Sprint SERO Plan Review: Affordable Cell Phone Plan, Free Data, Currently Open To All

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If you are currently out of or nearing the end of your cell phone contract, be sure to consider the Sprint Employee Referral Offer, or SERO, plan. Although it has been heavily discussed for a while on many cellular enthusiast forums, actually getting on the plan used to require a referral from a Sprint Employee (duh), some smooth-talking over the phone, or the “borrowing” of a random employee e-mail from the internet. However, right now they have opened it up to the public, and I have gone ahead and jumped on it myself as it probably won’t last forever. Here are my experiences:

How to order
» Visit the Sprint SERO site.
» Type in either “savings@sprint.com” or “savings@sprintemi.com” in the box for Sprint Employee E-mail Address, along with your zip code.
» You should be greeted with the default offer shown to the right. However, you can choose from a variety of phones and plans to suit your needs and do all the ordering online. (If you don’t, the e-mails may have expired.)
» When you order, please note that you will be subjected to a hard credit pull just like with other carriers.

The plans all include such perks as free long distance, unlimited Sprint mobile-to-mobile, Unlimited Weekends and Nights starting at 7pm, and unlimited Power Vision (web, IM, e-mail). If you talk enough to make a prepaid plan too expensive, 500 anytime minutes for $30 plus taxes seems like a very good price. Two-year contract required, no activation fee.

The prices on phones are sometimes a good deal, but not always cheaper than other places. Although I have seen them offer free phones, I think they start at $20 now. You can compare with other sites, taking into the account the monthly savings on this plan.

I splurged and bought the Motorola Q for $100 because, well, I’m a geek and wanted to take advantage of the free data! Unlimited data alone costs $20-$50 a month on other carriers. It’s not quite a Treo and there is no touchscreen, but I can check my e-mail and also internet in a pinch. It’s quite thin, and overall I’m very happy with my new toy. 😀

Although they do send it out via 2-Day FedEx, it took me about a week before they actually shipped my phone. However, there is a status website that keeps you relatively well-informed. It should be noted that InPhonic (WireFly.com) is the outsourced provider that you’ll actually be dealing with during the initial purchase, not Sprint. They aren’t the best from what I’ve read, so if you are going to port your existing number, it may be a good idea to do it yourself through Spring customer service once you’ve gotten the phone. It took me only minutes and I just needed my old account number. In the meantime, they’ll just assign you another number.

As for Sprint’s service, they’ve been very good so far. My hold times have been pretty short, the CSRs have been nice. Coverage will vary for everyone, but mine has been adequate. There is also a 30-day guarantee just in case it isn’t.

Other notes
» You can still add any corporate or student discounts to your plan, bringing the overall price down even lower. If you are a student, call 1-866-853-4931, hit 1, and ask about your specific university. I ended up with 10% off.
» You can’t add a cheap 2nd line on these plans. This is important to note for non-single folks, because our old Cingular family line plan was actually very comparable to the SERO price. We used to share 800 minutes for $68 total a month after discounts. Now we have 500 minutes each for about $64 total per month. ($30 x 2 – 10% discount + $5 taxes per line.) The only real difference in service is the free data.
» If you experience a dropped call, you can dial *2 on your phone, say “dropped call”, and they will credit 50 cents on your account.

» After you get the phone, you can also call in for a free $25 debit card if you give them your new phone number and another referring person’s Nextel/Sprint PCS number. The other person will get $25 too. I referred my wife and we both got $25. If would like a number to use for a referral, you can contact me with your new cell phone number.

For more information, you can join the (long and often tedious) ongoing discussions at SprintUsers, Slickdeals, Fatwallet, or Howard Forums. If you are currently in a Sprint contract, you may want to read this post for some tips.

My Money Blog has partnered with CardRatings and may receive a commission from card issuers. Some or all of the card offers that appear on this site are from advertisers and may impact how and where card products appear on the site. MyMoneyBlog.com does not include all card companies or all available card offers. All opinions expressed are the author’s alone, and has not been provided nor approved by any of the companies mentioned.

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  1. Great deal.
    Anway of getting this deal with out the phone? for existin sprint pcs costumers?
    Just the service?

  2. Be careful about the “free” IM. While the service is free, you are notified of incoming messages through Text Messages. So unless you sign up for unlimited Texting, you will be charged 15cents/txt.

  3. I have been on SERO plan more than a year, and I am very happy with it. I liked it so much that I switched my wife from Verizon and my sister from Cingular to SERO and they are all happy too.
    500 min & unlimited EVDO data plan & free mobile-to-mobile for $30 is a steal. Data plan itself can cost that much with other carriers and Sprint has pretty expansive and speedy EVDO coverage. Voice call is loud and clear and coverage is excellent. Also roaming is free. Only gripe I have with Sprint is mediocre phone selection. There are lots of cool phones and smartphones only availalbe for GSM network.

  4. wow… $30 bux is pretty good, especially when other charge for internet. They only con in this plan is the SMS Text Msg.
    I have a question about the student discount on top of Sero works good? How is the Motorola Q?

  5. Good to know Brian, I never use IM. I usually don’t text either, but I do get occasional updates for stuff via text message. Incoming messages used to be free with Cingular, but costs 15 cents each with Sprint. Not sure what other carriers charge. For outgoing messages you can go to


    via your mobile web browser to avoid charges, or just send via e-mail.

    Q is great. Fits in pocket, doesn’t feel bulky. Camera, internet, auto-sync with my IMAP e-mail servers. Can take pics and e-mail them right away for free. It’s nice to be able to mess around without having to worry about data charges. Mainly, I just like being able take pictures and to check my e-mail from anywhere. I don’t watch TV (it’s pretty grainy), instant-message, play games, or even listen to music on it. There is a micro-SD slot though, and it’s Windows Mobile so there are probably extra third-party apps I could find if I was so inclined.

    I haven’t gotten the 10% discount to show up on my bill yet, but I called in and they said it was applied with no problem. Got an e-mail confirmation too. They said it could take up to 60 days.

  6. You are luckly if you can get a corporate or student discount.
    The first time I call CS to ask for my company discount, they said no problem. I even got an email confirming my billing cycle would be changed and the discount would be apply within 2 billing cycles. It never came. I called to ask again & and was answer that no discount could be applied to SERO plans.

    I waited for a 2-3 months and asked again. This time I got the discount within a week.

    I heard they can take back all the discounts you have from SERO plans any time. See Spint user forums for more info.

  7. Looking over terms and conditions:

    Sprint PCS Risk-Free Guarantee.

    Requires return of your complete, undamaged Sprint PCS Phone with the original retailer’s proof of purchase within 14 days (30 days for California residents). You must still pay all charges based on actual usage (partial monthly service charges, taxes and Sprint surcharges).

    So for most – it is only 14 days!

  8. Joseph Sangl says

    Jonathan – Nice job putting the picture of the phone up there with the blog pulled up!

  9. Hmmm… Sounded good, so I went on line to take a look. I tried to sign up for the 500 min for $30, but I see that they charge an extra $5.00 for unlimited Powervision. Is this new since you signed up??

  10. This seems like a great deal but what to do if you are already a Sprint customer and want to be on the SERO plan? I’ve talked to 3 csr’s already at Sprint and they all insist that the only way I could get this if I already have a plan with Sprint is by getting a second line (which I don’t need), I want them to just switch my current plan to the SERO plan (My current plan is identical to the SERO plan, except it costs $45 instead of SERO’s $30). I’ve threatened that I will just switch to a different carrier if won’t move me, but they don’t seem to care. Do I need to switch away from Sprint and then switch back after a few months or just keep being persistent?

  11. Yes, Gecko1 has a similar question to mine. I have call sprint employee referral sales person and was told i have to get a new cell phone number but Im with sprint already and want to keep my old number i had for years. I mean im only changing the plan. Right now im on the phone with a customer service rep. (I called the regular service number not sero offer number) and she is tell me she see no reason why i can’t keep the old number. If I do this deal and don’t get a clear answer i will have to keep old account, open a new sero account and then try and transfer old number. Sounds real backwards to me! If anyone has any information about this please post ASAP. I don’t want to miss out .
    Thanks in advance

  12. “Offer not available in all markets”

    This is apparent in parts of Illinois. Any suggestions?

  13. Ok, Gecko1 and all concern. I spoke to another SERO rep. and was told that i can keep the old number. He asked me my old number and account number and im in for the phone and plan. Was told no need to close old account they will take care of the merger of the accounts. I keep my fingers cross that everything works out. For folks in similar situations I think it will be best to order over the phone than though the internet. Hope this help.

  14. If I ever want to switch providers, this is a great plan to consider. I’m currently with T-Mobile on a 1500 minute plan for $40 (grandfathered, as the plan is no longer available at that price). Unless/until U.S. carriers go to the world standard of free incoming calls, I don’t think I’ll be switching anytime soon.

    Good, informative post. Thanks.

  15. geez, i just signed up for a 2 yr contract with cingular. you can stop laughing at me now 🙂

  16. Hi,

    As a former Sprint customer, I can say, good luck…

    My experiences, and the experiences of my friends were all bad. Especially be wary of the strange 10 dollar fees that appear when they subscribe you to a strange text messaging service, via their partners, (this happened to two of us,) and that are incredibly time consuming to remove.

