American Express Version of Citi Dividend Card

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(This entry used to be about the Citi Dividend Card, but it has been discontinued. I’m going to wait for the dust to settle and put up some good alternatives.)

Another option is the one I took, which is to get the Citi Driver’s Edge Card.

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  1. I’ve had this card for a few months. Problems I’ve had are some grocery stores and gas stations don’t take AMEX. And the other problem is that simply many businesses don’t take them, either. However, I like it because 90% of the shopping I do they take it, and I can use it at Costco, too! Now THAT I like.

  2. Few months? Wow. I think AmEx has been pushing for more acceptance lately at grocery stores. Up until a year or two ago Safeway didn’t take AmEx, but they do now. For me it’s mostly smaller mom and pop shops that don’t take AmEx.

    I’ve never gone to a gas station that doesn’t take AmEx – they seem to take every single card under the sun 🙂

  3. Converted to this card when they discontinued the AT&T Cash Rewards Card. Safeway (Von’s) takes American Express for groceries and gas. Like the first poster, I now have a credit card to use at Costco instead of cash or checks. Already have the Citi Dividened MasterCard. Drawback one for this card is that Citi does not generate virtual credit card numbers for American Express like they do for MasterCard. Drawback two is that there are no e-bills for this card with BofA though you can still make electronic payments for this card via BofA’s bill pay.

  4. Do you get 5% cash back on gas purchases at Costco gas stations?

    and 1% for other purchases at Costco?


  5. Bigmouth says

    my grocery and gas spending combined is about $300 a month or less. A year probably give me around $150-$200 rebate top. Both my wife and I do cook at least one meal a day. It seems you guys shop and spend a lot. What do you buy to get that much rebate?

  6. Unlike Sam’s Club, Costco does take credit cards?

  7. AMEX usually charges merchants a bit higher than Visa and Mastercard. I don’t know if that has changed the past few years but I do know that was a leading factor in why a lot of merchants don’t accept amex.

  8. Thanks for the tip. I think I might give it a shot. I’ve been draggin my feet about getting another card just for the 5% but w/ gas prices at what they are, it certainly won’t hurt.

  9. BTW, Citi Amex was available on January 15, 2006.

  10. Can I consolidate credit limits from my other Amex or Citi Cards? Or Both?

    I have a $11,000 limit on a Citi Dividend Platinum Select MasterCard, a $15,000 limit on a Hilton Honors American Express Card, and a $2,000 limit on a Amex Blue card.

    Hypothetically, if I were to consolidate these limits, I would have a $28,000 purchase limit on one card with cash back and $8,000 available for cash advances, and I’m only 22.

    (Don’t worry, I don’t use the cards that much and I have a FICO in the 750-780 range).

  11. I received a 0% balance transfer for this card in the mail and I’m going to play that game with it first. But after that, this will be a nice addition to my Citi Platinum Dividend Mastercard and my National City Everyday Rewards Visa.

  12. “Do you get 5% cash back on gas purchases at Costco gas stations? and 1% for other purchases at Costco?”

    I personally don’t know. Has anyone tried?

    “What do you buy to get that much rebate?”

    People have families, or long commutes, or less-efficient cars (or some mix). I know people who drive 2 hours to work each way!

    “Unlike Sam’s Club, Costco does take credit cards?”

    Yep, they take any AmEx. I’ve been using my Starwood AmEx Card to rack up 1.25 miles/dollar.

    Doesn’t Sam’s Club take Discover?

    “Can I consolidate credit limits from my other Amex or Citi Cards? Or Both?”

    I don’t know, theoretically you should but I am new to these co-branded AmEx cards. A quick phone call to Citi should answer that.

  13. dont think you could consolidate the line of credits together. its co-brand, but the credit is issued to you from Citi, not AmEx.

    didn’t realize this card was offer.. good post, I think I’ll jump on it for another 0% BT, if I can find it w/o BT fees—especially since Citi’s online BT is so painfree. It’ll be a good backup cash back card too.

  14. Yes, I misread that. I thought you said transfer credit from Citi Hilton Honors card, not AmEx Hilton Honors card (they have both).

