Moomoo Investing App Promo: 1.5% Bonus on Assets Transferred (90 Day Hold, $300 Max)

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Update May 2024. New 1.5% asset transfer promo. Brokerage app Moomoo is offering a 1.5% bonus on assets transferred (up to a $300 bonus on $20,000 transferred). The minimum hold period is 90 days. Valid only for new customers. Full terms here.

(Side note: The alternative offer of “Magnificent 7” stocks is worth only ~$35 total, so I would skip that and wait for a better offer. For example, many of the post comments below were for a previous offer that included Tesla stock and was worth $300+.)

Your ACAT transfer must settle by 5/28/24 and must be coming from one of the following broker-dealers:

  • Robinhood
  • Webull
  • TD Ameritrade (including ThinkorSwim)
  • Interactive Brokers
  • Fidelity
  • E-Trade
  • Cash App
  • Charles Schwab
  • Ally Invest
  • Firstrade
  • Merrill Lynch

Transfers from other broker-dealers are not eligible for this promotion. The value of the assets is determined at the time of settlement and not at the time you initiate the transfer.

Here is their definition of new customer:

1. HAVE opened a brokerage account, but have not made a deposit yet, and plan to make the first eligible ACATS transfer that settles before May 28, 2024, 23:59 PM ET.

2. HAVE NOT opened a brokerage account before April 01, 2024, 04:00 AM ET.

3. HAVE opened a brokerage account, but have not made a deposit yet, and plan to make the first deposit that settles before May 28, 2024, 23:59 PM ET.

Compared to the Robinhood 1% transfer bonus, this offer is 50% more money (1.5% vs. 1%) and the hold period is 85%+ shorter (90 days vs. 720 days). The main drawback is the cap at $300 bonus on $20,000 in asset transferred, but there are a few other wrinkles as well.

What Moomoo calls a “Cash Reward” is not a cash credit to your account like what Robinhood does; it works like a coupon that rebates a future stock trade. In my experience, it applied automatically but you to have to make a trade to claim it. In the past, I have chosen to just buy (and then sell) enough SGOV to trigger it (amount varies) if you don’t have other stock trades you plan to make.

Another potential drawback is that some people have noted that Moomoo does not participate in the ACAT system if you want to transfer out later. Instead, you must use the “DTC FOP” system and follow the directions here. All the major brokers I checked with can handle this, it’s just a bit different process. There is also a $75 transfer out fee (which you may seek to be rebated by your future broker).

* FOP (Free of Payment ) is a method to transfer US stocks between Moomoo Financial Inc. and another brokerage firm directly through The Depository Trust Company (DTC), without using the ACATS (Automated Customer Account Transfer Service) system.

If possible, you may instead consider transferring over enough assets to trigger the bonus without big unrealized gains, and then just sell after 90 days and withdraw the cash.

My Money Blog has partnered with CardRatings and may receive a commission from card issuers. Some or all of the card offers that appear on this site are from advertisers and may impact how and where card products appear on the site. does not include all card companies or all available card offers. All opinions expressed are the author’s alone, and has not been provided nor approved by any of the companies mentioned. is also a member of the Amazon Associate Program, and if you click through to Amazon and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission. Thank you for your support.

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  1. First, I wish you had posted earlier so I could have used your referral link!

    Second, these rewards come as discounts on trades and it’s not super clear how this all works. I have it figured out at this point, but you might want to include details on how to actually redeem your coupons, where to find them, how long they take to settle, etc. This app is not intuitive (and it’s also riddled with typos).

    • Thanks for sharing, you are right there are several wrinkles to this deal. I have just started this promo myself and will update the post with details and terms excerpts as I find them. Looks like the credits are usually shown in the Rewards section of the app, and appear to be triggered with a specific buy order of stocks. I plan to just buy SGOV or similar ETF with stable NAV/price to trigger the cash credits with minimal cost.

  2. Can these (the invite promo) be used on a PC computer?

  3. Jonathan, I was skimming the terms and could not find any language requiring trading, could you please suggest?

  4. These terms are confusing. I had a few questions – can you help?

    On this: does this imply that all rewards must be applied to the first trade order, or they can’t be used? “Cash rewards will be credited to the first eligible trade order (buy-to-open orders only) during the Promotion Period.”

    On this: I don’t understand what “can be used as a deduction” means. Does this mean that if I make a stock purchase of $1001, only $901 of my own money (plus the $100 reward) will be deducted from the account? So that I can then later sell that stock and keep/withdraw the reward that went into it?
    “Complete a net deposit of $100 during the Promotion Period, and you will receive a $100 Cash Reward. The Cash Reward can be used as a deduction when the stock purchase order exceeds $1000”.

    • That’s how mine have worked.

      Be aware that you won’t see the coupon usage until the trade settles after three days.

  5. Tried to click through but it says your promo code is no longer valid. It says you need to generate a new one.

  6. Jonathan, your referral link has expired. Can you generate a new one?

  7. Jason Boxman says

    Code no longer valid; Is it per sign-up?