    I’ve switched to T-mobile, who perhaps lack the flashy promotions of Sprint, but end up being cheaper overall…

  17. Are you sure you get free data with the Motorola phone? Here’s what it says in the details for the plan you signed up for:

    Transform your wireless experience from functional to fantastic with features and content that are very visual, extra entertaining, and perfectly personalized. Customers who choose a Power Vision(sm) or Sprint PCS Vision(sm) phone will also receive:

    – Unlimited Web access
    – Unlimited email and instant messaging – AOL, MSN and Yahoo
    – Unlimited Sprint PCS Picture Mail(sm) with Video Mail

    Power Vision(sm) Phones available: Samsung A940, Samsung A900, Sanyo MM-9000, Sanyo MM-7500

    Sprint PCS Vision(sm) Phones available: LG VI-125, LG PM-225, Samsung VI-A820, Sanyo VI-2300, LG PM-325, Samsung PM-A840, Sanyo MM-8300, Samsung MM-A880, PalmOne Treo 650

  18. even $30 a month is too much. in my area the government tacks on fees for 911, system upgrades for police radio, taxes, misc fees, etc. it’ll end up being like $75 a month. thats why I don’t even have a cell phone. I just stick to a land line because I have to have one for BellSouth DSL.

  19. Wow maybe I over looked it but now i see on the online form there is a space they ask if you want to keep your existing phone number. Maybe they added it after we call so much. (smile)

  20. I just ordered the same plan/phone as you list on your blog. I’m also curious as to Dave’s question- are you sure the free data service is compatible with the Motorola Q? It’s not in the list of phones mentioned in his list.

  21. From Sprint customer service (when asking about data and text messages, which are not the same thing):

    I have reviewed your account and see that you do have unlimited Data access on your account. This is included in your SERO plan. Data access is not the same service has sending and receiving text messages, it refers to the following Data transactions:

    – Browsing the Internet
    – Using the multimedia player to listen to streaming music or watch TV
    – Accessing content in the On Demand application
    – Sharing/sending pictures
    – Previewing or downloading songs from the Sprint Music Store
    – Downloading content such as ringers, screensavers, and games

  22. Anyone know of a way to get out of a 2 year Cingular contract?

  23. @ Dale: Your two options are pay the service d/c fee, or don’t pay and dispute the fee with your credit bureaus. Until congress does something to make the early termination fees unlawful, it seems like these phone companies will continue to levy them on us consumers.

    In many cases though, it’s actually cheaper to pay the fee and switch to a cheaper service. I got sucked into Verizon’s “In-Calling” plan where nights/weekend began at 9:00pm and after enduring 5 frustrating months with Verizon i switched back to Sprint w/ nights/weekends start at 6pm on my plan.

  24. @ Dale:

    One suggestion I have read to get out of cell contracts is to overuse the free roaming option that is often featured in them. It makes sense because if you drive their expenses enough, the company might beg YOU to quit. Check out the link below to get some more ideas (from the obvious to borderline unethical..):


  25. Is it possible for me to migrate my old cell number (on an AT&T/Cingular service) to the SERO plan, or do I have to start anew?

    Thanks for any help.


  26. Thanks for the comments, I am looking for a hassle free way of attempting to get out of the contract; thus, the credit card chargeback is a pretty good idea. I’m just going to say that I never agreed to a 2 year contract; thus, the charge is invalid and I believe Cincular will have to present AMEX with proof of validity for the $175 charge 🙂

  27. Just got notified that i can’t keep my old cell phone number. I must chose a new number. I had this number for years and don’t want to give it up. So I canceled my offer. Rats wish they would have told me this before allowed them to pull a hard credit check.

  28. Ditto. Just got a message saying “you are currently not eligible to transfer your existing phone number.” Not sure why though.

  29. i’m already with sprint and was also notified that i have to get a new number…

  30. I migrated my old Cingular number over just fine, and I waited until I got the phone first pre-programmed with a new number. I’m confused why Sprint wouldn’t let you move your old number.

  31. Apparently one way around this is to port your number to a cheap prepaid phone first.

    Old Sprint -> Prepaid -> Sprint SERO

  32. Just a note to thank you Jonathan for the great tip. New Q will be here tomorrow and i will be saving $10 off my previous T-Mobile AND will have unlimited data! Time to retire this moldy old RAZR. 😉

  33. topshelf77 says

    Anyone know if the ‘unlimited web access’ applies to the Blackberry as well. I’m asking because the web access on the Blackberry is 39 dollars by itself.

  34. Thanks Johnathan. I ordered my Q a few days ago and will be paying $30 less than I’m paying for 300 minutes and unlimited data from T-mobile.. I just hope they ship soon because I am going out of town in a little over a week!

  35. I just did this and was wondering if I could ues the Q with another provider if i dislike sprint?

    I hope they send me the black one

  36. Thanks for the detailed walkthrough.

  37. Jeannie says

    So, after many attempts with the CSR’s at the end of the line of *2, I ran across a thread in a forum with the code #C SEROF&F7NEVDO$30 and the email ecare1@cc.sprintpcs.com.
    I emailed the code to the address requesting that my phone number be separated from the family plan and put on the SERO plan reference the code. They emailed back requesting some account verification info and then emailed back that they would be happy to change the plan over on that particular line. YMMV but for those current Sprint customers this may be a possible workaround.

  38. Be careful guys. Just did a test: use whatever emails (type in anything) with sprint.com will go thru it. Also the website is not from sprint. How SAFE would this be?

  39. Michael says

    Thanks once again for some great info that has helped me save money! I got the Q as well; Great Phone!


  40. A little off topic here but I was wondering if any of you have used your cell to access your online brokerage account? I’m thinking of signing up with SERO with the Q phone. Would I be able to access and trade my Ameritrade account with it? Any security issues? TIA

  41. John- You can access TDAmeritrade from a mobile phone using http://www.amtdw.com You can trade from it if you absolutely had to, but it is a very basic interface designed for basic mobile phones, not PDA/smartphones. 🙁

  42. Those with the Q phone, how is the quality of the speaker phone?
    Overall, how do you like the phone as far as talking on it, ergonomic
    of the phone? I know the phone is slim, but does it feel bulky in your

  43. For me, the speaker phone is good. Maybe not great with a lot of ambient noise, but still pretty good. I use it all the time. Voice recognition is very convenient.

    Windows Mobile a bit clunky, but I don’t really do too much with it other than e-mail, occasional web browse, and sync with Google Calendar. The keyboard is much better than typing on a regular phone, that’s for sure.

    Phone feels much like a Razr in your pocket. Very thin, but kind of wide. I have to make sure not to keep my keys in the same pocket so I don’t scratch the screen though, which is different from my old flip phone.

  44. Just a heads up to check your first bill for shenanigans. They tried to charge me $0.50 for 300 SMS Messages between 5/1 & 5/3. I didn’t do ANY messaging on those days and I didn’t request it and they had no valid reason why it would have been added. I hate quibbling over such a small amount but jeez. They agreed to take it off but now my radar is on to watch their bills very closely.

  45. I just called Sprint and asked for a corporate discount and the person said I can’t get one because it’s a SERO plan which is already a discounted plan. I work for the federal gov’t and told him as much and he started to apply it and then I said, “so, when my dad signs up with Sprint too for the SERO plan, he can just call and get corporate discount too?” Then he said, “oh yours is a SERO plan? no corporate discount…”

    arghghgh. Advice please?

  46. So, what’s the phone ## to call to get a SERO plan??
    I’m on VERIZON (three phone lines). Can I set up SERO for all three??? My friend actually works for sprint & there is a $50 referral, but she doesn’t even know about SERO. She has the family plan.

  47. I don’t see the Q as an option on the SERO site. Is it no longer available?

  48. It may be out of stock for now?

  49. My order was cancelled due too, I was an existing Sprint Customer.
    This was after my order was approved. Wish InPhonic inform me of this before hand. I would have to cancell my existing phone in order to get on this deal. InPhonic customer service is pretty bad. I called Sprint regarding this matter and talk to the Retention Department. Being a loyal Sprint Customer, they took care of me with no problem. Best of all, I get to keep my existing number.

  50. i’m definitely thinking about doing this. my cingular contract is up and i’ve been researching a new plan which is how i stumbled across this site. i never even though about switching to sprint, but this seems too good to pass up. much cheaper than the blackberry service i was looking at through tmobile.
    is sprint’s service any good? i have a friend who hated it, but that was a few years ago, maybe they’ve gotten better?
    i’m also skeptical about ordering through wirefly. i’ve head horror stories about that company.
    i guess i’ll do some more research. hopefully make a decision in a few days.

  51. Is it just me or has the online offer been pulled off requiring you to order only by calling the number 888-882-4030? I can’t see any link or form thru which I can order a phone with a SERO plan online…



  52. trumaluz says

    tru dat nik.. its all digital now

  53. Yeah, it seems that they took the online order ability off.

    I just ordered on the phone. They were confused about the “savings@sprint.com” address, but the rep took it. I feel a little scared about the whole thing… she wasn’t sure of what “unlimited web” meant, but she told me it would also include unlimited Sprint Powervision, as that’s part of “unlimited web”. I’m getting this plan pretty much for those reasons, so I hope it works. They are including unlimited texting until 6/31/07, but as long as I don’t make any changes to the plan she tells me it will carry through as long as I have the plan.

