Citi Credit Protector $100 Gas Rebate Update

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As promised, this is a quick update to the Citi Credit Protector $100 Gas Rebate offer. If you signed up, don’t forget to cancel your 30-day trial. The number again is 1-888-592-7344. If you haven’t, the offer is still available.

Here is a scan of my rebate form. It’s for the $100 all at once, and it says nothing about having to remain a member to redeem. I called to confirm and they said that receipts before your sign-up date are not valid (makes sense). I did a lot of driving over Thanksgiving and easily spent $100 in gas, so I’ll be sending in my rebate form in tomorrow. Hopefully this will be another easy hundred bucks to fund my gifts… uhh, Roth IRA! 😉

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  1. I sent mines in (for $89 because i was nearing the expiration date) two weeks ago. I’ll keep you updated.

  2. Great, I’ll do the same when I get the check.

  3. when did u get rebate form. i signed up for this rebate around 2nd week of november . i never got any forms!

  4. I call to cancel to try to get another $50…Here is what i did, tell them you are kinda iffy if you still want to continue..tell them it wasn’t worth it and you are not sure..the csr will try to get you to stay for a lower rate program…tell csr “i’m noottt so sure..ehhh”…if csr doesn’t offer you anything ($50)….i went ahead and mention a friend of mine got $50 gift card for staying on the plan…CSR then offer me to send the $50 certificate on any retailer..It’s kinda like the gas rebate except it’s a retailer rebate.

  5. they take 6+ months to send the money. That was what I experienced last time

  6. sent in over 100 2 weeks ago we’ll see

  7. Any thoughts about opening it again under a different citi card once it has been cancelled on one card?

  8. to check your status of the 1st $100 bonus, you can go to this website:

  9. Do you have any idea if they are requested for the receipts to be received by 12/31 or postmarked by 12/31? Thanks.

  10. I am enrolled in the protector plan but I never received a gas rebate check! All I got was a $15 retail check. It sucks cause I actually enrolled to benefit from it and paid them over $100 for 3 months and just lost my job so I’m taking advantage of their service for deferred payments. Does anyone have any extra checks or a copy I could use for the gas promotion they could email me since I’ve been enrolled in their program for 3 months? Would greatly appreciate it. My email is

  11. I just received my $100 rebate today. Thanks Jonathan! I was a little nervous when Jonathan mentioned that customer service specified that the gas purchases must be made after the start of the trial. About $50 of my receipts were from before the start of the trial. The rest were after. It appears that they didn’t care so much about it. Anyway, if you don’t have the receipts just dig in a trash can at the gas station for them. That’s what I did for one of mine. There is nothing like digging through the trash for a hundred bucks. Canceling was a pain in the butt. I was on hold for 15 minutes and was transferred several times. Well worth it in the end.

  12. just got my check today! For $100 even though I sent $87 in receipts. I’ll take it. I just hope the check clears.

  13. Anyone know if this offer is still in effect?

  14. Rebate form submitted on Dec. 7, 2006.
    $100 rebate check received on Jan 24, 2007
    Thanks Jon !

  15. I submitted by rebate form on December 26 and haven’t received my check yet. I guess I’ll keep waiting. Does anyone know if there’s a website or phone number to check on the status? Rebate forms usually have one, but this one didn’t.

  16. Nevermind. Received my $100 check today. 🙂

  17. Sunil Arora says

    I was reading a couple of blogs and noticed that some people have done this rebate multiple times on the same card (I’m working on round two).

    Also credit protector will pay for you min. monthly payments for two months if you meet certain criteria “Cancel two minimum monthly payments if you get married, buy a home, move or add a child to your family.” So my penny pinching wheels started churning and thought of a credit scheme.

    Most of us are doing the 0% balance transfers and are signing up for credit protector with the same cards. Now all we have to do is have a baby, move, buy a home or get married and we can have credit protector pay for two months worth of min. monthly payments (usually around $150 – $200 for balance transfers). Hope someone can pull this off because that would be the ultimate scheme.

  18. Vik Chikoti says

    1. Do we need to buy the $100 gas on the same credit card or any card is fine?
    2. How will we get the rebate form? in mail or online where we sign up?

    Please let me know!

  19. Christine says

    The Credit Protector plan sounds good on the surface but I have found that dealing with their CLAIMS process is like jumping through hoops of fire. I became disabled with a terminal illness and filed a claim for my credit protector plan in Oct. 2006. In the 17 months since that time, I have had to complete, and have my physician complete, uncountable forms. If a comma was out of place (just a slight exageration) they would reject the form and a complete new form had to be obtained. I don’t know about you, but my doctor charges me for each form of this type. As it has turned out, my charges to get these forms HAVE COST MORE THAN THE BENEFIT I WAS RECEIVING. It would have been cheaper for me to send in the payments on my balance. I will be very happy to sever my relationship with this “benefit” at the end of my 24 months. I congratulate anyone who made money on this deal but pray you don’t get sick and have to file a claim.

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