Funny Piggy Banks

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Posting has been light due to a short vacation, but should pick up again next week. Here’s a funny piggy bank I found at a small gift shop:

Guess where all the money ends up… Okay, not everyone with me found it funny. 🙂 It is certainly sexist, although there was also a version with “Mom & Dad” on top and “Kids” on the bottom. Some other amusing piggy banks:

“Nest Egg” Bank
Literal, yet fashionable, don’t you think?

Ctrl-Alt… Save?
I don’t quite understand how this is supposed to be clever since there is no “Save” key, but the geek part of me still wants one.

Tamagotchi Bank
Remember virtual pets? Well now you can have a virtual family, which you watch grow by putting money inside this piggy bank! No wonder Japan has such a high personal savings rate…

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  1. Even if they were language agnostic, I still would have been able to pick out the one favored in Japan.

  2. Matt Good says

    I want some kind of piggy-bank that has a big “Ctrl+S” on the front.

  3. Vivek Koshy says

    I thought the ctrl+alt… save was an excellent idea for the geek. What it really meant was:

    1. Control your urges.
    2. Find ALTernatives.
    3. Save your money.

  4. Cute post. Thanks for the humor 🙂

  5. Has anyone clicked the link on the Tamagotchi bank? I want to be the person in frame 4!

  6. On my keyboard at work the F11 key says “Save” on it. Still I prefer using plastic cups to save my change. When they get to be rather full I put the coins into coin wrappers and deposit them into my checking account at the bank.

  7. After I read Sarah’s comment on clicking on the tamagotchi bank I clicked on the others. Yikes those nest eggs are $85 each!!

  8. My kids have Bobble headed charicatured savings banks, one’s a college grad saying “show me the money”, the other a Hell’s Angel with the label “road trip”. Not only an easy reservoir for loose change, also reflects the two’s personalities perfectly. Personalized piggy banks rock!

  9. My grandparents got us the top one as a wedding present….

  10. R@spillingbuckets says

    I love it. Money and savings often bring out some great ideas.

  11. Where can I find the top one (the two piggies)? If there is a link, it’s not working for me, only the other three work.
    And Patty, yes, whoever sells those eggs certainly has a bigger piggy bank than I have! I decided I liked them well enough to buy, until I saw the price!

  12. The tamagotchi piggy bank is brilliant. Think: please your pet by saving. If only dogs would wag their tails when we saved.

  13. Johnthan, I know this is off topic but how do you find the time to put together such an intresting blog and still work full time? I figure either you don’t sleep much or you don’t watch tv. I can’t find time to write this comment.

  14. The piggy back bank was a sad but accurate comment on out feminist culture. Also the typical conditioned metro male politically correct remarks regarding the need to apologize to women because they have feminized men and now see their entitled attitudes flourishing worldwide were also a sad commentary about the depth to which males in this “culture” have sunk (I guess I know who wears the panties in your house). No wonder we don’t have any virile leaders. The frail Obama backed by the aggressive Michele makes my point. The funny thing is that women have sought and succeeded at destroying what they secretly love about men – their masculinity. Now they have women to look up to when searching for the masculine. And you thought the birth rate is crumbling now – just wait. No wonder I live in Costa Rica – a place where masculinity is still cherished among males and females (notice I did not say she-males).

  15. Those pigs are too cute. I want to get one myself. LOL Thanks for the cute post.

  16. Financiallyenhanced says

    LOL great post, I defiantly want one of the His Money, Her Money piggy banks.

  17. Lighten up Phil.

    And Jonathan, you cant go on vacations. I’m having withdrawal symptoms after 4 days of no new posts!!

  18. Wow, Phil, what a weird point your are making. (I know I shouldn’t pursue this but what the heck). The piggy bank on top shows that the guys money is being transferred into the “her” bank. But that just shows the outdated view that the man is making all the money and then the “greedy” women is collecting it for herself. Today, for most women are making their own money and very few of us are truly appreciated for anything else we do (like housework). I think it’s cute when men act like they serve the women, and to all the nice guys out there who actually do this, I think you are great and VERY masculine.

  19. Erm Phil I think I missed your point or misunderstood your references to masculinity and money…

    1. pertaining to or characteristic of a man or men: masculine attire.
    2. having qualities traditionally ascribed to men, as strength and boldness.

  20. Frugal Canadian Living says

    Cute looking piggy banks. Anything that would encourage people to save money is a good thing.

  21. Adriana Lopez says

    How can I purchase a piggy bank like the one on top with his/her money?

  22. Go to to purchase his/her money bank.

  23. technology blog says

    I just have a big wine jug with a hole cut in the lid.. and my bank (credit union) has a change counter that doesn’t take a percentage and you just take the ticket up to the counter and deposit the ticket.

  24. Robert Miras says

    When I was a kid,I used empty containers of baby powder as a coin bank. I would be dancing in happiness when it comes the time that its full. Saving is fun and rewarding.

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