Another Free $50 Credit From Sprint SERO

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Wow, this deal keeps getting better. If you recently got in on the Sprint SERO plan (review), it looks like you can get another $50 discount. Thanks goes out to Jason for the tip. Just e-mail Sprint online and type something like this:

Dear Sprint,

I recently activated a Sprint account and just received a $50 coupon code, “SAVE50.” Could you please apply this to my account? Thank you very much for your assistance.

The reply:

Thank you for contacting Sprint. I will be happy to assist you regarding the credit. I understand that you received a $50.00 coupon. Therefore, I have applied this to the account. This service credit will reflect on your next invoice.

Sweet! To recap:

  • 500 Anytime Minutes + 7pm Nights/Weekends + Unlimited Web for $30/month
  • $100 Motorola Q Phone (which rocks by the way) – now $80
  • Possible 10% corporate discount (still waiting)
  • Free unlimited text messages
  • $25 prepaid credit card for getting a referral
  • $50 with this coupon.
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  1. Wisely Sunshine says

    Thank you Jonahan for such a good post as always. I will try to use this plan asap.

  2. I received: “Thank you for contacting us about the Sprint Employee Referral Offer. SERO Plan offers cannot be combined with any other discounts. NVP Discounts and 25% Legacy Sprint Discounts do not apply. The Sprint Employee Referral Offer also cannot be used for corporate or business accounts, given that these accounts already subscribe to discount plans.

    We do sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require further assistance.”

  3. Oh- one more thing… the Motorola Q is now $79.99!

  4. Did you ask about the $50 off or adding a corporate discount? I haven’t seen the discount show up either after talking to the NVP folks, but they said it might take 2 billing cycles. I say try again!

  5. what is the link for email the customer service people. i keep going in circles on the website?

  6. Log in – Contact Us on top right – Contact by e-mail.

  7. Nony-mouse says

    Is the motorola Q a good phone?
    My friend seems to have tons of problem with it. Maybe his is just a bad apple.

  8. My email was very similar to yours. I didn’t mention any kind of a corporate discount. I’ll keep trying, though!

  9. Quick Question-
    I activated my SERO plan two weeks, but my account page says I have a “Fair & Flexible Plan” with a “$30 Minimum Monthly Charge.” When I called Sprint, the CSR reassured me that I do have the SERO plan, but I’m a skeptical. I figured my Recent Activity would tell me if I had the unlimited texting that I was offered, but I can’t access Recent Activity as my plan has recently changed. Anyone else have a similar experience? Does your account page tell you that you’re on the SERO plan?

  10. Ok, so my friend and I both emailed about the $50 SAVE50 coupon code and here are both responses. 1 good, 1 bad.

    The good:

    Dear John,
    Thank you for contacting Sprint. I will be happy to assist you regarding $50.00 Service Credit on your account. Let me assure you that I have included the $50.00 PCS Service Credit Code on your account effective immediately. This Service Credit gets applied on the account against the monthly service charges. So, from your forthcoming invoice, this $50.00 Service Credit will be adjusted against the monthly service charges on the account. You can view this credit on the invoice under the heading ‘PCS Service Credit’. I am sure this will solve the purpose. It is a pleasure serving you. Is there something else I can assist you with? I am always here at your service.
    Have a nice day!

    Rojer P.
    E-Care Sprint
    “Where our customers come first!”

    The bad second response:

    Dear Tony,
    Thank you for contacting Sprint with regards to a coupon.
    I am sorry that I have reviewed information about coupons and I do not have information about a $50 coupon code for SAVE50.
    I am sorry that we do not support third party sales of Sprint phones if this coupon is from a third party. If you have additional information about this please let me know. I would be happy to continue researching this with you. Thank you for taking the time to email. Please let me know if you have further questions about your coupon and I will be happy to assist you.

    Sprint appreciates your business.

    Jason S.
    Sprint together with Nextel
    “Where our customers come first!”

    I seem greedy when saying this, but I’m going to make my friend try again. Maybe next time, he will get Roger instead of Jason, or someone else who will be inclined.

    I hope you guys get better results!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Bingo- I got it the second time around!

    “Thank you for contacting Sprint. I will be happy to assist you regarding $50.00 Service Credit on your account.”

    Thanks very much for the head’s up!