    They didn’t have the phones available that I originally wanted, but my second pick (Razr) was available so I opted for that. I figure that’d be OK.

    Has anyone had any experience using the Powervision (TV and stuff)??

  54. Thanks Tim for this useful update! Which phones do they have and which ones are out of stock? Specifically do you check about the Palm Treo 700p or the Motorola Q?

    It’s a pity Sprint hasn’t launched the HTC S720 (Libra) available on Telus Canada otherwise I’d switch right away!

  55. I know they were offering the Q, but not sure about the Treo. They seem to have a very limited selection on phones.

    If you order, be sure to check about what the “unlimited web” means.

  56. The wording in the offer is tricky, so are y’all sure that the “unlimited textmessaging until 6/31/07” comment means the OFFER is until 6/31, or the unlimited texting ENDS 6/31/07…..since the comment doesn’t say “offer of unlimited texting” blah, blah, blah, makes me wonder. I don’t trust what reps say, as it is not in writing.
    Also, I think the difference between Moto Q and Treo is Vision phone access and web t.v….is that correct? TIA

  57. As I know, SERO plan is applicable for both Sprint & Nextel. With Sprint, you have free mobile-to-mobile, and with Nextel, you get free walkie-talkie, while the remaining part of the plan is exactly the same. Of course, the phones are also different. I’m just curious do yall pick Sprint plan or Nextel plan? I picked Sprint plan with MotoQ. Any special benefit to pick Nextel? TIA.

  58. As I know,, SERO plan is applicable for both Sprint & Nextel. With Sprint, you have free mobile-to-mobile, and with Nextel, you get free walkie-talkie, while the remaining part of the plan is exactly the same. Of course, the phones are also different. I’m just curious do yall pick Sprint plan or Nextel plan? I picked Sprint plan with MotoQ. Any special benefit to pick Nextel? TIA.

  59. Sorry I forgot the URL for the promotional 1500-minute plan: link

    One extra benefit, this plan includes free 411 service.

  60. One more news: if you weren’t able to get this super good Sprint SERO plan, please don’t be discouraged, especially if you make a lot of phone calls. Tonight I just saw a super good new T-Mobile promotion: $39.99 for 1500 minutes per month, with free nights (start from 9PM) and weekends. Just think about it: T-Mobile’s current 1000-minute plan asks for $49.99 per month, while this promotional 1500-minute plan only ask for $39.99 (yes more minutes, but ask for less!). That’s super good!

    Jonathan, I suggest you to write a separate post to introduce this plan to your readers. It does deserve its own thread.

  61. I am sorry that I made a mistake, the above 1500-minutes TMobile plan does not have free nights and weekend.

  62. Jonathan,

    Do you know how to disconnect from the internet on your Q phone?
    There is no instruction showing how to do this.
    I have research and can’t seem to find anyting.


  63. I was on a Sprint Retention Plan, but this was too good to pass up, so I signed up too! Old plan was 750 mins, 8pm, unlimited Vision/SMS for $60. SERO = $30/mo can’t beat that! I posted a table with further details on my blog.

  64. I followed the instructions above but had to call the 888-882-4030. The nice lady transferred me to CR since I am Sprint customer. I asked to be changed over to SERO. No problems getting changed over – also received corporate discount – at least he said I would. I will check the bill. The only thing I could NOT do was purchase a new phone for cheap since I am not quite at the 22 months on my old phone but he said I could do this when I am eligible in a couple of months. I really cannot complain – switched from family plan with 3 phones to this and will save $25 per month.

  65. Anyone who got a Q phone? How do you like it? Any complaint?

  66. The Q phone is great. The speaker phone works good. No compliants. I love being able to go online. Overall great phone for the price.

  67. I am tempted to open a new line with Sprint/Nextel, especial with it’s unlimited browsing and e-mailing on the web; but I wonder how reliable is it’s network/reception… does anyone know? I am located in Los Angeles area, CA.


  68. I tried to activate today and I had major problems getting it started. Anyone share a similar story?

  69. michelle says

    I tried to sign up but was told it was not available in my area – anyone know a way around this? I am in central Illinois.

  70. I want the Libra!! 🙁

  71. My God! What a nightmare this was! I followed every step and upon arrival of my phone I called Sprint because I seem to be having some issues. They promptly told me that the Blackberry model I had just ordered could not be used with any of the SERO plans! I was told by the tech suppost person that this fact was clearly stated at the SERO site. Just be sure to read very well the entire site!!

  72. joefriday says

    The way to break a contrat with a cell company if you have free roaming.
    Find a spot where you are in roaming and call something that have a recorded loop or talk to someone there
    dont go over you min limit.
    just make sure its over 50% of roaming.
    This is from sprint.
    “Sprint may terminate service if a majority of minutes in a given month are used while roaming”
    They are the ones terminating the plan you don’t have to pay!!!!
    other companies many have the same deal

  73. I have a Sprint pcs phone for almost 2 years now. The customer service sucks. BIG TIME.
    Now my boyfriend is tempting me to switch to SERO plan which I should admit is definitely tempting for all the DATA access and 7 pm – 7 am free minutes. I WANT a blackberry phone.
    But my contract end date is two months away and I find that if I wait until my contact gets over to use $150 rebate over the new handset, and take up a new SERO plan, I am still going to be a new customer to SPRINT. But, there is no way I can make use of my $150 rebate to purchase a phone through SERO plan. So literally I am not enjoying any benefits of being a sprint customer for 2 years.
    What is it that I you guys think I should do?

  74. Chand:

    Have you thought about open a new line?

    Read the Fatwallet link that Jonathan Posted; there are people who are actually in your situation or in similar situation.

  75. Looks like the deal expired.

    “This special Sprint promotion has expired. Thank you for your interest in Sprint. You may check out our current hot promotional deals online at http://www.sprint.com.”


    I’ve been with Sprint for about 3 months because my girlfriend is with Sprint and I didn’t want to be with Verizon anymore. Of my 1st 3 bills, 2 have been wrong. Customer service hold time is HORRIBLE. I will NEVER recommend anyone to Sprint until they get their act together.

    The only thing I like about Sprint is my plan which gives me unlimited incoming calls. Other than that, it sucks.

  77. The deal is not expired till the end of this year, i think. You still can access SERO website at http://www.Sprint.com/sero, and use “savings@sprintemi.com” as the employee email address.

  78. I signed up this afternoon for the q – they seem to have got a lot more strict on the email address’s that you can use. however, the vice presidents email address worked when i tried it yesterday 🙂

  79. Does anyone know about changing from Nextel to Sprint SERO with all fee or having to get into a new contract with them?

  80. Hi I am a current Sprint customer (going on 3 years) and am on a family plan, meaning that I am NOT the master account holder. I see most of you were able to get free unlimited texts. I?m wondering if I am eligible to get this too, either on all of my family?s phone or just on mine. Also if I am able to get the free text, will it extend my contract another 2 years (b/c its a change in the plan).

  81. I just signed up online for this deal, using savings @ sprintemi.com (no spaces). It appears that free text messages are also still included:

    You’ll find special discounts on many devices
    Select from three SERO voice plans starting at only $30/month
    Unlimited data services included with all plans
    Unlimited text messaging included with all plans through 9/29/07
    Unlimited Mobile Broadband service for only $49.99/month

    But, the option to purchase text messaging showed up when checking out so I am guessing I’ll have to call customer service to get the text thing applied. The phone selection is pretty broad, and increased dramatically from when I checked earlier this week. I got a KRZR.

    I also used coupon code URANG for $50 off (later invoices). Have to make sure they’ll be able to port my # out of my verizon corporate plan, but so far this looks great! Thanks for writing about this deal, Jonathan!

  82. >>I also used coupon code URANG for $50 off (later invoices)

    Hi Jessica, I am curious what did you mean “later invoices” and who is qualified to get that URANG $50 coupon? Can an existing customer apply that coupon, or the coupon only applies to customer when he/she opens a new account? Thanks in advance.

  83. Well the phone arrived and 3 hours later on the phone to support to get it activated – arghhhh. Sprint’s Customer service on the phone really is appalling. At one point they told me the voicemail would be wiped (it wasn’t) and they changed my plan from sero to a pay as you go – so the next day i had $36+ of use on my plan! Emailed customer service (after eventually finding the web page to do it) and they have credited my account and put me back on sero.
    But when I tried the referral number it told me it couldn’t be used for my plan – i’ll try again later but seriously sprint need to fire all their phone reps and get some decent employees manning the lines.

  84. Hi Simon – The fine print for URANG indicated that I would get 2x $25 credits on my 1st and 2nd invoices. I am a new customer, not sure if it would work for existing customers. Search Jonathan’s Sprint SERO archives – he posted info on another $50 promotion, which might work for you, too.

    I was happy to do most of the transaction online, only having to call customer service to discuss porting my # from a Verizon corporate account. The CSR did say to block off significant time if I need to call cust svc when I get the phone. Andy, I’m shuddering at your experience!

  85. I ordered my Q last night before reading about the URANG promotional code. Is there anyway I can apply after ordering? Maybe cancel my order and re-order it?

  86. Hi,

    I’m looking to get into the Sprint SERO plan with the new BB 8830. However, I see that I need to pay the full $39.99 to get the unlimited data BB plan. Does anyone know if they offer some sort of discount for this plan, since the data plan should be free if I were to get any other vison plan?


