Goals & Priorities: Which Lego Man Character Describes You Best?

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When dealing with other people, it’s always easier when you know what makes them tick. What motivates them? This led to some introspection. What did I really want out of life? I realized that I was probably much different than others. The following characteristics aren’t mutually-exclusive, there is no wrong or right really, as everyone may have a little of each but you may realize one is prominent.

Don’t take the Lego characters too seriously either, eh? I just went to a Lego-themed birthday party and watched Star Wars again. 🙂


“I seek the admiration and respect of others.”


“I like being the boss and giving orders.”

Duty / Honor

“I find a higher calling in serving my religion/country/world.”


“I love my job.”


“I want be a good wife/husband/mother/father.”

Personal Freedom

“I don’t take orders from anyone.”

Path of Least Resistance

“I don’t question the status quo and like to follow others.”

I would say that my top preferences from highest to lowest would be personal freedom, family, and duty. I’m still working on starting a family and how to best help higher causes. Low on my list is power and prestige. I don’t enjoy managing others (having people below me in the ranks) or being told what to do (having people above me). I feel this hurts me in the areas of leadership and probably makes me a bad employee. This make me think I should just work for myself. How about you?

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  1. Interesting!!!

    Speaking of characters, I got this link forward on facebook about extroverts and introverts – It is a Good read.


  2. Personal freedom is definitely of the highest priority for me. Then it is passion and then family.

    I expect that order to change as I grow out of mid-20s

  3. just got to say… love the pics!!! Made me smile and laugh at work today… thanks!

  4. I’ve only been thinking you ought to be working for yourself, Jonathan, since about the second time I read a post on MMB, years ago.

    You will clearly add more value to the world, and give more back, in addition to perhaps making more money for yourself – although you obviously recognize that’s not much of a factor in happiness beyond the “minimum annual requirement ” of about $60K. And, I’ll bet the persistent “retirement” drumbeat will fade away entirely for you.

    It’s about time. Go for it! (Just don’t stop writing MMB.com…)

  5. You’re missing Boba Fett – freelancer. Enjoys independence and flexibility; no politics, no bureaucracy.

  6. I thought about including Boba Fett, ha. What does it mean that the clones of the bounty hunter ends up being storm troopers?

  7. RE: Boba, clones and storm troopers … unfortunately, Boba had no control over mutations/genetic engineering, nor figuring out a way to stop Order 66 and the Great Jedi Purge. That’s the downside of being a freelancer — you probably don’t have the scale to handle something really, really big. Some things can only be accomplished by big bureaucratic organizations (see iPad, iPhone), or a small band of rebels (see Macintosh).

  8. thewealthyicelander says

    Interesting analogy

    Personally I would probably say family, duty, personal freedom in order.

  9. Most of us in real world, working day by day, actually feel like that chained slave dancer Oola in front of Jabba. Nothing more…

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