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As of the end of 2012, there were over 60,000 published comments on My Money Blog, as well as over 130,000 comments that never made it as spam. If it took 5 seconds to read and moderate each comment, that is the equivalent of spending nearly a month of work hours moderating comments!

Despite this, I love having comments because I like having two-way discussions, even if it means there will be some active arguments. However, I still want to maintain a civil and positive atmosphere, so I wanted to clarify my comment policy here.

Rude, offensive, and/or off-topic comments may be removed. I decide what is rude or offensive.

Self-promotional material is not allowed. Do not use comments as a way to advertise your commercial venture. Any links should be directly related to the topic and not self-promotional. If you wish to advertise your site, please contact me. If you leave a referral code that benefits you, I’ll simply edit it so that it benefits me or someone I like.

Automated comment and spam filters are in effect. Comments may be placed into moderation for my approval based on a variety of criteria. Others are marked automatically as spam. This cuts down on wasted time for me, which allows me to spend more time researching and writing. The downside is that sometimes a legitimate comment will get caught and not be published.

Please format long links. Complicated URLs or HTML code may break the formatting of my site, and it takes time for me to fix each and every one. I have installed something to shorten links automatically, but if I am in a rush I may simply not publish it immediately. You can use HTML or a service like TinyURL to avoid this.