  8. Can someone please share the referral link ?

  9. I have updated the link to one that shouldn’t expire, thanks.

  10. Jason Boxman says

    FYI – when you do the app, it asks for linking of account funding right away during signup; I had 5k available to transfer, but if you aren’t setup & ready to fund before applying, I’m not sure you can do this after & still get the bonus. They use Plaid for accoutn validation, make sure your preferred funding account works with Plaid authorization.

    • See the last question from the FAQ that I quoted:

      Do I have to make a lump-sum deposit to meet the deposit criteria and get my bonus?
      No. You can make deposits in any amount each time. If you successfully make an initial deposit during the promotion period and your average asset balance meets the promotion criteria, you will be eligible for the bonus.

  11. Jon in NYC says

    Does anyone know whether you can transfer in stock to satisfy the $5000 minimum or if it has to be a cash deposit?

  12. Chuey Que says

    Where to look for an additional $50 referral cash or coupon deposited into account?

  13. Jason Boxman says

    I’m still in pending approval land, maybe my credit alerts on file confused them. Been this way for 7 days. Sent email, was told: “I’ve passed along your request to our relevant team for further investigation. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. For urgent trade issue, please call customer service line directly.”

    We’ll see I guess, maybe this doesn’t work out.

    • Jason Boxman says

      They seem incompetent; reached out a few times, asked I upload proof of employment, did that days ago, today they said they’re closing my ticket due to inactivity. Fun times. Most inept broker I’ve dealt with so far behind all the glitz, only Firstrade has proven worse.

  14. moomoo trader says

    Do you have link to the ACAT Transfer Promo?

  15. moomootrader says

    Where do you see the cash rewards? I bought over a week ago after I saw the $100 and $50 coupons show up but don’t see the credits. “Buy to open” is an option type. Maybe they mean option trades only?

    • Each coupon is applied to an additional $1000 stock purchase, a few days after the purchase.

    • In order to “cash in” your $100 and $50 coupons, you will need to make a trade worth at least $1,000 each (or $500, or a different amount, depending on the coupon). A simple trade would be to buy 10 shares of SGOV (1-3 month T-Bill ETF) which would cost about $1000.50. You’d trigger the cash coupon. In three business days, the trade will clear and you will own $1000.50 of SGOV and $100 (whatever the coupon value) will be deposited as cash into your account. You can then sell the SGOV if you want, and clear roughly $1,000.50 again (maybe $1,000.48 or $1,000.52, but very close). In the end, you’ll have roughly $1,100. Hope that helps.

      Given that the required deposit for the big bonus is $5,000, we should be able to trigger this pretty easily as long as you break up the trades.

  16. The article has a small error.. the total potential is $250 to $395 and not $295.

  17. Paul Chase says

    I’m still waiting for the $100 and $50 bonuses to post but I did receive the TSLA stock instead of Google so that was legit.

  18. Sharing my experience, I was able to use the promo to get $TSLA, $TRIP and remaining $GRAB in addition to the $100+$50. I see multiple posts across forums to invest in SGOV to trigger awards and then sell after 60 days of holding- unable to understand the value in it vs. investing in some ETFs, am I missing anything?

    • Jason Boxman says

      SGOV is as safe as it gets; This is useful if you just want to earn interest while keeping the account funded:

      “The iShares 0-3 Month Treasury Bond ETF seeks to track the investment results of an index composed of U.S. Treasury bonds with remaining maturities less than or equal to three months.”

      But if you actually intend to trade with this account, that works as well. I’m just interested in the bonus.

  19. Jason Boxman says

    Finally got it all rolling; It’s worth noting that, at least for my account, it’s margin based. I never use margin. So be aware your account might include margin. The desktop app is also extremely complicated, I can’t find a “My Rewards” in it, I do have it in the mobile app. Using mobile might be the best bet. You can also trade on foreign exchanges. So be careful!

  20. Thank you, Jonathan for the update on new terms, What has actually changed?

  21. Hi, if I’d sign up and was enrolled into the National Day promotion – and have since utilised the cash plus reward portion – would you happen to know if I can still opt for the Tesla/ Google share promotion?

  22. This is a very janky app and a very complicated offer. I’m almost done with it and ready to collect and they’ve offered me an Expedia stock instead of Google or Tesla because I didn’t do the draw for the stock during the promo period (I realize none of this probably makes sense if you’re reading it for the first time–it doesn’t really make sense, anyway). If you’re going to do this, do the draws for the stocks immediately after qualifying. Also note that they hold the reward stocks for an additional 10 business days (2 weeks) after the 60-day qualification period, and the “cash reward” actually only applies to stock trades, so it isn’t a cash reward at all.

  23. Am I reading it right that this promotion requires that you use a (typically expensive) ACAT to move assets to moomoo? Ally Invest charges $50 for ACAT transfers (whether cash or securities.) Robinhood just raised theirs to $100…

    Either way, the original new user promo looks really tempting.