  12. Steve the K says

    I got the SERO plan from the website, and, yes, it does say “Fair and Flexible” on the Sprint website. However, on their end it does say we have the SERO plan. My guess is that SERO is a variation of F&F.

    I applied for the corporate discount and I think it went through. When I signed up, they said that I would receive an invoice with my new statement closing date. Well, I received it yesterday. It included a line item with a credit amount for the employee discount. Next month will be the proof in the pudding when it will be a full month. But it looks on the up and up to me.

  13. Eldergias says


    This is driving me crazy. I am 1 year into my 2 year Cingular contract and I am reading all the awesome stuff you posted about SERO. Now with the limited time offer of unlimited text messages I am wracking my brain. Should I try to find a way out of my contract without paying EFT? There are some benefits to using GSM, but are they great enough to merit not doing the switch? Could I find some loop hole out of my contract in time (the text message rate increase thing was too long ago to be applicable, but I could challenge them to prove I have a signed contract with them, as they don’t keep that stuff a lot of the time). Would I be able to keep my cell number when canceling (I know it is possible, but the question is what if they make a mistake or try to screw me over for leaving). Can I make a decision and get out of the contract before the text message offer expiration? Should I give up the benefit of nice Cingular customer service? This is all so crazy. I am certain that if this deal was going on when my Cingular contract was about to expire I would switch, but I’m not certain now. My big worry is losing out on the unlimited text.

  14. Eldergias – I’m in the same boat as you are being only about 6 months into a 2 year contract with Verizon.

    Yes you can keep your # but they will definitely enforce the early cancellation fee which is usually about $250 so its probably not worth it to switch now.

    If anyone has other creative ideas I’d be glad to hear them.

  15. Eldergias says

    How do you keep your number if you don’t immediately have a service to switch it to. For example: If I were to cancel my Cingular service right now and then get Sprint service one month from now, how would I keep my number in the interim?

  16. You have to sign up with the new service and do a request for your number to be ported BEFORE canceling with the old service. If you cancel first, all bets are off, and the number is likely lost. Your new service will handle getting the number transferred for you.

  17. I received the same rejection email from e-care from a ‘Trevor R.’. Will try again later.

    Just a thought… when emailing e-care, can you address it to a specific person? Direct it to one of the reps that let this slip?
    i.e. “Dear Roger P.”

    For those under contract looking for a way to get out,

    BTW, double check with the CS what your plan details are. I was calling last night to get nights and weekends changed from 9pm to 7pm (which it should have been originally) and discovered they forgot to add voicemail to my account!

  18. Eldergias says

    Ah see, now that is my catch-22.

    If I sign up with Sprint and request my number port, there is no guarantee I can get out of my Cingular contract without an ETF. But if I get out of my Cingular contract without an ETF there is no guarantee I can keep my phone number without already having Sprint.

    I guess I will wait till my Cingular contract comes up and hope there is an awesome SERO deal then, or that my next bill includes changes to my terms and conditions such that I can cancel without penalty.

    BTW, when a contract expires, to continue one with your service do you have to sign another one or can you just go month to month? Do they auto-renew your contract or do they negotiate a new one with you? Because if they auto-renew then I would feel very confident I could get out of the new contract when I wanted because I did not agree to the new contracts terms. I would prefer month to month, but I’m betting thats not even a possibility with most providers anymore.

  19. Thanks for all the tips so far. I signed up for the Sero plan with the Moto Q about 2 weeks ago and so far have been pretty happy with it.

    So far I have been able to get the corporate discount (24%), 200 extra minutes a month, 6PM nights and weekends for $5 instead of $10, and now this $50 credit. This is the response I received:

    “Thank you for contacting Sprint. I will be happy to assist you regarding the $50.00 credit.
    I have applied the credit of $50.00 to the account as of May 25, 2007. This credit will reflect on the next invoice.
    Please feel free to write back if you have any further questions. Customer satisfaction is important to us. Thank you.”

    I have yet to see any of these on my bill but each customer rep I have talked to has agreed to everything.

    There are also quite a few rebates for the Moto Q that I have found on Fatwallet. The most promising one that I shouldn’t have a problem getting is a $75 dollar one from selected Kellog’s boxes. I will let you know if these go through or not.

    So far though, this is a really good deal.