  87. Oswaldo,

    I’m in the same situation and I think you can get around it IF you don’t want to use your BB 8830 for blackberry email. the 39.99 charge is to be able to use the sprint.blackberry.com email server, and if you want to use your phone for just text, voice and web, you should be fine with just the free vision service tied to the SERO account.

    I’m trying to get this figured out right now, but I’m still running into problems with them porting my existing Sprint # to the new plan. They still won’t do it. Any solid advice on this step in my battle?

  88. Did you have any problem when you added a studnet discount to your plan? I called Sprint, and was told I am eligilbe to get 5 lines under my name. Can I get the paln first, then refer my wife as a second line under my account? Will this invalid the referral bonus?

  89. Andy,

    Technically, SERO is already a discounted plan, you are not suppose to get any other discount, but some customer rep. might oversee the fact that you have a SERO, or they just don’t care if you have SERO, and will give you the discount. (i got my 15% off student discount)

    I signed up for 1st line about a month ago, in my first statement, there was a flyer saying that i will get $50 referral credit if I open another line (which makes sense, 1 of $25 for my first phone line plus $25 for my second phone line equals $50), so, to answer your second question, i guess you can do that, but i think maybe it’s only valid after 1 month you have your first line….oh, I did signed up for 2nd line a few days ago, and have already called and requested for the referral.

    Anyone has other experience?

  90. Thank you, Nancy!

    I already received my Moto Q, and it looks great. However, I do have a battery problem. Battery drains very quick. After fully chagred, it only last about 24 hours with 15-20 minutes talking. Do you guys have any suggestion? Thanks!

  91. Wanting to move up in technology…

    I would like a phone with GPS, but with web access & mapquest do I need it?

    Will the Motorola Q be updated anytime soon? I like the new one at Verison, but want to go with the sprint sero plan. Is there any web sites to look at upcoming phones… Pamela

  92. Hi
    I am soo confused. I initially signed up for the sero plan on the website, using savings@sprintemi.com as the email address. I called back to have my old number brought over. When i checked last night, i had a completely different plan (saying that i only had 200 minutes for i believe $30 as oppose to) 500 offered by the sero plan. I went through 2 csr, one in Utah, the other in the Philippines. Neither seemed to know what i was talking about when i mentioned the sero plan, and now i’m very frustrated, and not sure what i should do. Any suggestions?


  93. Suzie,

    That happened to me, too, when I signed up via the internet. It seems to me that Sprint tends to mess up the SERO plan when sign up online. I ended up canceled it and signed up again via the phone. Anyhow, to resolve your issue, you can call the retention and tell them that you want to cancel (dial *2 on you Sprint phone and say “cancel,” it’ll take you directly to the retention department) because that’s not the plan you signed up for and that no one was able to fix it for you. Most likely, the retention people will fix it for you. However, later you will find out that you can’t do the $25 referral, coz the system thinks that you are an employee of Sprint which makes you not eligible to get the referral credit, so you will have to call retention again. Moreover, you will not be able to refer anyone with SERO plan in the future.

    Retention: 877-766-7697

  94. so i am currently on the phone with some csr’s and they are telling me that savings@sprintemi.com is not a valid email address, and they are telling me the otehr options. the thing is, it all sounds like crap compared to the sero. They are telling me i can be able to switch if and only if i am providing a “real” sprint email address. anyone know of a “real” email address i can use? is there any way around it?

  95. I went to the sprint website and looked at the directory and chose an employee…. worked like a charm.

  96. what you say to them?

  97. btw, if i had a nextel email address..would that work?

  98. 8-29-07, I got my Q today. I too tried to activate and was told I had a different plan. The csr started asking if 300 incoming minutes would work for me, when I explained that was not the plan I signed up for. I told her the SERO. She only asked if I was referred by a Sprint employee to which I answered yes. She did not ask by whom or about an email address. It did take her several minutes to reconfigure my plan to the SERO plan. I think its hit or miss with the csr’s. My csr did say a few times that she has done this before, but it didn’t sound like she did it very often. Good luck, Pamela

  99. Suzie,

    here is the link to fatwallet, if you scroll down, you’ll see someone had put down a list of Sprint employee addresses. Just pick one of them and give it to the CSR. http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/messageview.php?catid=18&threadid=680568&start=8800

  100. do they really send an email to taht employee?

  101. Suzie,

    No, they don’t send email to those employee.

  102. i would be willing to pay someone if they would help me get this changed…i have a shared plan and my 2 years in MARCH OF 08, im wondering if i should wait and someone can do it now, or just change it now, by adding another line…i also wanted to get 1 maybe 2 new phones….and ideas?

  103. Thinking of the free data… any way to connect to a laptop and surf the net? I’d love to get rid of my dial-up service and land line. I could save about $45 between the two of those which would more than offset the $30 SERO offer.

  104. Am I able to switch over to the SERO plan if I already have a Sprint phone and am only 9 months into my 2 year contract?

  105. GUy I just got the Moto Q 2,3 days ago with SERO plant $30 plus tax like they said 500 min Un MtoM night start at7Pm with free Date WEb brower ,Email worh pretty good with me all the call Crytal clear voice not like Verizon I used to try drop call ,static call ,back noise ,I order from the web and enter Email from Sprint Employee take 2 days process and it come overnight by UPS

  106. regarding, ” If would like a number to use for a referral, you can contact me with your new cell phone number.”

    i would like to contact you to get $25 referral credit. i can refer both of you. can we exchange number? is that possible?

  107. Matt, my contract renews on Oct 08, and YES, I got on the sero plan last week. The key thing is persistance. Go through retentions just like everyone is stating, they will work best 4 u, or the business dept. Find you a sprint employee email, call and explain that that employee referred you to the sero plan. They may say that you will have to cancel your current service and then activate a new line…that is BS! Hang up and call back! Be persistant. I finally got it after about 20 calls, but when I did get it I had a good REP that gave it to me. He did not renew my contract, and yes I got the unlimited txt msg’ing too. I had to email customer care for the txt’ing though. BUT IT IS DOABLE (probably mispelled that) KEEP TRYING! Don’t give up… keep calling back through out the day. If you dont’ get it that same day…take a break and start dialing that next morning.

  108. does it have free nights or anything free?

  109. Yes, Patricia, it has free nights and weekends at starting at 7pm.

  110. jermaine t. walker says

    i wanna know do i qualify for a phone

  111. ??? i think anyone is qualified…
    if you talk to a sprint rep, they’ll say no if your an existing customer, or no if you don’t have a valid email address, but savings@sprintemi.com is still working, so you can order it online.

  112. is it possible to buy your own phone(on ebay lets say) and have them help u with the programming.. it’s 30 dollars so i’ll tether it with my n800 and skype..so unlimited calls…woohoo thru the magic of inthernet

  113. do you have any currently working promo codes for the sero plan that can get credit onto my account

  114. thank you

  115. It always seems to work using a very generic name like john.johnsonATsrpintDOTcom

  116. Boy, do I wish I did not have one year left at Cingular! I would be all over this deal.


    also try WEBC25

    i just recently got on the sero plan they say its gonna be effective till January 12,2008.

    so enjoy while it lasts also their getting rid of free text at the end of this year so sign up before they do.

  118. Just ordered my Q…

    URANG worked!!

    Included Unlimited Text as well…

  119. does anyone know anymore discount codes that will work? i’ve tried them all and they’ve been rejected!!

  120. This plan is pretty good, i got mines today. the best phone to get it with is the mogul and if thats too pricey then get the centro by palm which is the phone i got and its great! and if you sign up before febuary 12 2008 i think u get unlimited text free of charge. no other wireless service beats this plan i checked before i got it. Nyker i was reading a forum before i got it and it said that no promotional codes work for the sero plan, i was checking because i had one. overall the sprint SERO is the best plan on the market right now and its for a limited time so get @ it quick before its gone. _UnO_

  121. omg, im SO annoyed right now. I was promised a $50 credit toward my account for opening a new line with Sprint, and when calling them about it, I was transferred to 5 different departments and I’m still on hold about it. On top of it all, I cant understand their accents 90% of the time. OMG. I’m so tempted to leave Sprint right now, and the Customer Care guy (guy #4) was going to transfer me somewhere else, and I just told him to bring me to retentions. we’ll see what happens. wow.

  122. retention doesn’t get anything done. I called to try to fix my account, got frustrated, and asked for retention. they didnt seem to give a shit, and cancelled when i told them my problem and was considering to cancel. i eventually got the account re-activated, fixed, but now i’m waiting for my $300 credit for my account that they still havent fixed since october of 2007

  123. Yeah man u see i told u that they have some indian thing going on. Thats y i didn’t order my phone online. Sprints warrenty is pretty bad too. It only covers internal problems and company defects, i mean isnt that supposed to be covered period, what are we paying $7 for? Its pretty lame, im with you on leaving sprint.

  124. I got the SERO plan and asked for a monthly discount and I got it. I have had no trouble so far with sprint. I really like the unlimited data and text. It’s just the best plan out there.

  125. Trace, how did you go about getting a discount applied? I just tried and was told the discount isn’t eligible for the SERO plan…?

  126. Which promotional code did u try?

  127. I called the 866 number and asked to apply my corporate discount but was denied because the SERO plan is already considered a discounted plan. However it seems people are finding their way around this…

  128. Derek Williams says

    I tried to apply my corporate discount to my SERO plans as well and I was denied.

