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If you’ve been shopping online for a while, you’ve probably heard of cashback shopping “malls” or sites like eBates which offer you a bit of money (or miles or points) back on your purchases made through them. I could have sworn I wrote a post about this already, but anyway, the new kid on the block is Bing Shopping brought to you by Microsoft.

Here’s some of the fine print:

A waiting period (of up to 60 days) and $5 minimum applies to payouts. To earn your cashback, stores will provide us (Microsoft) non-personal info about your purchase, and you will need to provide us with personal information (like your email address above) to create a Bing cashback account. We may use this information to personalize your online experiences, and will treat all your information in keeping with the Microsoft privacy statement. cashback is available only for personal purchases made during your store visit directly from the Bing site. You cannot use coupons or discounts. See Bing cashback terms. Additional store terms may apply.

If you follow the rules, right now you can get some pretty sizeable cashback, including 20% off and 20% off purchases*. These stores carry many items that can be hard to find at an additional discount. For example, Walmart sells Apple iPods and eBay sells gift certificates and physical gold.

Always look for an link that looks like this, with the Bing cashback coin:

For example, I just bought an Ooma Hub & Scout from Walmart for $229 minus 20% ($45.80) and also a $25 Walmart gift card, for a net price of about $158. Otherwise, the lowest I could find from various price comparison sites is the price at Amazon of $215, although in some states you may be able to avoid sales tax. After finishing checkout, I immediately received an e-mail saying that I’d get $45.80 after 60 days payable to my PayPal account.

* Visit and run a search for “sony”. Look for an ad about cashback from eBay (see above). Click and you should see this image at the top to confirm your 20% cashback:

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  1. careful w/ buying the gift card. it may void all of your cashback. Bing is known to go back and cancel pending CB for unknown reasons.

  2. Good point, although in this case it is a “bonus $25 gift card with purchase” that is bundled with the Ooma so I think it should be fine. Buying straight gift cards from will not work.

  3. regularly has goods for sale identified with Bing cashback. Never use another discount code or cash off coupon when getting Bing cash back.

  4. I think Walmart has been yanked from Bing’s cashback list. It’s no longer in the store list.

  5. I used this extensively last year when it was Live doing the same thing. Then it was 30% back, plus 5% from Paypal, which worked out quite nicely.

    Bing does pay, and fairly quickly compared to Fatwallet.

  6. Walmart doesn’t show in the store list but it does show a cashback link when you do a search for a product on bing. So it’s still good. This happens regularly with the big sales. I think they do this to reduce the usage of the big discounts a bit.

    Ebay hasn’t shown me anything but 8% since last night, I think that really is dead.

  7. Ken Blakely says

    “new kid on the block”? Holy living-in-a-closet, Batman! Where have you been the past 20 months or so?!

  8. Actually, I guess I do still get the 20% cashback with a search specifically for Sony. Funny, nothing that previously worked was, maybe it’s a partnership.

    Anyway, as a side tip, sometimes getting your cashback goes haywire, and there have been plenty of reports of MS randomly deciding you were buying something off of ebay for resale (voiding your cashback), regardless of whether they have proof. My suggestion is to always make sure you are happy with the price even before the cashback.

  9. These deals originally went up over Black Friday weekend. I ordered a Dell 20% off. =D

  10. This no longer works- everything is back down to 8%. All of the 20% keywords that worked yesterday no longer work.

  11. That’s right, it used to be called Live Cashback instead of Bing. Right now I see 10% off Walmart and 8% off eBay after searching for “walmart” or “sony”. This is definitely a weird system they have going.

  12. Put a spade where the heart was. Now they’re novelty irony tee shirts.

  13. sorry this comment was supposed to have gone on the I-NY tee shirts post, don’t know how it got mixed up…

  14. Last week, I bought a TV from Dell using a 20% cashback link from Bing. As of today, I’m still waiting for my cashback to show up in my Bing account. For some reason, it isn’t even showing up as pending. I have already emailed Bing to see what’s going on.

  15. I have a bad feeling about this. Yesterday, I made one purchase through eBay and one through Walmart. The Walmart order isn’t showing up and the eBay order is showing as “canceled” (meaning I canceled the order and can’t get cash back on it – even though I didn’t cancel it). Bait & switch?? I don’t know. I don’t have much confidence that I’m going to get this cash back money.

  16. I that exact t-shirt!

  17. Can anyone find a bing search that gives more than 8% on ebay today December 8

  18. I bought an Ipod Touch from Walmart on 12/5/09 through Bing Cashback. I did everything that I was supposed to do and had the screen come up saying I would get 20% off my purchase during the shopping session. I ordered the Ipod but never received a cashback notice from Bing. I emailed Bing after two days and yesterday customer service informed me I’m not getting the cashback because they can’t find a transaction ID. I’m going to end up canceling the order and buying the Ipod somewhere else.

  19. Here’s part of the email I got from Microsoft support about my recent ebay order which they’re showing as “canceled,” and are not giving cash back for:

    “After further research we are unable to apply cashback savings for this eBay purchase. In working with eBay and PayPal, we have determined that this purchase is not eligible for Bing cashback savings.

    As a result, your purchase claim has been closed and we will not be applying cashback for your order. We apologize for any inconvenience or disappointment this may have caused you.

    Notice they didn’t mention any reason why the purchase isn’t eligible.

    I mean, the amount involved is like $4, but that isn’t really the point. There are other cash back services I can use, and from now on I will. This is ridiculous, petty, and stupid.

  20. Seems the promotional 20% for is dead.

  21. Bing finally came back with a response and gave me my 20% cash back for my purchase at Dell. =)

  22. Stores online other than eBay make you wait longer since the retailer has to notify Bing, etc, etc. Up to 60 days, I think.

    I’ve used Bing AND – 2% cash back. Bing was 10% as it is today and it worked perfectly 3 times for me on Black Friday. Also gives you 3% CB – you have to wait awhile on those for the same possible return reason.

    You can combine eBates or MrRebates cash back sites in conjunction with Bing if you access one of them in a different window. Sounds confusing (and it kind of is), but works great. They no doubt make it confusing for a reason.

    Sometimes Bing does make you wait on eBay – guess to see if you return the item, it’s just never happened to me.

    Some “keywords” to access eBay via Bing Search for all BIN items change from time to time. Today the word seems to be xbox, last week it was wii. I think there are others but I’ve definitely babbled enough! Sorry!

  23. I did what u said and searched sony but didnt get the same output

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