……

  333. I have iPhone 4 – i want to cut my costs….so was going to get the sim to change to Straighttalk – my concern is my iPhone 4 is via ATT (which the only way I get service via ATT in my town or in my house even is if i am connected to a ATT microcell tower) so if I get the Straighttalk sim card will I still be running off ATT towers? (i know the non sim card straight talk phones run off verizon) so if I go to the straight talk sim I am assumming I will NOT have service within my town or home as there is NO att service here.. Only way is via their special microcell tower – any ideas?

  334. ok I’ve read every post on here, all the details about what to do.. I was going to get the Nokia E71, until I read I could use a Iphone 4s, which I’d really rather have. But after reading all these posts, I’m wondering is the 4s worth it? Going through all these steps just to send mms, and get internet?? This is what I do, I get on FB, Twitter, I send pics through my “pages” app, directly to my fb business page, and take pictures. And of course I text my friends which includes pic./video messages. I also have wifi at home. So is it worth me going through all these steps, which I’ve heard are pretty easy and are way better than jailbreaking, and unlocking.. or something like that. When you do this backup bot thing with all these steps, do you still have to do to that unlock thing from safari? Sorry, about using words like thing, but I’ve went through all these posts, reading each my brain is a little scattered. =/ If someone could just e-mail me all the steps, and I mean step by step what to do right after I get my sim, and iphone.. that’d be great. Jorge, Dr. Mac, Ivan any of you.. I’d appreciate it. my e-mail is

  335. Well no one has replied. I bought an iphone 4, the person told me it was already unlocked, and jailbroke. I tried the unlockit thing, and nothing is happening, I’ve rebooted, and my mms and data still doesn’t work. I also tried downloading a tetherme from cydia. Still didn’t work. So now I guess I’m gonna try that plist thing. I think thats what it’s called. I hope I don’t screw my phone up, but no one has replied. =( And where do I find this backupbot thing?

  336. Alright I watched a video Ivan put on here and I have no idea what he’s doing, there’s no explaining, just music. I have no idea where to download this back up bot thing, I clicked the file I’m suppose to import or something and the link doesn’t work for me. So I have no idea what to do now.

  337. add a new APN profile via Wi-Fi with Straight Talk’s settings that can be found at

    but according to ST, to use MMS you need to jailbreak..

  338. I just purchased a factory-unlocked AT&T iPhone 4 from eBay. I am trying to figure out if I should purchase the ST ATT Micro SIM or the ST Generic Micro SIM. Can’t seem to find a definitive answer anywhere. Thank you!

  339. u want the micro att sim

  340. Thank you, russ!

  341. Getting a used ATT Iphone 3 and hoping to use it with ST this way but I am wondering about service areas. A friend has straight talk and gets no signal anywhere on her phone but I used to have ST and had signal in all the places she doesn’t. ATT picks up best out here. I don’t know anybody with Verizon or other carriers.

    But to my understanding this method would make sure that the Iphone goes off of ATT’s network right? It would have all the signal? I heard ST uses all sorts of towers and have different CDMA and GSM phones. So perhaps hers is using Verizon towers?

    So if I get the Iphone on ST it should work the same as it did signal wise as when it was hooked to AT&T Right????

  342. I have traded for iphone4s I have the mini SIM card from Straighttalk it was a AT&T phone will I have to have a unlock code or is there a way around this because the guy who traded it to me will not answer my calls noe.Please Help I need a phone that works and have a lot invested in this iphone.

  343. the phone dose not “need” to be unlocked to work… but if u read the FAQ on ST, pic mail via MMS WILL NOT WORK unless u can jailbreak the phone

    and no JB for IOS6.1 is out yet….

