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Same offer, but link works again. Here’s a free 39-week subscription to the Wall Street Journal. New subscribers only. Not a trial, no credit card required. Just fill out the first page, hit “Click Here”, and that’s it. Use a spam e-mail if you want. No need to sign up for anything else.

I’ve passed on this offer in the past, but these days it seems that most good WSJ articles are behind their paywall unless you read it on the first day of publication (even with the Google News trick). I don’t think I’ll read the physical paper all the way through, but the free online access will be appreciated. Readers have already reported receiving their issues from signing up in October, but quantities are limited.

My Money Blog has partnered with CardRatings and Credit-Land for selected credit cards, and may receive a commission from card issuers. All opinions expressed are the author’s alone, and has not been provided nor approved by any of the companies mentioned. is also a member of the Amazon Associate Program, and if you click through to Amazon and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission. Thank you for your support.

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  1. Diana Foster says

    Have you heard whether or not American Express will be sponsoring Small Business Saturday again this year? It should be coming up next month.

  2. Thanks Jonathan! Signed up for both.

    Long-time reader (since 2007), lost touch with your blog as I have been traveling the last couple of years. Finally got it up and running in my RSS reader again and get the “reward” right away 🙂

    Like you, I probably won’t be going through much of the papers, but online access (and maybe Zinio?) would be worth having.

    @Diana – Yes they will be. Get your cards ready 🙂

  3. @Diana Foster
    Yes, AmEx is sponsoring Small Business Saturday this month, refunding purchases of $10 or more w/ $10 statement credit.
    Go to the “American Express Cardmember Offer” tab to see:

    Is there an American Express statement credit offer for Card Members for this year’s Small Business Saturday?

    Yes. American Express is offering Card Members the opportunity to get a one-time $10 statement credit when they register any eligible American Express® Card and use it on 11/30/13 to spend $10 or more in a single in-store transaction at a qualifying small business location that appears on the Small Business Saturday Map.

  4. Yes Small Business Saturday is on, but only for $10 instead of $20 this time (still per AmEx card though!). Will post more details as things get closer, we’re still over a month away.

  5. Signed up. I am more interesting in getting digital access. Is this possible through the subscription? If so, what is the process?

  6. @Jonathan – I’ll let you know when my first issue comes!

  7. Thanks! Worked great for me, happy to be reading WSJ on my iPad for free. Awaiting the delivery of first print copy.

  8. Has anyone received their first paper copy of WSJ? Ordered Oct 21st but haven’t received it. Also, could someone clarify if I had to open up an acct with reward Gold to get this promotion?
    thanks…great deal…hope it works.

  9. Erica Colmenares says

    We started getting our print edition this past Monday. We only want the online, so I called the WSJ, and they’ll let us change the delivery address to any other one we want. We’re going to donate it to one of the library branches in town.

    • Oh, I mentioned this on a new comment below but then remembered: control f. Thank you for the suggestion, I did this at my local branch and they appreciated it!

  10. I started receiving my paper copy within the last week, but I don’t know if I’m getting it every day (e.g. I didn’t get one last Sunday).

  11. @SSM – The WSJ only prints 6 days a week, there is no Sunday edition.

  12. Ah! I wondered about that, and poked around very briefly but didn’t find a definitive answer. I was just going to see what happened this Sunday. 🙂 Thanks for letting me know.

  13. No problem, I didn’t know either until I looked it up. But hey, looks like the link is working again?

  14. @Barb – No need to open a rewardsgold account.

    @Erica Colmenares – That is a good idea. I’ll try to keep up with the paper edition but will probably try something similar.

  15. William Charles says

    Never been a subscriber before (always got it through work), excellent opportunity to start reading the morning paper again. Thanks for the share.

  16. I haven’t received a print copy yet, but am getting the digital on my iPad – nice interface. I’m usually more of a paper copy reader, but this may convince me. 🙂 Such a great paper – I subscribed when I was in school, but haven’t in many years.

  17. @Mary Anna – I haven’t gotten my print copy yet either – may I ask how did you set up digital access first? Did WSJ send you an e-mail?

  18. Wondering the same Mary Anna

  19. Yes, got an email (actually two – one on 11/8, and then when I didn’t do anything, got another on 11/11). Subject line was ‘Start Using your Online Journal Subscription’, and the email address was Was dead simple – had a link in the email, and had my print subscription account number in the email, just clicked the link, entered the account number and chose a username & password. (I also downloaded the app for my iPad – it’s very pretty on that! it lives in the ‘newstand’ part of the ipad.) 🙂 The support address is apparently – the one doesn’t accept correspondence.

  20. I received paper from last Saturday till yesterday.

  21. I signed up for this on the 19th of November. A little more than a week ago they started showing up every morning on my driveway. So far, so good!

  22. I got the digital subscription last week and started receiving the paper version today. Very happy to be able to access the great business articles for free, thanks for the info.

  23. What is I would like to try the WSJ for free but not at the expense of giving away my personal data. A “free” 39 week subscription must be costing someone and that someone must want something in return.

  24. I just started to receiving the paper on Thursday. So a little under 3 weeks.

    @Tom, you only need to provide RewardsGold what you could find in a phone book. I suggest you provide a fake email and Bday.

  25. I was wondering the same. Anyone know why the WSJ or reward gold would give this away for free?
    Thanks for any info!

    • crashtestdummy says

      Free circulation still increases total circulation numbers and that in turn i would bet is used by account executives when selling Ad space. There are numerous magazines out there that follow this model. Subscriptions fees are the icing on the cake but not the meat and potatoes of the revenue for many publications at this point.

  26. Thanks, Jonathan! There was a bit of a wait for the email about digital access but I got it within a month. Then, today, the librarian checking out my books did a double take on the computer and said, “Did you give us a subscription to the wall street journal? There’s a note on here that I should thank you!” I only wanted the digital subscription so I took the advice of someone here of putting a local library’s address in and had totally forgotten about it.

  27. How do you cancel this free subscription? It seems like we’ve been getting it more than 39 weeks.

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