    Citi-issued Visa <-> Citi-issued AmEx, maybe.

    Citi-issued AmEx <-> AmEx-issued AmEx, probably not.

  15. Yes, Sams Club only accepts discover

  16. >Yes, Sams Club only accepts discover

    …though Sam’s Club gas (at least all of the ones I’ve ever used) accept Visa & MasterCard as well.

    And if you’re looking for yet another rebate card because you’re consistently near the cap, I suggest getting the AAA-branded MBNA Visa which has no cap on its 5% cash back for gas purchases (including Sam’s Club gas).

  17. NotSoHappy says

    I dont like the fact that every time I call CITI the call goes to india… just saying it goes to a third party where they have access to all my information and then keep trying to sell me other products~

    One more thing they are kinda shifty these days (dont get me wrong I used to love em) I had called them earlier to make sure that my CD that matured by transfred to my savings accounts. Two days later I check online and the CD was renewed, confused I called citi and the guy was like oh there is no note on here but dont worry I will put a note and you will get your funds in 2 business days… This is just ridiculous! Where as when my CD at BoA mtured they put the funds in my account the same day! no waiting to get my money… but citi…shessshhh I needed those funds to cover a bill but because of their lack of competency I had to transfer funds from HSBC… which also took forever 🙁

  18. The AAA card used to be good, but now has one significant added catch that makes it worse than the Dividend card.

    The Gas Rebate will be calculated at a rate of 5% multiplied by your total eligible gas volume (merchant category code 5542 transactions) for that billing cycle and limited to 2% of your total net retail purchase transactions (excluding returns) for that billing cycle.

    So it’s basically a 2% max cash back card, as you get 0% for all other purchases besides gas. Spend $200 on gas, and then $1,000 on everything else? You’ll get $10 for the gas, but nothing for everything else. Overall, 10/1200 is 1.2%.

    With a Dividend card you’d get double – $10 (5% of $200) + $10 (1% of $1000), or 2.4% combined back.

    Spend $200 on gas, and that’s it? You’ll only get $4 back (2%). With Dividend, you’d get the whole 5%.

  19. I haven’t signed up for the Citi Amex because they don’t really give any incentives at this point…unless I missed it? Anyway, I’ll hold off until then…if it happens ever.

  20. I dont like the fact that every time I call CITI the call goes to india…

    Well, that is not true for all their services and products. When I call the customer service for my Citi PremierPass Card I always get someone who is in the US, or at least who has no Indian accent.

    It just depends I guess if you call in for a checking account, or credit card and which credit card.

    I have checking with BoA and have been pretty happy with their phone service, and you can always call your branch if you have some weird special requests that goes beyond a phone rep’s powers.

  21. I have a similar account through Chase. 5% gas, grocery, drugstore, w/ 1% everything else. annual cap is $750. It is a reward card, but does offer cash on nearly a 1 to 1 exchange rate. so, if you were to accumulate 75,000 points ($750 dollars), you could probably get about $700 cash or $750 in gift certificates / travel. there was no annual fee for me (waived), but I believe it is $20 a year to participate.

  22. If anybody can verify the question about 5% cash back on purchases @ Costco that would be great. Since 5% cash back is only offered by supermarkets, gas or drug purchases, I have a feeling Costco items would just offer 1% cash back. But want to know for sure. TIA.

  23. Gregory, which Chase card do you have since my Chase rewards card hit the ceiling at 30’000 points, ie $300?

  24. Citi has discontinued the 5% dividend card.. I would cash in your points NOW! I’m sure they will ‘transfer’ your card to the new 3% card. Unless people do get grandfathered in. It seems there is ZERO cards out there now that have 5% back on gas and food. Some have 5 or 6% for the first 90 days and then goes back to 3% or even 1% (whoopie!). Very bad trend I’m seeing now…oh well, looks like a small business card is the way to go…there’s a Chase card that has 3% on gas, food, office, home imporvment. Not too bad, but the 5% days are gone (for now).

  25. Sorry for reviving an old post; but just wanted to share, this card is available as of October 1, 2013. It wasn’t listed in their Citi website; I called to inquire about converting my Citi Thank You Visa card to another product and was offered this.

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