  344. i have a iphone 4s through Verizon, my phone is jail broken. i know how to unlock it.. would i be able to use the CDMA sims card if i unlocked it or would i be wasteing my time.. att is good service but where i live at..verizon has 3g and id like to run off of there towers? any help or advise

  345. ST dont sell CDMA sims.. but i read that you can buy one of the cheep CDMA ST phones, and pull the sim out of it and use it…

  346. I have an AT&T iphone 4. I’m on the straighttalk website shopping for a sim. Which sim should I purchase?

  347. I have the same question as Taryn.
    On the site, I have an iPhone 4, do I choose the unlocked GSM sim card or the T-mobile compatible sim card. I dont see any choices for AT&T. Also when I choose either one, it doesn’t really specify whether or not they’re micro.
    Does anyone rememeber which choices they made using an iPhone 4 through Straight talk’s sim card site?
    Please and thank you :3

  348. Additionally, my iPhone 4 is NOT unlocked. Its with AT&T and I have already changed my APN settings but I am still unsure because of the straight talk sim card’s website choices.
    Also to avoid annoying Dr Mac (any more than this forum already has), I have spent the last hour or so pouring over every comment from Feb 2012 to Feb 2013 looking for the answer to my problem.
    Any and all advice is much appreciated.
    Please and thank you.

  349. Unfortunately, it appears that StraightTalk has suspended the option of buying AT&T sim cards as of February 2013. No word yet on when it will be back. If you have a fully unlocked AT&T iPhone (or any Verizon iPhone 5), then you can use it on the T-Mobile sim plan.

  350. ?_? Seriously!? Like seriously!?!
    What if I bought an unused AT&T micro straight talk sim card off of eBay?
    Has service to AT&T devices through straight talk stopped completely or can I just not buy the sim card on the site anymore?
    Thank you Jonathon

  351. I know I’ve posted more than 3 comments in the last 10 min but I just really want to follow Dr Mac’s advice and not jailbreak my iPhone 4. Even if I could, I have no idea how to unlock a phone and watched my cousin suffer for hours trying on his.
    I don’t need MMS or data or internet. I just need to be able to call my family without being charged 60-80/month.
    If anyone knows of any other way to use a straight talk micro sim card in my AT&T iPhone 4, again I would greatly appreciate it.

  352. My understanding is that they’re just sold out of sim cards at this time. Should be back soon. Current devices are not affected.

  353. Ah. Phew lol. Excellent. Well then off to eBay I go.
    Thank you very much Jonathan!
    i’ll keep an eye on this forum in case they pop back up.

  354. okay. so i bought an iPhone 4s.. and a straight talk sim card. and currently use straight talk on my samsung precedent phone .. my 45$ monthly plan has not yet expired. do i need to buy another months plan for 45 to activate the new sim on the iPhone 4s??? and also does it need to be jailbroken to receive mms? what all “wont work” on my iPhone 4s when i activate it to ST?

  355. you need to JB to get MMS, unless you have a “from” ST iphone, or a “apple unlocked” phone… any former att unlocked needs JB’ed

    as to the sim, you can take the full size sim, and trace you micro on it with a pen, and trim with scissors to make it work… ive done it 3 times now…

  356. Hi! I hope you can hep me with my question..I am planning on buying an iPhone4s unlocked from the Apple Store directly. Can I use a Tmobile SIM card from Straight Talk or do I need to buy the AT&T Sim Card offered by Straight Talk? Thank you!