  129. What email are you guys using to get the sero program? I was told that the savings@sprintemi.com would not work. Do you have to have the permission of an employee to use their email address?

  130. Everone, the promo code URANG. It works.

  131. Hey Que. What email address did you use to get the sero program?

  132. I used savings@sprintemi.com, and it still works.

  133. Does anyone know if any of those $50 credits are still applicable for new Sero subscribers, sent by email to Sprint customer service? I tried the SAVE50 and was asked to send a copy of the coupon by attachment. It seems like it’s completely at the mercy of what CSR you get. Some seem to be granting the credit without issue and others are being sticklers about it.

  134. We just called up and followed the direction on the EVP email and they added the discount node with no problem. In fact, we got a new discount via my wife’s school. My school had a 15% discount associated with Sprint, apparently my wife’s school is a 24% discount – which will now apply to both phones on the account.

    I will say that it was hell getting all the bugs out of the setup for the SERO but worth it.

    FYI: here is a good list to keep regarding Sprint contact numbers (for SERO use #15):
    1. 1-888-715-4588 Activations
    2. 1-800-658-7564 Retention
    3. 1-866-207-7913 Retention
    4. 1-866-818-1802 Business Retention
    5. 1-888-876-8381 Employee Accounts
    6. 1-888-211-4727 Customer Service (with hold time)
    7. 1-877-909-4806 Customer Service (with hold time)
    8. 1-800-658-7564 Customer Service (w/o hold time)
    9. 1-877-822-7505 Customer Service (w/o hold time)
    10. 1-888-788-4727 Business Customer Service
    11. 1-877-812-1223 Business Customer Service
    12. 1-866-581-9266 Business Customer Service (w/o hold time)
    13. 1-866-818-1944 Power Vision/Internet Support
    14. 1-888-547-8119 Collections
    15. 1-866-250-2221 Employee Customer Service (Includes SERO customers)
    16. 1-866-519-5698 Executive Services (For when things get really messed up)
    17. 1-888-347-8988 Executive Services (For when things get really messed up)
    18. 1-817-215-3070 Executive Services (For when things get really messed up)
    19. 1-888-312-0050 National Business plan
    20. 1-800-477-4127 Rebate Line (Get the status of your Sprint rebate)
    21. 1-866-519-5698 (Or directly at 817-215-3070) Sprint PCS Corporate HQ/Executive Services/Escalations
    22. 1-888-253-1315 TeleSales – Phones & Accessories and Customer Service for Phone & Online orders
    23. 1-877-228-2257 Vision/3G Wireless Web Support Department
    24. 1-877-888-1518 Password 4357# (HELP#) WLNP Priority Help Link – Help dealing with WLNP port problems
    25. 1-888-788-0788 Fraud Department
    26. 1-800-865-7786 Internal Marketing Opt-Out (Tell Sprint you don’t want your contact info to be shared with other Sprint divisions for marketing purposes)
    27. 1-888-226-7212 International Roaming

  135. So I just tried to get the student discount and all the reps said great. Then I got an email that said I did not qualify because I am on SERO… go figure.

  136. Can anyone tell me if I have the Sero 500 plan? How do I need if I have free web data / unlimited txt included on my current plan?

    ***This is what it says when I click plan details under my account.
    SERO F&F 500- $30.0
    Plan Features:

    * Sprint Fair & Flex
    * Caller ID
    * Adjustable Anytime Minutes
    * Call Waiting
    * Three-way Calling
    * $30.00 Minimum Monthly Charge
    * Voicemail
    * Nationwide Long Distance Included
    * Unlimited Night & Weekend Mins. Included
    * Nights: M-Th 7PM-7AM Wknd: F 7PM-M 7AM
    * Unlimited Mobile to Mobile (pcs to Pcs)

  137. looks like u have the sero plan…one way to check on ur data and txt msg is to look under the usage seciton on sprint.com, if u have used any data or txt, then it should show and beside it, it should say “unlimited”. let me know if this helps.

  138. Jonathan,

    How about a quick update on your experience with the SERO plan. Have the prices stayed constant? Is the service decent? Internet speeds acceptable?

    Inquiring minds want to know!


  139. Sprint SERO has been great!

    500 min, free text, free data, all for $30 a month. (not sure if they still have free text). I got the Moto Q and I can even use it as a wireless modem for my laptop with some $30 software. I love it.

  140. Just sign up for the SERO and completed the trans over the phone vs the website cause I was concerned about porting numbers. The Tele Sales Rep said I could apply the URANG promo code after activation.

    I have tried with 2 reps after and followed that up with 2 emails to ecare and nothing so far. The two reps say they have never heard of URANG. And ecare 1st says contact the website that offered. I explained that I was on their website. Second ecare email said that it had expired. The SERO shopping cart showed $50.00 per phone, I purchased 3 phones 3 plans should have been total of $150.00 in invoice credits. Promises promises on the front-end…

    Any Ideas ???

  141. Jonathan,
    Thanks for the update! It is encouraging to hear that SERO is working well.
    I realize that there may not be a firm answer, but is there any sense of how long SERO will last?
    My AT&T contract isn’t up until September, but it’s tough justifying the contract cancellation fee in order to switch now.

  142. There’s no saying when the SERO plan will expire. It was suppose to end on Jan. 31st but they extended it till Feb. and who knows they probaly would extend it again.

  143. Jonathan, can you elaborate on the $30 software that allows you to use your phone as a modem for your laptop. Is this a viable alternative to having a separate ISP?

  144. Jonathan, you may be violating the terms of use by using it as a modem. I am signing up now and this is it. “If your Services include unlimited web or data access, you also can’t use your Device as a modem for computers or other equipment, unless we identify the Service or Device you have selected as specifically intended for that purpose (for example, with “phone as modem” plans, Sprint Mobile Broadband card plans, wireless router plans, etc.).”

  145. I signed up for the SERO plan last week and I’ve had some issues getting my number ported. The way the CSRs have handled it has been less than encouraging.

    I’m a little nervous about getting random incorrect charges on bills because of all the people who have posted about that happening. We’ll see how it goes…

  146. John A Davis says

    I started off using the info on this blog to get my $30 for 300 anytime minutes upgraded to the SERO plan (I’ve had this plan for 14 years). Outsourcing idiot couldn’t help me and when I said I was going to cancel they turned me over to an american lady that was very capable and she was sure she had something better.

    I got $40 for 1000 minutes, unlimited blah blah after 8pm, unlimited txt msging, and unlimited data. That’s good, no?

    Decided to shoot the whole wad and I bought the Touch by HTC ($500 but $250 with the plan). I also asked them to bill me so it will be April 1st when I have to pay.

    Hope I did ok.

  147. John A Davis says

    Also, Touch has 512k memory but I can get a 4gb card for under $50. It has a 2 megapixel camera that will do video also. Don’t know what I am going to do with myself!! Never used a phone for anything but phoning. Front cover of Touch is glass like the iphone. It remains to be seen how good an iphone clone is.

  148. The website to check if your company receives a corporate discount is: http://www.sprint.com/employeediscount

  149. The attached website is a great way to see if you qualify for a company discount. If it says you do, then you can call the Hierarchy Attachment group at Sprint and have them attach your company discount. It takes up to 2 billing cycles to get attached keep in mind, but this group will get you set up on the correct corporate discount. All you need to do is call 1-866-853-4931. If you are an existing Sprint customer select option “1” enter your Sprint PCS phone number and hold on the line. A live person will come on the line and assist you. You can also go to: http://sprint.p.delivery.net/m/p/nxt/ais/discount.asp and fill out the form yourself. You just need your corporate email address to do it. Enter it for both your billing email and corporate email.

    You will receive 2 emails from Sprint. One confirming your request to be attached, and the 2nd will be the date in which you are attached.

    Hope That Helps 🙂

  150. Jonathan, what software do you use to get an internet connection on your laptop through your cell phone? Does it only work with the Q, or would it also work with the Mogul (which also runs Windows Mobile)? Have you verified that they don’t charge extra on something like a “per MB” basis when you just have the $30/month plan?

  151. I use PDANet by June Fabrics, it works with a variety of phones. I only use it lightly when traveling. I have read that if you go nuts with it then Sprint might notice, but I haven’t seen any extra charges.

    I do a lot of e-mail syncing so I’m sure my bandwidth usages are pretty high and my spikes are less noticeable.

  152. Awesome tip !!!!!! I just received a Motorola Moto Q9c and a great $30 plan. Did it online and had no problems. I just hope I can get a corporate discount applied to this account since I work for UPS. Again, thank you for this great tip…….

  153. I could not get my UPS corporate discount assigned. They said the plan was already “deeply discounted.” Oh well, $30 bucks per month is a bargain regardless.

  154. I would like to sign up for the SERO plan, but I do not know any employees of Sprint, and I have heard that if you use the “savings@sprint.com” or “savings@sprintemi.com” it might not work. Would anyone that has signed up within the last month or so be willing to help me out and supply me with the email they used to sign up? Help would be greatly appreciated.

  155. I just signed up a little less than a month ago with the savings@sprintemi.com address and it seemed to work fine. I haven’t received my first bill yet, so I can’t be positive, but when I sign into my account at sprint.com, it shows the sero plan and even has the $30 monthly fee.

