Use Google Voice To Enhance Your Cell Phone Voicemail

You can now add the voicemail features of Google Voice to your existing cell phone service for free. Check out the Google Blog post and Engadget.

More specifically, if you sign up for Google Voice with your existing number, you’ll get:

* Online, searchable voicemail
* Free automated voicemail transcription

* Custom voicemail greetings for different callers
* Email and SMS notifications
* Low-priced international calling

If you already have a Google Voice account, go to Settings and look for a link by your cell phone number. If you want one, people have been getting their invite requests filled within a few days. Don’t forget all the ways you can save money with Google Voice.

It would be convenient to have voicemail-to-text sent automatically via SMS. However, currently it appears that Sprint does not support free call forwarding and charges 20 cents per minute, so I’m left out for now. A short explanatory video from Google is below:


  1. does that mean that google voice is not a good option for sprint? i’m also a sprint customer. just started using google voice, so not so familiar with all the features.

  2. My Money Blog Guy,

    Sprint will be dropping their third-party voicemail fees in mid-November.

    Thanks for the great blog.

  3. I put my name in to be invited for Google voice last week and received an invite today. Used a Gmail address I have had for a long time…

  4. I go the GV# to work with my Net10…I get both the calls and the texte messages now. Also, they are forwarded successfully to my Hotmail account. The bad thing is that I am still getting charged for answering and making calls from my Net10 prepaid phone via the GV#. Does anyone know how not to get charged on Net10 prepaid phones while using GV? Plz help

  5. Why can i not get my cell phone voicemail back. I have changed the number it forwards to, deleted every option, and still, when i call my cell number, and no answer or decline, it goes to google voice mail. It has really got me all jacked up. I want the google voice number to go to google voice mail, and my cell phone number to goto cell number voicemail. I dont want it combined, GV is business number , and my cell is personal. Can this not be split.

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