  357. Paul from Melbourne FL says

    I had utilized Straight Talk / Walmart’s service for over a year (I had the $30/month limited plan as I did not want my 12 year old daughter to have an unlimited texting plan#. Everything was fine until a year later the phone was dropped into the ocean by my youngster. I wanted to re-new the $30 dollar service plan with Straight Talk, so I purchased a new unlocked GSM phone that stated it was Straight Talk compatible #which it is#. Little did I know I needed a Sim Card specifically from Straight Talk until their customer service informed me of that… OK no problem. The Straight Talk Customer Service rep stated I could purchase such a SIM card for $14.99 at my local Walmart. This turned out to be not true…as my Florida Walmart did not sell Straight Talk SIM cards #nor did my other area Walmarts#. So I went online, read the Walmart sales pitch and promos about the SIM card, which clearly discusses obtaining a SIM card and utilizing the $30 plan and I purchased a SIM card for my unlocked GSM phone online. After its arrival 7 days later, I inserted it into my unlocked phone and called Staright Talk #remember I have been using this $30 service plan for over a year already), and asked to activate the phone. Here is where the problem really starts. The first customer service rep states that I have to now purchase the $45/month unlimited plan to activate the phone. No reason is given and he clearly does not know why I cannot maintain my $30/month plan… he just keeps repeating its a Staight Talk policy that a “Bring Your Own Phone” activation can only be used if you purchase a $45 Plan. What a rip-off and scheme by Walmart to get another $15 a month when the customer doesn’t want it. I asked to speak to his supervisor and after a 15 minute wait, I got a rude Customer Service rep named “Jillian”. I explain my situation again and get no where. She clearly does not want to be bothered and gives me no logical reason why the phone cannot be activated with a $30 plan, just keeps repeating its “a policy”. I have now spent $50 for a unlocked GSM phone and a useless Straight Talk specific SIM card that cost $15 and which cannot be refunded because of another unfair Walmart policy. I ask the customer rep one last time, “How can I simply maintain my $30/month service and I am told I must purchase a “Straight Talk phone from Walmart”. I ask does it come with a separate SIM card, she states “some do, some don’t”. I ask again why I cannot get my unlocked phone with a Straight Talk SIM card activated for the $30/month plan and she repeats that I can get it activated, but only for the unlimited $45 plan. What garbage and what false advertising on many of Walmart’s sites that state you can purchase a Straight Talk SIM card and get the $30 / month plan. If a Arkansas Walmart manager happens to read this, check into it and get this straightened out before you fool more unsuspecting customers. Walmart just lost a life long customer with a large family with their scheme to increase sevice plans from $30/month to $45/month. You should be ashamed Walmart.

    • Why do you blame Wal-Mart? Straight Talk sets the policies. Wal-Mart only plays by Straight Talk rules. I am not a manager, but I do work in electronics at Wal-Mart. I can assure you tat all of the information we give to customers comes directly from Straight Talk. Wal-Mart does not own Straight Talk, it simply has a contract with Straight Talk to be the exclusive retail vendor.

  358. Ok. So I read through almost every comment here but I didn’t see any specifics on how jailbreaking your phone gives you MMS?
    Is there like an app I have to download or will I automatically be able to once its jailbroken.
    How do I go about MMS once its jailbroken?

  359. I’ve got an iPhone 4S. And want to use straight talk to save money. What all do I need to do this??????????!

  360. Obviousman says

    Well, that offer didn’t last long.

    My wife and I decided to make the jump to StraightTalk last month. We ordered used factory unlocked iPhones. They arrived just in time to watch the StraightTalk micro-SIM stocks dry up. We’ve been waiting now for two weeks, during which it has become impossible to get a micro-SIM from either StraightTalk or Walmart. Emailing or calling StraightTalk has been an exercise in frustration — all they will say is that the micro-SIMs are not currently available, they can’t or won’t tell me when or if they will ever be available again, but they do have plenty of T-Mobile SIMs in stock (which are completely useless for iPhones).

    I feel like I have been baited and switched. Meanwhile the warranty on our used iPhones is ticking away and we can’t even be sure the damn things work without having a SIM to put in them. Screw StraightTalk, I’m finding another plan.

  361. Jennifer says

    Hey Paul from Florida may I ask how you resolved this issue? And if you by chance bought a straightalk phone what type of sim did you have? I am looking for a AT&T compatible standard size si card for my teenage daughter bc we now have a phone bc her st one broke so I got her a used phone and guess what there isnt a way to buy the darn sim card for it.

  362. straight is sold out of the sim cards and all walmart has in stock are straight talk sim cards for tmobile, can i still use that. its an unlocked i phone 4s

  363. what other carriers can i use my factory unlocked iphone 4 s with

  364. Would this work with a AT&T iPhone 5?

  365. Quick question regarding AT&T SIM cards against tmobile SIM cards for an iPhone 4s using straight talk…. How or who determines which SIM card straight talk will send you? Is it dependent on your zip code? I live/work in Vermont where AT&T seems to work well in most places, as opposed to TMobile.

    Thanks in advance! 🙂

  366. Christine says

    I have read these posts, and I still don’t get why my Iphone 4s from sprint cannot be used with Straight talk. It has a slot for the sims card. When I bought it from the I store they just said what carrier did I want? I only used it for a month on the sprint network. Let me know if the use of this phone is possible. If not I guess I could sell it. Hope to here from you soon. Thank You so much.