    I got the HTC Touch, btw, after trying out the BlackBerry 8130 and the Mogul for a couple weeks each. It’s such a freaking sweet phone… exactly what I was looking for. The BB was the perfect size, but just wasn’t flexible enough for me, and cost an additional $30/month (all BBs do). The mogul did everything I wanted, but was just a huge brick that I couldn’t see myself carrying around. The Touch is awesome looking and small, and has essentially everything the Mogul had that I wanted (it is missing a few things that I didn’t care about as well).

  156. The Sero plan is still offered but it no longer includes free text messaging.

  157. I currently have 500 shared minutes for 39.99 unlimited text on oneline for 10.00 and 300 text for 5.00 unlimited web/pic mail for 10.00 plus a 23% DISCOUNT after discount i pay 50.00 is there something better out there from sprint?

  158. I am currently looking for an email address that will be valid for the SERO plans. Both emails that I had, are no longer valid for me “savings@…” would you or anyone you know be able to provide me with a valid email address and any promotional codes that are currently active?

    Thank You in advance.


  159. Wondering says

    Does anybody know if you can get this great deal with a family plan?

  160. No, you can’t do family plans with it. Heck, it’s cheaper to sign up five lines on their own accounts than have any typical family plan!

  161. So, I got a SERO phone/Plan for my wife a few months ago with just a few hoops that I had to jump through (be sure to activate the phone/plan online).

    As for me, I was waiting until my current Sprint phone was out of contact to see what luck I would have getting my current number ported to a SERO plan.

    As many others, I got the run-around. Finally, I wrote a long detailed email that spoke of the issue. I underlined the fact that I was a long-time loyal customer (10 years) and that it was bizarre that a fresh, new customer could come along and get a new phone and SERO plan and yet here I am, a 10 year customer, but I can not get a similar plan. It was to the point but not confrontational. Here’s the catch, I scoured the web for any and all Sprint email addresses I could find, especially any executive emails. I sent it out.

    Within hours I got a few responses. The lower-end individuals said “sorry, there was no way to do it.” Then an Executive Service Rep called me and we spoke. She said that, she understood and would look into it, and asked to call me back in two days. Two days later, I was informed that the number would be converted to a SERO plan, she would credit my account for $30 (one month’s service) and that I have $150 toward a new phone which I could use anytime. A little patience, authorship and time did pay off.

    This is how I did it keeping my same Cell Number:
    1) I was out of contract with Sprint (month-to-month).My Sprint number was ported out to ATT( 30-day Free Trial)
    2) I used the ATT phone for 1 week.After 1 week , I went online to the SERO Website and I signed up for the BRAND NEW Sprint account.
    I did not ask them at that time to Port In my number from ATT, as I was advised to do it later over the phone (once my Moto Q is received) .I did not cancel my ATT account at that time.
    3)I placed the order online for the SERO plan (500mts/$30) and purchased the MOTO Q for $29.99.
    4) My MOTO Q was received.Then, I called activations and Porting Dept.They ported in the number from ATT.ATT released the number.Porting was completed in 10 mts.

    The only thing is that when my MOTO Q was activated , the rep told me I had a different plan and not the SERO.I told him that I had email proof that I purchased the SERO online, and he needed to adjust it accordingly.I got the run-around and asked to speak to a SUP, then I was transfered to an Account Manager.He finally changed to SERO under my old cell number.He claimed that the Rep got confused with my old OLD account, which still shows in the system as cancelled or ported out.However, a new Sprint Account was assigned to me.The key thing is persistance.

    I am now under the SERO PLAN with my old SPRINT # and Brand new MOTO Q. Good luck to everyone!

  163. This is the first I’ve heard of the SERO PLAN.

    How does it compare with the Sprint Simply Everything $100 plan?

  164. >>> do you have any currently working promo codes for the sero plan that can get credit onto my account???

    I have tried


    Non of them work!!!!!!

  165. my contract with SERO is up in 3 months and I would like to know an easy way to go about keeping my same phone # but still get a deal on a new phone… has anyone ported out to another provider for like a week or so and then placed an order w/ SERO to port back on a new phone and service plan?

  166. Jason, How long was the contract. Sprint should credit you $75 for each year of the contract. If for some reason this does not apply to you, you could port out for a month (I believe that it has to be a minimum of 30 days) and then port back in to maintain the same number.

  167. I am about 45 days away from a $150 discount – although the Palm Treo 755p PDA I want is discounted down to $350 with this and a new SERO customer gets this for $199 ( after mail in rebate ), so thats a huge price difference! And from all the horror stories I read online about upgrading at a store like Radio Shack ( Sprint CSR’s converting an upgraded account to a regular Sprint account ) I would prefer to do all of this directly on the SERO site but do not want to pay $150 more for the same phone as what is the purpose of the $150 discount…… If anything I can cancel, loose my # and start over but I would prefer to keep my same #.

    Any suggestion for me? Thanks Matt for the response!

  168. Jason, I have to tell you… in my opinion, if you can deal with a new number, I’d wait until you contract is done with then get the SERO with the phone you want at the price you want. It will be far less frustrating for you in the long run. I am up and running on my old number with the SERO plan (finally) but the new phone I ordered a Blackberry is not fully compatible with the SERO service – BB’s require a BB data plan. So, I had to send the phone back and am now in the process of awaiting a re-credit of the $150 to my SprintPCS account and a refund of the $219 that I charged. With Sprint it always seems to be; solve one problem and create three more in its place… By the way, when trying to activate my BB the CSR did change me to a non SERO plan; luckily I caught it in time while I was still on the phone with her and had her change it back. Sheesh…

  169. On another note: It looks like the Samsung Instinct (nowisgood.com/), dubbed the iPhone killer, due to release next month, will not be supported by the SERO plan. The release information states:

    “Purchase of the Instinct requires activation on an Everything plan, starting at $69.99. Existing customers can switch to Everything plans without extending their contract. New line activations require a two-year agreement. Instinct requires an Everything plan for key features to function appropriately. Customers currently may not switch to a service plan for the Instinct other than an Everything plan.”

    There is a forum that discusses it in more detail at:

    Too bad…

  170. I was able to get a BlackBerry phone with the SERO plan. The only catch is, with any BB, you’re forced to get an additional data plan, which is a minimum of $30 extra a month. The silver lining is that with that $30, you get all the “Vision” services, like unlimited Sprint Navigation, which IMO, is the best navigation software I’ve seen for a cell phone.

  171. Brent; I understand what you say, but basically, you are paying an extra $20 per month just to be able able to use your BB. If you had any other phone you could add Sprint Navigation for just $10 a month (or $2.99 per day).

  172. Yeah, I got that… I even thought about adding that navigation normally costs $10 a month by itself to my last comment.

    That extra 30 bucks was the main reason I returned the BB and got another smartphone (HTC Touch).

  173. Could someone clearly explain the unlimited data and txting to me again? because I was reading through this and someone said they got charged for txting?

  174. I am due to get mine tomorrow. The email password is saving@sprintemi.com (THAT WORKS). We’ve had three friends who got billed wrong on the first months bill and they ended up with FREE CELL PHONES!

    Lena – The free texting means you can send a MMS, text or picture/video message to anyone, unlimited – no additional charge. I have to call when I get my phone tomorrow to make sure its included. I did create a my sprint log in and it did not show the info. So curious about it.

  175. Looks like they now include unlimited texting as part of the SERO plans. When I signed up they made it look like a “limited time only” free add-on to the plan.

  176. It looks like they just updated the SERO page which shows unlimited texting through 6/15. On another site Sprintusers (just a reader, not a poster, btw), there is mention of new plans coming on 6/15 which may include shared SERO minutes, and the possibility of them opening SERO to everyone.

  177. please help…i need clarification… can we be on a month-to-month plan when our sero’s 2 yrs term is up?

  178. Linda, yes… I am on SERO month to month…

  179. Does anyone have the updated SERO login or an email address that will allow me to be on this sweet deal? I just tried the two listed above to no avail. I am bummed about missing out on this.

  180. savings@sprintemi.com seems to let you in the site… what happens? Does it not allow you to complete the order?

  181. this did eventually work for me thanks.

  182. Does anyone have special promotion code that works? I tried URANG, WEB25, but they did not work. I got an error message. Thanks!

  183. If URANG, SAVE50, SAV50, 50YDC, RWC50, MORE4, or 50RWC40 do not work, the you can try emailing Ecare and get it added as a credit to your account. Email: ecare1@cc.sprintpcs.com, ecare2@cc.sprintpcs.com, ecare3@cc.sprintpcs.com

  184. Thanks for the tip, MattG. Yes, neither code works to get the discount.

  185. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! My contract is done at the end of this month. They have changed access to this site! Can anyone help?

  186. Has anyone gotten the entry info for the new EverythingPlus referral program?

    You need email the address, AND the matching last 3 digits of the referring employee’s ID.

    Is the deal anywhere near as good as the SERO pricing?


  187. Hey, I have to switch phone carriers due to the college I’m going to and Sprint has the best coverage there. I already called Sprint to see about student discounts and they don’t offer any to my school. I was wondering if anyone could help me out with getting a SERO account because that is the only way I’ll be able to afford a cell phone. Thanks!

