PFS Buyers Club: New US Mint Coin Deal on 8/12 ($60+ Net Profit, August 2021 #3)

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Another new coin deal on Thursday, August 12th, 2021. PFS Buyers Club has another coin deal on a limited-edition 2021 American Eagle Silver Coin. They will pay you a guaranteed fixed profit of $61 plus any credit card rewards. See details below.

Tomorrow! August 12th, at 12:00PM ET, the US Mint will be releasing a limited edition American Eagle Silver Coin. There is a purchase limit of three coins per household, so you’re able to buy three coins. The cost of each Silver Eagle coin is $73.00, and when adding the $4.95 shipping charge, each order will total $223.95. PFS will be offering a commission of $61.05 for each order for a total payout of $285.00.

If you are new to this type of deal please the previous similar (but expired!) deal for more background information and answers to most common questions. I have now done multiple deals with them and been paid as promised with no issues.

If you want to jump on this, you can sign up to join PFS Buyers Club here. PFS will provide *very* detailed instructions. Read them ahead of time, and follow them carefully to help you buy the coin before it sells out. If you use that link as a first-time buyer, I will receive a referral fee the first time you successfully sell your coin for a profit. Thanks for those that use it, and for those that already used it in the past. I will be opting in myself as well.

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  1. joshua katt says

    Dang, got shut out for the first time on this one. Could not get the final checkout page to process.

    Just want point out on the July 29 $5,000 deal, I got delivery of the coins but had to go to the PFS website myself to obtain the shipping label AND to request a payment – this was pushed to me via email in the past.

    • I got in, but it took more persistence than yesterday’s did. All-told, about 7 minutes of re-trying the transaction before it went through. 4 minutes for yesterday’s.

      Not sure if it’s worth the effort for the smaller value purchases, but I’m considering these first two an experiment to see how I feel about continuing to do these with PFS.

  2. RookieInvestor says

    I made almost 15-16 attempts but was not successful. Each time got the ‘Page not found error’ while the item was in the cart. Eventually they went out of order on the next attempt.

  3. My experience is still pretty limited, but it does seem like Mint IT doesn’t really try to do “first come first serve” anymore, and is more like, whoever happens to gets in the moment the door is open is in luck, and everyone else is kicked back outside the club to mix together and try again the next time the door is open. In that context, I suppose you just want to be efficient and have as many attempts as possible.

    Took me about 10 “page not found” attempts, but I was able to get in this time.

  4. I was a victim of the “page not found” issue again this time. So, only successful on like 3 of the last 5 deals.

    Has anyone else had problems depositing the e-checks using mobile deposit? I just got my first payment by e-check and I’ve tried two different banks, but keep getting an error that there’s a problem with the image. I don’t usually have issues mobile depositing checks but I’ve never used a self-printed check. After retaking pictures and trying to submit a couple times, I’m thinking that I’ll have to actually go into the bank to deposit. Kind of a hassle, so was curious as to others’ experience depositing the e-checks. Thanks.

    • RookieInvestor says

      Did you endorse on the back of the check? You need to specific your a/c no. as well as part of the endorsement.

  5. Jonathan,

    The site indicates: “We are therefore not committing to purchase any coins that were ordered after 1:00PM ET.”

    It seems you have to buy on that date at 12pm EST or else?

  6. Also, is this deal limited to an address or a person? Can multiple people from the same address apply?

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