Plynk Investing App: $60-$95 in New User Bonuses (+$100 for Existing Users)

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Update for existing users: Plynk has rolled out a new Recurring Deposit Match promotion for existing users worth up to another $100. You just have to set up recurring deposits of at least $10 and Plynk will match the match the second recurring deposit (or the lesser of the two if they differ), up to a maximum of $100. I received this offer via email, but it is listed on their promotion page and does not appear targeted. Sounds like another $100 in my pocket. New users should pick up the other bonuses below first.

The Recurring Deposit Match promotion (the “Recurring Match”) is effective March 9, 2023, through May 18, 2023 (“Offer Date”) for Plynk brokerage customers in good standing. Make two consecutive Recurring Net Deposits into your account and Plynk will match the second Recurring Deposit, or the lesser of the two if they differ, up to a maximum of $100. For purposes of this offer, “Recurring Net Deposit” shall mean cash transfer made using the recurring deposit feature from an external source that remains in your account for at least 30 calendar days. Recurring Match is only available for Plynk customers with a Plynk account in good order. Deposits totaling less than $10 do not qualify as Recurring Net Deposits.

Updated original post with new user bonus info:

Plynk is a stock and crypto brokerage app meant for beginner investors. Right now, new users can earn $60 or more in bonuses: a $10 sign-up bonus and a $50 bonus after $25 deposit and you can also go through Swagbucks and earn more (bonus value varies with user; I see 3500 points worth ~$35). New Swagbucks users should first grab the $10 new user bonus via referral.

$10 sign-up bonus details. From the fine print:

The $10 Sign-Up Bonus program (the “$10 Sign-Up Bonus”) is effective April 1, 2022, for qualifying new brokerage customers. To be eligible for the $10 Sign-Up Bonus, you must be a new Plynk customer and (i) download the Plynk app, (ii) sign up, and (iii) link an eligible bank account. Plynk will deposit $10 USD into your Plynk account within 30 days of your satisfying these conditions and Plynk accepting your account. Whether a qualifying customer is eligible for the $10 Sign-Up Bonus is a determination made in the sole discretion of Plynk.

$50 Promotion details.

The $50 promotion (the “$50 promotion”) is effective March 9, 2023, through May 18, 2023 (“Offer Date”) for qualifying brokerage customers. Plynk will deposit $50 (“Bonus Award”) into the accounts of customers who link a new eligible bank account and make a minimum Net Deposit of $25 in their account. For purposes of this offer, “Net Deposit” shall mean total cash transfers from an external source minus assets withdrawn or transferred out your brokerage account made within 15 calendar day of linking an eligible bank account (“Qualification Period”). Customers who have already opened a Plynk account and linked a bank account as well as any customer who does not make a Net Deposit totaling at least $25 during the Qualification period are not eligible for the $50 Promotion.

Note that Plynk plans on charging a $2 monthly fee at some point, but apparently they are waiving it for an undetermined amount of time. From their fee schedule:

Monthly app fee: $2. At our discretion, DBS will temporarily waive this monthly fee, in the form of a free trial or otherwise, and will provide notice upon reinstatement of this monthly fee or general changes to our fees. This monthly fee is currently waived for all customers.

This app appears to be a quiet spin-off or separate subsidiary of Fidelity Investments. The cash sweep option money market fund is the same as for Fidelity. Seems like they are experimenting to see what works with beginner investors, as Plynk offers lots of educational aspects and encourages you to invest as little as $1 at a time.

My Money Blog has partnered with CardRatings and may receive a commission from card issuers. Some or all of the card offers that appear on this site are from advertisers and may impact how and where card products appear on the site. does not include all card companies or all available card offers. All opinions expressed are the author’s alone, and has not been provided nor approved by any of the companies mentioned. is also a member of the Amazon Associate Program, and if you click through to Amazon and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission. Thank you for your support.

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  1. Feels a little bait and switchy. I signed up but their system is down once you get to the “link account” part. So they have me as a new customer (along with all of my personal information) but have blocked me from qualifying for the bonus. Could just e bad timing, but it’s suspicious.

  2. There’s also a SwagBucks link to get 1500 SB ($15+). Good deal – thanks for sharing!

  3. Just signed up — seems like a quick and easy way to earn $100.

    Suppose I *did* want to use Plynk for investing — Is there any way to download transactions (eg csv,qif, ofx) or link it with an aggregator? I don’t see it in the app, and there doesn’t seem to be a web version of the service.

    • Partially answering my own question:
      I signed up for Plynk on Sunday. On Monday, I received a “mysterious” email from Digital Brokerage Services LLC saying that a Wealthscape Investor account had been set up in my name. Nowhere in the email did it mention Plynk; however, I am aware that Digital Brokerage Services is the parent of Plynk, so I wasn’t too concerned.

      Today, I received another email from Digital Brokerage Services saying “National Financial Services LLC (NFS) has added or changed certain information on your account. Standing Instructions have been established or modified on your brokerage account. *Click here* to view a letter with complete details. National Financial Services provides clearing and other related services on behalf of DIGITAL BROKERAGE SERVICES LLC.”
      Clicking on the link from my phone, the Plynk app opens & I’m redirected to the Statements & Documents section of the app. From there, I selected “Letters”, where I got a button saying “Tap Here” to be redirected to Wealthscape Investor (!). Doing that, I was redirected to Wealthscape, where I had to create a new security question (!), but after that, I had full access to the Wealthscape website, which seems like a white-labeled Fidelity site (not surprising, since it’s owned by Fidelity).
      And, If I open the Wealthscape URL in a browser on my PC, I can now perform all brokerage services on my account, including CSV download!

  4. Jason Boxman says

    Easy enough. Having to pick a complex password in an app always a mysery. We’ll see. Not sure I’d use it for trading but I have my Merrill account for that anyway.

  5. Jason Boxman says

    This is also paying 3.96% 7-day yield, they claim. This seems to be in the Fidelity Govt MM Fund (SPAXX). That’s really great, considering most brokerages don’t pay as well, and this is the cash account. To do half as well at Merrill I need to have their advisor assisted account, which includes a fee based on assets I believe. No thanks.

    For FDIC insured savings, though, you can do better elsewhere. And I generally have almost no cash on hand in my account, it’s either in FDIC insured accounts or fully invested. Still, nice to see this service doesn’t punk you on the cash yield.

  6. Jason Boxman says

    Looks like $100 is trapped there. I’ve gotten the bonus(es), but can only transfer out my original $100, plus interest and the $10 bonus. The remaining $100 isn’t available for transfer “out” from within the app. Maybe this will work if done from the other side?

    • You need to wait 90 days to withdraw the bonus:

      “Deposit Match payments (or any portion thereof) that are received by Plynk customers and that are not used by the customers in connection with transactions in their Plynk accounts and with any investments (common stocks, mutual funds, or exchange-traded funds) other than the default “sweep” into a Core Fund position are ineligible for withdrawal or transfer for 90 days following receipt of the Deposit Match payment. Customers agree and understand that this 90-day withdrawal restriction does not constitute investment advice or a recommendation to buy, hold, or sell a security, or to engage in a recommended investment strategy.”

  7. Need to be a US Citizen (as a Green card holder I’m not eligible).

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