    • It’s true, some brokers do charge an outgoing ACAT fee, so you should look into that before participating. But several major brokers offer $0 ACAT fees, or at least $0 partial ACAT fees: Vanguard, Fidelity, Schwab, TD Ameritrade, Merrill Edge, and Interactive Brokers.

      The good thing about the $2,000 tier is that you can just bring over $2,000 of ETFs/stocks with a partial ACAT by specifying X shares of Y stock. So you just need to have $2,000 of stock at one of those brokers above, either in a separate new account or existing. You could even just move over $2,000 in cash and buy $2,000 of SGOV or BIL.

      • Fair enough. A good case for multiple brokerage accounts. And it looks like 5 of the 6 no-ACAT-fee brokerages you mention are included in the offer’s terms & conditions.

        From the offer’s Terms & Conditions:
        Robinhood, Webull, TD Ameritrade (including ThinkorSwim),Interactive Broker, Fidelity, E Trade, Cash App, Charles Schwab, Ally Invest, Firstrade, or Merrill Lynch. Transfers from other broker-dealers are not eligible for this Promotion.

  24. moomootrader says

    I already did ACAT transfer of about $1000+ to get $100 (comes next week) back in last week of July.
    I don’t think if existing customers who already did one ACAT are eligible for this new promo? I could be wrong…
    Regardless, love moomoo! My free stocks are coming in today just got notices that they are moving from pending to my account.

  25. moomootrader says

    I already did ACAT transfer of about $1000+ to get $100 (comes next week) back in last week of July.
    I just confirmed with moomoo that existing customers who already did one ACAT are eligible for this new promo!

    I love moomoo! My free stocks are coming in today just got notices that they are moving from pending to my account.

    • Thanks for the tip. I just got and sold my 15 free shares as well today. Net average sale price was $4.22 per share. Still waiting on my GOOG to land.

      • moomootrader says

        219.54 Is my total free stocks releasing now.
        Plus 150 signup/referral bonuses (you should have gotten 50 too)
        Plus 100 ACAT #1
        ACAT #2 pulling today — see if/when the new $100 bonus shows up.
        I went aggressive with trades like TSLA and others but sold them all to make a few extra hundred cap gains. Offset the ACAT stock that was down 200 when transferred haha
        Gonna stick it all in SGOV for now after selling all the freebies.

  26. Hi Jonathan,

    Thank you for posting! I’ve been lagging on Moomoo deals but finally jumped in. Opened an account today, waiting for it to be fully funded/settled with the first deposit and then I want to jump onto the ACAT deal.

    My question is why you consider the $2K tier the sweet spot for the deal? I get it that gets best ROI but if you have some stocks sitting at one broker, why not transfer them to another broker and get the full bonus? I’m thinking I could transfer $50K worth of existing investments – could even be as easy as SGOV. I’d rather transfer stock vs cash so that it keeps growing while the transfer is taking place.

    Any flaw in this thought?

    Also, couple of smaller things I couldn’t find. Is there a time limit I have to keep transferred money with Moomoo? And do they publish a list of eligible brokers? Mine would be Fidelity.

    Thank you!

    • Certainly, if you have existing assets then transferring 50k for the $400 bonus would be fine. I was just pointing out that the $100 tier is both the best ROI percentage and is the most accessible overall, as that is not always the case.

  27. Hi Jonathan,

    I think I’m a bit confused about the $50 part of the account opening promo.

    I used your link to open the account and deposited $5K via ACH. I received a notification to claim free stock and got a mix of SIRI, LCID and GRAB. I also got a share of GOOG. They’re all frozen now and I understand I need to keep the funds and wait 60 days and then they’ll unfreeze in another 10 business days.

    What about the $50 coupon though? I already made a trade (purchased SGOV) with the funds I brought in but I see no sign of $50. When should I expect it and where to look for it?

  28. Jason Boxman says

    The stock bonus is the most annoying bonus I’ve had to deal with in my life so far; Now I found where in the silly app to “draw” for them, but there’s a hold on them for another 60 days. At least I’m getting interest at SGOV in the meantime. Maybe I did it wrong? Wouldn’t surprise me given how obtuse the app is. My total hold time is going to be 120 days, 60 to get the stocks, another 60 to get them out plus initial balance. Ugh. This was the bonus back in August; maybe the new one is less obtuse.

    • Yes, lucky draws have a 60 day hold. Per T&C you’re supposed to keep the money in the account to get lucky draws, so the hold ensures just that. How do you deduct 120 days hold? Where do the extra 60 days come from?

      • Jason Boxman says

        Don’t know — maybe lucky draw was available immediately? I thought it was 60 days to unlock that. Or I wasted 60 days for no reason. Oh well. The mobile UI is so bad I had no idea.

  29. Anyone receiving the Dec 2023-Jan 24 transfer promotion bonus? It has been more than 10days after Jan 15, 2024 but I have not got it

  30. Anyone get a 1099 from moomoo?

  31. Only new customers …

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