Jim Cramer v. Jon Stewart: The Feud Continues…

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If you don’t watch The Daily Show regularly, you may have missed more “drama” between Jim Cramer and Jon Stewart after the TDS roasted CNBC last week.

Cramer responded by saying his words were taken out of context. Jon Stewart responds, saying Jim Cramer didn’t recommend buying Bear Stearns stock a week before it collapsed – what Cramer called an “urban myth”. No, he did it five days earlier:

Then I guess more defensiveness by NBC. It seems even they don’t realize that TDS is a parody show, not a real news show. Yes, they take soundbites and then make fun of them. That’s the entire basis of the show! It’s on Comedy Central.

You can’t win, Cramer! In reality, I’m sure both NBC and TDS are loving this, because controversy = ratings = $$$. TDS will milk this as long as they can. CNBC is already financial porn, where the whole point is to talk out both sides of their asses all day long. Buy! Sell! Do something! Trade Trade Trade!

Proof? Jim Cramer will be a guest on The Daily Show on Comedy Central tonight (Thursday 3/12), assuming he doesn’t cancel too.

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  1. I’m pretty sure Cramer knows it’s a parody show, he was one of the first guests ever on the Colbert Report after all. I think he just likes being the center of attention.

    Joe Scarbourgh on the other hand, I thought he was going to cry on Cramer’s behalf.

    To his credit, Cramer is one of the few people with trackable stock picking records, so you can judge his worthiness for yourself. Most self proclaimed experts won’t say anything specific unless you pay for their expensive newsletter or video series or whatever. I’ve also seen him have “day of atonement” shows, where he specifically goes over his bad calls, which is nice.

    That said, he *really* boned that Bear Sterns call. That was awful. Sure “no one could know/imagine/predict the future”, but yeesh.

  2. I agree that TDS is a comedy show, but it IS about the news. Unfortunately, a lot of people that do watch, don’t watch or read the actual news, so TDS, in turn, becomes “the news” for those people. Pretty scary.

  3. The problem with mainstream news is the disconnectedness of it all. TDS has a way of providing commentary on some of the absurdity of media reporting in a way that makes sense to most people. Granted, it is the epitome of punditry and show biz, but at least they admit to being a comedy show.

  4. LOL Keep these coming if there are more Jonathan. Can’t get enough…hilarious.

  5. The real contest here is who is more full of himself – Cramer or Stewart. Just below the surface is Stewart’s desire to make a point that he thinks makes a difference and to be taken seriously while doing it. Sometimes he forgets he is on a comedy central and sadly, so do those who watch his show thinking that they just learned the news of the day.

  6. i have been loving this every night. i watch kudlow every night and maybe some donny deoosh and cramer rarely and it is great to see them being called out for no real reporting. cnbc is more of a marketing machine now than anything else. cramer, while i admit makes sensible arguments about stock xyz, tells his sheep to buy something only for him and his buddies to sell it the next day after it is marked up. the only thing i get out of cramer is learning what a company does in some industry i am not familiar with, like him talking to a mining ceo

  7. Hilarious Jonathan,

    Keep it coming!

  8. I disagree with you calling it a parody show. I think its more of a satirical cometary on the media as a whole. I think for the most part the discuss issues just in a mocking way.

    The other day they had a segment on how Michelle Obama was setting her mark as a fashion icon. Saying that’s what she is doing now in the white house. You could derive a laugh out of it and say that she isn’t doing anything, but I think the point was to show how ridiculous the media is for reducing her to that. Which I think is a valid argument.

    Plus Cramer is an idiot haha

  9. Cramer is a crook that is all there is too it

  10. This stuff is brilliant. Personally, I think Cramer and Stewart are both total professionals (entertainers), and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to find out that off camera there is a lot of mutual respect.

    It’s sort of like when politicians show genuine admiration for the opponent they have been trashing for a whole election season, when just for a minute you see them appreciate their adversary for the professional (campaigner) that they are.

  11. “He’s a dartboard that talks”
    “Throw feces”… oh man…

    It’s funny; that’s about it… Taking things somewhat out of context is healthy. I should go back and watch more TDS. It’s like diversifying news sources!

  12. It is a media parody show, but it is also one of the best news shows on television. As for JP’s comment that “Unfortunately, a lot of people that do watch, don’t watch or read the actual news, so TDS, in turn, becomes “the news” for those people”, that is completely untrue. If you don’t follow the news and know what is going on, this show would be the unfunniest half hour on television. I can’t imagine that people who don’t follow the news watch this show. In fact, a poll done with regular watchers of various shows showed that watchers of TDS to be among the best informed. Of course, those who follow FoxNews regularly came in near the bottom.

  13. JP – and people watch Cramer and invest actual money! You want to talk about a joke!!!
    TDS provides an angle on the news, just like NBC, CBS, Fox, NPR, the New York Times, etc. To think that they don’t have a slant too is even worse. At least TDS admits it.

  14. While The Daily Show is indeed a mix of satire and parody, there are many times where Jon Stewart detracts from it and ask ACTUAL POLITICIANS serious questions. When Stewart picks on ppl, he usually picks on ppl with real agenda; in this case, Jon is noting down NBC as a whole for not making careful researches before offering advices to the people in America. Even if Cramer made just one mistake (there are many more actually) about Bear Sterns, he made that mistake in a critical recession period that jeopardized a chunk of the population’s money. Not only does it affect us Americans, this also affects MANY foreign businesses that support their country through finance. And when you promote Cramer with “In Cramer We Trust”, it changes Cramer’s word of suggestion to fact.

    Also, while Jon Stewart may be a comedian, UK renowned him as top 8 pundits. UK may not be “American” but they are constantly observing America (we do the same with UK as well). Afterall, WE do business with UK.

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