  188. Anyone can e-mail me you sprint phone number. I want to use it for $25.00 of referral. Thanks in advance.

  189. So, I see that the SERO plan that we have some to know and love has gone the way of the Dodo… to bad. They have gone and changed it to the Everything Plus Referral Program and the price structure is as follows:
    Everything Plus 500 — 500 Minutes, EVDO, SMS, MMS, GPS Nav – $ 59.99
    Everything Plus 1000 — 1,000 Minutes,EVDO, SMS, MMS, GPS Nav – $ 79.99
    Simply Everything (Unlimited) — Unlimited voice ,EVDO, SMS, MMS, GPS Nav – $ 99.99

    So the SERO 500 is now the EP 500 – they add $30 and offset it with GPS Nav as the only addition… ouch!

    And from what has been written, not only do you need the email and Last 3 digits of employee ID (CID), Sprint operators have been trained to be very stringent on these new plans.

    I guess Jonathan is going to have to re-title this page as the SERO looks to be gone for good.

    I was fortunate enough to get my wife started on SERO back in Jan and finagled them to port my existing Sprint number into a new SERO plan… whew… add to that my 20% corporate discount and I am set.

    It’s great to travel with no laptop and get get great connectivity with just my Palm…

    sad to see it go…

  190. Forgot to type my email address is jodie_jodie2005@yahoo.com. Thanks.

  191. Have got phone number. Thanks.

  192. Hey man, they changed up the SERO site it now requires actually knowing someone. If anyone can help me out, please e-mail supertones31@gmail.com

    (poor college student!)

  193. Can somebody e-mail me at axbonjour@yahoo.com for the referral? Thanks.

  194. I also want to get on the plan. Can someone email me an employee ID at ndang11@gmail.com ? Please. TIA.

  195. The Sprint SERO plan has now changed. The plans now cost more, and aren’t as attractive as before. I’ll work on compiling a more detailed review later.

    In the meantime, here is the employee information you can use:

    Sprint employee e-mail address: russ.s.mcguire@sprint.com
    Last 3 digits of employee ID (CID): 383

  196. Thank you Johnathan!

  197. I checked out the Sprint SERO website. Along with the employee e-mail address they also require the last 3 digits of the employee ID number. Is this also available?

  198. Just look 2 comments above yours at Jonathan’s comment # 195.

  199. Does anyone know the sero employee email address and Id? I would like to get on the sero plan…


  200. Thanks Jonathan … my daughter is a freshman in college and I can not afford their regular plans ….. Thanks alot.

  201. Sprint Sero referral program does not offer the 500 min for $30 anymore.. 🙁 I already have this plan but I got it about 7months ago. I love it! I tried to get it for my sis and was unable to, the least expensive is 59.99 for 500 mins.

  202. i noticed you dont have the option for more than 1 line on the 79.99 everything plan referral… how much more is it when adding someone?

    or can you add someone?

  203. has anyone with the $30/40 plan successfully upgraded phones and been able to extend their previous contract?

  204. Do you think with the economy in the shape it is now that they will ever bring back the $30 plan?

  205. Are there any other cell companies that offer discounts like the $30/500? If so, who, and how do you get it? Thanks

  206. I’m not aware of any. You can, if the timing is right, take over the SERO plan of someone who wants to leave Sprint, doing a Transfer of Liability (TOL).

    After a couple of months looking, that’s what I did last week. I found my plan through cellswapper.com, then picked up a Moto Q9c from a local gentleman on craigslist.

  207. The new SERO plan is a joke – I can sign up for the 69.99 unlimited data plan and get it for 52.50 through my employers discount…

  208. I have a question, I am going to end my contract with verizon and I want to go to Sprint and get on the Sero plan. So my question is How to do I go about doing that and keeping the same number?

  209. Oliver,

    I just did this two weeks ago. Sprint assigned a new number because I didn’t have a Sprint cell phone, and didn’t want to be without cell service while I secured one.

    A few days later, I got one from the party giving up the SERO account, and I scored a Moto Q on craigslist the same day.

    When activating the phone, Sprint ported in my old cell number.

    Despite the Sprint customer service horror stories, I’ve been very pleased so far. I’ve chatted with 4 CSRs- all were very nice and 3 were quite competent.

  210. I just went to the website to try this and they ask me for the employee ID. I’m really interested to do this and be able to drop my expensive verizon bill and save some money while getting more features. So how can I use the Sero plan?


  211. As per Johnathan’s last comment:

    Sprint employee e-mail address: russ.s.mcguire@sprint.com
    Last 3 digits of employee ID (CID): 383

  212. thanks alot for the info,

    hopefully they’ll lower the price some in the near future when I can afford it

  213. Heather, just wondering any success with using the info Johnathan provided.

    Johnathan, thanks…

  214. eopoj/Johnathan

    I haven’t done it b/c the plans they’re offereing are expensive right now. For me right now it’s not worth getting another plan and paying the cancellation price w/ Verizon

  215. I am on the older sero plan, and have the treo 700p, but have been thinking about upgrading. Is there anyway that I can buy a phone like the Instinct from ebay and still keep my $30 monthly plan? Has anyone done this?
    My current plan is

    500 Anytime Minutes, unlimited txt & data, m2m, n/w start @ 7pm. my husband has the same plan, and he wants a newer phone too. He has the samsung A900.

  216. no Devon79, unfortunately, you cannot get an instinct with your old SERO, I already tried, it’s the only phone they won’t let us use for the reason of trying to get some of us to give up our plans for the ‘cool’ new phone.

    I just got a nice Lotus phone that is $300 without a contract ($100 with), it’s a pretty awesome phone, when I re-upped on my old SERO contract, and recommend it.

  217. Look on ppcgeeks.com. I think people have gotten new phones on there and retained their SERO plans. I think they have to pay full price and don’t get the rebates. I’m not sure if I’ve seen anyone talk about getting an instinct this way, but I don’t see why it’d be any different, especially now that it’s been replaced by several newer “cool” phones (diamond, touch pro, and soon the palm pre).

  218. Hi, I have the SERO plan and am eligible to renew my contract and get a new phone. I would like one that’s easy to use as a web-browser to surf the internet. Can someone help me get one that won’t cost too much out of pocket but still works kind of like an iphone? Thanks in advance! =)

  219. I don’t know if it’ll be eligible for purchase with SERO plans, but if you can get the Palm Pre (which you’ll have to wait for because I don’t think it’s coming out until May or June), that’s looking like an awesome phone.

    The Touch Diamond and Touch Pro also are good choices, IMO, or the Blackberry Curve, if you want a keyboard but smaller phone than the Touch Pro.

  220. The data on the SERO plan does not cover data used on a Blackberry, and a separate Blackberry data plan (BIS or BES) must be purchased.

  221. Thank you Brent for the suggestions, I’ll check them out (I’m guessing I should go to a Sprint store? Or would 3rd party dealers give better deals?). Thanks Matt for letting me know that the Blackberry require another data plan.

  222. Joyce, try Best Buy. They have great deals on Sprint phones and the price includes the rebate so you don’t have to wait for it in the mail.

  223. Thanks Gary! I was just about to post and ask where I should go to get a new phone (Costco stopped carrying Sprint phones in their 3rd party booths, where I did used to renew my contract since they give you the headset (even if it’s not wireless) and car charger free). Guess Best buy would give better deals than a Sprint store. Thanks again!

  224. Hi,
    i tried using the above mentioned email “russ.s.mcguire@sprint.com”, it let me in. but when i enter my phone # (from my current sprint plan that has just expired) it says that i’m not eligable.
    Could someone help me with that?


  225. it is because you are currently under contract, it is only for new services. If your new contract is expired…then you can open a new account and get it.

  226. Forgive me if this is a dumb question, but unless I’m reading it wrong, the Everything Plus Referral Program plan says it has unlimited text, gps, and mobile to mobile, but doesn’t state the limitations on web or email. Is that unlimited too, and if not, what are the limitations?


  227. I’m trying to sell my Sprint SERO 500 minutes plan for $50 (one time cost). My SERO plan monthly cost is $24 (original price is $30, I have 20% employee discount, so it’s $24 after discount) If you are interested, you can take over my contract, which is until May 30th, 2010. I talked to Sprint, they said they can do the switching contract over the phone.
    After May 30th, 2010, you can upgrade your phone (will get $150 credit) and renew your contract OR you can choose not to renew the contract OR you can choose to go on a month to month plan (same term. $24/month for unlimited data, and 500 minutes).

    I’m planning to sell my contract by July 2, 2009. The contract with Sprint ends in 5/30/2010.
    $24 per month
    500 Anytime Minutes
    Unlimited Data (internet) including SprintTV
    Unlimited Text message
    Picture Mail
    Free Nights & Weekends starting at 7pm
    Unlimited Mobile to Mobile

    If you are not a current Sprint customer, you can port your number from other carrier. If you are currently Sprint customer, then you cannot port your number. You may need to take my number or take a new Sprint number.
    Please let me know if you are interested (jennyy89@hotmail.com). Thanks!

  228. Jan, I sent you an email. Let me know.

  229. I currently have a SERO plan. Does anyone know if I can still add a new line with the same plan I currently have? (SERO plan $30/mo.)

    Please let me know. Thanks!

  230. It is possible, but not always easy. I recommend you look over some of the threads at the SERO forum at the Howard Forums.