  367. Jorge i was wondering if Im still on contract can i still switch with a iphone 4

  368. Your information about it not working with a Verizon iPhone needs to be updated and more be specific. This SIM does work with the Verizon iPhone 5.

  369. Post will be updated soon. For now, AT&T-compatible SIM cards are again available from Straight Talk. You are no longer limited to only T-Mobile SIMs (although those are still available as well).

  370. @Christine
    The reason is that you got it locked. It’s not good and it’s not fair, but it is what it is.
    If you call Sprint enough times you can probably convince someone in customer service to unlock your phone. That is your best bet. If they won’t do it unless you’re a customer, join sprint for one month and tell them you want to go take the phone overseas.
    If that doesn’t work, selling is what you need to do.

  371. Cool – I’m one of the first commenters! Here’s an update for the theoretical max speeds on each of the networks for iPhone 5 (see post way above for iPhone 4S):

    A1428 Model Manufactured After April 2013:
    T-Mobile: 3G (42Mbps) Or LTE (100Mbps on very few cities)
    At&T: LTE (100Mbps) or 3G (21Mbps)

    A1428 Model Manufactured before April 2013:
    T-Mobile: 2G (.01 mbps) or 3G (21Mbps on select 1900Mhz towers only) Or LTE (100Mbps on very few cities)
    At&T: LTE (100Mbps) or 3G (21Mbps)

    Verizon: LTE (100Mbps) or 3G (3 mbps)
    Sprint: 3G (3 mbps) Or LTE (100Mbps in very few cities)
    At&T: 3G (21Mbps)
    T-Mobile: 2G (.01 mbps) or 3G (21Mbps on select 1900Mhz towers only)
    (all these mbps are peak speeds and depend on the cell towers you’re hooked up to)

    Note, that if you buy a phone on one network, you won’t get service on the other ones unless it is unlocked – with the exception of verizon will work on AT&T and T-Mobile.

  372. what if i have a iphone 4s is not in contract anymore but it not unlock but i want to use this deal will it work for me?? answer back asap thanks

  373. Danielle @ Young Adult Personal Finance says

    In my opinion, Straight talk is the best plan to have with any phone especially the iPhone. People spend $100+ each month for iPhone service when they could be using that extra money for other things or even better (saving it). My first cell phone was on a contract with verizon and I went through *you know what* with that service. The pricing went up by at least $10 every month & I was tired of it so eventually I cancelled the plan, paid off the cancellation fee, and turned to non-contract phones. I am happy to say that my phone bill is the same low price every month for everything Unlimited & I will never go back to contract phones again!

  374. What do I need to do if I want to use an IPhone with Straight Talk through Verizon?

  375. Straight Talk SIM cards now support 4G! Updated the post above. There is some debate as to whether you must buy a new SIM card or if your old one will work with 4G just fine, see HF thread here:

    I would simply check my download speeds if I had a current SIM, and if not I’d go ahead and pay $6.99 for a new SIM for 4G capability.

  376. Just curious, My current contract with ATT ends in January next year, can I buy the SIM from StraightTalk and active it next year or do I have to active the StraightTalk SIM right away?

  377. There seems no free shipping on the SIM card anymore. The lowest shipping is $4.95.

    One question, if I have a T-Mobile phone, can I buy an ATT sim card from Straight Talk and end up using the ATT network? The ST technician said a T-Mobile phone is compatible, but it’s not guaranteed that it will work with the ATT sim card. Anyone has any experience with that?

  378. Ok, it’s only free shipping for the “overnight delivery”. Was confused with the drop down on the order page where it has free 3-day shipping (but then with a price next to it).

  379. Hi Jonathan et al.,

    Re your recent Straightalk update:

    So many posts here to scroll through, it’s all very confusing. It’s still not clear to me whether I can buy a CDMA iPhone 4s or 5 directly from Straightalk which will operate on Verizon’s network. This is essential for me, as I don’t care for Sprint’s network or anything GSM. Pls confirm if anyone knows. thks!

