Microsoft Live CashBack Promotion: 70% Off Magazines and More

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Microsoft’s Live Search engine now has a cashback system – the idea is that you can compare products and prices using their search engine, and then buy through them and get cashback. This is similar to existing cashback portals like eBates ($10 sign-up bonus), but they add in the price comparison component. Like the rest, you have to wait 60-90 days for your rebates (in case you make a return).

Every time you make a qualifying purchase, we’ll send you an email to confirm your Live Search cashback savings. Usually 60 days after your purchase (although this time period may vary for some stores), and when your cashback account reaches a balance of at least $5, you can claim your cold, hard cash.

They are currently having a Back-to-School promotion that is giving nearly double cash-back percentages at several stores (sorted alphabetically). Examples are

  • 70% back at
  • 38% back at ShoeMall, 36% back at FootLocker and Eastbay, and 32% back at
  • 12% back at Barnes and Noble
  • 5.5% back at NewEgg (electronics)

At 70% off, you can get an entire year’s subscription to The Economist for under $30. I know that several readers like this magazine, which is very hard to find at a discount. Or you can just renew the rest of your magazine subscriptions on the cheap. Combining coupons may void the cashback, according to the terms and conditions.

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  1. Thanks for the info! I’m definitely going to get the economist. I have subscribed in previous years, but I have delayed renewing because of the cost. $30 is a steal of a deal.

  2. This is also useful for eBay and Paypal purchases… I got 25% off on a new laptop just by using their search services, paying thru paypal, and that’s it.

  3. Looks like they’ve taken off the cash back. Major bummer.

  4. looks like fatwallets system too. ill keep this one in mind. the 5.5% rebate at newegg is nice

  5. I saw that too Heather. I was all psyched too!

    I’m new by the way. Very interesting site you’ve got here. That’s for the great wealth of information!

  6. I’m not usually a big fan of rebates, since you usually have to wait forever and call and call until you finally get them. Hopefully this is more legit, it certainly looks interesting. Thanks for the info, it’s definitely worth a closer look!

  7. enonymous says

    can’t find – just like heather…

  8. The cashback started getting noticed thanks to the eBay 35% off when using paypal.

  9. Yeah, I guess they took off I was about to grab that Economist subscription just to see what the fuss was about! Hopefully they’ll add it back.

  10. Love the Economist! I have been debating signing up for a while, but I usually just go to and a pop up will appear for 4 trial issues. It tells you how good the mag is when a cheap guy like me considers paying full price for a subscription. I don’t think I want to go through election season without it.

  11. Sorry about getting people’s hopes up for It was totally there last night, even early AM.

  12. Clicking through this link tells me that a 70% cashback is active: Maybe it only works for certain people?

    If that doesn’t work, go to, search for and it will list the different cashback programs available (31.5% from Big Crumbs, 35% from Live, etc.).

    Coupon code “5offbrad” also apparently gives $5 off, though might not be stackable as Jonathan mentions above — Mike

  13. shraz: 35% off at ebay? How?

  14. Thanks Mike, here is a fixed link for – link. It did show the 70% off for me, although I haven’t confirmed that it works.

  15. Thought I’d add some info again… I initially went to this link for the basics.

    Basically, all you do (at least for my ebay/paypal purchase) was to sign up using my existing hotmail account, search for a specific item I wanted to buy using, then purchase the item via paypal.

    My rebate is pending at this time.

  16. Warren, Microsoft was for a brief time doing a terrific cashback deal with eBay. Buy-It-Now items were eligible for up to 35% cashback (max $250). Unfortunately, it appears that this promotion is over, though there are some rumors that it may return.

    If you want to read LOTS about this promotion, check out the FatWallet thread here:

  17. I work for and personally manage the Microsoft Live Cashback relationship. The 70% cashback offer was a limited time offer that has since expired. Our standard offer of 25%, that will be doubled to 50% during the duration of the Back To School Double Cashback promotion will be live in the next few days. We urge you to please check back often. thanks you for your continued patronage.

  18. oh thats why i couldnt see the 70% cashback. oh well, I went to this awesome site instead. Its, Im truly impressed because they offer a much higher cashback there and got lots of coupons! They’re offering 33.75% rebate for Check it out!

  19. It’s back up and running! Get em while they’re hot! 😀

  20. The 70% deal is back! I got one year of Financial Times for $149 * 30% = $45. What a deal. I’m impressed by this cashback program by Microsoft. The pending rebate is immediately confirmed within seconds. Great technology integration work there. Here’s the screenshot for my pending rebate.

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