Free KFC Grilled Chicken Meal From Oprah

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The Oprah Show is giving away coupons for a free Kentucky Grilled Chicken meal from KFC until 9:59pm CDT 5/6/09. 2 pcs Grilled Chicken, 2 sides, and a biscuit. Free lunch!

The official website is, but you have to install some coupon printer software on your computer (to prevent making a bajillion copies). Ironically, due to the site crashing earlier, right now you can simply download the .pdf file from

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  1. Just tried this but is now linking to the uthinkkfc site. No more pdf 🙁

  2. Hmmm… I installed the software and it said I had already printed them! Didn’t see a .PDF to download, but I filled out an error report, so maybe they’ll send it to me.

  3. Why didn’t you just direct link to the PDF? Now it’s gone. I’m not installing anything for a free piece of chicken…

  4. There is no .pdf file. They insist you install their printer software, which prints a serial # on each one (limit 4). I don’t know if it installs tracking software or what else but I wont be installing random software for some free chicken….

  5. I’ll pass. KFC does some nasty stuff to their chickens. As everyone knows this is the practice of most fast food places, but I feel their nastiness is particularly egregious.

  6. I got a pdf this morning and was able to print – not anymore

  7. The line at my Local KFC was around the block

  8. KFC isn’t even worth $0, they should be PAYING us to eat it. I’d still think twice even if they paid me.

    In the UK there was a hidden camera show that exposed them for their bad practices. One involved receiving a truckload of expired and diseased chicken legs at a warehouse. The load was dumped on the concrete floor, and workers poured BLEACH all over the pile to kill the diseases on it.

    I also think it’s odd that Oprah would consider eating KFC. With all the gazillions of dollars she has. Get some real food.

  9. Anononym says

    I found the link for that PDF with a Google search, but the webpage cannot be found. Here’s the link anyway…

  10. Jay Ballz says

    Weak promotion…

    KFC’s all over are running out of food. The restaurant in Burlington, NJ was out of chicken upon opening today. Turning away customers defeats the purpose of trying to get them to come in.

  11. Woo Huey says

    KFC is already ending the promotion at restaurants:

    They threw in a “free pepsi” as a consolation.
    Incredible that a 2 week promotion has run out in 2 days. What did they think was gonna happen?

  12. Got my free chicken in Texas,Thursday. Four minute wait,meal about what’s expected at KFC, no complaints.

  13. Couldn’t use the coupon on Friday–line was out the door, drive-thru line was down the street, and a notice on the door said they weren’t accepting them and you could trade for a rain check. I guess all the people in line didn’t see the sign on the door? I’ve never seen a crowd like that at a fast food restaurant before. The coupon is only worth $4. A good deal to be sure, but nothing to go crazy over.

  14. The KFC’s in my area are not honering the coupons. Thats ok, because after further investigation, I found out that this is’nt even chicken! The meat comes from a ranches of pigeon houses KFC owns in Mexico! The meat is mixed with other animal parts, seasoned, shaped, then fried! Its then flash frozen, and reheated on the grill at the selling restuarant.

  15. mattiemanning says

    kentucky fried chicken not honoring their coupons they said fill out your name and address and they will send you a coupon in mail what about having thje orignal coupon with the # on it . i have no reason to beleive that i will get chicken i am surprise at oprah putting her name with kfc does she own the franchise?

  16. Evansvile Coupons says

    There’s absolutely no reason not to use coupons. I’ve become very fond of them, especially lately with prices in the grocery skyrocketing. Why wouldn’t you use coupons, its like free money!

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