  20. Another bullet poing:
    You also mentioned in a previous post a 10% student discount.

    I’m a seminary student, getting married tomorrow actually, so I’ve been paying attention to your blog and have learned a lot!

  21. My SERO is listed as a Fair & Flexible plan as well.

    If you don’t succeed, try, try again 🙂

    I’m not an expert on getting out of contracts, from what I’ve read you need to wait until Cingular changes something in your contract (raises late fee, etc.), and then cancel immediately afterwards. I once got out of a Verizon contract this way. Good luck!

    Yes, corporate/business/government/university discounts may be available, if you get lucky.

  22. Eric, how did you go about getting 200 extra minutes? I assume this allows your plan to go from 500 to 700. This would be very helpful for me. Thank you very much for your help.

  23. Wow. I got the $50 approval almost immediately. Thank you very much Jonathan! Keep up the good work.

  24. sfordinarygirl says

    wow, I’m the primary account holder on the a family plan with Sprint but would love to get in on this deal. i hate checking personal and freelance work stuff at work.

  25. Made my second attempt a moment ago. Shot down on the first one. Which department from the little contact drop down are you all selecting? I tried “Other” this time.

  26. Me again. Second request was successful. Seems to be the luck of the draw whether you get it done on the first try.

  27. got it!

  28. There is a bigger lesson here: whenever you contact corporate America (also known as corporate America representatives in India), and get a negative answer – ignore it and ask again…

    I have seen it proved time and again – the IT systems these companies use (or the way they are used), do not support tracking of individual requests. These customers service agents have some discretion to rule for or against you, so simple keep trying until you hit one that is feeling generous at that particular time…

  29. Jimmy, I received the 200 minutes by calling and telling them that I was very happy with the plan and service so far but was still hesitant about switching over because I would be going from 1000 to 500 minutes a month. Adding the 200 minutes seemed like no big deal. Only 700 minutes is fine with me since I also got the Nights and Weekends to start at 6pm. They started at 9 with my old plan. Also, the person I talked to was in account services which seems to handle mostly these types of questions.

  30. Works like a charm!

  31. I just signed up for SERO. Thanks again, Jonathan. Your blog rocks! 🙂

  32. Noble Drusus says


    Dear Sprint,

    I recently activated a Sprint account and just received a $50 coupon
    code, ?SAVE50.? Could you please apply this to my account? Thank you very much for your assistance.
    [I also included my name and address and mobile ph number in the email]


    Thank you for contacting Sprint. I will be happy to assist you
    regarding the credits.

    Sprint is committed to protecting customer privacy and security.
    Therefore, in order to provide account information, we need you to confirm the following:

    a. The Account holder PCS Phone Number
    b. The Account Holder email address of record
    c. The Account Holder Mailing Address
    [I gave them all of this in my previous email]

    Please reply to this email with the requested information and we will
    be happy to assist you.


    OK here is my verification info
    Sprint PCS ph# : XXXXXXXXX
    email address of record : XXX @
    Mailing Address: XX,XX NY, XXXXX

    OK thanks


    After reviewing your account, I see that you started service with Sprint on May 3, 2007. I would like to take this time to welcome you to the Sprint Family. After reading your email, I see that you just received a $50 coupon code. Usually with these codes “Save50”, they have to be added when you are signing up for your services online. But if you have received a $50 coupon code, then I would suggest that you take this coupon to your local Sprint Retail store and they would be more than happy to assist you with this.


    Thank you for recommending that I go to a Sprint store to get
    assistance. However, I did go to a store and the guy in the Sprint store told me to go online and send an email to Sprint. … your company’s customer service consists of telling employees in the Sprint stores to tell customers to go online for assistance, then when I go online, I am told to go to a Sprint store. You may imagine my frustration.

    Please reconsider your very strange decision to deny my request to have the coupon code applied to my account and please never blow me off by sending me to a store to get help because all they do is tell me to go online.


    Them: [And I swear I’m not making this up]

    Thank you for your reply.

    You need to visit the same Sprint store from where you bought the

    I appreciate you emailing us today.


    I bought the phone online.

    But thanks for telling me to go to a store again. Please forward this
    to a manager or supervisor for quick action and resolution.


    Thank you for contacting Sprint. I will be happy to assist you
    regarding the $50.00 credit in your account.