    I did add a line a couple of months ago, but it required several attempts before I was successful.

  231. I just added another line to my account — am I qualify for the referral program?

    How does it work? Anyone?

  232. Does anyone have a SERO 500 plan they would like to get rid of?

    Please let me know ASAP. Thanks!

    Jan–does your offer still stand?

  233. So… the big debate now is how to retain your SERO plan, while trying to upgrade to a decent, cutting-edge, newer phone. With it’s last new phone release, Sprint disallowed the Palm Pre to be used on the SERO plan. By requiring a change to an Everything plan, it forces SERO folks to change their plans to get a better phone; get off the SERO plan or stay with the not so cutting edge phones. We know that Sprint is not really happy about SERO users anyway.

    The big question now, is whether Sprint will allow it’s new HTC Android phone (Hero) to be used on the SERO plan. Speculation is all over the place. Still no word yet as it releases on 10/11/09.

    I’d personally like the Hero. I am big Google user (Gmail, Calendar, GVoice, Reader, Doc’s, etc) and would love a phone’s operating system that is tied to these products. For those who don’t know, the Android apperating system is a Google product – their newer mobile operating system. As opposed to Window’s Mobile, Palm or Blackberry.

    The price for the Hero is set now at $179. Not too bad for a new cutting edge phone. But if it costs you another $30 a month if you are forced to relinquish your SERO account… then… not so much. That’s another $360 a year.

    On the other hand, Sprint does offer another fairly new phone (9/09 release) and quite cutting edge. The HTC – Touch Pro 2. The reviews are great and it’s an international phone – one the very few with a SIM card. The catch… it’s $350. But it works with the SERO plan.

    So there it is… I am due for an upgrade now and will wait and watch. If I can get the Android Hero and remain on SERO… I probably will. But if not. I will bite the $350 and get the Touch Pro 2. It’s pays for itself in a year and it is Sprint’s highest rated phone (along side the BB Tour – but BB and SERO offers up another set of problems). Plus the TP2 is one of the few phones on the market that offers a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack.

  234. MattG, you have some decent analysis about SERO and the phones it offer. But to be frank, HTC phones are joke. I used to have HTC phone, which sucked big time, and I had to change to Palm 755p. Don’t touch any HTC products, this is my honest suggestion.

  235. Alex… thanks for the input… but I’d wonder about the specifics of the HTC you had; model/operating system etc.

    I can’t say anything about the Hero, but I did toy with the TP2 and really did like the design and versatility. And will be upgradable to the newest WM OS in a month or so.

    I have a Palm product now (Centro) and am not wild about the thought of getting another pretty outdated phone. I mean the 755p is already over 2.5 years old and wasn’t much more than a redesign of the 700 (at 3.5 year old). And relies on the older Palm OS. And won’t be upgradeable to the better supported OS.

    So… as I said, I will wait and watch.

  236. Hi MattG. I’m in the same boat as you. My 2-yr contract with the (ORIGINAL!) HTC Touch is almost up and I can’t wait to upgrade. However, my first priority is getting a phone that’s compatible with my SERO 500 plan. I really hope the Hero will be available for SERO, but with all my research on the web the conclusion is leading more towards “no”. If Hero isn’t available on SERO what do you think is the best phone available for SERO? And have you heard of any new phones in the near future that might possibly be available on SERO?

  237. Is anyone selling their 500 Sero plan b/c I would definatly be interested b/c my current contract is expiring in 2 weeks. Let me know: heathope@gmail.com


  238. Well, as of now I’d have to agree with you that the Hero will not be available with the Sero plan. As of now I am at a loss. With what I have read reviews of, the Touch Pro 2 would probably be the newest and best featured phone available to us. It’s a steep price ($350) but if you switched to any Blackberry it would require a BB package at $30 extra a month. So other than the Blackberrys, the Hero and the Palm Pre, it looks like the TP2 may be the best alternative. It’s Windows Mobile device and right now comes loaded with version 6.1. With a free upgrade to 6.5 on release in Q3 – so it would at least be a 2009 phone with a 2009 OS. But again, a $350 price tag is pretty dear, but does pay for itself in 10 months of staying on the Sero plan. The TP2 is also an international phone, so if that’s important to you, it’s a plus; the TP2 is one of the few Sprint devices that uses a SIM card. The TP2 is also one if the few phones that is WiFi Enabled and a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack

    I would definitely go to Best Buy and do a hand’s on with this phone. Some love the feel and some hate it. And hopefully by the time you may want to get it the newer operating system will come loaded.

  239. I have the SERO 500 plan, and like BrianC, have the original HTC Touch. When I log into my account on Sprint’s website, if I follow the link to upgrade my phone, it takes me to a list of phones that seems to have all the phones that Sprint offers, or at least all the ones that I’d be interested in. There’s the Pre, an Instinct, a bunch of Blackberries and HTC phones (including the Touch Pro 2). It looks like I can simply select one and upgrade. I don’t want to upgrade yet, but I’d like to know if anyone’s gone through the full process and if it worked out.

  240. No Brent… it will not work, and you need to be quite cautious. One two things could happen. It could pop up a window informing you that for your selection “You may need to change your plan”. Or it could accept your entry and then just change you to a qualifying plan…. and then good luck trying to get things switched back.

    The Pre, Instinct, (and looks like Hero) require “Everything Data Plan.” See this https://www.sprint.com/webconversionform/Separating_EPP_Plan_SERO_Everything_Plus.pdf where it specfically says: Note: SERO rate plans are NOT compatible with the Samsung Instinct,® HTC Hero™ or the Palm® Pre™. If you have one of
    these devices, the best plan options are the Everything Plus Data rate plans.
    They do not want the more data intensive phones on the Sero plan.

    Remember: if you change your plan away from SERO, you will NOT be allowed to get it back, even if you try within the 30 day grace period. When you do sign a new contract, make sure the phone you are getting is 100% compatible with your plan.

  241. Help please.

    I found someone who’s willing to transfer their old sero plan, but when we went to the sprint store, they said they couldn’t transfer the liability b/c the plan is old. I know there has to be a way to do it so if anyone can help me with this I would be so appreciated.


  242. you know if you look around the internet you can find corporate discounts for Sprint plans…. I dumped my SERO a year ago and have a state of the art Blackberry with unlimited data, text, nationwide mobile to mobile for $50…. if you ask me the extra $20 a month for all of this is WELL worth it!

  243. Ok… so… as we now know it looks likes any of the newer phones on non WinMo platforms are going to be non Sero compatible. We’ve seen it with the Instinct, Pal Pre, HTC Hero and the already announced Samsung Moment. So what is a Sero customer to do?

    It seems the best Sero compatible phone is the HTC Touch Pro 2. The only problem is the $349.00 price tag is a bit steep… especially when the Hero and Moment are hitting the ground at approx $180.

    Well, I just got the Touch Pro 2 for all of $219.59. And you can too if you are eligible for an upgrade.

    Go over to http://nextelonline.nextel.com/NASApp/onlinestore/Action/DisplayAisleLanding

    Click upgrade your phone from an existing account, enter your login information, choose your number if you have multiple lines, then follow the checkout process. To get these prices you of course have a 2 year contract extension.

    Free shipping, free activation.

    Sprint also has a buy-back program and will give me $28 for my old Centro. So all said and done, it will be $191.59 for the upgrade.

    No it’s not an android phone, but with wanting to stay on Sero and wanting a newer phone I think this is the best choice for me.

  244. Ok… that last post is now moot… Sprint… all on it’s lonesome… lowered the price of rthe TP2 to 199.

  245. That Samsung Moment looks really freakin nice. Gonna have to look into ways of getting it with my sero plan when it comes out.

  246. Ain’t gonna happen.

  247. i can get you a new contract under the SERO plan for $30 a month

    let me know if interested.


  248. thanks everyone

    after two days (6 hours totals and 4 sprint employees) I’ve finally got my sero X D

    Just make sure that you talk to someone who isn’t new, doesn’t have an accent and is part of the retention center b/c apperently most of the customer service ppl don’t know how to do a TOL.

    All I have to do now is port my number, they said they couldn’t do it b/c of resources? But I’m gonna try again tommorow

    Thanks everyone for all the helpful advice

  249. Hi guys, thanks for the helpful comments so far, I just renewed my SERO plan as well, hope some people find this post useful:

    Sprint SERO Upgrade Tips & Tricks

  250. Hi MattG, thanks for all that info since my last post. So you’re saying TP2 is $199 BEFORE any qualifying upgrade discounts? In other words, I’m eligible for a $150 discount so it’ll only cost me $49 (plus applicable taxes/fees)? If so, then I’ll bite.

    Also, anyone know how hard (or hopefully easy) it is to switch to a TP2 while still on the Sero plan? Thanks!

  251. I am trying to figure out how to get the $30 plan of 500 anytime minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data, but i must be dumb b/c everyone i have talk to says i cant get it and i cant find it on the internet. Does anyone have any tips on what i should do or is it something simple i am missing here?

  252. They don’t offer the sero plans anymore. The new referral plans are $59.99 and up! You get 500 mins +unlim.data & text, sprint navigation, and tv. It will be somewhat impossible to get the old sero plans as they are outdated, and most are not even located in the system anymore. U might get a good rep that will hook u up with something similar, but definitely not at the $30 price!

  253. Heather, what type of plan are u talking about????

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