Flowchart: How To Save Money On Credit Scores

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I’ve written several posts on credit scores, credit reports, and how to minimize your spending on them. While there are times when you might just have to plunk down your hard-earned money on a credit score, most of them time you can avoid it.

Here’s a flowchart that I just whipped up that will help guide you to what you need. No matter what, you’ll pay less than retail. Anything blue is a click-able link to more guidance and information.

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  1. Excellent flow charting skills!

  2. Why do you still say it’s an estimate from Credit Karma.
    It was estimate (and have a different scale) at the beginning, but it was changed a long time ago to use a score directly from TransUnion.

    is the TransRisk from TransUnion not the credit score?


    The TransRisk score is calculated by TransUnion using their proprietary scoring model and is the original credit score provided on Credit Karma.

  3. Very few lenders actually use the TransRisk score to determine your creditworthiness, the predominant one is the proprietary formula by FICO. Anyone can make a credit “score”, but if the number is different than the one that a lender uses, what’s the point? Since the difference is anywhere from 0 to 50 points, I call it an estimate. More here:


  4. Looks like you have a copycat…

    (link removed by Jonathan to limit publicity to said copycat)

  5. @David – Haha, it looks like you’re right. Kind of funny, he had to retype out everything manually since I had mine as an image map.

    I had to remove the link, why give the dude more traffic. You should comment on his blog instead to show you noticed. πŸ™‚

  6. Wonderful flow chart. Been looking for something like this for years haha. i have personally used KreditKarma and really like it. i did notice a bump down on my score due to opening new credit cards. Hopefully this goes back up soon. Good post Jonathan.

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