    First, I apologize for all the inconveniences and your patience.
    Further, please note that, I have added $50.00 service credit from my side. This credit will reflect on the upcoming invoice.


  33. Noble Drusus – way to rock!!!!!!!! =)

  34. I emailed Sprint last night about the coupon code, checked my email this morning and Sprint has applied the $50- credit to my account, it’s there I checked online, I have the $30- SERO plan opened near the end of March with the Nextel ic502 hybird phone. Thank you to this Website and all of you!

  35. So I am still confused about one item — can I apply my 25% corporate discount to this SERO plan also? Or will that supercede the $30/500/unlim data/unlim text SERO plan?

  36. Worked for me too… I sent an email asking for the 50, and got an positive reply this afternoon. Rawk!

  37. I haven’t received a response yet in regards to the $50 coupon (3 business days past), but just found a $5 credit for enrolling in online billing. Sweet – I miss the days when everyone gave $5 away for online statements.

  38. Usually when you get a positive response from CSR about the $50 coupon, does the credit show up in your account the next couple days, or you can only see the credit in your next bill ? I am a little confused here. They told me that they agreed to give me the $50 credit around 10 days ago, but I can’t see the credit in my account till now.

  39. I had no luck. Should I just try again and hope I get someone different to look at my account?

    Dear Sprint,
    I recently activated a Sprint account and just received a $50 coupon code, “SAVE50.” Could you please apply this to my account? Thank you very much for your assistance.

    Dear Patrick,
    Thank you for contacting Sprint. I will be happy to assist you regarding the save $50.00 credit.
    Please fax a copy of your Save 50 coupon to 1-913-307-3001 attention Robert and I will be happy to assist you regarding this credit.
    Thank you for contacting Sprint. We appreciate your business, and look forward to providing you first class service in the future. Have a great day!

    The “SAVE50” code I received was an online code similar to the “POWERUP” code. Could you please apply either code to my account? Thank you very much for your assistance.

    Thank you for contacting Sprint. I will be happy to assist you regarding the save 50 promotion.
    The SERO plan is already a discounted plan and is not eligible for the Save 50 promotion.
    Thank you for contacting Sprint. We appreciate your business, and look forward to providing you first class service in the future. Have a great day!


  40. Well, I decided to try again yesterday and just now I received an email from Sprint (from a different customer service representive) regarding the SAVE50 code. Here’s the abbreviated version:

    “I have applied the $50.00 service credit for the current bill cycle, to your account effective June 08, 2007. This credit will be adjusted against the Monthly service charges on the next invoice.

    Have I resolved your concern? Please let me know by replying to my e-mail.”

    Sweeeet. I wonder if I can apply the “POWERUP” code now as well. Here’s a link to it:

  41. Hi Patrick, can you see the credit showing in your account (online) already? Or it’s not there yet, which means they give you the credit when Sprint generates your bill, but not now ?

  42. Hi Simon, the credit hasn’t appeared on my account yet. I’m guessing, and hoping, it will show up when they generate my next bill.

  43. I had to try twice for for the save50 to go through so will see if they do credit my account. I would recommend that you check your account online because i have confirmed with 3 different sprint customer service reps that this plan included the unlimited texting and so far I am being charged for it and although this plan seems great with the unlimited internet and 30 dollars for 500 minutes, but their service sucks compared to Verizon.

  44. devilsfan says

    here’s a bunch of sprint employee email address:

  45. ILLUSIONARY says









  46. hi everyone, is this a one-time discount?

  47. Eric, were you able to get that $75 Kellogg rebate for the Q? Thanks.

  48. Hi, just curious if anyone met the similar situation as me. I joined the SERO plan, and applied the $50 credit. Sprint CSR confirmed that I would get the credit, but not immediately, rather it should show in my next statement. Now after almost one month, my bill arrived. But I do not see the $50 credit. Anyone met similar thing as me? And how do you solve the problem? Thanks in advance

  49. If you want to sell your current contract, go to — where you can buy contracts for free and sell yours for $20. Be careful about Verizon though — they require a one year transfer contract when you buy.

  50. This works! Just tried it with a new SERO account.

    The online rep said the code “is not valid” as is from an illegit source, but they will honor the $50 credit on my first bill to keep me satisfied.

  51. Where do you get the corporate discount and how do you get it applied?

  52. I just ordered SERO PLAN. How do I apply corporate discount?

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