  380. @drain – Yes, you must pick overnight delivery to get free shipping, agreed it is a weird setup.

    @Phil – The 2nd paragraph pretty much covers it, no?

    “You can also now buy the iPhone 4 ($200 refurb) and iPhone 5 ($400 refurb) directly from StraightTalk now at reasonable prices. iPhones sold by Straight Talk are CDMA and work on Verizon networks and their wider coverage.”

  381. Any idea if one can buy an iPhone 5s and use with straight talk?

    Would the t-mobile version work?

  382. Has anyone said anything about the Walmart Family Mobile plan, it is $40 a month with unlimited talk text and data up to 2.5 GB with 3G speeds. A second line is $35 and you can use iphone 4 and iphone 4S. It is running on T-mobile but it is cheaper in the long run right?

    I actually bought an off contract iphone 4 and have been using t-mobile just fine in my area.

  383. Quick question, I have an unlocked Iphone 4, and an old already activated straight talk sim card which i used on a motorola phone for a year, the phone straight talk sells you. When i cut the straight talk sim down, with a mirco sim card cutter and put it in the tray of the iphone 4 the only thing the top left hand corner reads is NO SERVICE. Can i use this old straight talk card which has been activated for a while or must i purchase a new one to be able to use the straight talk service on my iphone 4 unlocked???

  384. I have a iphone 5, and my atat bill is constantly gettin higher, I would like to keep my iphone 5 but switch to straight talk! I know I need to get a nano- sims, a straight talk card, and then activate it. But will it work that way, do i have to be on the phone with customer service, or can I do it by myself? Is there anything else I need to do, to activate it?

  385. marc rosenblatt says

    i went to the website and could not find a $200 i phone anywhere. its $395. love to see the link to that $200 phone

  386. Refurbished inventory goes in and out of stock, I’d check back later.

  387. they are all refurbished and being sold for 395

  388. There are no iPhone 4 refurbished currently available as of this writing. They don’t show up if not in stock. They do go in and out of stock as there are limited quantities.

    All I see are new iPhone 4 for $350. The iPhone 5 refurbished is $400, which is a much better deal in my opinion. There are many other places like eBay where you can buy a used AT&T iPhone 4 for $200 or under and bring it to Straight Talk without needing unlocking. Good luck.

  389. Just hooked up with straight talk with my 4s iPhone originally from att, phone and text work but no data. tried everything straight talk said to do but the changes straight talk wants me to make dont even show up in my setting. any advise would be great.

  390. I have an old ATT Iphone 3 and would like to know if it will work on and what would I need to do to use it on s.Talk, Thanks in advance for any help

  391. I live in Idaho. Coverage on anything but Verizon is nearly zero. I would love to get an iPhone 4S or 5. How do I make certain that I get Verizon coverage with Straight Talk?

  392. PLEASE HELP!!! I just ordered A iphone 4 from Ebay tonight……it says its unlocked, has a clean ESN, no contract yet says its Verizon???? Ive used straight talk for years an LOVE it….will I be able to use ST w/ this phone? if so will I have to purchase a sim or micro sim card for the phone? if so id like to do it now so I have it when phone arrives so I can set it all up 🙂 lol someone w/ an any answers PLZZZZZZ HELP ME!!! ty much

  393. I have a contract with ATT and an iphone 5. Can I get a straight talk sim card and a cutter and put it in my phone, and have my ATT contract automatically terminated? Or do I need to call them first and have the contract terminated?
    If my phone gets shut off from ATT, does that qualify for termination of contract?
    I’d like to be able to have service until I get the Straight talk Sim card and just have the Straight Talk service activated over the ATT.
    Thank You


    • Patrick, I have not experienced this for myself, but from what I read, if you put in the SIM card and activate with Straight Talk using the same number you already have, ATT gets the message you are no longer using their service and will automatically terminate your contract. Remember there is always a fee for early termination of contract. Just to be sure, I would call ATT a couple of days after Straight Talk activation and confirm your contract has been terminated.

  394. at this point, why bother with ST, when you get the same ATT coverage towers, 4g/lte/hpsa+ speeds and way less cost with cricket…

  395. Thanks for the info! A lot of this I didn’t know.

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